Best Zero Turn Mowers Consumer Reports & Reviews 2023

If you are searching for the best zero turn mowers according to consumer reports in 2023 then this post is for you.

How long does it take to mow one-acre property using a traditional push mower?

In my experience, it can easily take almost a day, with untouched patches due to the limitation of maneuverability of a push mower.

That’s the reason, zero turn mowers sales are taking an upward trajectory in recent times.

Zero-turn mowers trim the mowing time of a professional to residential properties with far fewer efforts put on.

With zero turning radius between the wheels, you can maneuver the machine even in the tightest spaces such as between trees, swimming pools, flower patches, and many others.

Not just the maneuverability, zero-turn mowers cover large cutting areas compared to regular mowers.

They also come with the option for sit or standing on the mower.

For acres of areas to mow, if you can’t sit in one posture, go with stand mode, and vice versa.

By all means, zero-turn mowers are way more efficient in performance and cut the mowing time of a large property.

They have been already adopted as must-have tools for commercial properties- gardeners, professionals, and even DIYers prefer buying a zero-turn mower over a push mower.

Zero-turn mowers are still a new thing for us. If you are a first-time buyer and looking into buying one, we are going to help with our hand-picked options.

The models we have picked are listed after our thorough personal testing and consumer reports scrubbing. So Without further ado let’s get started.

Best Overall: Husqvarna MZ61 Zero Turn Mowers

Husqvarna MZ61 is the best overall product due to its durable 13-gauge steel deck construction, comfortable seat, wider cutting deck, and a high top speed of 8.5 mph.

Compare to its competitor model, comes at an affordable price range, and makes the right blend of power, smoothness, and comfort for the rider.

7 Best Zero Turn Mowers Consumer Reports

I have compiled a list of the 7 best zero turn mowers based on consumer reports 2023.

1. Husqvarna MZ61 Zero Turn Riding Mower

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Features at a glance
  • Cutting capacity 61-inches
  • Top speed 8.5 mph
  • Comfortable seating
  • Stainless steel constructed deck

If you have a large property to take care of, and it takes lots of time mowing, and you are looking for a quality zero-turn mower that not only trims the time to mow but helps in mowing efficiently, goes with the Husqvarna Zero Turn riding mower.

Keep in mind it comes from Husqvarna, and the brand is a leading name in power tools manufacturing. Its designed power tools are not only sturdy and long-lasting but stand out in performance too.

The most significant aspect that appealed to us to add this product as our best overall is its top speed.

Although the brand did not mention the top speed, as per consumer reports, it is faster by about a mile in an hour compared to any other zero-turn mower available online or in the markets.

High top speed means faster mowing and less time.

This Husqvarna zero turn mower comes with an 11-gauge steel constructed cutting deck that offers a 54-inches cutting width.

So, it is not just the speed that aids in overall faster mowing, but wider cutting path too.

With a modern designed cutting deck lifting system with a quick-adjust seat, it makes it all comfortable for the rider to accomplish hours-long mowing tasks with no fatigue.

It also got a high back seat with armrests, the padded hand-grip also makes it comfortable for the rider to handle the mower.

Traditional mower’s vibration and noise make it hard for the rider to mow for longer hours. This zero-turn mower got the seat separated with the rubber, and includes vibration dampeners to make it all for the riders.

Another appreciating aspect is its large fuel tank. I am not saying the mowing will be less-expensive with the zero-turn mower, it hugely depends on the top speed, and condition of the grass though.

But a good capacity of the fuel tank makes it sure that you would not end up in the middle of the mowing.

It also got a 9-bushel triple bag grass collection system. You can attach this bushel if want, or detach it in seconds if don’t want it to be tethered.

So, overall, for a quality mower, I think Husqvarna’s designed mower qualifies. Consumer reports and our testing too affirm that it performs as per promised, and comes with the quality construction as per mentioned by the brand.


  • Comfortable seating with rubber vibration separator
  • Steel constructed deck with a wider cutting length
  • Huge fuel tank size
  • Gripped handle


  • Mulching and bagging are sold separately

2. Husqvarna Z254 Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

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Features at a glance
  • Patented braking mechanism
  • 52-inches cutting deck
  • 26 HP engine
  • Top speed 6.5 miles per hour

Zero-turn mowers are expensive. For residential large property mowing, owners have to depend on the lawn mowers.

An average-priced zero-turn mower can easily cost around $5k if your budget is around $4k we got you back with another Husqvarna-designed zero-turn mower without cutting the corners or performance, and provides a superior experience.

If you look at the construction or shape of this Husqvarna-designed zero-turn mower, you will see it is way sleek and compact.

It weighs under 1,000, and such a lightweight mower comes with a proper professional 52-inches cutting deck and 26 HP engine, isn’t it scooting?

The engines help zero-turn mower reaches up to 6.5 miles per hour top speed, pretty fast mowing with such a sleek and compact designed mower.

Despite their affordable price range, these zero-turn mowers share a robust construction.

The Husqvarna Z245 shares a reinforced steel stamped cutting deck, the deck is made of slat-stock steel to provide maximum durability and reliability.

And the stand apart aspect, the feature that sets this product apart is its modern air induction system.

This air induction system pulls air from the top and bottom and makes it precise, smooth, and superior cutting for your property.

I almost forgot to mention its modern and Husqvarna patented braking system. This innovative braking mechanism gets activated when you mow the steering levers inwards or outwards. Impressive?

Yes, it also got an adjustable cutting capacity. With the maximum cutting height of 4-inches and a minimum of 1.5 inches, it deserves a shot from residential consumers.


  • Affordable price compared to other zero-turn mowers
  • The innovative and patented braking system
  • Reinforced steel stamped cutting deck shares durable construction
  • Adjustable cutting height


  • Warranty issues


3. Husqvarna Z142 Zero Turn Riding Mower

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • Integrated Pneumatic wheels
  • 5 Mph top speed
  • Reinforced steel 42 inches width deck
  • 660 cc engine

If you are looking for an affordable zero-turn lawn mower for your residential, the Husqvarna-designed Z142 42-Inches turn mower is the right option to get hands. It is a compact designed model with the right maneuverability, smooth performance, and precise cuts.

It comes powered by a 660cc engine that provides you the smooth power even in intense and complex operations.

I particularly liked its lightweight design, and affordable price range, it looks sleek too unlike regular mower tractors.

With 17HP engine power, the mower can easily reach a top speed of up to 6.5 miles per hour. The only sleek and lightweight model that can compete with this one is the craftsman design.

The craftsman-designed mower comes with 24 horsepower engine and reaches up to 7 miles per hour, as mentioned.

The model is as durable and robust constructed as any other Husqvarna model. It shares reinforced steel stamped constructed deck with 42-inches of width to help you easily plow through a wider path in one go.

I am particularly impressed with the precise cutting performance. Upon investigating it was revealed that Husqvarna patented induction mowing technology draws air from the top and bottom of the deck improving the cutting performance.


  • Powerful 17HP engine
  • Top speed up to 6.5 mph
  • Reinforced steel stamped cutting deck with 42 inches width
  • Husqvarna Patented air induction technology


  • The reverse speed is only 2 mph

4. Ariens Zenith Kawasaki Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 60-inches wider deck
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • High tank capacity
  • Hydro-Gear ZT-3100 transmission

If you have a large property to take care of, and an average zero turn mower is not making a right fit for you, you need a commercial mower that could cater to the load of your work, and easily helps you accomplish regular mowing tasks such as Ariens designed Zenith Kawasaki zero turn mower.

This mower comes at a price, and if you go through the list, probably this is the most expensive product, costing around $8k.

So, I don’t recommend buying this for residential properties, only commercial property owners or gardeners should suggest or buy this model.

Let’s have a look at the premium features that this mower comes housed with. First thing first, it shares reinforced steel construction that comes with three mowers blades that can do grass clipping as wide as 60-inches.

Yes, you are going to cover a 60-inches area in one go, imagine how fast you would accomplish your mowing tasks.

Furthermore, this mower easily withstands even complex landscaping. It comes with durable front and rear wheels that help it easily navigate through complex, tough, and tight terrain.

It comes powered by a high-powered 23.5HP 726cc Kawasaki-designed V-twin OHV engine. Engine power is matchless, and I reckon you would be enjoying unparalleled mowing performance.

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  • One of the most powerful zero-turn mowers for large properties
  • Shares durable reinforced steel material construction
  • Wide 60-inches cutting width
  • Easily navigate through complex, tight, and rough landscapes


  • Not an option for smaller yards or properties

5. Troy-Bilt Mustang Fit Riding Lawn Mower

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Features at a glance
  • 13-gauge steel deck construction
  • 7 Miles top speed
  • 8 deck position settings
  • 452cc engine

For those who consider only Husqvarna the only brand producing qualitative and modern featured zero turn mower, let me introduce you to one of the pioneers in lawn mowers; Troy-Bilt.

The brand has been there in producing power tools including lawn mowers since 1937. The brand knows how to continually improve its product to the point of excellence.

Troy-Bilt-designed Mustang-fit zero-turn lawn is one of the excellent options for residential and commercial property use.

It shares a compact construction, modern design, and durable making to make it last longer than anyone can imagine.

It got reinforced heavy-duty steel frame construction with high-rear wheels to make it smoother to navigate through tight spaces and rugged terrain.

It got a 13-gauge steel deck that has 34-inches in size to make it smoother, faster, and wider in one go.

I am particularly impressed with the engine power. This Troy-Bilt riding lawn mower comes with a 452cc engine that helps you easily tackle the load of mowing work of a commercial as well as residential property.

The engine renders enough power to plow at a maximum speed of seven miles per hour. Most importantly, it comes with EZT hydrostatic transmission system that makes the zero-turn mower enough powerful to easily plow through rough grass areas.

Its deck comes with a total of 8 position settings, to help you adjust the plowing as per your customized needs.

The fuel capacity section though lacks the size required for such a powerful zero-turn mower, it got only a 2-gallons capacity and surely lacks the advanced size.

With 2-years of limited warranty, the brand gives you peace of mind. In case of anything wrong happens in the process of delivering or performance within the span of 2-years, you got companies back.


  • Reinforced heavy-duty steel frame construction
  • Integrated 452 cubic per feet engine
  • Seven miles per hour top forward speed
  • The deck comes with 8-position settings


  • Only 2 gallons of the fuel tank

6. Craftsman Hydrostatic Gas Zero Turn Mower

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 24 HP two-cylinder engine
  • 7 mph top speed
  • 46-inches steel deck
  • Adjustable cutting height

Craftsman as the name suggests crafts durable and efficient performing products and its designed mowers too got no exception.

Craftsman-designed Hydrostatic gas zero turn mower is the right fusion of power, durability, and sleekness.

It shares durable steel frame construction which is rust-resistant, and zero turn radius makes the maneuverability seamless and mowing error-free.

With a top speed of 7 mph, it helps you mow way faster than traditional mowers, the top speed though is less than our first Husqvarna-designed mower.

The stand-out aspect of this mower is none other than its engines. It got a 24 HP two-cylinder engine that provides the right power and efficiency to mow through any type of yard, garden, or property. The engine’s starting system is impressive, with no chock or prime.

Its cutting capacity though is as good as top listed Husqvarna mower. With a 46-inches steel deck, it makes it easier for the riders to mow through acres spending way less time than a push mower.

It also comes with adjustable cutting height, you can adjust it accordingly to the type of property you own. It can be adjusted maximum of 3.75 inches and a minimum of 1.25 inches.

Its high back support frame and comfortable seating make it easier for the rider to mow across large property without any big issues.

The fuel tank size though is smaller than our first contender, the size of the tank could have been bigger than 3.5 gallons.

Overall, if you go with the durable construction, and modern features, I think this zero-turn mower is as good as a Husqvarna-designed mower at an affordable price range.


  • Steel frame with rust-resistant
  • Zero-turn radius makes the maneuverability seamless
  • 24 HP two-cylinder engine with no chock or prime
  • Adjustable cutting height


  • The fuel tank size should have been bigger

7. Snapper 560Z Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 25 HP Briggs and Stratton engine
  • 9 Miles per hour top speed
  • Electric start mechanism
  • Hydro-Gear at-3200 Hydrostatic transaxles

If you have a large property to mow and looking for a commercial scale designed a zero-turn mower that comes with the right power and durability, go with Snapper designed 560Z zero-turn lawn mower.

I am particularly impressed with the engine power of this mower. It comes with a 25 HP Briggs and Stratton-designed commercial series engine.

The engine brings a top speed of nine miles per hour, which equate to the Husqvarna Z61 mower if you compare the top speed. The reverse speed falls at 4 miles per hour, to help you easily maneuver forward or backward.

The powerful engine does not require prime or chock it shares an electric start mechanism, to help you easily start it without fussing through pulling or choking.

To help owners enjoy a smooth and comfortable mowing experience, the mower comes integrated with a Hydro-Gear at 3200 Hydrostatic transaxles.

With that not only the direction and maneuverability get improved but smoother handling of the speed.

With a cutting deck width of 52-inches, this zero-turn mower makes it super-efficient for a mower to cover a large area in one go.

Its cutting height is adjustable, with a maximum cutting height of 4.5 inches, and a minimum cutting height of 1.5 inches, to easily adjust the height of the cutting.

So, for a professional gardener or the owner of large commercial property, this is the zero-turn mower to get the most efficient, smoother, and even mowing experience.


  • High top and back speed
  • Electric start mechanism
  • Comes integrated with Hydro-Gear ZT-3200 Hydrostatic transaxles
  • Adjustable cutting height


  • Very expensive even for professionals

Consumer Reports Zero turn Mower Buying Guide

From the price of the products, you must have seen that buying a zero-turn mower is a huge investment. Even an affordable model can easily cost around $3k. That’s why it becomes double important to look at the features or properties you need for your property.

This tiny section is designed for those interested in learning what makes a zero-turn mower stands out.

Let’s check the top properties of what makes a zero-turn mower great at its job.

Engine Power

The engine is more like a heart in a body. The engine’s power is measured in Horsepower. More the horse powers a mower engine shares, the more powerful it would be. The HP measuring scale of the power in an engine can easily be seen in any description and learn the power.

On average, a good zero-turning mower should at least have a 15 HP power, to help you easily get the job done.

Fuel Tank capacity

Zero-turn mowers are often purchased for mowing large properties spanned acres. What if the tank capacity of fuel is limited and you end up mowing half of the area or less and require to refill the tank?

To enjoy an uninterrupted and smooth performance, you need a fuel tank of a bigger capacity.

We recommend for a good-sized zero-turn mower, the fuel capacity should be at least 3-4 gallons.

Cutting Width

The cutting width or cutting deck size helps you learn the cutting area the mower will be covering in one go.

More the width or cutting area, the easier and faster you would accomplish your tasks. Yes, it is a deciding factor, as zero-turn mowers are designed to be efficient and faster compare to traditional mowers.

In my view, the cutting deck should be of at least 30-inches. In our guide, we have seen even one product with a 60-inches cutting deck.

Steering and stopping

Most of the units we reviewed and often found in the markets are operated with steering bars instead of regular steering wheels.

Bars are better to handle the zero-turn mowers and are considered less sensitive to their counterpart’s steering wheels.

Also, look for intuitive braking mechanism zero turn mowers come integrated with.


It’s the speed of a zero-turn mower that decides how fast you will accomplish your mowing tasks. High-powered zero-turn mowers come with a high top speed in the top models we have seen the speed even touch 11 mph.

So, look for a good top speed, it will trim your mowing time.

Wrap Up

To this point of the article, I am sure you know enough to buy a good zero-turn mower for you.

In this long guide, we have educated you enough with the top models, their advantages, negative points, and how they are useful for different consumers.

In our top picks, we tried to list different category products to help a large variety of consumers to pick the right as per their needs and requirements.


What Brand Of Zero-Turn Mower Is Best?

If you look at the variety, price range, features, and power variation, I can easily say Husqvarna is the best brand that offers a huge variety of Zero turn mowers at variable price ranges.

Husqvarna is a known name in power tools manufacturing, and not a novice brand in producing expensive ranged garden tools.

Can I use my zero-turn mower year-round?

Well, it depends on the region you are living in. If you are living in an area where grass keeps growing all year round, yes, you can use it all year round.

Even though if you live in four distinct seasons, you can still use your mower, there is no limitation imposed by the manufacturers. What I am trying to convey, you would be using a mower only when grass grows, and to mow it.

If it is the fall season, and the grass stops growing, why you would be using your mower. During that time, clean the mower, and store it to get it out in the next season when grass grows back.

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