7 Best Wood Chipper Consumer Reports & Reviews 2023

If you are searching for the best wood chipper according to consumer reports in 2023 then this post is for you.

Where do you dump the bushes, tugs, and small branches of the trees of your garden or yard?

If it is a small yard or lawn, it could easily be used for burning.

But what if you have the luxury of a big yard, garden, or living in the middle of a group of trees or forestry?

That’s me, picking branches, twigs, and bushes around my home collecting in corner of my forestry.

And in autumn I use to load those branches aka tree waste in the truck and put them in the waste.

I was slowly getting exhausted, especially in dumping the tree waste was making me sick.

And on one beautiful morning, an ad surfaced before my eyes, where a farmer was using a wood chipper, turning the bushes, twigs, and branches into chips.

The farmer was actually making mulch, for his nursery.

You can do the same if suffering from collecting and storing the bushes, branches, and twigs, use a wood chipper and get things smoothly rolled.

In this post, I am going to review the best wood chippers as per consumer reports. So Without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Overall: Landworks-Designed Wood Chipper

Landworks-designed wood chipper shredder and mulcher are the best overall due to their 3-in-1 design, slanted housing design, and bigger hopper size.

It has an oversized chute, and can easily be hooked with an ATV, the model shares a 15:1 reduction ratio, and comes with a good-sized 0.7 gallons of the gas tank.

7 Best Wood Chippers Consumer Reports

I have compiled a list of the 7 best wood chippers based on consumer reports 2023.

1. Landworks Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 7 HP gas engine
  • Chip tree branches up to 3-inches in diameter
  • Slanted housing design minimizes jamming
  • 3-in-1 Design

If you have to deal with more than one type of tree waste dumping from the dead tree leaves in the fall or tree branches in the spring, you need a tool more than just a wood chipper.

You can go by with a wood chipper that also works as a shredder and mulcher at one time, to help you do it all for you, as Landworks designed.

It is a 3-in-designed chipper, shredder, and mulcher that helps you easily shred chip, or mulch tree limbs, branches, and bushes. This machine has a reduction ratio of 15:1, and can easily handle wood up to 3-inches of thickness.

The stand-apart aspect of the model is its slanted design housing. In our testing and as per consumer reports too, this would not get jammed likes the way many other wood chippers.

And you can easily hook it with your ATV, lawn mower, or tractor for easier transportation.

It comes with an oversized side chute to help you feed the tree branches up to 3-inches in thickness. It got a wide hopper for the dead leaves and twigs.

And if you are interested in making mulch for your saplings, it has a leaf vacuum kit that can easily turn green waste into mulch.

I am particularly impressed by the scale of performance this chipper has to offer. It comes with a recoil starting 7 HP horizontal 4-stroke single cylinder gas-powered engine that produces up to 3600 RPMs, and makes you enjoy a stable reliable performance.

With 0.7 gallons of gasoline tank capacity, the machine stays with you for a long time with you not refilling the gas frequently.

The only issue is its dust bag, vacuum attachment, and green leaves kit bag that turns into a mulcher. All these accessories are sold separately, not included in the package price.


  • Powerful 4 Stroke 7 HP engine
  • Big gasoline tank of 0.7 gallons
  • Can easily be traveled by hooking to ATV or truck
  • Easily handles branches up to 3-inches in diameter


  • Dust bag and green leaves kit sold separately

2. GreatCircleUSA Wood Chipper

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • Steel constructed with powder coating
  • 15:1 reduction ratio
  • Cone-shaped chute for easier shredding
  • 3-inches diameter branches shredding

You are looking for one of the powerful wood chippers for your landscaping job? Let me introduce you to GreatCircleUSA designed 4-stroke 7HP gas-powered engine having a chipper that can do it all for you, from chipping to mulching.

With the chipper in hand, you can instantly turn the garden debris into confetti, and turn your messy garden into a well-maintained and manicured garden.

Again, like our first reviewed model, this too is a 3-in-1 design and shares a reduction ratio of 15:1.

The model comes with a top hopper, a side chute, and a leaf vacuum for mulching green leaves.

You would love to see how big the chute is, and how easier it is to load your waste, the instant loading time of fairly big-sized branches.

I would like to specially mention its supreme construction. Unlike our first contender, this wood chipper is durable and shares a smooth powder-coated finish over steel construction.

That makes this model withstand the toughest job and stay in pristine condition for a long time.

The model is all there for you when you want it to take around. It can be towed behind the mower, tractor, or truck. The only issue with the model is that you will have to buy a built-in vacuum inlet.

So in total, if you want to eliminate the backbreaking burden of picking leaves on your hands and dumping the twigs and branches by digging the hole, go with this modern-designed wood chipper.


  • One of the most powerful gasoline engine
  • Wide cone chute for easier and efficient shredding up to 3 inches diameter
  • Reduced noise level 104db
  • 15:1 reduction ratio


  • The vacuum inlet has to be purchased separately

3. SuperHandy Wood Chipper

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 7 HP one-cylinder engine
  • Easy to assemble
  • Chip wood up to 3 inches diameter
  • 7 gallons gas tank

Wood chippers are often hard to handle, accept it. That’s why wood chipping is often considered a pro job. If you are using it for the first time, maybe you don’t get the most out of it, unless you got a SuperHandy Wood chipper.

It is one of the best constructed, and easy-to-use wood chippers that comes with features suitable for beginners to pros alike.

It’s not like the machine is easy to use but does only basic wood chipping. It helps you do all, smoothly and perfectly.

Consumer reports right off the bat mentioned the super-handy features. Like, it got a wide chute that accepts even the 3-inches wide branches, limbs, and twigs. The top chute shreds ½ inches thick twigs and garden debris.

Its all stainless steel construction and 15:1 reduction ratio make it one of the finest wood chippers in the online community. With its 7HP one-cylinder engine, it helps you easily shred through the branches, twigs, and limbs in no time.

The model got 10-inches Polyurethane wheels that are made of solid rubber. That makes the chipper withstands heavier loads compared to pneumatic tires, which many other models come featured with.

Its stand apart aspect and both above-reviewed models lack the feature; oil sensor. What the oil sensor do is let you know when the gas level is below the safe levels. It shuts down the chipper and sounds an alarm to make you know to refuel the tank.

Plus, it also lets you know when you should refuel the tank, not just the right safe level. So that you could refuel the tank on time, and never gets an empty tank reaching your space.

The only issue I had using the model is it produced lots of noises during the operation. And the model does not include any auto kill switch like premium ranged models come with.


  • Auto feed feature
  • Can easily shred up to 3-inches diameter limbs
  • Comes with 7HP one-cylinder engine
  • Auto oil sensor feature


  • Lots of noises

4. Patriot Products Gas-Powered Wood Chipper

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 1:20 reduction size
  • 14 x 16 wide hopper opening
  • 10 HP engine
  • Big tires for easier mobility

If you have a pile of leaves in your backyard to shred and mulch and looking for an upgrade from your incumbent wood chipper after a long time, this is the wood chipper you can rely on.

Again, it is good for pros, those looking into buying a highly powerful wood chipper that can handle the largest tree limbs, dead leaves, and twigs.

It comes with 10-HP Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Commercial Power engine. It is the most powerful engine we reviewed in wood chippers and you can rely on its performance for long hours.

It is a gas-powered engine and one of the finest and smooth performing engines in non-commercial wood chippers and shredders.

It shares a tree inches throat size that ensures that you would not be limited to the diameter of the branches to feet into it. It got six y hammers and two knives to help you shred and reduce the branches before.

Its reduction level two is better than any of the models we reviewed here. It reduces up to a 1:20 ratio, which is great if you want to make mulch or compost for your nursery or saplings.

Its stand apart aspect is its wide-sized hoppers. Yes, in non-commercial wood chippers, it is the widest hoppers you get your hands on. With 14 x 16 inches of opening, it allows branch-laded limbs to be fed into the hopper.

The hopper narrows down to 7×2 inches wide at the blade opening, and this sometimes leads to a bottleneck. If it freezes, it may take around 30 minutes to unclog it, as per consumer ratings.

But, you hardly will witness clogging, it operates smoothly as long as you are not feeding over-sized limbs with branches.

I appreciate its side discharging. That makes the chipper throw the chips away from the users, the chipper discharge can also be fitted with a bag so that you could easily load them into a waste truck for damping.

Users also mentioned how easy it was to pull it up. The instruction mentioned in the manual is extremely clear, vivid, and easier to follow, and one person can easily assemble them.

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  • 10 HP direct drive motor engine
  • A 20:1 reduction ratio makes it easier to store the waste
  • The side discharge port makes you work all day
  • Wide hopper size


  • The hopper gets narrowed and may clog sometimes

5. Patriot Products Electric Wood Chipper

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • Electric 13.5 amp Motor
  • Side discharge
  • Quiet performance
  • 2 ½ INCHES DIAMETER thick feed

You don’t like a gas-powered engine? But why?

They are noisy and hurt our environment. But isn’t chipping a hard-to-through process that requires a powerful engine?

Electric-powered engines are powerful too like one that comes with Patriot Products CSV-2515. The model comes with an electric-powered engine that has the same level of power and performance as well as its 13.5 Amp engine.

In weight, it is comparable in size to many gas-powered engines and shares 5 pounds of weight. But its larger-sized wheels make it easier to easily maneuver around and take it to the place where you need it the most.

I am totally impressed with the performance it provides despite its limited 2.5-inch diameter throat and chipper sealer.

It competes with the much bigger powered gas engines and easily shreds through branches and limbs.

But feeding green leaves can sometimes blow the safety fuse, so don’t overfeed the green leaves.

If you are interested in making mulch, go ahead, by attaching a bigger-sized bag at the discharge port.

The stand-apart and much-appreciated feature of this electric-powered wood chipper is its quieter performance.

For gas-powered chippers, you can’t use them near homes, due to their ear-blowing noise. But this one is as quiet as your washing machine and makes you use it anywhere, even near a bedroom.


  • The powerful electric motor of 13.5 Amp
  • Can easily fit a discharge port into it
  • 5 Inches diameter throat
  • Quieter performances


  • Don’t feed green leaves quickly it may blow the safety fuse

6. Sun Joe Electric Wood Chipper

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 15 amp motor 4300 rpm
  • 5 inches thick limbs feeding
  • 17:1 Reduction
  • 2 x 5 hopper size

If you don’t have a big garden or yard but in the fall dead leaves take your calm and it becomes hard for you to dig a hole to damp them for making mulch, go with Sun Joe’s designed electric wood chipper.

Yes, it is one of the best mulchers cum wood chippers. It can be fed with 1 1/5 inches thick diameter limbs and branches as well as green or dead leaves without any big issue.

Its stand apart aspect is its speed. It comes with a 15 amp motor but provides 4300 revolutions per minute performance to easily and quickly workout on leaves, bushes, limbs, and branches.

With this machine landed in your garden, you would no longer be picking or gathering dead leaves but making mulch that you would otherwise buy from stores.

Again it is for small gardens, not to feed larger-sized or thick limbs. It weighs only 26 pounds, and has a reduction ratio of 17:1.

With 17-inches of footprints, it can easily be taken around, if you have to produce mulch at more than one location.

It comes with a 2-year warranty, in case you don’t find this mulcher aka shredder useful for your tasks you can send it back with full money refunded.

Again keep in mind, that it is not your standard wood chipper it is for shredding small-sized branches and limbs, as well as dead leaves. In the case of green leaves be careful, or you will end up with a clogged wood chipper.


  • Affordable priced
  • Extremely lightweight, compact, and quiet
  • 17:1 reduction ratio
  • Powerful 15 amp motor


  • Only for small-sized limbs and leaves

7. Earthwise Garden Corded Electric Chipper

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 15 amp motor
  • 2 Bushel bin
  • Chute tamper tool to prevent accidents
  • Shred up to 1.75 inches branches

Electric wood chippers are not as efficient as gas-powered ones unless it comes from Earthwise. Yes, at first I didn’t buy the reviews of consumers, I thought maybe they didn’t actually use it to the extent a wood chipper is usually used.

But when I flipped the switch, dropped a few branches, and witnessed the exciting performance, I was totally blown away.

It shares a smooth, sleek, and seamless design that can really throw other chippers at this price range out of the park.

It comes with a 15 amp motor that can shred up to 1 ¾ inches thick branches. The stand-apart aspect is it comes with a chute temper tool that prevents accidents during shredding or mulching.

It got a collection at the base of 1.2 bushels, good sized, enough for collecting lots of mulch before scattering in the base of the trees.

Its mobility too is easier, got has rear wheels with a stand-up design to easily take it around.

The only issue I faced during the use of this wood chipper aka mulcher is that, when you feed green leaves, it bogs down due to its performance.

And if sometimes when you feed the branch in angle, the machine gets jammed easily. So, during the feeding process open your eyes and ears, and be careful.


  • Bushel collection bin
  • Safety features that turn it off in case of any accidents
  • 15 AMP motor
  • Comes with rear wheels and stand


  • Gets jammed easily

Wood Chipper Buying Guide

Now that you have seen and learned about the top wood chippers. Let’s discuss what makes these wood chippers stand out.

What suits you the best, and how can you filter out which one of them falls right on your needs?


The right type of choosing solves half of the puzzle. And type is decided by the scale of use or the amount of load you will be putting on the wood chipper.

There are primarily two basic types of wood chippers; electric and gas-powered.

Gas Powered

Gas-powered wood chippers are the most powerful models. I am discussing the non-commercial models, they come with a wide chute to help you feed even the larger 3-5 inches thick limbs and branches. They come with powerful engines, in most cases, you see a 7-10HP engine integrating with them.

Electric powered

Electric-powered ones are quieter and don’t require gas but electrical energy to run. You don’t have to worry about refilling the gas or the tank getting emptied in the middle of the work. On the other hand, they are less powerful, and can only feed thinner around 1-2 inches thick diameter limbs, or branches.

The size of the chipper

The size of the chipper in my view is the second most important aspect after the type. It is a double-edged sword.

With a good-sized chipper, you will be able to get the bigger-sized tree limbs, branches, and twigs without spending hours chainsawing them into smaller pieces.

The other side of the coin is, that even if you have lots of trees in your surroundings and own a big yard or garden, the shredder has to spend the majority of the year in the garage. And a larger piece of equipment takes more space which makes them hard to own.

So the size should be a balance of both, it should be good enough to easily help you chip most common-sized twigs, tree branches, and limbs, and compact enough to be easily stored in the garage.

Hopper Opening

Hopper size prevents you from lots of chains sawing for cutting large wood pieces into smaller ones.

If you plan on chipping relatively larger pieces of tree limbs that are branching off, these branches too should fit in the hopper to reach the blade.

So, look for a wider hope size like 4×8 inches that helps you easily chip off larger pieces of items.

With a smaller hope size like 2 x 5 inches, it will be hard for you to chip off larger items. At the same time, smaller hopper-sized chippers are easier to store.

Reduction ratio

The reduction ratio means the relative volume reduction that a shredder will be offering. For instance, if the total volume of the limbs is 20, and the chipper turns that volume into 1 after chipping, it is a 20:1 ratio. Higher the first digit number, and lower the second digit make a good wood chipper.

The least reduction ratio you should expect even from an affordable ranged chipper is 15:1.

Number of Blades

The motor of the wood chipper powers the blade. Blades shreds the woods with their gaping teeth. The sole purpose of those blades is to eat wood.

In some chippers, you see one blade, and in others two, and in commercial scale designed wood chippers more than two.

So, the number of blades in the chippers also decides how fast or efficient the wood chipper is going to be.

Wrap Up

In my view, a good chipper should last long. So, I emphasize more on durability along with the modern features, power, and safety features.

Again, look, it is your need that determines the type and power of a wood chipper. For a larger garden or yard, with larger wood piece handling, you require a powerful gasoline wood chipper.

For smaller pieces of wood chipping, as well as mulching, you may go with electric-powered ones.

We have provided you with the top variety of options available online. You can check them, and see which one of them suits your needs.


What is the difference between a wood chipper and a mulcher?

The primary difference between a wood chipper and a mulcher is power. Wood chippers are designed powerful to chip through larger pieces of wood, limbs, and branches.

On the other hand, mulchers are designed smaller and less powerful to help turn small limbs, branches, twigs, and leaves into mulching or chipping purposes.

What should I look for when buying a wood chipper?

The first thing you decide is the type and size of the chipper. If you have to deal with larger pieces of wood, limbs, or tree branches, then go with high-powered gasoline wood chippers with vertically extended chutes.

On the other hand, if you have a small garden, and deal with smaller-sized pieces, you may go with electric-powered ones.

But, don’t overlook safety features, because accidents do happen, and if sometimes accidently your hands get into the chipper, the machine could turn off automatically.

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