7 Best Whole Body Vibration Machine Consumer Reports & Reviews 2023

Shake yourself to get a desirable body shape is an innovative tech concept available in the form of a whole-body vibrating machine.

This concept is becoming popular for two main reasons, e.g., it offers easy exercise, just perform vibrating training for only 10 minutes for three days per week, and pair it with a proper diet and workouts to get excellent results.

The market is filled with a wide variety of vibrating machines: oscillating low-speed-high amplitude devices are useful for reducing weight loss.

High-speed and low amplitude vertical machines help you do practical strength training. Seniors and older people are going with three-dimensional vibrations to get rid of their mobility issues while slowing down the aging process.

Whether you like to sit or stand, low to moderate exercises are good to shape your body and improve your mobility and flexibility.

Even if you have bought a heavy-duty vibrating machine meant to be laid down on, you can enjoy whole-body vibration therapy benefits.

7 Best Whole Body Vibrating Machine Reviews

It’s time to dive into the top 7 best Whole-body vibrating machines that can become an integral part of your exercise regime.

1. GForce Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine

Editor’s Pick
  • 60 Speed Settings
  • Dual Motors
  • 9 Operating modes
  • Triangular/Trip Planner/dual-mode
  • User-Friendly Digital Control Panel

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If you need a professional heavy-duty whole body vibrator at home, look no further as G-Force is undoubtedly the best one you can have. It is designed with High-Power 1500 Watts dual brushless motors robust enough to operate machines at Oscillation and Triplane mode.

People who need tight abs and desire to stimulate core conditioning should use its Triangular Oscillation mode by setting frequency from 5Hz to 22Hz with 0-11mm amplitude.

Each motor runs at 60 speed while choosing one specific mode from the available nine operating modes. Three methods are manual, while three are automatic. Even a user can define his specific frequency and amplitude with 3-user defined modes.

Inside the box, you will get the machine and Exercise CD. An armband comes alongside to enjoy stability during upper body workout and get the balance as per your requirement.

When it comes to setting G-Force, you can go from 2.8Gs to 17.24 Gs, which means setting workout intensity as per your need is possible.


  • Exercises CD
  • Arm Bands included
  • Increased flexibility/mobility
  • Stress reduction
  • Increase Natural Collagen production


  • It doesn’t replace a good cardio workout

2. LifePro Rumble 4D Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

Best Value
  • Wearable Remote/Bluetooth
  • 3 Program settings
  • 7 Training modes
  • Triple motors

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People who want to improve their bone density and plan to strengthen their core should opt for this exercise machine, which offers a low-impact workout routine. You might not lose weight overnight, but results would begin appearing once you start using it in routine.

This vibrating plate is designed with three powerful motors that unlock seven training modes, sets a mode you like, and start stress-relieving training. There are three program settings that you can change as and when you need them.

What you would like the most about this machine is it’s wearable remote, so you can change the setting right from your wrist as this watch is designed with Bluetooth connectivity.

You can set this machine into vibration either in three or four-dimensional models such as pulsation, oscillation, rocking, and a combination of two.

This vibrator promotes full-body strength, and thereby, many people opt for it when they want to speed up their recovery process.

Start from gentle recovery mode, and after months, this machine lets you walk on the rugged workout path to strengthen bones and muscle.


  • Custom recovery
  • Lifetime support
  • Safe to use with anti-slip rubber
  • 4D therapeutic vibrations


  • No instruction booklet included

3. Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibrator

Best Budget
  • Easy control panel
  • 50-speed settings
  • Three built-in programs
  • Compact designs

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People who want to shape their bodies without doing some tiresome workout should buy this full-body vibrator. This low-impact exercise machine brings fast results.

A 10-minute vibrating machine workout equals sixty minutes of classic exercise. Save your time and start doing training to increase your muscle strength and improve your fitness level and bone density.

Besides, you can deal with your stubborn cellulite with this Confidence vibrating machine. As far as speed is concerned, you should start with a low rate and frequency and then make some increments to get incredible results in a short time.

You can set speed from one to fifty while its frequency level is 50-60 Hz. This machine is suitable for a person who needs a fitness training machine and ready to follow a strict diet plan.

Its compact design won’t take much space, ideal for setting in a small apartment. Change its setting from its visual display and improve your blood circulation.


  • Easy Fitness Exercises
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Easy maneuverability, wheels included
  • Yoga straps included
  • Combats cellulite


  • Cheap Structure Design

4. LifePro Rhythm Vibration Plate Machine

  • Built-in Heart Tracker
  • Easy to Use Digital display
  • Training Videos/Lifetime Support
  • Adjustable speeds

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This machine is designed for people with chronic pain and old damage; they can steadily heal their bodies with therapeutic vibration coming from this rhythm plate machine.

Older adults can make the most from this machine as its safety handrails offer strong body balance while vibrating plates are coated with anti-slip rubber. Thereby there is no risk of slip and trip injuries.

Many people add this vibrating plate to their fitness lifestyle to deliver the most efficient, low-impact cardio workout.

LifePro tries to win its customers’ hearts through its lifetime support, so once you buy this machine, you will enjoy customer service from the manufacturer forever. Amazing!

Besides its real and Live Support, Life Pro offers free, easy workout and training videos. No need to subscribe to a fitness course. Get this machine and start following the most effective fitness regimen.

Its built-in heart tracker monitors your heart rate, so you can change speed and frequency as and when you need it. It offers up to 99-speed settings on easy-to-operate digital displays.

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  • Speed up the recovery and healing process
  • Safety handrails
  • Stats Tracking
  • built-in lifetime warranty
  • Easy to Assemble


  • Mediocre Vibration Speed

5. VT High-Frequency Whole Body Vibration Machine

  • High-Frequency Linear vibrating plate
  • Time Settings Available
  • Manual control
  • Detox, Cardio, Muscle tone program

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Mostly when you think of an oscillation vibrator, a consumer-grade machine only brings a plate with less than 15 Hz frequency. If you are into a high-intensity cardio workout, it’s better to skip other devices and only buy VT High-Frequency Linear Vibration Plate Machine.

It lets you set frequency through remote control from 15 Hz to 40 Hz and switch between two amplitude settings. By default, you can complete one session of whole-body vibration in 10 minutes, but you can change the timer and set it for 20 minutes once you get used to routine workouts.

This high-frequency linear vibration machine unlocks three programs as Detoxification, muscle toning, and cardio. Detox mode is a low-impact detox exercise that is designed to relax your muscle and body.

Cardio is high amplitude and meant for core training. Muscle toning is a mixed hi-low amplitude mode that can increase your bone density and flexibility.

Choose a program as per your need and start enjoying a relaxing experience of therapeutic vibration. You can change settings directly from the control panel, but the remote control is there to make the setting process simpler.

As far as design is concerned, the footplate and base plates are made of new ABS material, and these plates mount on steel frames.

This well-built machine is designed to last for years. It brings four anti-vibration pads, so vibrations from the device don’t transfer to the floor. Thereby, you can enjoy a quiet cardio workout


  • Budget-Friendly
  • Anti-Vibration pads
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Remote control included


  • Vibration intensity settings don’t work properly

6. Domingo 2000W Whole Body Workout Machine

  • 10 Pre-set Programs
  • 2000W motor, quiet operation
  • 180-speed adjustment
  • LED display with Speed/BMI monitor

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Whether you want to burn your body fat fast or planning to alleviate chronic pain levels, this powerful whole-body machine can handle both tasks at the same time.

The solid metal frame is used to create this attractive-looking vibrating plate designed with a detachable resistance strap. So, trying a variety of arm and upper body cardio workouts won’t be a challenge anymore.

Although this machine gets its power from a 2000 Watts motor yet, it won’t make your room noisy with vibrations. Its integrated MP3 player allows you to play your favorite songs while shaking your body to gain muscle strength and flexibility.

There is a LED Monitor that offers full control of 10 different programs. There is a 180-speed adjustment, so set a workout on your desired intensity and get the fitness result you always wanted.

When it comes to moving the machine around, you won’t need an extra hand as the device is equipped with caster wheels.

Improve your blood circulation and promote muscle strength by using this powerful vibrating machine every other day. Inside the box, you will get the machine, two bands, a manual, a power cord, and an assembly toolkit.


  • Detachable resistance straps
  • Easy to Use LED Display
  • Portable
  • Mp3 music Loudspeaker
  • 50-60Hz Frequency Range


  • No remote control included

7. Axis-Plate Whole Body Vibration Machine

  • Compact Designs
  • Non-slip base plate
  • Powerful 500 Watts motor
  • up to 99 Speed settings

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If you need a professional-grade vibrating plate at home or in the office, look no further as Axis-Plate will fit well in your specifications.

Its sturdy steel constructional can handle 265 pounds weight, and a 500 watts motor can allow you to enjoy a low-impact workout every other day.

The machine is designed with a non-slip base plate and non-skid rubber feet, so anyone can use it without worrying about injury from a slip/trip accident.

Its LED display allows you to get full control of full-body vibration. You can use its pre-set three workout programs or customize a plan by changing amplitude and frequency.

The handrail has a built-in BMI that monitors your progress while trying various cardio and upper body workouts.

Its sleek design allows you to fit it readily in your bedroom and even in the office wherever you have a plan to start your fitness training.

Although this machine gets power from a 500 watts motor, its vibration won’t transfer to the floor; making it a super-quiet vibrating plate in the market.

There is a removable resistance band that you can use to strengthen your upper body muscle. This easy-to-use machine is a good fit for both professionals and beginners.

It allows everyone to choose a speed as per his requirements as up to 99-speed levels are there. You can try a varied amount of workout intensity.

The vibrating plate is large enough to offer you a chance to sit, stand, or lay down on the platform for toning your muscle and body. Front-mounted wheels make it easy to transport.


  • Effective Fitness Training
  • Relief from Back pain
  • Quiet operation
  • Detachable resistance bands
  • Sturdy construction, durable


  • Assembly is difficult and time-consuming

 full-Body Vibrating Machine Buying Guide

Here are some factors to consider before you purchase any vibrating plate for your home.


The most crucial factor to consider is your budget. You must have to set a specific budget limit. It’s better to look into the market and find out what is the exact range. If you only need an oscillating machine, it would cost you less than a triplane vibrating machine.

However, you should try to extend your budget limit when a specific machine meets your fitness specifications. You shouldn’t compromise on a cheap device only because your hands are tight.

I always prefer quality machines. You might save some bucks on a low-quality machine, but you can’t enjoy its exclusive weight loss benefits. So, try to be rational.

Motor Size

In case you are interested in the Tri-plane vibration plate, you better look into its motor size. Check what frequency its motor offers.

If you are into strength training and need a more challenging workout, you should go with a motor offering high frequency, a measure of how fast a plate can vibrate.

For example, a 50 Hz plate will move up and down 50 times in one second. When you set high frequency, more force will be applied to your bones and muscles.

A person can start working at low frequency to avoid injuries during workouts. Once he gets comfortable, it’s better to increase frequency.

When you are in massage mode and want to relax your muscles, it’s possible by merely setting the machine at a low frequency.

In the case of an oscillation vibrating machine, you need to focus more on speed and less on Hz, so go with one that offers better speed. At first, you will use the plate at a low rate and then increase speed once you get used to it.


It’s good to check machine specifications to find out what its amplitude is. This is known as peak to peak vibration displacement measured in mm.

If you want to do a high-intensity workout, you better invest money in a machine with high mm. It would increase the extent of movement and offer you a high-intensity workout experience.

Available Space

You can find a full-body vibrating machine in various sizes; the best fit depends totally on the room you will keep it.

If you are living in an apartment, you might not have a dedicated workout room. In that case, you need to go with a compact size.

On the flip side, when you have a dedicated fitness family room, you can opt for a large machine size. Thereby, it’s vital to measure available space to keep that machine before you start shopping.

Plate Size

People who want to try floor exercises with a Tri-Plane vibration plate should opt for a big plate that usually comes along with a large motor.

However, when you need a large motor and a big plate size combination, you must be ready to spend more. The reason for choosing a machine with a big plate is to enjoy comfort level, you can try various exercises with this machine.

When many users buy one device, it’s better to choose one with a large plate to offer room for everyone based on his height and weight.

Noise and Power Consumption

You don’t want to buy a machine that can give you a headache while trying to work out. That means go with a plate that runs quietly and consumes less power.

The machine will run on electricity, and if it consumes more power then your energy bill will increase. For weight loss, go with an average energy consumption machine that brings quiet operation.

In case you need a vibrating plate for strength training, it is usually the loudest and most energy-consuming vibration machine because it’s how you will get a high-intensity workout. So, choose as per your requirement.

Pre-Set Training Programs

Some people have personal trainers, and they don’t need to rely on pre-set training programs. Many vibrating machines bring specific plans for the upper/lower body and abs on the flip side.

However, it’s good to have these programs to set a whole-body exercise regime with them. Some top-quality trainers bring personal coach features where you can unlock some guides for the best workouts.


Every vibrating machine runs on energy, so there are chances of its malfunction and damage. Thereby, go with a machine that can bring a manufacturer’s warranty, which will offer you peace of mind that you have a warranty to claim if something goes out of order.

Safety Features

A machine should have some safety features, such as an automatic shut-off valve. You can enjoy peace of mind when a device brings some safety measures.


Today, whole body vibrating machines are available in a variety of styles. Standing, single plate style is ideal for confined spaces and small homes, as they have a compact design and fit well even in remote areas. Standing, full-body style is quite the right choice for a person looking for a complete workout.

The full-body lying-down style is precisely like a treadmill. You must have a large room to house this machine. It allows you to improve your blood circulation and get relief from joint problems. They are designed to be laid down; thereby, one can avail of the maximum workout benefits.

Types of Vibrating Machine

There are three common types of Vibrating Machines.

VERTICAL Vibration

Triplanar Vibrator is also famous as vertical uniform, Straight or Vertical vibration machine. Its vibrating plate moves straight up and down. It is featured with low amplitude and high speed. You can get almost 2-4 mm with varied frequencies between 20-50Hz.

When vibration stimulus moves your body up and down, your weight mobilizes, and this movement improves lymphatic fluid circulation throughout your body.

This type of machine is suitable for an active user who is up for accelerated fitness training as he can tone up his muscle and body through it.

Another ideal user of this vibrating machine is a person who has Osteoporosis. This vibration can maximize lymph drainage while it boosts up osteoblast release.

OSCILLATING Vibration machine

It is also named Pivotal, Vertical Alternate Vibration, Triangular Oscillating, and Toggle. This machine is also called See-Saw as movements of the vibrating plate are up and down, which mimics a seesaw.

This machine is known for its higher amplitude up to 1cm and lower frequency, like you, can get a machine with 5 to 35 Hz.

This vibrating plate is quite ideal for weight loss. The slow-motion movement of the thigh, hip, and abdominal areas shows the excellent motion of fat, thereby increasing the body’s weight trimming ability.

One can activate his core muscles through this therapy. If you want to burn calories fast and are interested in boosting your metabolism, an oscillating vibrating plate would be quite useful.

People who suffer from mobility issues in their lumbar and sacroiliac areas can activate these muscles through this machine.

It is also suitable for those who haven’t remained mobile due to some medical conditions and want to stretch their muscles. Besides, baby boomers and less-active people can make the most from this type of whole-body vibrating machine.


It is also known as 3-Dimensional or Low-Intensity vertical vibrator in the market. They run on the lower amplitude but with the highest frequencies.

The vibration created from this body can stimulate the proprioceptive system that stabilizes the body and makes sense of equilibrium.

An elliptical vibrating machine is ideal for elderly users dealing with somebody’s balance issue and circulation problem. They can increase their daily activities while enhancing body balance and improvement in circulation.

People with stroke or other central nervous system issues can also get this machine. Typically, this machine is used by seniors as it renders many health and mobility benefits.

Whole Body Vibration Machine Benefits

One can do a full-body workout with this machine. Some people get this machine to deal with some medical issues, while others only tone their bodies and shapes. Here are some benefits you can get from a vibrating plate

  • Muscle Strength boost
  • Improved circulation
  • Better balance
  • Increase neuromuscular control
  • Growth in flexibility and mobility
  • Higher bone density
  • Slow down the aging process
  • Increase hormonal secretion
  • speed up recovery
  • Minimize joint pain
  • Boost Flexibility
  • Improve metabolism

People with physical disabilities such as diabetes, obstructive pulmonary disease, stroke, and osteoarthritis can benefit from effective vibration therapy that can improve mobility.

Many people consider buying the vibrating machine as a part of their strength training routine; they usually invest money in a tri-planner that allows them to increase the intensity of most common exercise planks, push-ups, and squats.


A vibrating machine makes it simple for you to get a powerful whole body workout. You can make them a supplement to your daily fitness regimen to yield benefits faster than before.

Older people can improve blood circulation and say goodbye to their joint and muscle problems by choosing top-quality elliptical vibrating machines. From the comfort of your home, you would become leaner, more muscular, and powerful after weeks of therapy.

A vibrating treatment is beneficial for obese who want to trim their body fat effortlessly. People who don’t like to opt for conventional strength training can do squats, calf raises and lunges with their preferred intensity on a triplane.

Although vibrating training isn’t a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise, it allows you to achieve muscle fiber and improve your workout. Add this machine into the wellness program as it helps you reach your fitness goal faster.


What are the Best Whole Body Vibrating Machine?

Here is a list of the top rated vibrating machines as per our ratings in 2023;

  1. GForce Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine
  2. LifePro Rumble 4D Vibration Plate Exercise Machine
  3. Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibrator
  4. LifePro Rhythm Vibration Plate Machine
  5. VT High-Frequency Whole Body Vibration Machine
  6. Domingo 2000W Whole Body Workout Machine
  7. Axis-Plate Whole Body Vibration Machine

Who can Use A Vibrating Plate?

Most typical users want to reduce their weight, enjoy high-intensity workout training, and plan to decrease their cellulite. Many physicians recommend their patients opt for a vibrating plate as this therapy is effective in certain medical conditions.

It can speed up the recovery process while reducing pain and stress. Older people can make the most of a vibrating machine as it stimulates the muscle fibers and slows down the aging process without involving strenuous exercise.

Do whole body vibration machines work?

Yes, they do. Many studies prove that a full-body vibrating machine is useful in improving muscle strength and reducing weight loss. They offer effective therapy for specific medical conditions as well.

Can vibration reduce belly fat?

Yes, you can reduce belly fat and enjoy weight-loss benefits from this machine only when you use it properly with a strict diet plan.

Do vibration plates work if you stand on them?

Yes, you can stand on them and see improvement in your body. This plate helps you maintain your body balance and shape it a bit. It’s recommended to try various exercises with a vibrating plate to avail of its main benefits.

How long should you be on a vibration machine?

You can use this machine for 15 to 30 minutes per day.

How many calories can I burn in 10 minutes?

If you use a vibrating machine for 10 minutes, it lets you burn 190 calories.

How long does it take to see results using a vibration plate?

You need to be patient when looking into results, as it may take two to six weeks. The results are not just dependent on your exercises but also on your healthier lifestyle as well.

Can you sit on a vibration plate?

According to a new study, one can benefit from a vibrating machine, whether one sits, stands, or lays down on it. Researchers at Augusta University in Georgia said that a vibrating plate is less strenuous than hill climbing and cycling, but one can benefit from it.

Does vibration help break up cellulite?

Vibrating therapy helps break cellulite indirectly. You can strengthen your leg muscles while trimming the deposits of subcutaneous dimpled fat.

According to a study, power plates can cause a 25 percent cellulite reduction on thighs and buttocks.  It’s essential to exercise on a vibrating plate two-three times per week, where a session must be 8-15 minutes long.

Are vibration plates noisy?

It depends on the machine’s power consumption and rating. Some devices consume more power than others; thereby, they are noisier. If noise is your concern, you can get a low power rating machine as it can be operated quietly.

You should know that vibrating plates transmit vibration to the floor. So, it would help if you kept them on the concrete floor. On a wooden floor, you can place them over a mat or carpet to avoid extra noise.

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