7 Best Sewing Machines Consumer Reports & Reviews 2023

If you are searching for the best sewing machines according to consumer reports in 2023 then this post is for you.

Do you think a sewing machine should be a part of your home’s tools arsenal?

You might not ascertain the true value or importance of a sewing machine unless you are taking care of a family.

For a family, in everyday life, you require a sewing machine from stitching shirt buttons to repairing and making custom window treatments to quilting.

You can’t just hire services for everyday home little stitching tasks, and if you don’t own a sewing machine you will have to do it with a needle and thread, which can take all the time for sure.

Buying a sewing machine from dozens of options available in the market is a hectic task. To help you out with this situation, I am going to review the best sewing machines as per consumer reports.

These machines are tested by our team of experts with the help of consumer reports. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Overall: Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine

Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine are the best overall as it checks all the boxes right. It does it all and comes with 60-built stitches, adjustable length, and width control of the stitch.

The model shares a hard case, the instruction is directly given in the hard case, plus it allows you to control the speed too.

7 Best Sewing Machines Consumer Reports

I have compiled a list of the 7 best sewing machines based on consumer reports 2023.

1. Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • Digital control sewing machine
  • 9 Sewing feet included
  • 60- Stitches
  • Adjustable speed

If you are a professional and looking for a professional sewing machine to help you cater to a load of your projects professionally, Brother designed Sewing machine is the best grab.

Let me explain it. What makes this sewing machine stands out?

This machine actually provides a little bit of everything. Like, it got a good wide table, hard case, nine preset food, and lots of built-in stitch options to expand your sewing abilities.

It is a computerized sewing machine aka digital machine that easily switches between different switch lengths and widths.

It comes with 60-built stitches, don’t worry even a beginner would love to switch between the stitches. Plus, you can easily adjust the length to help you go through stitching as well as quilting.

I love its hard case, a rare feature to behold, and often comes in premium ranged sewing machines.

The sewing direction is directly built into the hard case to speed up the stitching process. It comes with an adjustable speed option, to help beginners control the speed.

You know beginners don’t know how much pedal to press to get what speed, so with adjustable speed settings the speed will go as fast as set even if you press the pedal all the way down.

The only downside in my view is its tension adjustment. Although the tension adjustment is rarely easy in any sewing machine and here too, it is tricky.


  • Wide sewing board
  • 60-Built in stitches
  • 9 preset sewing feet included
  • Easy to switch between the stitches


  • Tension adjustment is a little tricky

2. SINGER MX60 Sewing Machine

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Features at a glance
  • Automatic stitch adjustment
  • 6 preset stitches
  • All metal constructed
  • Thread tension dial to adjust the tension

Digital sewing machines are difficult to understand and handle, they are hard to maintain.

When it was compared with mechanical sewing machines, even pro loves to opt for mechanical models. The only issue people hate about mechanical sewing machines is their weight.

Singer-designed MX60 is the right fusion of ease of use and lightweight. If you take a sewing class, the model is one of the best suits for you, can easily fit in a smaller space.

It comes with preset stitch length and width, to help beginners get things rolled without any big issues.

Let me clarify, compare this machine with any of the digital models, it can handle anything from fashion sewing to quilt sewing and many more.

It comes with six built-in stitches, choose from a good range of built-in stitches from basic to decorative sewing and others.

Do you find it hard to sew buttons, the mechanical Singer-designed machine comes with easy four-step buttonholes stitches with a simple-to-use dial.

With a reverse sewing machine setting the machine allows you to secure the seam at the beginning and end.

The stand-apart aspect of this sewing machine is its all-metal construction. I prefer durable but compact models and this one checks both the boxes right.

It comes with a thread tension dial that helps you adjust the thread tension accordingly to your fabric and thread selection.

The only issue I can see in this sewing machine during my testing is, that it automatically adjusts the stitch length and width.

It’s a good feature for beginners because they don’t have to worry about the stitch adjustment, but for Pro. Sometimes you need some extra stitch length stitching a thick fabric. For a beginner, it is good to go.


  • Automatic stitch length and width adjustments
  • Comes with 6 preset stitches
  • Good for beginners
  • Durable all-metal constructed but lightweight


  • Not for Zigzag stitching

3. JUKI HZL-F300 Sewing and Quilting Machine

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 106 stitch pattern
  • 16 Automatic sensor-controlled buttonhole
  • Automatic needle-threader and thread cutting
  • Easy to use

If you are a professional and handle professional scale and industrial scale quilting as well as stitching projects, go with JUKI designed Sewing and Quilting machine.

The machine comes in hands at a very expensive price range, and should only be purchased by only professionals.

It is a solid, and powerful sewing machine and can easily outperform any of the machines listed here. It scores the highest numbers in any testing, and in our testing, the model stands out in the crowd and helps you figure out stitching tasks without getting frustrated.

Despite its workhorse performance in stitching through denim and many other thick materials, the machine is extremely easy to use.

It is one of the most powerful machines with all nuts and bolts, what impressed us, is how even a beginner is capable of pulling out any feature of it and getting the right use.

Its huge stitching profile of 106 makes it one of the most useful machines to handle a variety of stitching applications.

It also got 16 automatic sensor-controlled buttonholes to easily help you handle a different variety of buttons.

One of the most expensive sewing machines comes with a fantastic lighting system and an automatic thread cutter that helps you automatically cut the thread.

In our experience and testing, and consumer reports to verify that, this machine scores every impressive in almost any range.

The only issue you may face using it face issue in managing the tension while going through thicker materials stitching.


  • 106 Stitching profile
  • Impressively easy to use a machine
  • Stunning lighting system with automatic thread cutter
  • Can easily handle any fabric stitching


  • Going through thicker material it finds it hard to manage the right tension

4. Brother Intl LX3817 Lightweight and Full-Size Sewing Machine

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 17 switch stitch
  • 4 Step buttonhole
  • Integrated LED light
  • Drop in bobbins

If you are on a budget and looking for a sewing machine that does it all and comes with all essential features to help beginners enjoy a smooth sewing experience, Brother-designed LX3817 is the right option to get hands-on.

In our testing, we found this model extremely compact and lightweight which makes it supremely portable. In other words, if you have to take the sewing machine with you or a student who needs to carry the machine in classes, this machine serves the purpose right.

It comes with 17 easy-to-switch stitches. You can select between a blind hem, zigzag and couching stitch, turn the dial and you are there with your desired stitch easily.

It also comes with a 4-step buttonhole stitch which makes it one of the best pick for beginners as they can produce buttonhole easily using this.

It comes with a free arm that helps you quickly access the cylindrical stitch objects. Integrated LED light helps you focus on the stitch and makes your stitches stand out even in the dim light.

Well, the thread tension here too can be an issue, but to make this issue frustrate you less, it allows you to adjust the upper thread tension using the dial with the type of fabric you are stitching.

Most importantly, it comes with drop-in bobbins that help you easily enjoy jam-free threading, a clearer window can help you monitor the bobbin and thread work.

The Only issue you may face using this machine is it does not come with an automatic threader. And you may face an issue when threading the needle manually.

In total, if you are a beginner and looking for an all-inclusive sewing machine that could be handled easily, that’s the model to get hands-on.

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  • See-through drop in bobbins
  • The thread tension can be adjusted
  • LED light to illuminate your stitching path
  • Free arm for easier access


  • It does not come with an automatic needle threader

5. Juki TL Portable Sewing Machine

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 23-inches wide table
  • Handle a variety of material stitching
  • LED light integrated
  • Speed controller

If you need a high-tech machine that helps you easily carry out stitching as well as quilting, go with Juki designed TL portable sewing machine.

It is a durable sewing machine, made in Japan, and it can easily last for at least the next 25-Years, so it is a one-time investment.

According to the consumer’s reports, this sewing machine comes with an industrial suspension system, which makes it one of the highest-rated and most powerful performing sewing machines.

In our testing, we tested the model for various categories of stitching including denim. It comes with a variable speed controller and LED lights it helps users easily and smoothly pass through any project.

It got an adjustable height presser foot, the presser can be raised up to 12 mm to make it easier to handle.

The model shares a wide table, to help those who handle wider objects easily handle. The table width extends up to 23 inches, sufficient workspace for smooth working and stitching.

Like most of the sewing machines added to the list, this too comes with an automatic needle threader and trimmer. It comes with a tension scale that can be adjusted with the type of fabric you are working on.

It comes with a superior speed control system. Its computerized speed control helps you set the minimum and maximum speed so that even though you press the footer harder, the speed could not go beyond.


  • Industrial level power and performance
  • Wider board to help you handle larger materials
  • A computerized speed control system helps adjust the speed
  • Needle threader and thread trimmer


  • Requires lots of maintenance

6. Janome Graceful Compact Sewing Machine

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 10-Stitch option
  • See-through drop-in bobbins
  • Built-in storage accessory
  • Weight 5 pounds

For those of you who think sewing is an expensive habit, we are going to introduce you to one of the budget-friendly sewing machines with all nuts and bolts of a premium model.

It checks all the box right and covers basic to advance features and make your sewing process as seamless and smooth as you would get with an expensive $1k model.

The sewing machine comes with 10-built stitches, including straight as well as Zigzag stitches with two needle positions. With an easy-to-use reverse lever, the machine allows you to backstitch at the start and end of the stitch.

It might not offer you exceptional features but what you get is, that it covers all. It comes with drop-in bobbins with a clear cover and clear threading diagrams to help you smoothly pass through the stitching process.

It also comes with built-in accessory storage to help you store tiny things that you may lose in the hiccup of sewing or stitching.

It is a lightweight machine, weighs only 5-pounds, the lightest and most compact model on our list, and I think that’s its stand apart aspect too.

And if you care for the aesthetics just like me, and prefer only your loved colored objects, the machine comes in seven different color options to help you pick the right one.

I would not overlook the model if I am a beginner and looking for an affordable, compact, and easier-to-carry-around sewing machine.


  • Allows straight as well as Zigzag stitches
  • Only 5-pounds of weight
  • Comes in seven colors options
  • Backstitch capability


  • Limited stitch options

7. SINGER Sewing & Quilting Machine

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • One-step buttonhole producing
  • Change stitch length and width with the push of a button
  • Automatic bobbin winder
  • Built-in cutter

If you are a beginner and looking for an easy-to-use but modern designed and powerful sewing machine to take care of your sewing class or home stitching needs, go with SINGER designed sewing and quilting machine.

The machine is easiest to set up in my experience and shares a wide range of stitch libraries to help you cover any project shared in your class or have to handle at home.

The stand-apart aspect of the model is one-step straightforward buttonhole producing. Unlike our first digital-controlled Brother Sewing machine this one can help you handle buttons in just one step.

It comes with a built-in cutter, and automatic bobbin winder to help beginners easily handle the projects.

Not just beginners, many professionals, and stitching enthusiasts also mentioned how seamless and error-free experience it was using the SINGER-designed quilting and stitching machine.

Well, my personal favorite step was to select the desired stitch with just a push of a button. Yes, I loved it and it makes my things way smoother and easier than I ever imagine.

The optimum settings for length and widths are automatically adjusted but can be customized as per the use.

In total I can securely say for beginners and DIYers, looking for an affordable ranged sewing machine, this SINGER-designed model is the way to go.

Comes in hands at cheaper prices, can be taken around easily, and handles beginners to pro-scale sewing projects.


  • Change the length and width with a push of a button
  • Affordably priced model
  • Comes with a built-in cutter
  • Wide range of stitch library


  • Needle threaded shadow comes in the way

Sewing Machine Buying Guide

Before you jump into buying a sewing machine, there are a few things you should look into them to make the purchase right fit for your needs.

I learned about the features or aspects after reading through hundreds of pages and consulting with experts. You just read these tiny things, and I am sure you will go with a super-suitable sewing machine for your needs.

Mechanical vs Computerized

The difference between a mechanical and computerized machine is the same between manual cars and automatic cars. In a manual or analog sewing machine, you get lots of dials, level buttons, and controls to select the stitch settings and length.

Mechanical sewing machine cost less, are easy to use, weigh less, and offers simplicity in functionality that even a novice user would easily be able to use them.

Whereas computerized machines or digital machines come with a digital display and hundreds of stitching options.

In some most modern machines, you may see a touchscreen to scroll through different functions or adjustments.

These machines offer more variety, more of everything including the price tag.


The second most important thing after deciding the type is the purpose for which you are buying a machine.

Your purpose even may decide the right type of machine for you, because mechanical machines are often opted for by those used at home, or small scale businesses.

On the other hand, digital machines are considered for Pro users, running a professional business.

Other than that, sometimes the use of machines like quilting or embroidery to determine the scale.

Like if you want the machine to be used just for sewing or many other advanced purpose like embroidery and quilting.

In some cases, just one machine can have all these advanced features like sewing and embroidery, and quilting.


Look a sewing machine is a heavy investment. More than just the features or specs, the machine should last longer too.

Like, I would not like to buy a machine that performs supremely but has a shorter lifespan.

I love mini sewing machines, they are super portable and easier to carry around. But, I advise you not to buy them, because they don’t last long, and make your investment go in vain.

Straight stitch and Zigzag stitch

As a beginner, most of the users are only concerned about the straight stitch. But, along with the straight stitch, you also need a zigzag stitch because it is important to finish the seams or edges.

So, don’t overlook the zigzag feature in a machine, it removes your need of having a serger.

Stitch Length Adjustment

Do you know how to make ruffles? Ruffles are created by changing the width of the stitch in delicate fabrics.

Stitch length adjustment features only allow you to change the width, and the feature comes in the most modern sewing machine.

So, also look for this feature, it will help you when you become a pro, to handle things, and even during the learning.

Drop in Bobbin

Drop-in bobbins are easier to use compared to front-load bobbins. With a drop in bobbins, the tension is adjusted automatically and users can see the left thread in the sea-through plate.

Front-load bobbins are trickier to adjust, But in many experts’ suggestions, it depends on the sewists personal preference.

But in my view, front-loading bobbins are trickier to use and take a longer time.

Automatic Buttonhole

If you plan to sew lots of clothing with buttons, it is imperative for you to have an automatic buttonhole feature in a sewing machine.

Many machines may have a buttonhole feature but it is a 4-step buttonhole feature, which requires you to manually stop at each side. It’s the 1-step buttonhole feature we are asking for in our sewing machine.

Wrap Up

Sewing machine no doubt is a big investment. It requires careful consideration of different features, and construction to get the best as per your needs. Don’t step into the market with prior research, and don’t forget to go through the buying guide section.

In the review section too we have enlisted the best sewing machine, the top available online in the market. I am sure if you go to any of them, you would not regret the decision.


How much should a beginner spend on a sewing machine?

It Depends on the type of work you are interested in doing. If you want to use the machine for industrial or professional grade projects, you will have to pay around $500-$1000.

Whereas for a beginner learning sewing and taking classes, it would be more than Okay to go with a $200 sewing machine.

What should I learn to sew first?

Sewing is an interesting hobby. If you have just started learning sewing then first get yourself accustomed to the machine.

Start with easy projects like straight stitching projects or simple-to-follow patterns so that you could get some confidence and move towards more complex projects. You can make napkins, pillowcases, tote bags, headbands, and things like that.

After how long should I service my sewing machine?

It depends on the frequency of your use and the type of materials you handle in sewing. Like if you stitch cotton and threads, the tendency of having lint collected in the machine is high. For that, you will have to service it more frequently.

And if you store the machine, and don’t use it for a good long time, then the lubricants in the machine get dry and you will have to maintain it before you start using it.

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