7 Best Portable Evaporative Cooler Consumer Reports & Reviews 2023

The evaporative cooler is the best alternative to an air conditioner for people living in dry areas. It is an affordable option and consumes less energy. These coolers are able to decrease the temperature by up to 15 degrees and they can be used indoors and outdoors.

If you are going to buy an evaporative cooler, we recommend you to check out our list of the best portable evaporative cooler, and the buying guide will explain to you all the necessary factors to consider while shopping for these coolers. After reading this article, you will be hopefully able to choose the best suitable evaporative cooler for your home.

7 Best Portable Evaporative Cooler Reviews

Here is a list of the Best Portable Evaporative Cooler as per our rating;

1. Hessaire MC37M Portable Evaporative Cooler

Editor’s Pick
  • 3100 CFM
  • Compact yet powerful
  • Manual continuous fill
  • Easy to operate
  • Simple to maintain

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The Hessaire MC37M is an efficient, portable cooling system. The airflow is about 3100 CFM which is more than enough to cool down a large size room. The easy control switches enable you to control the cooling capacity according to your needs.

The compact design can help save space for people who are living in small houses. There are two rollers located at the bottom of the cooler that helps in moving the cooler from one place to another. It has a 250W energy consumption system that makes it efficient enough to cool down your home.

The unit is eco-friendly and chemical-free. Also, this evaporative cooler is budget-friendly as it takes less power to operate and your electricity bill will not be too high.


  • High-density cooling pads
  • Continuous fill option
  • Simple controls
  • Economical cooling
  • Ease of use


  • Noisy on higher speed

2. Honeywell 525 CFM Portable Evaporative Cooler

Best Value
  • UV resistant material
  • GFCI cord
  • 525 CFM
  • 9 gallons of water
  • 9 lbs weight

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The Honeywell evaporative cooler is the right choice if you need to cool down a small to mid-size room. It has a water capacity of 7.9 gallons which will last for 5 to 6 hours, and then you will need to manually refill the water tank.

This cooler has the unique feature of an ice compartment that is located above the water tank. The air flows through the ice compartment and gets even cooler. With this feature, the Honeywell cooler gets closer to the air conditioner.

The weight of the cooler is just about 24.9 lbs, and height is 33 inches, width is around 18 inches, and depth is 13.9 inches. The smaller size and lightweight factors make this cooler the most portable cooler than the others we have recommended in this guide.


  • Durable and long-lasting material
  • Perfect for indoors and outdoors
  • Ice compartment
  • Power-efficient


  • Suitable for small area

3. DeLonghi America Portable Evaporative Cooler

Best Budget
  • Improves air quality
  • Energy-efficient
  • Hassle-free operation
  • Remote controls
  • Easy to fill, drain, and clean

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The DeLonghi cooler has an amazing feature of improving the quality of air naturally in your home. The cooler does not use any chemicals to purify the air, and the result is cleaner and fresher air around you with this evaporative air cooler.

This air cooler is recommended, especially for those who are suffering from allergies or asthma.  The cooler is an energy-efficient and perfect choice for a small room. The water tank can hold 4.5 liters of water, which is enough for 4 to 5 hours.

The remote control is provided with the cooler to control three different fan speeds: high, medium, and low. The small and round LED display shows the current setting of the device.


  • Uses minimal electricity
  • Naturally improves air quality
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use remote control


  • Just for a small area

4. Portacool Portable Evaporative Cooler

  • KUUL Comfort evaporative media
  • 8500 CFM air delivery
  • 2125 sq. feet cooling capacity
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty on an evaporative cooler

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The Portacool Jetstream 250 provides 8500 CFM air delivery at the velocity of 24 mph that is enough to cool down your shop, patio, or large room. It has an easy-to-read liquid level indicator with an automatic shut-off pump.

The Jetstream 250 has built-in handles for easy mobility and a drain for effective cleaning and maintenance. This cooler is made up of the latest technology of KUUL Comfort evaporative media, which is the best evaporative cooler technology.

The cooling capacity is around 2125 square feet, and it runs on 115 Volts. The weight of the cooler is just 215 pounds. This cooler comes with a lifetime warranty on the evaporative cooler and three years warranty on all its electric parts. Overall, it is a powerful cooler with lots of good features.

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  • Liquid level indicator
  • Automatic pump
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Energy efficient


  • Slightly expensive than others

5. Evapolar EvaLIGHT Plus Evaporative Air Cooler

  • 3-in-1 cooling
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Leakage proof system
  • For personal use
  • Portable

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The EvaLIGHT Plus is a personal evaporative air cooler that is great for cooling down a small area while you are studying in a library, working in an office, camping, or sleeping. It is the smallest option of evaporative cooler available in the market with a modern, compact and beautiful design.

This cooler has three-in-one cooling functionality; it humidifies, purifies, and chills the air with evaporative technology. The setup process of the cooler is quite simple and easy; you just have to add water and plug in the power supply. It cools down an area of a desk, a couch, or a bed.

The compact size of the cooler allows you to put it on any desk conveniently and transport it easily. This cooler is a smart choice for personal use in the hot and dry climate.


  • Purifies the air
  • Lightweight and easily transportable
  • Compact design
  • Energy efficient


  • Small cooling area

6. NewAir, AF-310, Portable Evaporative Air Fan

  • Three cooling modes
  • Swamp cooler
  • High-quality material
  • Eco-friendly
  • Air purifier

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The AF-310 model from NewAir comes with a variety of functions as compared to other coolers. It has an intuitive control panel with setting buttons for airspeed (Low, Medium, and High), different modes, and timer. The best thing is that it automatically adjusts the fan speeds and turns off with the preset timer settings.

The water tank volume is 4 liters and it consumes only 0.25 liters of water per hour. The fan is capable enough of providing clean and fresh air. The efficient part of this cooler is that the purifier and air cooler can be used simultaneously.

The design is extremely stylish and compact, with a length of 12 inches, a width of 11.5 inches, and a height of 35 inches. The weight of this cooler is just about 10 pounds and it is easily moveable.


  • 3 fan speeds
  • Use as a swamp cooler, a humidifier, and a purifier
  • Affordable as compared to other air coolers
  • Automatically adjust the fan speed


  • Not suitable for places with a higher level of humidity

7. Nordic Hygge Evaporative and Portable Air Cooler

  • Scandinavian design
  • LED touch screen
  • 4-in-1 solution
  • Leak-proof water tank
  • Portable yet powerful

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The design of the AirChill cooler is unique, cool, and minimalistic. This is a personal air cooler that is not made for large spaces. It uses the latest evaporative cooling technology that efficiently reduces the temperature of the air.

The controls are easily accessible through the LED screens for setting up various cooling modes, clean up, and filter replacement. The AirChill cooler is completely noiseless and runs smoothly. The water tank is also leak-proof and you don’t have to worry about leakage.

The AirChill is recommended by our team for those who need to cool down a small area of their homes, like in the study room or bedroom. Thanks to the compact size, it can be placed on a countertop or a table.


  • Modern design
  • Easily accessible touch screen
  • Replaceable water filter
  • Easy to clean
  • Quiet and comfortable


  • Controls do not work sometimes

Portable Evaporative Cooler Buying Guide

Let’s discuss some important points you have to consider while selecting the best portable evaporative cooler for your home. Below, we have discussed all the necessary factors you need to check in different models.

Cooling Area (CFM)

The size of the cooling area (CFM) is the most important factor to consider because it describes how much volume of air an evaporative cooler can process. This will let you know how effectively the cooler will cool the room. The size of the cooling area is measured in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM). The CFM of the cooler can be calculated by the formula given below:

Room’s Square Feet x Ceiling Height / 2 = CFM

Let’s suppose the size of the room is 300 sq. ft. with a standard ceiling height of 8 ft. Then the size of the best suitable cooler will be 300 x 8 / 2 = 1200 CFM.

If you choose a cooler with less than 1200 CFM for this room, then it will slowly cool down the room and if you buy a cooler with higher CFM then it will cool down the room quickly, but it will make the air more humid and uncomfortable.

You need to check the product’s description that the manufacturer has provided to know about the CFM of the cooler.

Water Tank Capacity

You have to choose an evaporative cooler that has adequate water tank capacity. Otherwise, you will be tired of refilling the tank after a short period of time. A smaller tank has the capacity of 1 to 3 gallons that can be enough to run the cooler for 5 to 7 hours. The cooler utilizes the water according to its CFM.

You have to measure your room size then decide which model is suitable for your room based on its CFM value and tanker size.

Cooling Pads

The cooling pads are the reason an evaporative cooler can deliver a cool breeze. They get wet in cold water and absorb the heat from the air. There are two main types of cooling pads: honeycomb cooling pads and aspen/wool cooling pads.

The honeycomb cooling pads are high-quality and durable cooling pads. They are highly efficient and provide more cooling as compared to other types of cooling pads.


The portable evaporative coolers are easy to move with the wheels and lightweight body they have. They are considered the best evaporative coolers. They are usually made for just a single room; that’s why the users need to move them from one place to another.

Power consumption

The running cost of the cooler matters a lot and you have to consider the power consumption before buying the cooler. The power consumption of the cooler depends on its cooling area (CFM); more power will be consumed when there is more cooling area. The size of the place you need to cool will determine the power consumption of the model you have chosen.


We hope that you have discovered this article useful to choose the best evaporative air cooler for your home. The air coolers we have listed above can provide amazing cooling with less power consumption, and they are quite affordable as well.

We have mentioned almost all of the key features, pros, and cons of the products that will surely help you in finding your best suitable evaporative cooler for your home. Choose the best one and be comfortable during the summer season.


What is the Best Portable Evaporative Cooler?

Here is a list of the Best Portable Evaporative Coolers as per our rating in 2023;

  1. Hessaire MC37M Portable Evaporative Cooler
  2. Honeywell 525 CFM Portable Evaporative Cooler
  3. DeLonghi America Portable Evaporative Cooler
  4. Portacool Portable Evaporative Cooler
  5. Evapolar EvaLIGHT Plus Evaporative Air Cooler
  6. NewAir, AF-310, Portable Evaporative Air Fan
  7. Nordic Hygge Evaporative and Portable Air Cooler

How does an evaporative cooler work?

The process of evaporation works by pulling the dry and hot air from the environment and passing through the water-moistened cooling pads, and then the cool water gets evaporated into the air. Finally, the cool air is circulated by the powerful fan into the environment. The cool air produces a cool breeze that reduces the temperature of the air.

How to maintain an evaporative air cooler?

The maintenance of the evaporative air cooler is easy. The main thing you have to take care of is to clean and replace the cooling pads. You have to clean the cooling pads at least once a month to remove the dirt. In the off-season, you have to clean and dry the cooler completely before storing it.

What is the main difference between evaporative air coolers and air conditioners?

The evaporative cooler produces a cool breeze and generates cool air into the environment with the help of a fan. The slight difference between the cooler and AC is that the cooler adds humidity to the air while the AC dries out the air.

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