Best Miter Saw Consumer Reports & Reviews 2022

If you are searching for the best miter saw according to consumer reports in 2022 then this post is for you.

I am not a carpenter, but I often try to get little things related to woodworking done at home.

More than often, these little things used to be done using a simple hand-saw.

But this time, me trying to be a pro, decided to make a picture frame.

I searched online on how to make picture frames at home.

What the heck is that, they did it within a few minutes using different tools than mine.

It’s the “Miter-saw

I thought it to be a mighty saw because it helps go through mighty tasks so simply, and seamlessly.

Yes, a simple-looking tool that comes integrated with many little tools and equipment to make woodworking a breeze.

It’s super easy to get miter-angle, corners, bevels-cuts, and many other strange and complex woodworking things done at home using a miter-saw.

That’s the first time, I ordered a power tool online, but what miter saw I should buy is a whole different story.

In this post, I am going to review the best miter saws as per consumer reports. I have filtered out dozens of products, tested them & narrowing them down to a few mentioned in the list. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Overall: DEWALT DWS715 Miter Saw

DEWALT DWS715 miter saw is the best overall due to its durable compact construction, and a taller machine base fence that helps you handle larger objects.

The model supports dual bevel too, which helps get bevel cuts for crown molding on both sides.

7 Best Miter Saw Consumer Reports

I have compiled a list of the 7 best miter saw based on consumer reports 2022.

1. DEWALT 12-Inch Miter Saw DWS715

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 14-Positive stops
  • Machined base fence
  • Dual bevel cutting
  • 15-Inches height

You should not be surprised to see Dewalt-designed Miter saw taking the number one slot. In fact, in this guide, you will see more than one product included, it’s not because Dewalt is my personal favorite power tools manufacturing brand.

You can go and check yourself, how big Dewalt as a power tools-making brand is.

Dewalt 12-Inches DWS715 is the best miter saw because of its unparalleled performance in handling mild to complex projects.

This miter saw can easily sink its teeth into five inches thick and eight inches wide objects. That means, that not only the standard 4×4 lumbar but even the bigger-sized objects can easily be handled using it.

The second reason why I picked the model is its durable construction. Although Dewalt designed all models are made durable, this particular one as per the consumer guide lasts longer than expected, and compared to others.

DWS715 also comes with a tall fence. That means it allows you to easily handle larger materials safely and efficiently. The fence even can slide out of the way, to help you enjoy the beveled cuts.

Bevel cuts efficiency makes it a compound miter saw, you can tilt the head of the miter saw to the right from 0 to 48-degree and leave 0-3 degrees.

With a precise miter system integrated, and machined base fence, the model easily lives up to the expectations.

With this tool, you can easily cut through 2×8 inches dimensional lumbar cross-cutting at 90-degree, and 2×6 inches dimensional lumbar at 45-degree.

The most important reason to have the model reach my doorstep is its compact build. I don’t like hard-to-carry tools, this one only weighs 40-pounds with 15-inches in height, to help you easily take it to your remote locations.

You also get 3 years of limited warranty, in case the model did not live up to the expectation, and starts showing issues, you have all right to send it back to get your full money refunded.

The only issue or the downside of the model is, that it does not come with a laser-guided system. Yes, modern miter saws come with a laser cutting system, which makes it easier to get precise cuts even in dim lights.


  • Compact, lightweight but durable constructed
  • A tall fence can easily handle supports 5 1/2-inch base vertically
  • Supports dual bevel cutting
  • 14-Positive stops


  • No laser cutting

2. Metabo HPT 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 1950-watts motor
  • Bevel up to 0-52 Degree miter-range left right
  • 0-48 Degree bevel supports
  • Tall aluminum fence 5 1/8 inches

Don’t get panicked by looking at the new name ‘Metabo’ in our list of best Miter saw. It’s Hitachi’s new name, consider this too as Hitachi, and shares the same scale of construction known for Hitachi.

This CDFDHS 12-inches miter saw packs a huge range of power and provides performance giving the toughest competition to our first contender.

This 12-inches model comes powered with a 1950-watts of power and renders 4300 rpm blade speed. With a 15 amp motor, it is as good as Dewalt DWS715.

The model offers a 0-52 degree miter scale range from 0-52 degrees to both right and left. Yes, it also supports bevel cutting, but to the left only up to 48-degree. The adjustable bevel stops help you adjust the bevel angle even during the cutting.

The stand apart aspect of this model and the thing that appealed to us to pick and test the model is its laser cutting guide system. It comes with Xact cut LED shadow line system that helps you get the precise cuts in dim lights even.


  • Affordable priced
  • 15 amp Motor provides the right power
  • Supports 0-52-degree bevel cutting with adjustments
  • Laser cutting guided system


  • Laser cutting could have been improved

3. BOSCH GCM12SD 15 Amp 12 Inch Corded Dual-Bevel Sliding Glide Miter Saw

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • Square lock Quick release fence
  • The axial glide system helps wider cuts
  • 15 amp motor with 3800 RPM
  • Integrated dust collection

If you are a professional and looking for a miter saw that does it all for you without lacking any feature or cut, BOSCH-designed GCM12SD is the right option to get hands-on.

It is a 15 amp motor having a miter saw that delivers 3800 RPM and helps you make different types of cuts at required precision and accuracy.

Its stand-apart aspect is its precision. Yes, the model comes with a square lock quick release fence that helps you align the fence at 90-degree on the table to précised cuts with no adjustments.

Don’t try to forget the axial glide system. With this glide system onboard, the tool allows you wider cross-cuts, the axial glide system also makes the tool takes less space.

You don’t require back space for your object or piece, the glide system can glide easily on the rails to help you enjoy wider cross-cuts.

Its large cutting capacities make it one of the hottest and sold-out options. It can help you make 6 ½ inches vertical cuts and 4’’ x 14’’ cross cuts.

You can see that these are very large cutting capacities, and most of the models even in our list will lack this many cutting capacities.

With the miter saw you can make several adjustments due to its stainless steel miter scale and uniform bevel.

With the bevels on the upfront sides, you are going to get control over the settings, bevels, and adjustments quite easily.

Its dust-collection system is also a commendable feature. Most of the tools of this range either do not come with a system or provide a poor collection performance. This one captures almost 90 percent of the dust and makes it less messy in your workspace.

12-Inches carbide tipped blade with the 60-tooth count, carbide tipped blade helps you easily cut through mild to complex cutting projects.


  • Wider cutting capabilities
  • Carbide tipped blade with 60-tooth count
  • The axial glide system makes the tool enjoy wider cuts
  • Dual bevel cutting capability


  • Pretty expensive

4. Metabo HPT Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 15 amp motor
  • Laser cutting system integrated
  • Sliding rails for thicker materials cutting
  • Dual bevel miter saw

If you need a professional miter saw with a gliding mechanism to help you get things professionally rolled in your small workshop, Metabo-designed HPT sliding compound miter saw is the right option to get hands-on.

It is a great and handy tool for professional framers, trim carpenters, and woodworkers to do their work with the required precision and dependability.

It is a sliding compound dual bevel miter saw that does it all without any issue. Take its sliding performance that allows a small sliding mechanism with the fixed rails to help easily cut through in depth.

Yes, you would not have to adjust your pieces multiple times if it’s thicker and bigger than your saw’s blade. The glide system helps your saw head to move on the rails cutting through thicker materials.

It is a modern tool that comes with a laser marker cutting system that not only increases the cutting accuracy but helps you do crown molding and other highly professional delicate cutting operations.

Its miter angles range starts from 0 to 57 degrees to the right, and 0 to 45 degrees to the left. The dual bevel angles to help you easily cut by tilting the saw’s head on the left as well as right, which makes you cut without flipping the piece.

Yes, this model too like our two above-reviewed models comes with a dust-collecting mechanism. That makes less dust spread in your workshop and less cleaning at the end of the day.


  • Sliding on the rails to cut in the depth of the objects
  • The laser cutting guide system increases efficiency and precision
  • Dual bevel supports help in cutting without flipping
  • Positive stops and indications on the miter and bevel scale


  • Little expensive

5. SKIL Quick Mount Compound Miter Saw

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 4500 RPM speed
  • Laser cutline guide system
  • 9 positive stops
  • Dust-bag integrated

If you are looking for a portable say that could easily be taken around when needed, I highly recommend buying SKIL designed 12-inch quick mount compound miter saw.

Well, it is not just the compact construction or quick mounting that made us include this on the list. It is probably one of the fastest saw on our list. Yes, with a 15 amp motor, it easily delivers 4500 rpm speed to help cut through pieces quickly.

I call this miter saw one of the most underrated options. It comes with everything other brands even at a premium price offers, still the model is still finding grounds compare to premium brands and products.

It is one of the finest miters saw for newbies because of its affordable price, compact construction, and easy-to-use features.

With SKIL 3821-01 model onboard, accuracy would not be your issue from now on. It comes with a proper cutline that makes it smooth, seamless, and extremely accurate to cut through pipes, angles, crown molding, and many other such tasks a professional handles.

I see for newbies compare to professionals find it hard to work on larger pieces. The model comes with a large table extension that makes it super-easy to handle larger objects. Above all the extension has left as well as right grills to handle objects cutting on both sides.

That’s a rare feature to behold even in an expensive range miter saw, if you don’t know how to use it take the help of a manual guide, or watch on YouTube.

Again, the stand-out aspect is its compactness and lightweight. It weighs only 42-pounds and easily helps those who offer remote services take it around.

It got a quick mounting mechanism, pull it up and down in minutes, without following through a complex process.


  • Quick mounting mechanism integrated
  • Weighs only 42-pounds
  • One of the fastest miters saw with 4500 rpm
  • The laser cutline guide system delivers fast and accurate cuts


  • The quick mount system works only with this model

6. Makita Compound Miter Saw LS1040

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 15 amp direct drive motor
  • 4800 rpm
  • 30-pounds weight
  • Dual bevel tilt arm with 9 stops

Makita-designed miter saw takes the crown of the fastest miter saw on our list from SKIL. And offers a range of performance due to its premium features and durable construction making it one of the favorite miters seen for on-the-go users.

The stand apart aspect of this model is its low price range. I did not expect dual bevel performance from an affordable model like this.

With dual bevel pivoting arms, it allows you to cut through objects without flipping over your piece. The arms allow 47-degree to the left and 52-degree to the right lift to make you get a wide variety of cuts.

Keep in mind, that it got a 15amp motor like most of the models on our list but it can deliver up to 4800 rpm of no-load speed which is more than just impressive.

One more thing, it comes with a direct drive motor, which is known for power-packed performance, less vibration, and smoother working.

Not just the fastest RPM crown, this model also takes one of the lightest model titles with just 30-pounds of weight.

You can take this small, compact, and lightweight model around, and get things done at remote locations.

If you sum this product in one line, I can easily say this is one of the extremely affordable models that is designed to handle basic to advanced level of jobs. It is a versatile model that comes with dual bevel performance, got higher RPM, and easier mobility.


  • Only 30-ponds of weight
  • Renders 4800 rpm
  • Dual bevel miter saw tilts in both directions
  • Affordable model


  • Not as durable as Dewalt or BOSCH models

7. Delta Power Equipment Master Miter Saw

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 15 amp motor
  • 5500 RPM speed
  • The spindle lock holds the piece
  • Battery-operated laser cut system

A delta-designed miter saw is another great addition to our list that does it all for you. From modern laser guideline cutting systems to bevel angle, and fast but powerful performance, this tool can be relied on by professionals to DIYers.

It is a lightweight model that shares only 25-pounds of weight. Its laser cutting guide system is one of the modern, and battery-operated systems that never stay back when you needed it the most. It provides precise, and accurate cutting performance for DIYers and newbies without any issue.

Its stand apart aspect is its spindle lock, the spindle lock performs as expected, as mentioned by consumer’s reports, and helps in easier changes.

It got a 15 amp motor that can easily deliver up to 5500 rpm performance, and moves through the wood pieces like butter.

It comes with denoted stops at 5 different angles, you can move the blade in both the direction left and right. But, if you are interested in bevel cutting, the miter saw supports only left bevel from 0-47 degrees.

If you are a beginner and find it hard to hold the object in its place while cutting. The model has a spindle lock that holds the spindle correctly and helps you enjoy a smooth, precise, and error-free cutting in one go.

Let me mention its weight range here too, with just 25-pounds of weight, it can easily be taken around. Most importantly, you can use it on virtually all miter saw stands.

In total, in our testing and as per the consumer guides too, the model supports smoother performance for beginners to professionals.

It is easy to use and comes with all bells and whistles you can expect from a modern tool.


  • Lightweight 25-pounds weight miter saw
  • A spindle lock that holds the object securely
  • Miter cuts on both sides
  • Left bevel cuts up to 0-47 degree


  • No dual bevel

Consumer Reports Miter Saw Buying Guide

Before you move on and buy any of the miters saw listed. We want you to educate, learn before buying, and make an informed and educated decision.

Type of Miter saw

All miter saws share a circulate saw with an arm that helps in cross cuts. For professionals, just a circular saw can’t help in a variety of cuts or projects.

  • Standard miter saw:

Do you try to feel a difference between a chop saw and a standard miter saw? Well, don’t try to feel that difference. Because both are the same and often called interchangeable names. These standard miter saws are only used for standard miter cuts.

  • Single bevel miter saw:

In addition to the cutting angles and miter cuts, the single bevel compound miter saw is used to tilt in one direction to cut beveled or mitered cuts. This feature is very handy, and useful, particularly in crown molding.

  • Double bevel compound miter saw:

Single bevel miter saw head tilts in one direction whereas, dual bevel miter saw head tilts in both directions. With a double bevel miter saw, you would not have to flip the object over to get a cut on the other side.

  • Double bevel sliding miter saw:

It is a double bevel miter saw with a sliding rail to slide the head over to cut deeper through the board. This is helpful to cut wider boards. Sliding miter saws are helpful, one 10-inch sliding miter saw can cut through board up to 6-inches.

Size and Use

After the right type, the most important aspect is to pick the right size of the miter saw. Generally, the larger the blade, the larger cuts it can achieve through the boards.

But, not everyone needs a bigger-sized blade miter saw, especially if you are a DIYer, and only buying it for home projects or DIY.

  • 7 ½ to 8 ½ inches miter saw

This size of the blade is useful for home projects or DIY. The size can easily achieve 90-degree cuts or cross cuts on 2×4 and 45-degree cuts on 1×2 inches.

  • 10-Inches miter saw

A 10-inch blade miter saw can easily do cross cuts on 2×6 and 2×4 inches at a 45-degree.

  • 12-Inches Miter saw

This is the larger size and is usually used for professionals to help cater to their professional scale workloads. This size of blade can easily deliver 2×8 inches cross cuts and 2×6 inches at 45-degree.

Corded vs Cordless

Yes, that too is a major consideration, and more than often can change an entire buying decision.

Well, professional’s woodworkers still depend on corded versions, as the battery issue can halt their performance.

Whereas cordless versions are the new kid in the town, helpful if you are offering remote services. They come with a lithium-ion battery and help wired free performance.

Battery runtime is their biggest issue, and professionals have to spare a few sets of batteries if are depend on cordless to accomplish their deadlines.


Power is Power in miter saws case too. It is the power of the motor that decides its overall performance, and rpm too.

To cut through thicker and larger-sized boards, obviously, you need a powerful motor the one without getting overheated provides you good rpm.

For beginners, though experts recommend at least a 10-amp motor, and for professionals up to 15 amp.

The higher the power of the motor, the more blade spinning force can be generated and help cut through thick and denser materials.

Laser Guide

Most of the users though don’t pay attention to this feature but me being a beginner looked at this aspect particularly. This feature indeed helped me cut at the required precision and accuracy, with zero margins.

This is an excellent feature for DIYers and beginners and helps cut at the right angles, especially for the corners in the baseboard’s cuttings.

Sliding Fences

Sliding fences secure your materials and help in cutting at the right accuracy. The feature might not affect your overall cutting performance but gives you confidence.

Wrap Up

A miter saw in my view is the most used and must-have tool for professionals and DIYers. I did not know the importance and use of the tool before I had one.

Now, when I own one, I can think of anything I want in the woodworking range. It is such a handy tool that even a beginner can get things crafted at a professional or pro level.

The guide we pulled together is not about the importance of the tool. We gathered top-of-the-line miter saws here, to help you decide better and get the best out of the best.


What is the difference between a compound and a sliding miter saw?

A sliding miter saw comes with a sliding arm or head that moves on the sliding rails to help in wider cross-cuts of boards.

Whereas a compound miter saw besides providing mitered cuts also provides beveled cuts on the left and right helps in crown molding.

Is a sliding miter saw better?

If you are a professional and need a professional-grade tool, a sliding miter saw is the right suit. It can cut pieces wider than a normal saw.

The sliding arm slides on the rails and helps you cut wider boards in one go. With one, you will be able to cut wider pieces, but it is expensive and going to costs more than a normal miter saw.

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