7 Best Mattress Protector Consumer Reports & Reviews 2023

If you are searching for the best mattress protector according to consumer reports in 2023 then this post is for you.

let’s say you purchased a new premium plush feel expensive mattress of your choice after hours-long research and you are just loving it.

What happens next is, by accident, you spill a cup of coffee on it. It has been sunk into the layers. What would your response be at it?

I am sure you too like me would like to scream from the depth of your throat.

That’s the reaction. Nothing is going to happen now, even if you shed some tears.

If you had purchased a mattress protector that protects a mattress from drinks, coffees, and various other kinds of stains, no coffee could have reached the mattress and leave harsh stains.

Well, I am sure it would not happen to you, but it could be you, after the mishap, if not purchased a good mattress protector.

A mattress protector should be the first thing after you buy a new mattress.

It acts as a barrier between the sleeper and your mattress. Even if something spills over the mattress, the barrier would not let that pass to the mattress.

In this post, I am going to review the best mattress protector as per consumer reports. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Overall: SafeRest Waterproof Mattress Protector

It is the best overall protector for its affordable price, acceptance by the consumers, and above all its construction and features.

It is a water-proof protector, protector against mites, dust, urine, and other fluids spilling.

It got straps on the sides to pull over extra material under the cover, and it protects your mattress without interfering with the feel and plushness of the mattress.

7 Best Mattress Protectors Consumer Reports

I have compiled a list of the 7 best mattress protectors based on consumer reports 2023.

1. SafeRest Mattress Waterproof Protector

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • Fits even 14-inches to 18-inches
  • Protects against dust mites, fluids
  • Breathable material
  • 10-years warranty

Premium products too can come at an affordable price, such as SafeRest-designed Waterproof mattress protector.

This is one of the top-rated and top-selling mattress protectors on one of the biggest shopping portals amazon.

This mattress protector is great for homes with kids and pets. The protector protects against urine, dust mites, Perspiration, fluids, and allergens that can make their way to your mattress.

Especially those suffering from asthma or breath allergy can get triggered by the dust mites stuck in the mattress and multiply.

The most important and highlighted aspect of this protector is that ides not interface with the current feel, comfort, or plushness of your mattress.

We tested many protectors, some even ruin all the feeling and plushness of even a premium quality mattress due to their rigid construction.

It’s actually the construction and material used in the construction that makes it this impressive in performance and flexibility.

It shares a soft cotton terry construction with an ultra-thin membrane layer. This layer traps and absorbs moisture, fluids, and other stains.

Plus, it is a breathable material constructed. You would not feel any condensation, or it alters the feel or breathability of your mattress.

The most important them all, and must-look into features for any mattress protector is whether it fits my incumbent mattress or not. This one covers even the thickest mattress in the range of 14-inches to 18-inches.

This mattress protector is machine washable. Manufacturers recommend machine washing it before taking it into use, because of its highly compressed packaging.

Take it out of the packaging, machine wash it, and pull it over on your bed.


  • Breathable, soft cotton terry construction
  • Does not interfere with the feel of the mattress
  • Fits even the thickest mattress
  • Machine washable
  • Affordably Priced


  • Can get Hot

2. Utopia Waterproof Mattress Protector Zippered encasement

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 60×80 inches dimension
  • 100-percent waterproof
  • Zippered encasement
  • Knitted polyester fabric constructed

Are you suffering from bedbugs for a long time? You should try a mattress protector that protects you against bedbugs, mites, dust, water spills, urine, and many other substances.

Utopia is known for producing quality bedding products including Mattress protectors.

Its designed mattress protector protects you against bedbugs and mites and helps you and your family enjoy a good undisturbed night’s sleep.

The most important attribute of this mattress protector is it protects your mattress from six sides.

It is a zippered encasement that encased your mattress, and protects it against bloodsuckers and bedbugs.

Bedbugs are hard to get rid of and don’t call bug police, they can’t handle them, as they don’t have the equipment or tools to permanently kill them.

This mattress protector fits queen-size mattresses, you can pick other sizes too. With 60-inches to 80-inches sizes and a 15-inches deep pocket, it fits most of the mattress easily.

It is a stretchable, knitted polyester fabric constructed as a mattress cover, providing you enjoy the plush and comfortable feel of your mattress.

The construction does not interfere between the comfort of your mattress and you, just a barrier to prevent liquids, stains, and bedbugs from reaching your mattress underneath.

It is a 100-percent waterproof mattress protector that protects you from unwelcome spills, stains and many other substances. It got zippered encasement, full 360-degree protection from all sides.

If you got stains on it, as your little toddler ran away on the mattress with the diaper, the urine stains, you can simply machine ash this. It is machine washable, support tumble dry as well.

In a nutshell, not just the liquids spills and stains, these protectors give you peace of mind by protecting against bedbugs.

For the first time, you will be able to sleep safely, without getting up in the middle of the night because of bites from those bloodsuckers.


  • The one-stop solution against bedbugs
  • 100-Percent waterproof
  • Fits most of the beds even with the highest thickness
  • Zippered encasement 360-degree protection


  • It’s huge size, does not fit even the CL King

3. Linenspa Waterproof Proof Box Spring Encasement

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • Zippered encasement
  • 360-degree waterproof protection
  • Polyurethane constructed
  • Protects against dust mites, grimes, and bedbugs

You are looking into buying the best protector that could protect your bed from coffee stains, liquid spills, and your toddler’s urine?

More than often, people buy top-only mattress protectors, they are great, but they roll and they don’t cover the sides. Buy a Box spring encasement or zippered encasement.

Linespa-designed zippered encasement mattress is there to help you. It got a unique design and construction and provides you with a quiet, noiseless sleep without disrupting your peace or sleeping pattern.

I have monitored and in our testing too stumbled upon products that had constructed that disturb sleep when you change position while sleeping, but not this protector.

It is a polyurethane material constructed as a protector. Keeps you and your loved ones completely secure and safe from bloodsucker’s bedbugs, mites, dust, grimes, and many allergens.

It is soft on the skin, and those allergic to dust mites will enjoy a super comfortable sleep without trigging their allergies.

It is a machine washable zippered encasement mattress protector. In case you spill something over, or there are stains, the machine washes it and makes it all new once again.

The most important aspect is its easier installment. The zipper goes seamless and makes it easiest to install.

You don’t have to wrestle with your mattress or have your spouse around to give hand when installing, it goes seamless.


  • Easiest to install a protector
  • Zippered encasement 360-degree
  • Machine washable and tumble dry
  • Waterproof mattress from all six sides


  • It is still a Polyester construction


4. SureGuard Box Spring Encasement

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 100-Percent waterproof
  • Zipper encasement 360-degree
  • Sureseal Zipper technology
  • 60X80 Inches dimensions

Are you a parent, with a kid and a pet and constantly worried about the pet dander found in your mattress, along with your kid peeing over your mattress occasionally?

Well, you might have been testing many different protectors, but SureGuard designed zippered encasement is surely something different.

Like its name, it safeguards your expensive mattress and protects it against spilled drinks, accidental stains, or messy pet dander.

This mattress also protects against allergens, dust mites, and many other allergens that can trigger your allergy.

It is a 100-percent waterproof mattress protector that protects from all six sides.

The biggest difference between this mattress protector and others is its super fine zipper with invisible-zip protection and Sureseal technology that seals off your mattress without no letting any bed-beg or allergens.

It shares 60 inches into 80 inches dimensions and fits most of the beds with 11-12 inches of thickness.

It is a zippered encasement, if there is any content under you can hide it under the sides.

If you got a queen mattress, don’t worry about the company or brand, this protector will fit your size ideally.

Yes, this protector supports machine washing. If there are stains, or you are onto regular washing of your bed sheets, they can be washed in a machine and dried without any issue.


  • Sure seal prevents bedbugs from seeping into the mattress
  • Zipper encasement makes it protects the mattress from all sides
  • Fits about all brands queen size mattress
  • Machine washable and tumble dry


  • Wears out quickly

5. Utopia Bedding Premium Bamboo Mattress Protector

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • Bamboo construction
  • Tiny cushioned top
  • Cool and breathable
  • 100-percent waterproof

If you don’t want some chemical material constructed mattress topper, and looking for an organic material constructed one, go with Utopia designed Premium Bamboo mattress protector.

This protector without putting the environment nor your personal health at risk provides the comfort and protection that you get with a regular mattress topper.

It is a cushioned mattress protector. Like, it is not as cushioned as a mattress topper, but still, unlike many others, or the ones we reviewed, it got cushioning.

So, surely going to add to your overall comfort and helps you enjoy more plushness or comfort feel.

Yes, if your mattress is already enough cushioned, and you want some thin layer constructed as a protector, this is not for you.

It is not just the Bamboo construction on its highlighted properties or all its benefits.

It has many others, like TPU to protect the top of the mattress from moisture, liquids, spills, stains, dander, hair, dust, and allergens.

Yes, it does not have spring encasement like others we reviewed above, the sides too are naked against sweat stains and spill protection.

It got elastic straps or what you call them grip skirt system that holds the protector in its place.

With this, you can simply pull the borders of the pocket and stretch them over the mattress. I personally don’t like elasticated bands, they are over-rated.

It is good breathable due to its Bamboo construction. So, despite it having smooth tiny padding over it, it would not bring hotness near you, at least not because of the mattress protector.

You can machine wash this mattress protector too, along with tumble dry. But what about ironing? Manufacturers don’t recommend ironing due to soft fabric.


  • Bamboo Construction
  • Got a thin padding
  • Elastic straps to help it stay in place on the mattress
  • Breathable


  • Can’t iron

6. Coop Home Goods Premium Mattress Protector

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • Lulltra fabric construction
  • Excellent waterproof
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 100-nights free trial

If you want to buy one of the best waterproof mattress protectors, I can say no one other added can stretch to the marks of this mattress.

As an experiment, the brand poured five gallons of apple juice on it, and to our surprise, not a single drop could pass through.

That’s the waterproof protection this mattress protector promises and keeps the promise with its consistent performance.

Plus if you are a hot sleeper, live in a hot climate, or got a mattress that gives you night sweats, and you are worried about the stains of the sweats.

Don’t worry, this mattress can prevent your expensive mattress from those stains, as well as other spills or liquid stains.

This mattress shares a unique fabric construction, it is a Lulltra fabric construction, a Coop Home Goods propriety fabric construction.

The most beneficial features of this fabric are breathability, softness, skin-friendliness, and above all quietness.

If you are a light sleeper, mattress protectors produce crinkling noise, when sleepers change position. This crinkling noise though is the slightest but can awake light sleepers.

This mattress protector protects against all the stains and liquid spills without making any noise. So that you and your family could sleep in heavenly peace.

It fits most mattresses up to 18 inches in size. So, whatever size and brand mattress you got, this protector fits them all.

In the end, I can safely say, this is the best mattress protector you can get your hands on.

I can spend hundreds of dollars on buying an expensive mattress, why can’t spend a few more on making it as protected as you like?

Well, for your peace of mind, if you don’t like this product, or change your mind after buying it, you get a 100-nights free trial.

Within this trial, you can send this product back and get your full money refunded.


  • Lulltra fabric construction makes it breathable, and quiet
  • Super waterproof, would not let even a single drop pass through your mattress
  • Fits even the thickest mattress size
  • 100-nights free trials


  • No small size for kids’ beds

7. The Purple Mattress Protector

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • Dual-layer design
  • Comes in various sizes and colors
  • Stretchy, skin-friendly fabric
  • 10-Years warranty

Purple is one of the biggest names in the bedding world. The most famous mattress manufacturing brand has thrown its expertise into making one the top-notch mattress protector.

The special thing about this protector is the dual-layer. It got dual layers to protect you against spills, mites, stains, and allergens.

It got a water-resistant inner layer that prevents wetness pass through the mattress. And an absorbent outer layer dissipates all liquids including urine at the first step, so all spills are out from where it starts.

This mattress protector covers five sides, all sides, and the top. It does not have a spring-encased mattress with a zipper to take the mattress inside 360-degree.

But, it got all the protection a spring-encased mattress protector can offer without the discomfort they bring along.

It comes in various sizes, you can buy it in twin to split king, queen, and many others including different colors.

Here with the top bedding manufacturer brand, you got all the liberty of comfort, color, size, and fitting.

It is a stretchy fabric constructed as a mattress cover so that you could feel all the comfort, cushioning, and plushness of your expensive mattress.

No crinkle comes along, like the way cheap mattress covers produce when sleepers change position.

With the top premium-designed mattress cover you and your family sleep in heavenly peace.

Well, with the world’s top bedding brand, the expensive price comes wrapped with the package.

So it is expensive compared to others and costs you a big money for a mattress protector.


  • Shares dual-layer design
  • Inner waterproof layer, outer water-absorbent layer
  • Stretchy fabric construction
  • No crinkle noise like plastic
  • 10-years warranty


  • Very expensive

Mattress Protector Buying Guide

Before you move out and buy any protector you see, it is important that you clearly know what you would be using the protector for?

Like protectors come in various types, sizes, and shapes. For instance, for camping and outdoor use. Or indoor use. The features in a protector would altogether be different.

That’s why we recommend you to read this guide before you pick any mattress topper.


There are different types of matters protector out there. But usually, the protectors are divided into three main categories.

1. Encased

This type of mattress protector covers the mattress from top to bottom. These protectors, encase the mattress using a zipper.

They are easy to use and machine washable too, if you find stains or spills over them, simply take them out and machine wash them.

2. Fitted

This mattress type fits your mattress on top of it in the same way a sheet would. These protectors also come with or without pockets.

3. Straps

If you move a lot on sleeping and toss around. They come with straps on the top that wrap around the corners of the mattress protectors, these anchors protect the mattress.


If you are using a mattress protector just to protect it from dirt, dander, and grime build-up. Just a cotton cover would be more than good.

But, the cotton cover would not be able to act as a barrier if you spill some coffee or water. In homes with toddlers, you can expect anything.

I highly recommend buying a mattress protector with waterproof features. Yes, the mattress cover comes with waterproof fabric to protect it from spills and moisture.

The fabric will wick away moisture and stop spills and leaks from penetrating the mattress.

Hypoallergenic features

If you got sensitive skin or a sensitive nose, you may get allergies from moisturized and full of dander bed.

For that, you need to buy a protector that fully encases your mattress with anti-allergens and moistures.


Here size matters. Yes, you can’t buy a queen-size mattress protector for a King size mattress.

So, keep in mind the right side of your mattress, along with the depth, if you want some extra protection for your mattress.

Temperature Controls and Cooling Properties

If you live in hot climate regions, buy a mattress protector that has good temperature control or temperature regulation.

With good temperature regulation, you would not get night sweats. This is very important in the case of those who sleep naturally hot.

Also Read: Best Cooling Mattress Topper

Comfort level

If you want a mattress protector that also protects your mattress as well as provides comfort, go with a mattress that has a quilted top cover.

Not only the quilted cover top but should the mattress protector also be made of comfort-enhancing material or fabrics such as cotton or polyester.

Price range

For buying a protector, you should always not spend extra. The price range of a mattress protector is hugely dependent on the features it comes with. The more features a protector comes with, expensive its price would be.

Wrap Up

With a mattress protector placed on your mattress or mattress encased in a protector, it surely enhances the lifespan of a mattress.

It also improves the quality of your sleep and prevents bedbugs reach you and your family.

With a protector, you will have no stains, dust, mites, allergens, pollens, and many other problems.

In this long guide, we tried to help you with the most selling and top-rated mattress protectors.

We also listed out the overall best to help you shop instantly if you are in haste.

And our favorite section, buying guide helps you learn what makes a mattress protector stands.


How long do mattress protectors last?

If you take good care of your mattress protector, it should easily last for around two to three years.

Even if you see the mattress protector is in good condition, you should not use it after three years. The common symptoms of replacement are odors, worn-out spots, and others.

What’s the difference between a mattress protector and a mattress topper?

Mattress protectors are usually thin and used to protect your mattress from spills and stains. It keeps your expensive mattress from allergens, stains, bed bugs, dust, etc.

On the other hand, mattress toppers are designed and used to increase the thickness, to add plushness or firmness to your mattress.

Mattress toppers are usually thick and expensive and come in one or more than one layers placed on the top of the mattress.

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