7 Best Hedge Trimmers Consumer Reports & Reviews 2023

If you are searching for the best hedge trimmers according to consumer reports in 2023 then this post is for you.

Outgrown bushes and plants ruining the look and tidiness of your lawn or garden hedges?

And you are worried about how to restore the look that had added an aesthetic appeal to your home.

Hedge trimmers are there to help.

Without taking any professional expertise onboard, hedge trimmers can help you easily take down the outgrown bushes.

Well, if you don’t like putting your hands into trimming you may hire someone, I am not against hiring.

But, doing it yourself not only saves your money but provides you a sense of satisfaction and responsibility

But, how do you decide on the right hedge trimmer?

Gas-powered ones are more powerful but they are noisy and not good for the environment.

Electric-powered ones are safe for the environment, and affordable too but they limit your efficiency.

Battery-powered trimmers are compact, and render freedom but do not last long.

Well, the battle goes on and on.

To help you pick the right option, we are going to review the best hedge trimmers that we tested and researched.

The models are have added here are after hours-long testing, we took help from consumer reports too, to make you know more about these models.

Without further dragging, let’s dive into the detailed reviews.

Best overall: Greenworks Electric Hedge Trimmer

Greenworks designed electric hedge trimmer makes the best overall product for its compact build without limiting the power and efficiency factor.

It goes through thick bushes easily, comes in handy at an affordable price, and above all got all safety features to prevent accidents.

7 Best Hedge Trimmers Consumer Reports

I have compiled a list of the 7 best hedge trimmers based on consumer reports 2023.

1. Greenworks Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 7 amp a hedge trimmer
  • 18-inches dual-action blades
  • 3/8 inches cutting capacity
  • Power cord lock

Electrical and electronics products getting smaller and compact with the passing of every day. And the power tools market too got no exception.

I had never imagined using such as powerful and compact hedge trimmer. And I am pleased with how powerful Greenworks designed corded electric Hedge trimmer is in performance.

Yes, it is a 2.7 amp hedge trimmer good for bushes and hedges trimming, not for thick branches. For the tasks it is designed for; hedge trimming, it seamlessly does without no issue at all.

With its 18-inches dual-action blades that move onto one another to cut the bushes and branches, make your cutting and hedging tasks are way easier than you imagine.

One more thing, the movement of the blades too is noiseless. Yes, it is supported with dual-action that reduces the vibration to help you make clean, precise, and even cuts.

This hedge trimmer integrates a power lock. The power lock prevents unplugging during your operation.

It is a corded trimmer, and when you move ahead in cutting, without the cord lock, the power can be unplugged, restricting your movement.

I find the blade’s cutting capacity pretty satisfactory for a DIYer. It is a 3/8 inches cutting capacity, perfect for bushes and shrubs, so no issue in the cutting capacity of the blade too.

In total, if you look at this model, I can say it easily qualifies as an outstanding option for the average DIYer to take care of the lawn or garden.

Although it is not as powerful as gas-powered models are, and neither share cordless operation, in its niche, the model stands out.


  • Affordable model
  • Extremely compact and lightweight model
  • Dual-action blades reduce the vibration
  • Power cord lock


  • The 2.7 amp engine is not powerful

2. WORX Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • Dual-action blade
  • 22’’ inches blade length
  • 20 Volt lithium-ion battery
  • Cordless Model

Are you a lazy homeowner like me who doesn’t like spending time in yard work? Well we all love to spend our time on the lawn or garden, and we all like manicured lawns, but when it comes to the hard work, we all don’t like doing it. If that’s the case for you too, go with the WORX-designed Cordless hedge trimmer.

This trimmer turns your boring yard work into fun and helps you do way much more than you can imagine in the shortest time.

It is a cordless designed, battery-operated hedge trimmer. It comes with a 20-Volt lithium-ion battery that can easily last for around 45 minutes in one charging.

That means, it can only be used for small lawns or gardens, for big-sized gardens or lawns, maybe you will have to charge it multiple times or have a charged battery in spare.

It comes with a 22-inches of blade length. That means you get pretty the right size for cutting for flat tops and long even the sides.

With this right-sized blade, you can easily handle the thickest of the shrubs and outgrown branches.

In my testing, I especially liked its ergonomic handle. I think that’s the top-selling aspect of the model too.

The handle let me lift the hedge trimmer to cut the top of tall hedges without any issue. Plus, the ergonomic handle makes it a breeze to carry it for longer hours.

A ¾’’ blade gap helps you easily get around the outgrown branches and shrubs without making loud noises like the gas-powered models.

Plus, the dual-action blade renders the precise cuts, the blades cut once and catches those branches once again to make sure precise and clean cuts.


  • Budget-Friendly Model
  • Compact, lightweight, and cordless option
  • Comes with a protective guard as a safety feature
  • Worx Power Share battery can be used with this model


  • Only 45-Minutes of run time

3. CRAFTSMAN Electric Hedge Trimmer

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 22-inches Blade length
  • 75 inches cutting capacity
  • 3-pounds weight
  • Dual-action blade

If you have a big lawn but gas-powered hedge trimmers don’t take your attention because of their impact on the environment probably a corded hedge trimmer is the right option to go with.

CRAFTSMAN-designed electric hedge trimmer provides you unlimited runtime without making your hands ache or hurt after hours long trimming and cutting job.

This modern designed compact and lightweight hedge trimmer cuts through standard sizes of the branches, up to 0.75 inches.

It comes with a powerful 4 amp motor and shares a 22-inches dual-action blade that provides you enough cutting power for regular trimming work.

Well, the stand-out aspect of this trimmer other than its being a corded variant is its weight. Yes, believe me, it is only 3-pounds, it is super lightweight and hours long cutting work would not make your hand ached.

The trimmer is backed by a 3-year long warranty. In other words, for at least 3-years, if your blades got dull sooner, you can contact the manufacturers and make them maintain them.

Or if the trimmer stops functioning for any reason you still got protected, send it back and get full money refunded.


  • Pretty awesome cutting capacity of 0.75 inches
  • Dual-action blades provide precise and clean cuts
  • Only 3-pounds weight
  • Three years limited warranty


  • Louder

4. BLACK+DECKER Hedge Trimmer

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 40 percent lesser noise
  • 24-inches precision ground dual-blade action
  • Cutting up to ¾ inches thick
  • built-in cord retainer

If you are looking for a modern designed hedge trimmer that helps you slice through wide and tall hedges without putting your safety at risk go with BLACK + Decker designed hedge trimmer.

How does it help in trimming through wide and long hedges? It comes with a 24-inches precision ground dual-blade action.

It is a hardened steel blade that has the capacity of cutting up to ¾ inches thick compared to a single-action blade.

It is not just the cutting capacity that makes it one of the most viable options, it is the noise level too.

Compare to the single-action blade which is very loud, this dual-action blade cuts double the capacity with around 40 percent lesser noise.

The most highlighted aspect of this hedge trimmer is its rear handle which rotates 180-degree.

This rotation makes the blade have a nice grip cutting horizontally as well as vertically. You can without moving your body can move the handle and take the cutting action in any direction.

I find the motor very powerful too. Yes, it is a modern features integrated trimmer that renders the right amount of power to easily tackle the amount of workload thrown at it.

It also integrates a built-in cord retainer that keeps the extension in place. Like, the cord retainer prevents accidental falling of the power cord as you move.

It got an amazing range of safety features too. I particularly like its lock-off switch feature that prevents accidental starts.

You will have to turn off the switch before starting it, and it can only happen when you want to start it.

Don’t forget that this trimmer comes from one of the top leading names in power tools manufacturing.

It comes with a 2-year long warranty too, which means, if anything goes wrong, you can send the product back and get your money refunded.

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  • The powerful motor helps manages complex tasks
  • Handle rotates 180-degree
  • Lock-off/Lock-on switches
  • 24-inches long blade


  • Cord retention design sucks

5. Sun Joe Electric Hedge Trimmer

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 22-inches hardened steel blade
  • 5-Pound weight
  • Push-button start
  • Accidental start preventing switch

You can’t ignore one of the finest products and power tools manufacturing brands Sun Joe when making a list of the best hedge trimmer. Just look at this power-packed designed hedge trimmer and try to ignore the model.

Besides offering simple-to-use functions, and power-packed performance, this model is compact and can easily be carried for hours-long trimming and cutting work.

It comes with a 3.5 amp motor that without making any noise helps you carry out the best jobs. The motor might not be as powerful as many others but for small to average-sized lawns, it is more than enough.

It is an electric power-sourced hedge trimmer that comes with a hardened steel 22-inches blade. The blade shares a rust-resistant feature and comes with 0.63 inches of cutting capacity to help you easily take down cutting tasks.

I liked the swiftness and quickness of the hedge trimmer’s starting with a push of a button. Yes, just a push of a button and there it goes to tackle the complex tasks of tidying bushes and shrubs.

Consumers like me particularly praise the full wrap-around handle. The handle provides you full grip and makes you easily assist it with the tasks at hand.

It is a soft padded grip handle, making carrying a 5-pounds weight trimmer seamless and error-free.

It starts with a push of a button, but its dual-handed safety feature prevents its accidental start.

Yes, in case one of your kid tweaking around this power tool push the button, it would not start unless you turn off the safety feature.


  • Quiet motor performance
  • Electric powered source provides unlimited runtime
  • 5-Pounds of weight
  • Full wrap-around hand handle


  • Short cord

6. EGO Power Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • Electronic brakes
  • 24-inches hardened steel blade
  • 56V ARC lithium-ion battery

Do you like the power rendered by a gas-powered hedge trimmer but don’t like using one? What’s the alternative?

Let me introduce you to EGO designed cordless Power tool that comes with one of the powerful 56 Volt ARC lithium-ion batteries that help you get things handled on a complex scale with at least 1.5 hours of runtime.

Most interestingly, if the battery gets to an end, it is not the end of the world. You can still use the power tool, if you have any EGO power tool in your home, get the battery out and insert it in the hedge trimmer to get going.

I think its battery is one of the biggest and most dominant highlights that easily makes this model takes over other cordless models.

If you look at its performance, it would not disappoint you there too. Such as it comes with a 24-inches long dual-action, hardened steel blade that not only makes cleaner, and more precise cuts but helps you enjoy your work too. It is a rust-resistant blade that would not rust in any weather condition.

With ¾ inches cutting capacity, I find this hedge trimmer pretty awesome for an average lawn cutting and hedging tasks. Don’t overlook its electronic brakes.

The brakes stop the blade action and make your hedge trimmer stops functioning right away in case of an emergency or accident.


  • Dual-action hardened steel blade
  • Rust-resistant blade
  • The electronic brake stops the blade action right away
  • Powerful 56-Volt battery


  • Pricey

7. Poulan Pro Gas Powered Dual Sided Hedge Trimmer

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 22-inches hardened steel blade
  • Ergonomic rotating handle
  • 23cc 2 cycle engine
  • Vibration damping technology

Believe it or not, sometimes you just can’t get it done without having a gas-powered hedge trimmer. Yes, high-end and complex cutting and trimming work can’t be done without having a powerful gas trimmer likes Poulan Pro.

It comes with a 23 cc 2-cycle engine that using its 22-inches dual-action blade helps you take over complex cutting and trimming tasks.

Its blade cutting capacity is pretty wide, up to 1-inches it can cut into the shrubs, helping you to accomplish your tasks faster and quicker.

What is the drawback of using a gas-powered engine? It starts, other than its environmental damages.

If the start could be fixed, would you prefer to buy a gas engine? I think most of us, don’t like complex starting, but not with this model. It integrates a quicker and easier start to help you perfect rolls on your heavy-duty work.

When we compared this gas-powered model with the others, we witnessed how comforting the handle got.

Yes, the comfortable grip handle with 180-degree rotation and anti-vibration technology makes it seamless to use for long hours.

It got a bigger-sized fuel tank which means, you would not have to stop your cutting tasks or refill the fuel. It is enough big to help you easily accomplish tasks hand in one go.

So, if you have complex and thick bushing and cutting tasks in your hands, and an electric-powered or battery-powered hedge trimmer does not fit your needs, go with this model. I am sure you would love the power it offers for your cutting tasks.


  • 23CC 2 cycle engine
  • 22-Inches dual-action blade
  • 1-Inches thick cutting capacity
  • 180-degree rotating handle


  • 11-pounds weight

Hedge Trimmer Buying Guide

In case you don’t like any of the products we listed here. How would you decide to buy a hedge trimmer for yourself?

This guide is going to help, in this tiny section, we are going to list down some of the top features you should look into in a hedge trimmer.

Keep in mind, that a hedge trimmer for someone who lives in a wooden area among tall trees and lush shrubs can’t be equal to someone that has a 10-square patch of grass and lonely hedges.

So, everyone has different needs, and you should buy a hedge trimmer that suits your requirements.

The right type of hedge trimmer:

1. Battery Powered Hedge Trimmer

In my experience, I can clearly say that battery-powered hedge trimmers are the best ones if you have a small garden or lawn.

Battery-operated ones are easy to carry around you can take them anywhere, with no need for gas or power cord connected around.

The only drawback of having a battery-powered one is once the battery is dead, they are not functional until you juice up the charging.

2. Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers

Gas-powered hedge trimmers are the most powerful trimmers. They are mostly a good grab for those with lawns and gardens spread across acres.

The only downside of the hedge trimmer is they are very noisy, bulky, and not environmentally friendly.

3. Electric Powered Hedge Trimmer

Electric-powered hedge trimmers are an efficient and affordable type of hedge trimmers. They are an affordable and right fusion of power and price.

Electric-powered ones are emission-free, the only issue with them is the electric cord. You can’t use the cord in the rainy weather, and they also limit your mobility too

Comfort and ease of use

Traditional power trimmers are heavy and can’t be lifted for hour’s long shears.

If you don’t want to experience the pain or stress you should remove the gas-powered trimmers from the list. As long as the comfort and compactness are concerned, go with battery-operated or electric hedge trimmers.

They are lighter compared to manual trimmers as well as their gas-powered counterparts.

In our best hedge trimmers list, as you can see the lightest one is 2.5 pounds in weight, corded ones vary in weight range up to 10-pounds, and gas-powered ones are around 15-pounds in the weight range.


Vibration too is another consideration you should pay special attention to. Vibration adds to the fatigue and lowers the comfort level.

The general rule of thumb is, that the lower the vibration the better.

What I suggest to the users is, that if you could find a cordless hedge trimmer that has low-weight and low vibration, go get it right now.

Knife Length

The length of the knife decides the time it takes to shape up your hedges.

Longer and larger knives help you bend over as far as you can on the base of the hedges. If you have thicker hedges around your garden or lawn, go for a 24-inches base knife length.

Some models may have longer up to 30-inches of cutting length to help you cut through thicker knives.

Blade type

Hedge trimmers come with blades on both sides. But some come with a blade on one side only. One-sided blade hedge trimmers are considered ideal for right-handed people.

If you are left-handed and interested in buying a single-sided blade-type hedge trimmer, first get your hands on one of them, and then buy.

Don’t intermix double-sided or single-sided blades with the dual-action. A dual-action trimmer means both the blades move on each other. On a single-action trimmers’ one blade comes fixed whereas the other blade moves


Well for small lawn or garden owners I don’t think it will be required to maintain or sharpen the teeth of the hedge trimmer for several years.

But, if you are a pro, do hedge trimming professionally, or got a big lawn, you might have to sharpen your teeth every year.

Well, you can do that by yourself, watching a tutorial on YouTube or learning it from an experienced person.

Or let it be handled by a pro, and let a professional do it.

The point of discussion here is, to buy a hedge trimmer that requires less maintenance.

Wrap Up

Hedge trimmers are must-have tools if you have a hedge boundary around your lawn or garden. Without a powerful and efficient hedge trimmer, you can’t enjoy a manicured lawn or garden.

It is as important as a lawn mower and helps you accomplish your hedge trimming tasks cleanly and efficiently in lesser time.

In this long guide, we tried to help you with the best hedge trimmers. We included battery-operated, electric power sourced, as well as a gas-powered hedge trimmer.

To offer you more variety, and make you pick the right option that falls right on your needs.


What is the difference between a hedge trimmer and a hedge cutter?

The biggest difference between a hedge trimmer and a cutter is, that a hedge trimmer is a bit more delicate and helps you precisely cut through the outgrown shrubs compared to a cutter.

The hedge trimmers are designed for delicate less complex tasks. On the other hand, the cutters are designed to handle heavy cutting takes and are mostly used at a pro-level.

Which is better, a corded or cordless hedge trimmer?

It mostly depends on your requirements and needs. If you need to roam around freely cutting through the outgrown shrubs, maybe you need a cordless hedge trimmer. On the other hand, if you have to handle lots of cutting and maintenance, maybe a cordless version is better.

Because with corded one, you get a constant power source that helps you cater the amount of workload on you. But, you will have less mobility, and the hedge trimmer will constantly be tethered to a power source.

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