7 Best Driveway Sealers Consumer Reports & Reviews 2023

If you are searching for the best driveway sealers according to consumer reports in 2023 then this post is for you.

You have installed a new driveway. It surely enhances your home’s curb appeal and makes an impact on your guests about your outdoor décor.

But what happens is, within a few months you start noticing potholes, and oil stains spread over once clean and smooth surface driveway.

And now things can go the other way around, the cracks or oil stains may exploit our exterior appearance.

This would not have happened if you had treated it with Driveway sealers.

The driveway sealers not only add a sleekness, and smoothness to your outdoor exterior but prevents your vehicles from damage caused by the cracks due to exposure to chemicals, UV Rays, and weather elements.

To help you pick the best driveway sealers, we tested dozens of different brands’ produced sealers. The mentioned ones are those we picked as the standout options.

These hand-picked options are added after personal testing and consumer reports, and our experience with these sealers can be different from others, or what others say. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Overall Best: SX5000 Driveway Sealer

SX5000 is our best driveway sealer that preserves the original look of your driveway, penetrates deeper into the product, and prevent it from water or other damages.

It forms a barrier below the surface and prevents forming a viewable top surface like a film surface, to make the surface look original.

7 Best Driveway Sealers Consumer Reports

I have compiled a list of the 7 best driveway sealers based on consumer reports 2023.

1. SX5000TM Clear Solvent-Based Silane-Siloxane Concrete sealer

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Features at a glance
  • Reduce damage caused by water absorption
  • Easily lasts up to 7-10 years
  • Would not change the look or color
  • Reduce water absorption by up to 95%

Don’t you like to preserve the real look of your driveway that had once elevated the elegance of your outdoor home?

Most of the sealers, in my experience, ruin that original look, except SX500M solvent-based concert sealer.

This sealer is a high solid penetrating Silane Siloxane concrete sealer that penetrates deep into the substrate and forms hydrophobic barriers within the pores to reduce the surface water.

This chemical formation of a hydrophobic barrier prevents UV Rays, water, and other weather elements from reaching the depth of your original driveway material.

The standout aspect of this sealer is it comes with more than 5% of the active materials. The barrier it forms is entirely below the surface which prevents it from making a viewable surface that preserves the original look of the driveway.

Its coverage score is also beyond the reach of other sealers. For a porous surface it can easily cover up to 175FT/gallon in one coating, on the other hand, it is a smooth surface that easily reaches up to 200-225/FT2 Gallon in one coating.

With SX5000 you will experience the results or benefits made visible through its performance. The coated surface dries faster and is easier to clean, you will experience fewer damages caused by elements, oil splashes, and many other stains.

It shows great resistance against effloresce and lasts longer than others. It does not flake, yellow, or peel with time, so with just one coating, you can enjoy years-long safety and protection against many other elements and effloresce.


  • Provides superior protection against effloresce
  • Lasts years-long easily be cleaned
  • Does not flake or yellow
  • Instant drying formula


  • Let it dry or in some cases, it may stain after application

2. Armor AR350 Solvent Based Concrete Sealer

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Features at a glance
  • Provides glossy wet-like surface
  • Lasts for 3-years
  • Self-priming is easy to recoat
  • Offers resistance against water, stains, and chemicals

If you are not on a budget and looking for one of the premium-designed Solvent based concrete sealers, Armor-designed AR350 is the right option to get hands-on.

This solvent-based sealer not only provides years-long protection against elements but provides a glossy look to our outdoor décor.

It is a breathable sealer, with Low VOC, you can apply it with a roller or sprayer. Its UV-resistant properties are the exception, Non-yellowing solvent-based acrylic sealer leaves a glossy wet finish surface that provides protection.

The best and one of the highlighted aspects is that it is made of non-recycled resin in the USA. If you like locally manufacturing products, that’s your option, grab it.

This solvent-based sealer mixes primer in it making its application easier and smoother. With protection against water, chemicals, salt damage spitting and stains, it makes the finest option if you receive lots of guests on regular basis.

With one application, you can enjoy the safety for up to 3-years in a row. Within this timeframe, you will not get any deterioration, abrasion, and cracking on your surface.

After three years, you can reapply without removing the first application, you can reapply as many times as you like.


  • The USA made from non-recycled resin
  • Renders glossy wet-like surface
  • Non-yellowing solvent
  • Easy to apply due to mixing with primer


  • Within 2-3 years you will have to reapply for it

3. RAIN GUARD PRO-CR-0356 Micro-Seal

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Features at a glance
  • 10-years lasting
  • Micro-sealing technology absorbs deeper
  • Protection against UV-rays, elements
  • No-gloss surface

If you don’t want others to notice that you have sealed your driveways, and make them look fresh and original just like they were when installed, get your hands on RAIN GUARD PRO CR-0356 Micro seal.

This asphalt sealing protects your asphalt driveway like a pro and lasts years long unlike our above-reviewed ARMOR-designed sealer.

Its protection of the driveway against weather elements and water is better than many other sealers. It’s because of its micro-sealing technology.

Yes, it is the standout aspect of this sealer, it absorbs 100 percent deeper in the driveway to provide you the overall best coverage and protection.

The second most amazing and appreciating aspect is it lasts for 10 years.s once applied, rest assured that no water or other elements can wreak havoc on your driveway.

It penetrates deeper into layers and coats a Hydrophobic coating that prevents water and other substances from getting into it.

One more thing I noticed in my testing, and many consumers too mentioned it, the sealer maintains a clearer surface or coating after application.

It is not a glossy surface, it looks more like a new driveway has been installed, and it preserves the new look of the driveway.

As per manufacturers, the sealer protects against UV Rays, water, oil, anti-freeze, pitting, cracks, and many other such elements.

So, in total if you have an asphalt driveway, and looking for life-long protection against the elements, oil stains, and other stains, don’t overlook this sealer.


  • Would not turn yellow after application
  • Provides clearer surface, no-gloss
  • Absorbs 100 percent in the material with deep-seal technology
  • Lasts for at least 10 years


  • As per some consumers, it catches moisture

4. E-Z Stir Driveway Asphalt Sealer

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Features at a glance
  • Silica compound mixed
  • Covers 800-900 sq. feet area
  • Repair the damages
  • Lasts for 5-6 years

If you have a super porous driveway and it has been years since you applied any sealer, you need something strong that could take care of the porous and spots like a champ, something like E-Z Stir Driveway Asphalt sealer.

In one gallon it can easily cover around 800-959 square feet area and within a few hours of application, you will be able to walk on it.

Many consumers mentioned how they repaired their driveways, and in the name too they mentioned it as a filler cum sealer.

It can also be used as a filler, to easily repair the cracks, or porous surfaces to make them look fresh and new.

It is easier to apply a sealer. The only issue we faced with it is, that the bucket is almost impossible to open. And stirring too takes time, it took 20-minutes to stir it and make it ready for the application.

The chemical formula of this sealer includes Silica which means you are going to enjoy the durability you have long been seeking for.

With one application, as per the manufacturer’s claims, it should easily last for 5-6 years easily.

So, in total, if you want a filler cum sealer that lasts long and prevents your driveway from weather elements as well as stains, and also fills the cracks up to 0.5 inches, this is the sealer you can rely on.

It transitions your old driveway into new and elevates your outdoor home décor.

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  • Within a few hours of applying you can walk on it
  • Silicon integration makes it render longer durability
  • Acts as a filler too can repair damages and cracks
  • Easy to apply


  • The Lid is almost impossible to open

5. Driveway Elastomeric Emulsion Crack Filler

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Features at a glance
  • Fills large cracks easily
  • Rubber Polymer includes withstands temperature
  • Highly adhesive
  • Jug with a spout

If your driveway is filled with cracks and holes and you have already tested many sealers and fillers, but nothing worked for you, give Driveway Elastomeric Crack filler a shot. I am certain, if you use it once, you will be as surprised with the performance as I am.

It is a filler-cum-sealer, great to fill the cracks and holes and making them like new. It is a water-based crack filler, that comes packed in a jug-like shaped jar that has a spout that makes it easier to pour it on the cracks.

Don’t pour it directly on the cracks to get the best results, use a cup and a brush, pour into the cup, and use the brush for application.

This filler-cum-sealer is great for asphalt driveways, pavements, and other ground surfaces.

This filler is made of elastomer-modified asphalt base emulsion that shares rubber polymer to make it resist higher temperature ranges and extreme weather elements.

This water-based solvent is highly adhesive. In minutes it can make a tight and flexible seal that can prevent damage to your driveways.

The way I used it might be different than what you like. I used it as a filler, before applying my sealer. It easily fills all the cracks and makes the sealer lets the job done without any big issue or trouble.


  • Easily fills big cracks and holes
  • Withstands high temperature and extreme weather
  • Water-based solvents easy to apply
  • Comes with a jug with a spout for easier pouring


  • Some consumers mentioned that the product turns brown after drying

6. Gardner-Gibson 7545-GA Drive 5

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Features at a glance
  • For asphalt and blacktop driveway
  • Covers up to 500 square feet of area
  • Environmental friendly
  • Fills the cracks and holes

If you have lots of small holes, cracks, and stains on your driveways, and looking for a filler-cum-sealer, Gardner-designed Gibson Drive5 is the best option to get hands-on.

This filler-cum-sealer is suitable for blacktop driveways as well as asphalt and can easily fill the cracks or holes in the driveway.

Its lid is easy to open, unlike the above-reviewed sealer. It takes less time in mixing, you barely have to stir it as it comes pre-mixed, just take the brush or sprayer, and start coating your blacktop driveway to give it a new finish.

One more thing I especially liked about this is its drying time. On hot days, it barely takes a few hours, in cold though, manufacturers recommend giving it at least 48-days before walking or using it.

If you got a smoother driveway with fewer cracks, one bucket of 5 gallons can be spread up to 500 square feet, but if it has cracked and small holes throughout, one bucket might not cover up to 300 square feet.

If you buy this sealer, the manufacturers give a primer for free. Yes, you would not have to buy premier separately, it will come included in the package.

The only issue I faced during the coating it is very difficult to spread, it takes time and lots of energy to spread it across the mentioned areas.

Yes, it fills the cracks or holes as per described and gives it a new look all fresh.


  • Easily covers up to 500 square feet of area in one bucket
  • Hands down option for cracked and holes
  • Environmental friendly material used
  • Dries in hours in hot summers


  • Horrible in spreading

7. Liquid Rubber Color Waterproof Sealant

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Features at a glance
  • Water-based sealer cum filler
  • Fills cracks and holes
  • Easy to apply
  • One bucket covers 15 square feet area

Liquid Rubber has been in the outdoor products, sealant, sealers, and paint manufacturing world. This water-based sealer-cum-sealant acts as a filler to help you fix the cracks and holes in your driveway easily.

To get the desired results and applications, you will have to apply them multiple times, at least 3-4 applications will bring desirable results.

It is highly flexible, prevents your product from corrosion, and water-leaking, and with belonging you would not have to worry about the minor movement of the pathways to destroy your hard work.

It kind of bulletproofs your work against the water, and other elements and safeguards your product from outer elements.

The thing I liked about this is its easier application. One bucket of 5 gallons can easily cover up to 15 square feet area, so open the lid take your brush, and start applying it and fixing your driveways.

It is a water-based solution that at least requires 2-3 applications to make a thick coating that prevents harsh UV-Rays and other elements.

There are a few downsides you should keep in mind. Like, it requires multiple applications to bring desirable results.

Plus, as per manufacturers, you should avoid applying it in intense sun and hot weather, morning or evening time is the best to get fruitful results.

As long as the performance is concerned, this sealer is the right option. It provides a bulletproof coating, no element can reach up to your product. Yes, but it is expensive and can cost you more than any of the products listed here.


  • Easily helps in fixing cracks and holes
  • Prevents UV Rays and extreme temperatures reach your product
  • Easy to apply
  • Makes a thin film to prevent leaking


  • Requires multiple applications

Driveway Sealer Buying Guide

In case you don’t like any of the products listed, you can still get the best grab by keeping the below-mentioned points in your mind.

Types of Driveway Sealers

1. Mold inhibitor

Mold and mildew can be the biggest issue when it comes to driveway sealers. The risk goes double fold if you live in an area that experiences a high volume of rain.

With a Mold inhibitor, you would not experience mold and mildew growing around your driveway. They protect the development and prevent your expensive driveway to be as clean as you want it to be. But, already grown-up mildew or mold can’t be removed with the Mold inhibitor sealing.

2. Asphalt-Based Sealers

These sealers are made for asphalt-based driveways. They are made of the elements with which the driveway is built; asphalt cement. These are good for asphalt driveways, and for DIYers. As the sealers can easily blend with the asphalt driveways and provide a seamless appearance and finish.

3. Tar Coal Sealers

These sealers can’t be applied by DIYers, but professionals and experts due to toxic volatile compounds mixing in them. This type of sealer requires an industrial-level heating element before applying it on the driveway and roads.

3. Fill and seal

You must have seen your parents filling the cracks and holes of your driveway using a substance. That fills and seal sealers are used to repair the damage of the cracks and holes. These are made of sand, and like other ingredients, small particles slip into the cracks and holes to fill it up easily, while the sealant works to create a smooth finish.

4. Acrylic Sealers

If you like to give your driveway a fun color enhancement, maybe Acrylic sealers are the right option to get hands-on. These sealers come in a large variety of options and provide a smooth aesthetically appealing finish. These sealers are used to withstand weather elements like extreme temperature, cold temperature range, and UV Rays.

5. Epoxy Sealers

If you have decoration ideas in your mind and want something to be applied on your driveways that stands out in the crowd, probably Epoxy sealers can help. These sealers unlike others don’t penetrate deeper into the product but make a tiny film or protective shield on the driveway.

The epoxy sealers don’t let water or other elements reach the product, and make a thin slippery own surface on the product. Epoxy type of sealers are expensive and often come in hands at a higher price point.


Safety should be the utmost priority. Because sometimes when you apply the sealer, they form a slippery texture when dry out which can be dangerous for your cars, and even walking. So, the sealers you buy must be slip-resistant, and safety should be guaranteed.

To be double sure about the safety, you can check a tiny portion to be sealed using the solvent, and check if it feels slippery.


If the sealer is not as effective as it should be, it would not last for more than a few months or maybe one year. So, check the online reviews of the sealer, read through consumers’ comments, and check the chemical composition to learn how long the sealer can protect your driveway.

Keep in mind, that the weather condition, how often you use your driveway, and the quality of the sealer all join hands and bring forth effectiveness.

Look And Feel

Things should look good and beautiful. The sealer you are applying should elevate your outdoor beauty and make your outdoor home décor stands ousts.

Not all sealers can make your driveway slippery, there are different types of them like gloss, semi-gloss, no-gloss, matte, satin, and others.

Drying Time

Drying time plays an important role in your buying decision. Because, if the sealer takes several days in drying out, you would not able to use the driveway. And in case someone drives on a wet sealed driveway, it all will be ruined.

So, the best would be to buy a sealer that dries off fast. Like, in some cases, the sealers can dry out within a few hours, like 2-3 hours.

Wrap up

In this long post, we tried to help you pick the right driveway sealer. The option we have listed here are top-rated and most-followed options that not only protect your driveway from the elements but adds an aesthetic appeal.

Well, not all driveway sealers are for all. It totally depends on your requirement, needs, weather condition, and how often you use your driveway. So, keeping all these points in mind, take a buying decision.


How long should I wait before I can drive on a sealed driveway?

This depends on the type of sealer used and varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. In some cases, the sealer can cure within a few hours, and in some cases, it may take more than 48 hours. Generally, it can take around 12-20 hours to fully cure the sealer.

Using the driveway before it is cured completely can complexly damage the sealing and make it ineffective. To make your driveway safe, clean, and smooth, it is always recommended to use it after the sealing is completely cured.

How frequently should you seal your driveway?

This depends on the type of your driveway and material used in the making and its exposure to sun and UV Rays. It is also depended on your use, if the driveway is used frequently, you will sooner need to seal it.

On average, a quality driveway can go smooth without cracking and peeling for around 2-3 years. Keep in mind, over-sealing too can lead to cracks and peeling.

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