9 Best Cordless Leaf Blower Consumer Reports & Reviews 2023

People, who prefer to clean up all the mess of leaves and debris in an eco-friendly way, rely heavily on battery-powered devices, aka cordless leaf blowers.

Their quiet operation doesn’t disturb your neighbors, while affordable pricing lets you stay within your budget limit.

They help quick autumn leaves clean-up services and depict great versatility by turning into driveway sweepers for snow cleaners. Some models bring a vacuum, while others are designed to clean gutters and spray trees.

Gathering big misses in your garden and yard quickly and efficiently is only made possible by cordless leaf blowers.

Instead of their gas counterparts that take a lot of energy to lift and move the wet leaves, these little one devices can handle the same volume without causing any pain in your arms and shoulders.

No more emission, no more fumes; battery-powered devices are made based on go-green methods. What do you need more?

9 Best Cordless Leaf Blower Review

It’s time to start exploring the details of the best cordless leaf blowers available in the market.

1. Greenworks 80V Cordless Backpack Leaf Blower

Editor’s Pick
  • Lightweight
  • axial fan and thought-out technology
  • Adjustable harness
  • Powerful Battery

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Clearing a large volume of dust and leaves from a big yard is made possible through this Greenworks Leaf Blower. Its backpack design lets you wipe away more debris in less time. The brushless motor increases the blower’s performance level with which you can blow debris in a breeze.

You can enjoy a 4-year warranty on the blower while the manufacturer also offers a 2-year warranty on its 2.5Ah battery. Whether you need to deal with wet or dry leaves, this blower’s airspeed can handle both cleaning tasks efficiently.

Wearing this backpack on your back is super convenient through its comfortable harness. You can run this blower at variable speed, adjust speed as per task requirement. Its cruise control mechanism will boost the overall functioning.

This battery-powered backpack blower has a low weight design for easy handling, whereas its axial fan and thought-out technology make significant yard cleaning operations super simple.


  • Easy to Use
  • Variable speed
  • Cruise Control
  • Battery and Charger Included


  • Large battery installation is a challenge

2. Makita Blower Kit with 4 Batteries

Best Value
  • Easy to Carry Shoulder Strap
  • 28-minute runtime
  • Super efficient brushless motor
  • Built-in fan

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People spend money on a cordless leaf blower as it offers zero emissions. Makita’s battery-powered blower relies on 2×18 V LXT Lithium-ion 5.0Ah batteries.

Once you fully charge them in forty-five minutes, they allow you to enjoy a runtime of 28 minutes at Delivers up to 28 15, 800 RPM. This speed is good enough to wipe away a medium-size lawn.

Thankfully, this blower offers low maintenance. All you need to do is clean it after use and store it at a place where it doesn’t get dusty. Working with this battery blower is super easy as you won’t have to arrange gas or oil.

Depending on the job at hand, you can change its speed from 11,400 to 21,500 RPM. There is a variable speed control dialer through which you can pick one out of six available air velocity stages/volume selection stages.

While you are blowing away all the leaves, its built-in fans are doing their normal function of cooling down the battery and motor; thereby, you can use this device for a long time.

This device’s brushless motor offers energy efficiency as the battery can get a 50 percent longer run time on it than on a brushless motor.


  • Ergonomic Design
  • Two powerful batteries: 45min charge time
  • Variable speed:11,400 to 21,500 RPM
  • Lower Noise and Zero Emissions


  • No Turbo Feature

3. EGO Power+ Cordless Leaf Blower

Best Budget
  • High-efficiency brushless motor
  • Quiet operation
  • 75 Minute Run Time
  • Up to 168 MPH Turbine Fan

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Do you need an efficient and quiet leaf blower? Think of buying one from EGO Power. This manufacturer’s blower gets its power from a 5.0Ah battery while running on a high-efficiency brushless motor. Although this blower runs on a powerful engine, it is four times quieter than a gas-powered blower.

Adjusting speed as per task requirement is not a problem with this cordless device that lets you have full control over speed function. You can change the speed from 225 CFM to 580.

You like the most about this brand because it offers you everything inside the pack, from the battery to charger, and from flat to tapered nozzle attachment; no need to buy different stuff from the market.

Do you want to complete the cleaning work quickly? Tap on its Turbo boost button that will wipe away all the debris with a maximum speed of Move more debris—with the push of a button; you get the max power of 580 CFM.

You need to use a 5.0 Ah battery with this blower. Once the battery is fully charged, you can enjoy a 75 minute run time with it. You can fully charge its battery in less than 100 minutes.

This blower has a rugged construction that makes it a durable garden cleaning tool. Its advanced battery technology delivers the same performance as you get with a gas-powered device, and without facing any fuss and fumes.


  • Turbo Boost Button
  • Weather-Resistant Construction
  • Variable speed
  • 56V ARC Lithium battery


  • The large battery makes it a Heavy Blower

4. Greenworks 40V Cordless Leaf Blower

  • Six-Speed Selection
  • Turbo Mode for fast action
  • Cushioned grip
  • 21 minutes runtime

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Are you looking for a zero-emission solution for cleaning leaves and debris? It’s time to look at this model from GreenWorks G-MAX System, which is the best combination of performance with power.

It’s an environment-friendly blower that offers Up To 21 Minutes of Run-Time when you choose the blower’s high mode. A speed dialer lets you adjust six different speeds and get the job done as per airflow requirements.

This battery-powered device is designed with a brushless motor so that you can enjoy outstanding performance and more power. Investment in this device will last longer because of its high-quality built and design.

Best of all, you can convert this blower into a vacuum and clear all the debris around. Its cushioned handle grip allows you to perform cleaning fast and without getting tired. The device comes with a 40V 4Ah Lithium-Ion Battery, which requires 120 minutes for full charging.

You will make a safe investment as the manufacturer offers a 4-year tool warranty and a 2-year warranty on the battery. Its lightweight design efficient maneuverability. The smooth operation produces less noise.

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  • Easy Push-Button Start
  • Less Noise
  • Lightweight
  • Up to 185 mph wind speed


  • Low-Quality Charger


  • Easy to Use
  • Less Noise
  • Blower plus Vacuum
  • AirSpeed Up to 120 mph

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This black and decker blower plus vacuum wants to clean small leaves and debris from hard surfaces such as a deck, patio, garage, etc.

Its lightweight design offers freedom of movement; take it anywhere you want a quick cleanup, and you won’t face any hand strain issues. Once the Lithium-ion battery is fully charged, it offers an excellent run time.

You can use it as a blower to deal with small leaves and then as a vacuum to suck up all the dirt and debris. So, the complete cleanup operation of your patio will be a breeze.

Inside the pack, you will get a cordless sweeper, 40V MAX Lithium-Ion Battery, collection bag, blow tube, vacuum tube, and LCS36 Fast Charger.

Its high-performing device runs at 120 mph. Whether you are running it in vacuum or blower mode, this device won’t disturb the neighbors because its noise level remains at less than 65 decibels.


  • Perform well on dry and loose debris
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for hard surface cleaning


  • Can’t handle wet leaves

6. Oregon Cordless Leaf Blower

  • Best Handheld Blower
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Turbo Button Clean wet Leaves

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People looking for the best alternative to noisy gas-powered leaf blowers should look into Oregon BL300, designed with brushless motors and premium fans. You will get the same-level performance as you expect with a gas counterpart but at very low noise.

Once its 6.0 Ah battery is fully charged, you can enjoy a run time of two hours with maximum air volume at 507 CFM.

This blower is designed with airspeed up to 131 MPH, so clearing up large areas of debris, dust, and leaves won’t be a challenge, especially when you have an ergonomic design handle that offers a firm grip.

There is a variable speed trigger through which you can operate the blower at an adjustable speed level. Its lightweight design allows you to work with a blower all day long without feeling tired.

You can find a hook at the base of this blower. Once cleaning work is over, then store it vertically on the storage room wall. Even there is a strap that comes alongside the product so that you can carry it around comfortably.

Assembly doesn’t take less than two minutes; all you need to do is attach the nozzle with a blower unit.


  • Brushless motor with premium fan
  • Easy to assemble
  • Exceptional Airspeed
  • Lightweight, only 8.4 lbs with battery
  • Built-in Holes for Easy Storage


  • Long Battery Charge Time

7. DEWALT FLEXVOLT leaf blower

  • Brushless motor
  • Speed trigger with lock
  • Lightweight- 9 lbs

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A homeowner always searches for a robust outdoor tool for quick cleaning of leaves and debris mess after rain. In that case, this DEWALT FLEXVOLT leaf blower- which is also known as a beast because it is so powerful. It lets you eliminate debris and leaves quickly as it runs up to 600 CFM of air volume at 125 MPH.

Once you fully charge its battery, you can blow it for almost 25 minutes, which is a good thing as you are working with a battery-powered device.

This 9-pound tool with a battery brings an ergonomic handle design, so you can operate the device for longer without causing any hand or muscle strain. There is a rear handle that lets you control the device with two hands for easy control.

There is a variable speed trigger, so changing speed as per task requirement is super simple. Speed lock ensures that airspeed doesn’t change while you are handling a cleaning task. The brushless motor design makes this tool super efficient while boosting the run-time.


  • Ample Airflow can blow anything.
  • Maintenance-free
  • Battery Included
  • Rear Handle for Better Control


  • No Audible low battery warning

8.  K I M O. Cordless Leaf Blower

  • Multifunctional tool
  • Lightweight-3lbs
  • Powerful Airflow up to 20k RPM
  • Winter Snow Cleaning

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When you are on the hunt for an extremely lightweight leaf blower, you should consider getting this one. Its weight is only 3 lbs, so even a kid can handle leaf blowing and dusting through it.

It’s not just a blower but also works as a sweeper and vacuum cleaner. Its powerful battery offers 20-minute run-time.

The variable speed option lets you wipe out debris by running the tool up to 20000 rpm. You can blow wet leaves, snow on your car, even little rocks with it.

Once blowing is done, flick the switch and start enjoying its powerful suction. Cleaning pet hair, crumbled biscuits, and dust with this 2-in-1 blower and vacuum are effortless.

Inside the pack, you will find a cordless leaf blower with 20V 4.0Ah Max Lithium Battery, a durable carrying bag, two Reusable Collection Bags rapid charge, and a blow tube.


  • Easy to use
  • Powerful battery
  • Effective suction
  • Autumn Leaf Removal


  • Not Suitable for Big Cleaning jobs

9. Greenworks 40V Leaf Blower

  • Less Noise
  • Six-Speed Selection
  • Longer Run time
  • Wind speed up to 150 MPH

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People who want to do quick leaf and debris cleaning from their hard surfaces should think of buying this cordless leaf blower from Green works.

Its 2.0 Ah battery offers a run time of 20 minutes, which is sufficient to remove dust and wet leaves with a wind speed of up to 150 MPH from your backyard. When sweeping the dust and leaves hurt your back, then this cordless tool will bring ultimate comfort.

There is a six-speed trigger; dial one speed you like to get more of a job in hand and get it done in less time than other tools.

Its extremely lightweight design allows you to hold this blower all day long without complaining about your hand strain. It brings an extension tube that increases reach and efficiency.


  • Easy to Start
  • Affordable
  • Extension tube
  • Easy to Maneuver
  • Lightweight


  • Not suitable for handling big cleaning jobs

Why Do People Buy Cordless Leaf Blowers?

There are heavy-duty gas-powered leaf blowers available in the market, but people are going with battery-powered devices.

  • Budget-Friendly: Many cordless leaf blowers are affordable than their gas version.
  • Low Maintenance: You only need to set their batteries before starting any clean-up. In a gas engine device, you must have to check its fuel and oil level. Low maintenance of cordless devices makes it a favorable option for garden and yard cleaning.
  • Quiet Operation: Gas devices are louder than battery-powered ones. You can run a quiet cleaning operation through a handheld leaf blower without bothering neighbors with annoying noise.
  • No emissions: Fuel emission of gas devices is a primary environmental concern. People who support eco-friendly operation spend money on cordless devices as it doesn’t create any pollution and fumes.

Cordless Leaf Blower Buying Guide

Here are twelve things to pay attention to when purchasing the best leaf blower.


A cordless leaf blower is a versatile tool that gets power from Li-ion batteries. You can find blowers with batteries anywhere between 18V to 120V. A powerful battery will make the blowing operation more efficient.

However, it will also increase the device’s weight. A good thing about batteries is that they require less maintenance, and you don’t need to check the oil level or replace a spark plug as with a gas-powered leaf blower.

When you shop for this device, you need to gather essential information about its battery. Check the estimated run time of the battery when it’s fully charging.

You need a battery with a high run time to continue the whole clean-up operation for more hours. Another thing to check is how long does a battery take to recharge. The less time a battery takes for recharging, the better it will be, as you won’t have to wait too much.

Type of Motor

Thanks to modern technology, you can have your hand on a cordless leaf blower that completes its function via a brushless motor. Still, you can find some old models of blowers where motors transmit battery charge via carbon brushes.

This type of engine doesn’t work efficiently as most of the charge gets lost due to friction. Always buy a device with a brushless motor in which magnets are used for charge transmission.

The result of this innovative design is that this leaf blower can have the same amount of power output as offered by its gas counterpart.

Battery Capacity

You need to check the battery capacity of a blower. A device with a large capacity can blow air faster and longer. In case you opt for a big battery, then the weight of the device increases.

Working with a heavier blower makes you feel tired quickly. Therefore, people compromise on the capacity and buy lightweight blowers.

Airflow Rating

A leaf blower wipes out leaf and debris by pushing fast air through its hose. The airflow is shown in Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM) and Miles Per Hour (MPH) rating.

These figures describe the rate of airflow and also how much force comes from the equipment. You will check both MPH and CFM ratings while buying a blower. It would help if you had a higher CFM blower to enjoy efficient performance.

Below 200 CFM: They are known as light-duty devices to clean patios and garages. They are not designed to clear bushes and a heap of leaves from a garden as they are low-powered blowers.

Between 200 and 400 CFM: They are medium-duty blowers suitable for cleaning the small to medium-sized porch, yards, and sidewalks.

Above 400 CFM: They are the most efficient devices as they can let you do cleaning up operations in the driveaway, patio, and garage (medium-size). They are heavier than the other two models.

Run Time

Your leaf blower’s run time depends on the type of battery, condition of the battery, and its capacity. When your battery is new, Lithium-ion then runs time is usually two hours. When the battery gets old, then run time decreases.

An old battery takes more time to charge. The run time of your device is dependent on the motor as well. These days, brushless motors are present in many cordless leaf blowers.

They work efficiently and increase run time. You can enjoy an outstanding performance from batteries for a long time.


You need to check whether this device lets you change the speed level. When you have variable speed options, you will enjoy better control over the device. In case you need to deal with dry leaves, you can handle its wipeout at a lower speed.

But you need more speed and air pressure when debris and leaves are wet. Speed variation is an excellent addition to the blower’s features.

You should know that when you have a variable speed level, you can also save the battery. It’s easy to run a cleaning operation at low speed for a longer time.

A single-speed level leaf blower is suitable for cleaning up small yards. However, when you have to clean up ample space and different areas, go with a variable speed device. It would allow you to adjust speed based on the job at hand.

Noise Production

A leaf blower’s noise comes from two sources: it is motor and the second is its airflow speed. The higher the speed you run a device on, the noisier it will become.

Many people have given up the idea of garden cleaning through gas-powered leaf blowers because these models produce too much noise to bear for.

When you are out in the market for cordless leaf blowers, always invest money in one that renders quiet operation.

The purpose of introducing battery-power devices is to reduce the level of emission and noise pollution. It would be best to buy a model that keeps the noise level around 58-60 decibels.

Fortunately, a person can grab a leaf blower that is quieter than a vacuum cleaner. Buy a device with good noise ratings and reviews.


In case you want a leaf blower to handle occasional cleaning, don’t overspend your money and buy a cheap leaf blower. On the flip side, if you do regular cleaning of your yard and have a big deck area, you better spend money on a fully functional device.

You need to invest money in a blower with the best build and large battery capacity- as, through it, you can handle big cleaning tasks efficiently.

Good Ergonomics

Go with a device that can offer you a proper balance of weight. Get one that provides a comfortable feel and lower vibration, so completing the cleaning operation won’t be a challenge anymore.

Easy to Carry

The purpose of investing in cordless devices is to enjoy comfort with the best maneuverability. You want to wander around with a leaf blower easily, therefore pick a device that doesn’t bring much weight.

Thankfully, you can find a highly efficient and powerful leaf blower with only five or ten pounds of weight (including batteries).

This lightweight blower offers you the freedom to roam around your property and performs fast clean-up in driveaway, backyard, garden, and other areas. Keeping your space debris- and leaves-free is not possible only by getting this one lightweight device.

Handle Design

You need to hold this device for hours. Therefore it’s essential to check whether its handle offers a firm grip or not. When you read the best leaf blower reviews, try to find out what customers are talking about its handle design.

Is it great to hold the device for hours? If a handle isn’t good enough, you will feel hand pain once the cleaning is done.
Some handles have built-in holes, so you can use a strap and carry the device on your shoulder for an easy clean-up operation.

Durability And Warranty

You need to buy a device that is made of high-quality material so that it lasts longer. Although a cordless leaf blower doesn’t require regular maintenance like a gas-powered device, you still need to clean them from dirt and store them safely at someplace to extend their life.

Also, purchase a leaf blower that brings a manufacturer warranty. It will increase your confidence in the product, and you would know that if anything goes wrong, the manufacturer is there to back you up.


A leaf blower is an excellent outdoor tool addition that would bring comfort into your life. Instead of hurting your back with a sweeper, you can rely only on a blower that lets you get rid of the debris and leaves from your backyard, pool deck, or garden quickly.

The cordless blower is a battery-powered device that makes cleaning operation smooth and noise-free; no one in your neighbors will know that you are cleaning at home.

I have shared the ten best battery-powered blowers that can offer you excellent run-time once you fully charge a battery.


What is the Best Cordless Leaf Blower?

Here is a list of the top-rated Cordless Leaf Blower as per our ratings in 2021;

  1. Greenworks 80V Cordless Backpack Leaf Blower
  2. Makita Blower Kit with 4 Batteries
  3. EGO Power+ Cordless Leaf Blower
  4. Greenworks 40V Cordless Leaf Blower
  5. BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Blower
  6. Oregon Cordless Leaf Blower
  7. DEWALT FLEXVOLT leaf blower
  8. K I M O. Cordless Leaf Blower
  9. Greenworks 40V Leaf Blower

Gas or Battery Powered Leaf Blower: What’s the Difference?

A gas-powered leaf blower requires a gas engine to start its operation. You need to check the oil and fuel level before you begin cleaning up the procedure.

When you need to deal with severe leaf cleaning tasks, then a gas-powered device is super efficient as it’s always more powerful than a handheld blower.

It can clean a big area rapidly and without requiring a need for recharging, in case fuel is full. On the flip side, battery-powered leaf blowers are lighter, affordable, and easy to operate. You don’t need to check the oil level or replace spark plugs to continue working with them.

The run time of a gas device is more than a battery one. When you need a regular home yard cleaning task, a battery-powered leaf blower is super convenient.

Backpack or Handheld: Which one to buy?

You can find leaf blowers in two different styles. One is handheld, and the second is a backpack. A handheld style is easy to operate and portable.

When you need more maneuverability in tight spaces, then this type of leaf blower works great. A backpack model is a right choice when you need to clean more area in your garden, shed, or garage. Handling a big task with a handheld will make you tired sooner.

A backpack device might be bulkier, but you can clean up quickly and effortlessly through it. You need to pick a style based on your everyday mess. More mess means go with a backpack, or less mess means handheld is super desirable.

When you need to wipe away dry leaves from your driveway or yard, go with a handheld as there is nothing much to clean up. However, a backpack option is suitable when you have a wet deeper layer of leaves in your area.

What is the best CFM for a leaf blower?

A cordless leaf blower with 350 to 600 CFM is good to use as you can wipe off debris and leaves from the surface rapidly.

What’s more important, MPH or CFM?

When you buy a cordless device, you will check two things: CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) and the second is MPH (Miles per Hours).

A fan’s airflow is measured in CFM while MPH tells you how fast air moves when it comes out of the nozzle. It would help if you preferred CFM over MPH because you want to move more leaves out of your way.

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