Best Car Covers Consumer Reports & Reviews 2023

If you are searching for the best car covers according to consumer reports in 2023 then this post is for you.

A car is a big investment. You spend your hard-earned money on buying the vehicle of your dreams.

You buy every possible product from waterless car wash to tire shine products, and leather conditioners to make it more attractive.

But you are forgetting one of the most important things that actually prevents your car from weather elements…! A Car Cover.

Yes, a car cover not only prevents your car from beating sun UV rays, but snow, hails, winds, and many other elements can not only halt the performance but the looks of your expensive purchase.

Most think that a car cover is only important when you don’t have a car garage. I would like to agree with that but with a little modification.

For those with no garage to park a car, a car cover is vitally important. Because they would be parking outside on the road, the car would be exposed to direct UV rays that easily crack the paint of the car.

In this post, we are going to help you narrow down the top car covers. We picked some of the best car covers as per consumer reports available on the market, tested them, and upon our testing rated them.

We will be reviewing only those products that we found are the best, with their benefits and drawbacks penned. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Overall: Budge Duro Car Cover

Budge Duro car cover is our best overall because of its all non-abrasive construction, triple-layer formulation, elastic hems around, and above all metal grommets integrated into the fabric.

These grommets along with protecting the car from winds also act as a safety layer when the cable is passed through these grommets.

7 Best Car Covers Consumer Reports

I have compiled a list of the 7 best car covers based on consumer reports 2023.

1. Budge Duro 3 Layer Car Cover

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Features at a glance
  • Non-abrasive material construction
  • Three-layer spun-bond polypropylene fabric
  • Elastic hems
  • Soft material

What is the biggest factor that contributes toward making your car cover less effective?

When the car cover is on attached firmly, it sweeps away when the wind blows. Or the rain can get into your car and your car’s exterior can get ruined the paint can be scratched.

But that’s not the case with Budge-designed Duro 3 car cover that shares an innovative design and construction that even if the car cover is bigger in size for your car, it would not be swept away.

Around the edges, the cover comes with full elastic hems. These hems are designed to help spread on your car comfortably without leaving any empty space.

Furthermore, these elastic hems are combined with metal grommets. These grommets are useful in a windy situation when you think the wind blowing may take the cover. You can tie your car cover with the ground using those grommets.

What I am particularly impressed with is the construction and material of the fabric. It shares a three-layer of spun-bound polypropylene fabric that is stronger and non-abrasive.

The most important aspect of the non-abrasive material is it would not scratch the paint of your car when you take it off.

We put it on our car and take it off, it was seamless. The cover in our testing is seamless to take on and off, and soft too.

Yes, it supports waterproofing too, it is 100-percent waterproof, breathable, and protects your expensive cars from dirt, dust, and UV Rays.

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  • NO Abrasive material construction
  • Full elastic hems at the edges with grommets to tie in a windy situation
  • Full 5-years warranty
  • Sturdy construction of spun-bond propylene


  • Not for harsh weather conditions like snowfall

2. Classic Accessories over Drive PolyPRO Sedan Car Cover

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Features at a glance
  • Breathable material construction
  • 100-percent waterproof
  • Elastic hems around the edges
  • Special storage bag

What is your biggest issue with what you use as a car cover?

It is the paintwork. You don’t want the paintwork of the car, or the scratches to make their way.

This is what Classic Accessories promises, to protect your car’s paintwork from elements.

When you are in the middle of your journey, you are making a stop in a motel. With no space for safe car parking, this is where Classic Accessories designed PolyPRO Sedan car cover comes in handy. And along with protecting your car from wind, snow, dust, and other elements.

I loved the construction of this car cover due to its breathable material construction. The breathable material prevents your car from many issues.

When condensation builds up under the cover in a humid environment, your car’s paintwork can be damaged easily.

Don’t forget the elastic hems around the bottom of the cover. These hems firmly take in place and make the car cover easy to install as well.

You just stretch the car cover the car, and it stays there fit snuggly to take your car protected against elements.

Plus, the grommets provided in the bottom help you tightly hold the car cover in its place. These grommets tied down in heavy winds easily holds their place.

The grommets plus elastic hems work together and make the car cover as efficient and protected as you want it to be.

I am especially impressed with the storage bag. Yes, when not in use, how would you easily protect your car’s cover?

With the special storage bag that comes with the car cover, you easily store it up and put it in the back to use it anywhere you like.

Yes, warranties give you peace of mind. With 2-year limited warranty, you rest assured that you are ended up with a quality product.

Within 2 years, if the cover fabric is torn, or you face any other issues regarding hems or elastic, you can send it back and get your full money refunded.


  • Fits snuggly due to strong elastic hems
  • Breathable material construction
  • 100-percent waterproof
  • 2-years warranty


  • Consumer reports says in heavy rains the car’s exterior can soak

3. Leader Accessories Basic Guard 3 Layers Sedan Car Cover

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • Breathable material
  • Soft material made
  • Universal design
  • Biodegradable 3-layer formulation

Most of the car covers come in Universal fit sizes, for a reason. The manufacturers can’t make car covers for every individual car looking at the size of the car.

That’s why experts recommend buying a universal car cover.

What happens with the universal car cover size is that when you got a small car, you can’t get the snug fit, and debris and dust can get into your car.

But not with Leader Accessories designed car cover. The thing is, it comes with straps and buckles that make you get the right fitting as per the size of your car.

Plus, there are elastic hems around the edges, just pull it over your car’s top, and let it cover your car just like the way you want it.

Plus, there are integrated grommets in the bottom that prevents your car’s cover from flying in windy conditions.

It is a breathable material constructed from a car’s cover, 100-percent waterproof to protect your car’s paintwork from the harsh element.

I spread the cover over my car and checked and inspected the construction and material personally.

I loved the way the material looks soft. It is non-abrasive, good for those who worry about the paintwork of the car and want something soft to be spread on from preventing harsh elements.

Don’t forget that this car cover can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Many think that when the cars are parked inside a garage, why you would use a car cover.

Inside of a car garage, in humid conditions, your car’s paintwork can get affected if not proper car cover is used.


  • Universal design fits most the car size
  • Multi-layer designed with breathable material
  • Soft material prevents paintwork scratched
  • One-year limited warranty


  • No wheel ropes for added wind protection

4. OxGord Executive Storm-Proof Car Cover

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 7-layer formulation
  • 100-Percent waterproof
  • Front and rear hems
  • Strings for tighter fitting

If you live in a region where weather gets harsh most of the time, you need a car cover that withstands harsh weather elements, hot as well as snow or cold conditions.

OxGord designed Executive storm-proof car cover shares a unique seven-layer of construction and prevents your expensive car from harsh weather elements.

It is a 7-layer formulation of multiple materials from cotton to propylene to make you enjoy superior performance.

Five layers are made of Spun bound Propylene, one layer is made of cotton, and one extra layer of Micro Porous film to provide your cover have 100-percent waterproofing.

It is 100 percent waterproof, and even if heavy snow or heavy rains fall, your car would not get soaked or wet without damaging any inch of your vehicle.

Not only for outdoors, but those who live in harsh weather conditions areas can use this cover when a car is parked inside a garage. The humidity in the air can take a toll on the car’s paintwork and may lose it over time.

It is a soft car cover, so those with expensive paintwork, do not need to be worried about the scratches.

You already have seen the cotton layer mixed in the construction, which prevents your car from not only scratches but dents too from the nearby objects.

In my testing, the dual outer shell constructed car cover checks all the boxes of a quality car cover.

I loved the idea of front and rear elastic hems, to provide a snug fit to the car rather than having all-around hems on the edges.


  • Seven-layer of construction
  • Prevents cars from harsh weather elements even in snow
  • Strong stitching
  • 100-Percent water and snow-proof


  • Pretty heavy 9-pounds of weight

5. Kayme 6 Layers Car Cover

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Features at a glance
  • Zippered side panel
  • Mirror pockets
  • Thick padded construction
  • Storage bag included

If you park your car outside, as maybe you don’t have a garage, you need to buy a cover that provides required protection against the weather elements, as well as occasional dents from things around, go with Kayme designed six layers car cover.

It shares six-layer formula, with an enhanced design to protect your car from the challenges you face when parking outside.

The car cover in our testing is not only waterproof but dustproof as well. Is its exterior made of heavy-duty elements combination of PEVA and aluminum which gives it enough thickness to prevent dents?

Furthermore, it shares a reinforced seam, to prevent any water from getting into your car, even during heavy-duty showers.

I think this only feature is enough to ensure the protection your vehicle can have from this cover.

Other standout aspects or stand-apart features include pockets that slip over the mirrors and strips to provide full-proof covering.

When you are not using the bag, just fold it and slip it into the bag that comes with the package.

During windy conditions, with the strong straps, it comes with, you can rest assured that the cover stays firmly in place.

There are straps on the front and back of the car with clips that are adjustable to provide the snuggest fit experience.

And most important feature, the one that can shock you from the core is that it provides you access to your car even when the cover is firmly in place.

Yes, it got a special zippered panel that provides quick and convenient access to the vehicle to easily help you catch something you forget inside before parking.


  • Thick padded construction prevents harsh weather conditions
  • Special zippered panel to access car when cover is in place
  • Pocketed slip over the wing mirror
  • Strong straps


  • No antenna patch

6. Budge Lite Car Cover

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • Grommets build in fabric
  • Soft construction
  • Dust and rusts-proof
  • Straps inside

From the looks, it might feel like an ordinary car cover. But, when you get it reached your doorstep, and use it, then you would know how this cover is different from the rest.

First thing, I prefer taking this car cover when I am on a long drive. Because of its soft construction, lightweight, and properties to protect my vehicles against dust debris and even mildew build-up.

It got a line of secure grommets built into the design of the fabric that allows you to pass a lock through and protect your car from theft while it is parked outside at the night, or when you are on travel.

It got straps inside, you can easily tie down the grommets to prevent the cover from blowing.

Again, as per the consumer guide, the cover is made of soft propylene material that means, if you got an expensive car and are worried about the paintwork, and scratches, it protects against all.

The UV rays protection and waterproofing are above average. On hot summer days, as well as when it rains on cats and dogs, you can’t rely on the cover.

But, it got a patch antenna that has been built into the design that renders a secure sealing around the car to provide a snug-fitting.


  • Easy to set up, soft and propylene material constructed
  • Got anti-theft grommets installed in the fabric
  • Antenna patch around the cover
  • Dust and rust proof


  • Can’t rely on it for heavy rains and snow

7. XCAR Car Breathable Cover

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • Double-stitched seams
  • Breathable Fabric
  • Strong Grommets
  • Straps integrated

In those cases when you visit your friend or colleague, with no space left for your car in their garage. Does the idea of parking your car overnight go well with you?

For me, it fills me with fear and anxiety, but with the XCAR breathable cover, now I can rest assured that my car can be parked safely in the street. Let me explain.

First thing first, it is a special car cover for those who have to park their car on the streets for more than one reason.

It got a series of extra security and safety layers that make sure that your car will have no dents or the chances of theft.

With a series of grommets installed that you can easily supply lock cable through and make it safe for when someone tries to get into the car.

These series of grommets will prevent your car cover from being lifted, and passing by easily.

With elastic hems designed around the edges, whether you got a Hatchback or a Sedan, now you get a snug fit.

Simply stretch the cover over the vehicle, and the hem will help hold it easily. When you want it to take off, simply take it off without extra effort put into it.

You know that the material of the cover is as important as other features. This cover’s materials are made of breathable content that prevents the car from getting hot or damp. Air circulation prevents it from condensing or building mildew.

Don’t forget the stitching. The double-stitched seam not only helps prevents leaks but makes the cover durable and long-lasting.


  • Strong straps included
  • Grommets for increased security and safety
  • Double-stitched seam for enhanced protection against rain
  • One year warranty


  • The material is still rough on the

Consumer Reports Car Covers Buying Guide

Before you rush out and buy a new car cover it is important to learn about the car covers, their construction, size, material used, and many other details.

So, in this tiny guide, we are going to cover some important key points to make the car cover useful to protect your car.

Types of the car covers

Car covers come in a variety of styles, sizes, and Types. So, the best idea would be to decide on the right type before you look for other key points.

These are the most used types of car covers, have a look.

1. Generic Fit

Generic fit car covers are mostly used for basic coverage. They are large enough to fit most the vehicles from sedans to SUVs.

Keep in mind, that these covers don’t protect your cars from harsh weather elements like heavy storms, snow, or wins.

Keep in mind these can’t be used for bikes, because of their size. They are mostly used in areas where whether are not harsh.

They use for occasional protection of the vehicle, like if you are traveling or visiting someone with no garage. You can’t take them as a permanent everyday car parking.

2. Custom-fit design

Custom-fit design type of car covers is my personal favorite because of their custom fit. They are designed on order and cover the model specifically designed for your vehicle.

With a custom-fit designed vehicle, you would not get any extra exposed area, no overhang. With this, you get the highest level of protection from the weather elements.

3. Portable car covers

These types of car covers are mostly used when you are on travel and need to park your car for some hours.

Easy to install and easy to take off on regular basis too. Plus, they can’t be used to protect against harsh weather, snow, or ice.

4. Inflatable car covers

Inflatable car covers are the most used and top-selling type of car covers because of their modern design and setup.

They provide impressive coverage but require electricity and a constant flow of air for setup.

If you don’t have a proper power set up in your garage you would not be able to use it.

Umbrella Car covers

Umbrella car covers are like regular umbrellas or tents we use. They are made of durable fabric and offer a great range of protection against the win. But, they can’t cover the whole car, but basic protection.

You can use them on hot summer days when the sun is on 90-degree, and make the whole environment like fire.


Here size matters. Yes, if the cover you buy does not fit your car as it is too small you will be struggling to get it on the car.

I don’t recommend oversized vehicle covers too. Because if it is oversized, it will flap in wind, allowing the water and debris to get in.

Construction and Material

The material and construction of the car cover are what make it useable in all weather. Usually, the material used in the making help the covers be resistant to water and impact.

The outer surface though is made of UV protection so that the UV rays don’t have an impact on them when you park the car for a longer period.

The outer fabric should also support waterproofing, for rain and heavy snow protection.

The inner fabric is usually made of soft fleece. To protect your car against scratches and vehicle paint.


Car covers are designed to keep dust and debris away from the vehicle. If you use your car’s cover on regular basis, make sure that the cover does its basic job, rendering the protection for what you had purchased the car cover.

Don’t forget to buy one that has waterproof rather than water resistant and repels UV Rays.

Wrap Up

We spend our hard-earned money on buying an expensive car. Can’t we spend a tiny amount on protecting it against the elements?

Yes, we can and if you have been using a car cover to protect your car before, you would know that it makes a big difference.

A car cover protects your car from UV rays, humid environments, rain, snow, debris, and dust.

The latest designed car covers come with modern safety features that give you peace of mind even when the car is parked outside in the street.

In this guide, we helped you in picking the best car covers. We hope that this guide will help you not only in narrowing down the option but to zero down a cover.


How to Clean a Car Cover?

It depends on the material and construction of the cover. Anyway, car cover manufacturers provide a detailed guide about cleaning and washing the car cover.

You can fetch back the booklet that came with the cover and learn about cleaning. If you have lost the booklet, the company’s website can help you.

In general, the car covers can be machine washed and dry cleaned.

Do car covers damage our car?

Car covers generally are designed to protect your cars from elements, theft, and outdoor conditions.

But when the car covers catch the debris or dust and you cover it with it, there are chances that for over a long period doing that can damage the paint.

So, it is recommended not to do that. When the car cover is full of debris, dust wash or cleans it before you stretch it over to your car.

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