7 Best Camping Tents Consumer Reports & Reviews 2023

If you are searching for the best camping tents according to consumer reports in 2023 then this post is for you.

Camping is fun. Even days before the camping trips we start preparing for it.

From camping recipes to making ahead camping meals, we want things out there in the wilderness all settled out.

The last thing you would like to face after tiring activities is an over-complicated campsite. You can’t afford to spend your time in a tent that doesn’t provide you the safety and security from the elements.

A tent should be like home in miniature. It should complement your outdoor ambitions. It should be spacious enough to provide the real estate requires to enjoy the adventure ahead.

For me, a camping tent requires careful consideration of lots of features and aspects before giving it a shot. I am not like the one who goes with the most expensive one, or the most famous one. I like to purchase what suits me the most.

For you too, I tried to gather the most comfortable and best-features integrated modern camping tent internet has to offer.

We tested all of them, gatherer consumer reports, and came up with the conclusive guide to help those looking for best camping tents.

Best Overall: The North Face Wawona

The North Face Wawona is the best overall camping tent for its upgraded double-wall design that makes it durable, lighter weight range to help with easier carrying, and spacious floor area to provide a comfortable inside space.

Its mesh door too serves the purpose, increases the exchange of air, and prevents condensation.

7 Best Camping Tents Consumer Reports

I have compiled a list of the 7 best camping tents based on consumer reports 2023.

1. The North Face Wawona 6 Six-Person Camping Tent

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 20-Pounds weight
  • Comes in 4p, 6p
  • 1 square feet floor area
  • 7 Square feet massive vestibule

The North Face is a pretty big name in outdoor gear manufacturing. Maybe you don’t like the North Face for any reason, but you can’t ignore its production, especially its Wawona series of 6-person and 4-person camping tents.

It’s because the North Face has given the latest transition to its Wawona series camping tents. Now, they are easier to set up, share durable construction and have less weight than before.

Transitions such as upgraded double wall design which had a single breathable wall before have made it one of the most viable options now.

Don’t forget the famous remodeled pole structure that has made the setup way easier than before.

Now, with the modern pole structure, and constructed double-wall design, it easily gives the toughest competition to REI-designed camping tents.

The floor area has been given 86.11 square feet, here too you enjoy 3 square feet more area than before. And in maximum height too, you get 2-inches more height here, to enjoy easier and error-free roaming inside the tent even.

Not only I but the experts and consumers loved its massive front vestibule with up to 45 square feet of area.

With added Mud-room that can be purchased for $125 separately, you can get your hands on a livable design with excellent all-around value.

The Hybrid double-wall vents are better than single-wall tents and less prone to collect moisture and humidity, especially in humid or rainy weather.

It also got a rainfly, to protect you from heavy showers, the rainfly though does not cover the lower portion.

Don’t forget the mesh door that is a source of fresh air on hot summer days, and fresh air in the cold weather.

No tent is perfect, here too there are a few shortcomings likes the updated pole structure still takes more time in setting up, and the vestibule must be guyed out tightly to stay upright.


  • Hybrid double wall design
  • Increased floor area
  • Rainfly prevents heavy showers
  • Open interior and massive vestibule


  • Take time in setting up

2. Coleman Weather Master 6-Person Tent

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 80-inches max-height
  • 153 Square feet total floor area
  • Fiberglass poles
  • Hinged door

Why do you like to hit camping? Obviously to observe nature from your naked eyes, and watch nature unfold before your eyes in no wraps.

With Coleman designed weather-resistant 6-person tent you can do that with no problems facing associated with camping.

This six-person tent is the right option for big families. It is spacious, and enough wide to easily fit 2 queen-sized beds.

Great for extended camping trips, provides you with a floorless screened room area for extra warm days. With the screened rooms, you get no bugs but fresh air passing through to prevent condensations.

This camping tent is designed with a WeatherTech system integrated. This patented Coleman technology features patented welded floors with inverted seams to help you enjoy camping without worrying about bad weather, heavy showers, and high winds.

The welded seams protect your floor area from rainwater and humidity, it also got an extra rainfly for heavy showers.

It is a spacious and tallest camping tent and a great Christmas or birthday gift for someone taller than 6 feet because it got 80-inches max height.

With 99 square feet of floor space, 153 square feet if you count the screen room too, one of the favorite camping tents for families.

It got fiberglass poles, as per consumer reports, the fiberglass poles are as durable as they should be and provides a corrosion-free experience even in a humid environment.


  • One of the most affordable six-person camping tent
  • 80-Inches height makes it one of the viable options for those above 6 feet
  • Extra screen rooms serve as a room as well as storage space
  • Fiberglass poles are durable and corrosion resistant


  • Pretty heavy with 32 pounds of weight

3. Eureka Space Camp

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 56’ 6’’ floor size
  • 5’8’’ MAX height
  • 1500-1800 Millimeter Polyester Taffeta fly
  • 2 vestibules

If you are looking for a three-season easy to a carry-around camping tent, I highly recommend Eureka Designed Space Camp.

This camp shares spacious inside easily fits up to four campers and provides a super-comfortable camping experience in sun, wind, and rain.

It got an aluminum 7000 Series frame that shrugs off any storm and provides you protection in up to 30 mph storm. And in a condensed or humid environment, you can adjust the vents, high/low vents to easily provide air ventilation.

Its air exchange system is commendable and easily adjusts to provide any airy experience in a condensed environment.

For rainy days, it got your back too. With a 1500-1800 millimeter polyester taffeta fly and floor, it makes waterproof protection in rainy and keeps water and moisture out of your camping tent.

I loved its superior storage. It packs in a dual-sided storage duffel that makes it quick, and seamless to transport the backpack.

It got a nearly vertical wall and a versatile rainfly. If you zip down the rainfly, you get pretty spacious vestibules to protect your bags in bad weather.

The vestibules can be used for sleeping too if the inside of the camping tent runs short of the space for more than 2 people.

Although the inside space is pretty spacious even for 3 persons. The max height though can’t be suited for those above 5 feet 8 inches, pretty good max height though compare to many others added on the list.

So, in total, as per my experience with this easy-to-set-up camping tent, I find it very comfortable and sturdy for 3 weather and recommend it if you need a carry-a backpacking tent.


  • Quality steel constructed poles
  • 2 Large doors/vestibules
  • Smoother zippers
  • Quicker, almost instant setting up


  • Can’t stand up inside above 5 feet 7 inches

4. Coleman Dome Tent for Camping

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • Darkroom feature integrated
  • Screen room integrated
  • 15-minutes setup
  • 25-pounds weight

Coleman as a brand needs no introduction. The brand has been known for producing quality tents in an affordable price range.

This Carlsbad tent too got no exception, this too renders a right fusion of affordable price and quality production.

It is a 6-person dome tent, got spacious inside for 6-persons. With big screens and enough space to accommodate around 2-queen size beds, it fits the needs of even a big family on a trip.

Well, the standout aspect or top selling point of this tent is its Darkroom features. For those who can’t sleep in daylight or take rest, this makes an ideal option.

It integrates Coleman’s patented technology that easily blocks off the sunlight and not only reduces the heat but light too.

Just like other Coleman tents, we reviewed in this guide this too got a waterproofing feature. Its material used is waterproof, the corners are welded too, and seams are inverted to keep the water as well as humidity away from your sweat spot.

I like the way this tent can be set up. It takes only 15 minutes to pull it up, can easily put it in a backpack, the weight though is not that light, and it falls at a 25-pounds weight.

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  • Darkroom technology reduces the light in the room allowing deeper long sleep
  • Quicker setup in just 15-minutes
  • The screen room provides extra space for bug-free leisure time or dinner
  • Made of high-quality material that ensures your belongings remain dry


  • You can’t sleep in the screen room due to no protection on rainy days

5. Kelty Wireless Tent

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • Available in different sizes
  • Floor area 29 feet
  • Peak height 43 inches
  • Fiberglass poles

Kelty as a brand is known for producing qualitative camping tents at an affordable price bracket. And its designed Wireless tent can be considered a nice blend of durability, protection, and value.

As per consumer reports, and in our testing too, we found this camping tent a standout option if you camp with your door.

You know dogs can damage tents, and that’s why you can’t spend on buying utterly expensive camping tents.

For those cases, this option is an accurate pick, without shredding your hard-earned money, you get hands-on qualitative, and spacious from inside a camping tent.

The best thing about the Kelty is it offers tents in different sizes; 2-person, 4-person, 6-person, and other capacities. In my experience, the 2-person tent is spacious just for 2 persons, it ideally fits 2 persons and a large-sized dog comfortably.

It comes with two doors and two vestibules. That mean, you can not only store your bags, chairs, and other items but got easier access for two people.

With a floor space of 29 square feet, and tent measurement of 86×49, and a peak height of 43 inches, it easily fits 2-persons and a dog.

It does not come with a footprint, and if you camp with a dog, I don’t recommend you use any footprint because your dog can damage that.

In a nutshell, if you don’t want to spend lots of money, and need to stay with your dog camping, I highly recommend this option. It checks most of the boxes for the situation and makes an ideal option.


  • Spacious inside
  • Fiberglass constructed poles
  • Two Window and two vestibules
  • Impressive weather protection


  • Heavy for the backpacking

6. Nemo Wagontop Group Camping Tent

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 2-3 pole design
  • 80-Inches peak height
  • Multiple sizes available
  • 4 square feet floor area

Nemo has been known for producing well-thought-out and creative designs in tents. Not only just the design but the quality and durability of the Nemo tents have been proven around the world.

This 4p tent provides spacious inside, and a good standing height at the entrance helps it beat down the dome-shaped tents in terms of headroom.

It shares a pretty unique pole structure that not only makes it practical but suits all sizes. The walls are almost perfect, with overhung on the walls to provide you enough storage space for your belongings.

It got panoramic Windows and doors that not only provide easier access but improved ventilation, safety, and privacy. You can close them if want protection against the elements.

I am especially impressed with the spacious vestibules they are spacious and provide storage enough for your bags and many other belongings.

These vestibules in my experience can be used for one person sleeping, it is spacious and serves the purpose right if you need extra room for one person for sleeping and stay.

Don’t forget that its setup is a breeze. It got single-walled construction, with two or three poles depending on your need to keep the setup process simple and seamless.

If you accumulate it totally, you can get an easy idea of how amazing this camping tent is. It got everything integrated for your use and need, got spacious windows, doors, vestibules, and an easier setup, just like the way you need.


  • Almost no effort in setting it up
  • Easy to open Windows
  • Got two windows and 2 doors
  • Spacious vestibules


  • Single wall design limits the durability

7. Coleman Sundome Camping Tent

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • Easily withstands 35 mph winds
  • 35-square feet meshed floor area
  • 4-Feet max-height
  • Double Windows

Dome tents are considered go-to tents for camping. They are pretty straightforward to set up, amazingly affordable, and you can do whatever you want to do with them.

And when it is about dome tents, it would be near-to-crime not to mention Coleman designed Sundome camping tent.

It is a dome tent that easily lasts around 35 mph winds. For those who are going to hit camping in high windy areas or weather, I highly recommend buying this Coleman Sundome tent for obvious reasons.

It is a 2-person tent, can be taken in a backpack, that’s the added benefit of this tent.

The most obvious and must-highlight aspect of this camping tent is it’s easy to setup capability. With 10-minutes of time on your watch, you can set it up.

With a total floor space of 35 square feet and 4 feet maximum height, it makes a good go-to tent for camping trips.

Although it does not have much height from the insides, it looks spacious, enough for 2-persons easily sleep.

In my testing, I found its large Windows and ground vent very handy. On summer days, the camping tent becomes condensed due to less air ventilation but not this one.

It got a zippered front port for electrical devices. You can easily put your electrical devices there such as laptops, smartphones, and others to the power cord.

According to consumer reports, the price it comes in is half the price of such camping tents, so it would not be a bad decision if you buy it for your next camping trip.


  • Easy to setup
  • Double Window
  • Meshed floor with WeatherTech system
  • Affordably priced


  • Only one door

Camping Tents Buying Guide

Camping tents are essential to help you stay comfortable, secure, and protected out in the wilderness.

In the review section, we provided you with the best camping tents money can buy on the internet. But, what if you don’t like any of them?

For that, this section is going to help you. In case you don’t like any product, decide the product’s quality on the mentioned parameters. These yardsticks are going to help you find the most suitable options out there.


There are lots of different types of tents. I am not sure, whether or not I will be able to pen down all different types but the most famous or followed one.

1. A-frame tents

Although not too many people now use A-frame tents due to their limited space and headroom, they still are in fashion for survival purposes tents.

They are also known as ridge tents due to their cross-pole. If you are buying a tent for regular camping trips, I don’t recommend this type, unless it is a survival tent because it provides a tent without using too much space.

2. Dome Tent

As the name suggests they create a dome-type shape with their poles going around a curved shape.

With the dome-style tent, you get more interior space, and they often come with additional rainfly or additional weather protection.

3. Pop-up Tent

They are go-to tents for backyard camping or short camping trips in open weather. They are easy to set up and require minimal effort in pulling up packing.

I don’t recommend them for full-on camping trips with days and nights spent in the wood.

4. Backpacking Tent

They are small, lightweight, easily packed in a backpack, and most followed camping tents for campers. They are used for providing shelter, safety, protection, and dry space for day and night sleep.

The only issue with them can be bad-weather. They don’t provide much inside space, that’s why might not be as comfortable as you want.

5. Tunnel Tent

When they are pulled up, they create a tunnel shape. Usually used for big families, or more than one person on camping.

They can store lots of bags, and you can stand in the tent easily. They are water-resistant and stand against high winds. But, very hard to pull up, and take down.

There are many other types of tents including Multi-room tents, suspended tents, wall tents, inflatable tents, and Geodesic tents. But the most famous, and followed ones have been mentioned to help you decide better.


Comfort should be the utmost priority when buying a camping tent. To evaluate the comfort level a camping tent offers, evaluate its dimensions, the area it offers inside, along with the headroom.

Don’t forget to look at the walls too. The dome-style tent provides more slanted walls, and cabin-style tents offer more vertical space.

Another aspect that contributes to comfort is doors and windows. A tent that has more than one entrance, and windows not only easily accommodates more than one person but prevents condensation and provides more ventilation.


Eases of setup is also one of the most prominent and must-look-into aspects. Today’s single-person camping tents don’t take more than 15 minutes in setting up.

Consider how many poles it takes to make up the body, are the poles color-coded for easier orientation.

One more thing, whether or not the poles lock into the base with grommets or use ring systems to prevent it from flying in high-windy situations.


If you are indented to stay for weeks in the woods, it is vital to buy a camping tent that comes with waterproofing properties.

Not only the waterproofing but the wind protection too, do you like your tent to roll away like a tumbleweed at the slightest gust of wind.

For waterproofing, you look into the material used in the making of the body. It should use water-resistance materials in the canopy, and rainfly.

Also, look for the coverage offered to the many different areas of the tent such as the vestibule.

Also, look that the seals or the level of the corner should be above the ground.


To learn the durability of a tent check the material used in the making of the tent floor, canopy, rainfly, and poles.

The fabric should be dense enough to last the abrasion and punctures. The poles I always prefer are made of aluminum.

Not only the construction, but the overall craftsmanship is what makes the camping tents durable and helps in lasting longer.

Wrap Up

Camping is fun, but a camping tent can add joy and comfort to your trip, or multiply complications and complexities. It protects you from elements and provides you the level of comfort you need.

So, give the research due time, don’t rush, and land on the products that ideally suit your requirements and budget range along with features.

In this guide, we tried to provide you with some top options. We can hope that one among them could make an option for your camping trip.


What size tent do I need?

It depends on the number of people in your group, the level of comfort you want, and the intended activity.

Mostly if you are a group of people hitting for camping, most of them will have their separate camping tents, unless there are close friends who like to stay in one camp. Mostly in groups with friends, you will see one person or two person’s tent.

If it is a family, then maybe you will have to buy a 4-persons or 6-persons tent, depending on the number of people and comfort level.

Are expensive tents worth it?

Not all expensive tents are worth it. Mostly expensive priced tents come with quality construction and render a longer lifespan than cheap or affordable ranges.

And sometimes a premium-priced tent may have a hiked price just because of the useless features it comes integrated with.

So, it all requires careful consideration and lots of research to end up with a good tent that has everything integrated you need.

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