10 Best Vacuum Sealer Consumer Reports & Reviews 2023

Everyone wants to stretch their dollars, so what could be the better option than to use a vacuum sealer. By investing in this one kitchen device, you will save your money, time, and energy. Buy food in bulk, and enjoy bulk discounts while preserving food quality through a powerful sealer at home.

Don’t toss away your left-overs; pack them to consume them fresh on busy weekend nights. Your late-night cravings will have an ultimate solution, cook extra in the day and serve your empty belly at night.

A vacuum sealer has become an integral kitchen appliance for a person who is so into sous viding, but its use isn’t just limited to the kitchen. Take this appliance in your bedroom and organize your closet after compressing your expensive jewelry and less frequently used clothes.

Do you need more reasons to buy a vacuum Sealer? What about making some ice packs and preserving collectibles. Even more, waterproofing your official documents, files, and old photographs is a big plus.

I know you are so into a vacuum sealer. Let’s start exploring the top 10 sealers you can consider during your next purchase. And yes, don’t miss a buying guide designed to make your selection process quick and easy.

10 Best Vacuum Sealer Reviews

Here is a list per per our rating;

1. GERYON Automatic Vacuum Food Sealer Machine

Editor’s Pick
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Easy Clean housing
  • Two Operation Modes
  • User-Friendly LED

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Do you need a vacuum sealer for dry and moist food? Look no further as these automatic machines can preserve food in a sealed bag in less than ten seconds. With its 12L/min suction strength, the bag will get a powerful suction.

You can use 12 inches of bags of Greyson and other brands. The multi-layer material seals the pack and moves air out of the bag to reduce food wastage through this device. Its starter kill brings one air suction hose, one roll of bags, and five heat-seal bags. Read the manual and start using this vacuum sealer backed with lifetime support from the manufacturer.

When it comes to cleaning, separate its top housing for quick cleaning. Its digital LED control panel comes with two selectable modes: Dry and moist seating. LED indicator light and soft-touch buttons are easy to use. The fully automatic operation makes the food storage process a breeze.


  • LED indicator light
  • Suitable for dry and moist food
  • Supports both branded/non-branded bags
  • Lifetime Support
  • Compact Design


  • Extra-sensitive buttons

2. FoodSaver Safety Certified Vacuum Sealer Machine

Best Value
  • Compact design, space saver
  • Affordable
  • Fully automatic machine
  • Simple to use

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The best way to avoid freezer burn is to opt for a vacuum sealer machine to make your everyday food planning quicker and more comfortable. Buy in bulk and store it quickly with this fully automatic machine. Put food inside the bag and keep opening on the seal bar. The machine stops automatically once the sealing process completes; you won’t have to do much.

You can save your money by storing food that lasts longer than expected and tastes as fresh as it was on the day you sealed it. A patented removable drip tray collects all the drip and debris, slides it out, and cleans the machine quickly. This dishwasher-safe tray is easy to use.

There is an accessory hose through which you can vacuum seals containers and marinate food in minutes. This machine is integrated with advanced technology; now, it will use 40 percent less bag material.


  • The well-Designed removable drip tray
  • Quiet operation
  • Attractive design
  • Easy to Clean


  • The replacement hose isn’t available

3. Mueller Automatic Vacuum Air Sealing System

Best Budget
  • Easy to use
  • Reduce Prep-Time
  • Two modes: Dry/moist
  • Starter kit included

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If you like to organize everything in your life, the best way to keep everything arranged in your freezer is to start using a vacuum sealer. It lets you save your cooking prep time. You can blanch fresh vegetables and pack them for later use. Buy in bulk and keep meat and veggies fresh for weeks.

This easy-to-use automatic vacuum sealer requires you to plug it in and start sealing whatever food bag you have prepared. Its wide seal bar can accommodate small to medium size bags. Tap on its dry mode when you are planning to pack fresh meat and dry goods. Switch to its moist setting for storing your streamed, simmered, leftover, and poached food.

Mueller hasn’t just claimed that this sealer could increase food shelf life five times more than containers and zippers, but the manufacturer has done rigorous testing to back this claim.

Once you unwrap its box, everything you need will be inside it. A starter kit comprises five medium vacuum bags, an extra-long vacuum roll, air suction hose. Best of all, both kinds of bags are waterproof and reusable.


  • Stain-resistant Housing with digital display
  • Reusable and waterproof bags
  • Increase food shelf life up to 5x
  • Machine built with durable engineered ABS


  • Extra sensitive buttons

4. KOIOS Compact Design Vacuum Sealer Machine

  • Seal dry and moist foods
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Portable matching cutter
  • High suction power

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Are you a working woman? It’s time to add a bit of comfort into your life by preparing a whole week of food at once. Yes, two hours you spend in one day will shorten your food prep time for a full week. All you have to buy in bulk during the weekend and seal them back with an efficient Vacuum sealer machine from KOIOS.

This top-rated machine has won its customer’s hearts through its compact design and user-friendly feature, aka CANCEL button: in case you forget to add something to the bag, press this button to cease vacuum packing.

Its attractive look blends beautifully with your other kitchen appliance. You will get some professional accessories such as a matching cutter, pumping hose, and a sealing bag alongside this machine inside the box.

Read its manual and start using its external pumping function to preserve wine, canned food, collectible, and others. According to KOIOS, this sealer can keep food fresh five times longer. Invest once and enjoy yummy food for weeks or months.

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  • One-touch operation
  • Easy to Use
  • Quick and efficient sealing
  • Manual/Auto operation


  • It works great only with KOIOS bags

5. Intrigue Automatic Food Sealer for Food Savers

  • Durable Stainless Steel Panel
  • Separated housing for easy cleaning
  • Digital touch operation
  • Reusable/waterproof bags/roll

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Meal preparation becomes a breeze when a person starts relying on a vacuum sealer from Intrigue. This automatic sealer can seal both dry and moist food, so it offers variety and versatility at the same time. You can steam fish and seal pack it only to use it during busy weekday nights.

This beautifully designed vacuum machine is made of stainless steel, a long-lasting material. Top housing is separable for making the cleaning process effortless.

The user-friendly design brings top-panel touch button controls. Tap on any option to start the sealing operation.
The starter kit unlocks one roll and five heat bags; both options are reusable and waterproof. Besides, it will have a suction hose, machine, and user manual.

You can prevent food spoilage and oxidation processes by packing them in vacuum bags. The best thing is, you can organize full week vegetables, fruits, and meat inside your freezer; no more dealing with the mess, peace of mind guaranteed.


  • User-Friendly Design
  • Preserve liquid/dry food
  • Keep food fresh 5x
  • Suitable for preparing baby food


  • It doesn’t have a powerful suction

6. MEGAWISE 80kPa One-Touch Vacuum Sealer

  • Space-Saving Design
  • 80kPa powerful suction pump
  • 3-year warranty
  • Two operating modes

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If you are out in the market to find a compact vacuum sealer, it’s hard to keep your eyes off Megawise. This mini-size machine is designed with an 80kPa powerful suction pump. Whether you want to seal large bags or small ones, the sealing operation would complete in seconds. You can have the optimal seal of multiple bags in 10-20 seconds.

As the machine is compact, it won’t take up much space in your cupboard. It makes the most of electromagnetic perm and pure copper core to preserve both dry and moist food. Whether you want to seal bags, mason jars, or unused snack bags or wine bottles, this mini machine would handle every task.

Inside its starter kit, you will find ten high-quality vacuum bags: five big and five small, BPA-free. Using this highly efficient food sealing machine, you can extend the shelf life of food for almost five times longer. Best of all, packing won’t affect the taste and freshness level of food at all.


  • Easy and simple to use
  • Maintain food taste
  • Sliding cutter for custom bag size
  • Ten quality vacuum bags, BPA free


  • The lid doesn’t stay open on its own

7. Vremi Food Preservation Vacuum Sealer

  • 3mm wide sealing bar
  • Quiet operation
  • Stain-resistant housing
  • Stop and Speed buttons

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If you plan to become sous vide chef, you better start practicing at home with a Vremi good preservation machine. Now you can sell a variety of food at home, not just sous vide. This machine is compatible with a jar sealer.

Whether you want to preserve a healthy soup or yummy sauce, its accessory port allows you to sell whatever your heart desires. It is compatible with a canister jar sealer and bottle stopper, which you would have to buy separately.

This sleek design machine comes with stain resistance housing for a more straightforward cleaning process. Its 3mm sealer bar allows you to simultaneously seal two bags or pack big cut meat or fish quickly.

Now you can see airtight anything from fresh meat to vegetables with this fully automatic machine featuring a user-friendly control panel. There are five touch buttons for speed, vac seal, stop, seal, food. You can adjust speed as per fare sealing requirement; delicate and crunchy food won’t get crushed during the sealing operation.


  • Reduce food and money waste
  • Suitable for Sous Vide and dieting
  • Color and taste of food remain the same
  • Lightweight
  • Rubber feet keep it stable on the countertop


  • It needs some practice to seal correctly

8. POTENT 4 modes Vacuum Sealer Machine

  • 7mm heating wires
  • Super efficient brushless motor
  • Sloping top design
  • 8-in-1 smart controls

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Many times your frozen food items get wasted due to freezer burn and ice crystals. It’s time to save your food and money by investing in an easy-to-operating vacuum sealer from POTENT. Unlike other sealers that use a 3 mm heating strip to pack a plastic bag, this one brings a 7mm heating strip for a powerful heating seal.

With its eight different controls, you can seal food as per food requirements. If you want to re-seal your fresh berries pack, then it’s an ideal device to use as berries will stay fresh and delicious for a long time.

Another great thing about this automatic sealing machine is its brushless motor that is quite powerful. It might be the main reason that manufacturers offer a 5-year warranty to customers. With its eight smart controls, four operations, and four sealing modes, this machine can feel and seal food. Its top slop design avoids liquid slip and makes meat packaging simple.


  • Tight and Seal bag nicely
  • Easy to Use
  • Product safety tested the device
  • 5-year warranty


  • Limited instructions provided in the manual

9. SLAOUWO Compact Food Sealer Vacuum

  • LED indicator
  • Touch button control panel
  • Dry/Moist modes
  • Intelligent Design

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One problem that every homeowner faces is leftover food. You might not want to eat it the next day, but it doesn’t mean tossing it in the bin. It’s time to reduce food wastage by investing in a powerful food sealer from SLAOUWO.
This smart kitchen appliance automatically stops when the seal operation completes. You can have an interactive control panel on the top to tap on its touch button to start the sealing operation.

You can pick either dry mode for hard foods or moist mode to seal the nutritional value of leftover food in aerobic conditions. The taste, freshness, and texture of sealed food will remain intact.

The safety protection feature will automatically turn on after every 15 complete working cycles, while you need to wait one minute during continuous working intervals. So, you can pack a reasonable amount of food in a short time with its powerful suction pump.


  • Easy to Use
  • Bring two Vacuum rolls
  • One-Minute Seal
  • Space Saver Design


  • Requires several attempts to master the art of sealing, not suitable for a beginner

10. Joeri Automatic Food Saver Vacuum Sealer

  • External sliding cutter design
  • Lightweight, easy to use
  • Manual/automatic sealing option
  • 2-in-1 operational mode

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If you are fed up with all the mess in your freezer, then it’s time to reorganize it by investing your money in an automatic vacuum sealer from Joeri. You can preserve tons of food and store it without compromising too much space in your freezer.

This fully automatic machine can airtight both dry and moist food in a few minutes. It allows you to do vacuum sealing either automatically or with manual operation.

This lightweight food-saving machine is designed with a professional sliding cutter, so preparing your customized bag would no longer be a challenge. If you are into sous viding cooking, this sealer will become your ultimate partner in cooking. You can pack any food before sous vide and eliminate guess and mess work from your everyday life.


  • Beautiful look and design
  • LED indicator lights
  • Easy to operate touch buttons
  • Works fast and quiet


  • No removable tray for easy cleaning

Who Should Buy a Vacuum Sealer?

Sous Viding Fans: If you are into sous viding, getting a vacuum sealer would make the whole cooking process quick and straightforward. The trend of sous viding is the primary reason for the skyrocketing demand for this machine.

  • Food Saver: Any person who wants to increase the shelf life of food three to five times can go with this excellent kitchen tool. A vacuum sealer can suck out all the air and oxygen from the bag. As food doesn’t get exposed to oxygen and air, it won’t deteriorate or rot over time. Vacuuming slows down the deterioration process due to oxygenation.
  • Money Saver: You can buy in bulk and enjoy discounts on bulk purchases of poultry and meat, make their small portion bags, and use them as and when you want. No need to buy them again and again. People living in far-off places with no grocery store nearby can make the most of a vacuum sealer.
  • Avid Hunter: Hunters always need the best-in-class vacuum sealers so that they can preserve the meat of big animals like elk or moose. Vacuum sealing keeps the meat color, texture, and integrity intact, so when they want to cook a festive meal for their friends, they always have fresh frozen meat.
  • Seasonal fruit/Veggies Saver: You can’t have fresh berries in every season. If you love particular seasonable food, the best way to store them is to use a vacuum sealer. You can’t rely only on zip-top bags as it would affect the store’s food quality.
  • Nuts/Cracker Lover: Do you like to eat snacks quite so often? Buying big packs of chips and crackers is a cost-effective move. You can’t eat a full pack in one go, so you better use a vacuum sealer. Next time, you need to taste left-over nuts or crackers; they will be as fresh and tasty as they were the very first time you opened the pack. Amazing!
  • Document Protector: Everyone has some official documents like certificates, report cards, driving license, etc. Now you can vacuum seal these critical documents and protect them from color changing or water damage.
  • Jewelry Lover: If you have silver jewelry, seal it through a vacuum sealer, and you can save it from tarnishing.
  • Online Clothing Sellers: The trend of the online clothing business is on the rise. If you are into this business and want to drop your shipping cost, you can seal pack clothes. You can organize your clothes while decreasing their shipping cost; it’s a win-win.

Factors to Consider before Buying a Vacuum Sealer

As soon as you tap into the digital shopping world, you will be exposed to various vacuum sealers. You can’t have them all, so you must know how to choose the best one. In that scenario, this vacuum sealer buying guide would help you make the best choice.

Types of Vacuum Sealer

There are three different types of vacuum sealers available in the market, such as:

  • Handheld: It’s smaller in size and designed with a small motor. People like this sealer as it’s easy to use and suitable for a non-geeky user. As the motor is small, you can’t enjoy a powerful vacuum strength. This sealer removes air from a zip-top bag through a valve.
  • External vacuum sealers: Homeowners typically prefer external sealers over handheld ones. They like the external version for its excellent vacuuming strength. For vacuuming a bag, you would place the bag’s tip opening into a narrow chamber over the seal bar. Air would be drawn out of the bag once you shut the lid. You can use either continuous rolls or premade bags with an external sealer. In case a person wants to seal mason jars, he needs to buy additional accessories.
  • Chamber Vacuum sealer: They are commonly used in hotels and industries. You place a bag inside the chamber with its lip position over the seal bar. Shut the lid, and turn it on. The vacuum pump will suck all the air out of the chamber, and then the machine will heat seal the bag. They can also fill mason jars; no needs to buy additional accessories.

Vacuum Strength

You need to spend money on a vacuum sealer designed with a powerful pump whose power is measured in inches of mercury (inHg). Look for a device with more inHg so that a bag can have powerful suction and sealing. When a suction pump is powerful, more air will suction out of the bag, and there is less risk of deterioration caused by the oxygenation process.

Control Options

Every vacuum sealer comes with individual controls. The best rules are pulse, button, and manual. Pulse control allows you to seal delicate food items like crackers or muffins carefully and without crushing them. You can also lookout for a cancel control button, which lets you cancel the vacuuming operation if something goes wrong or forget to put all the meat in the bag.

Many manufacturers allow you to take full control of pressure. So, you can decide whether a bag will be sealed at low or high pressure. This control would help you fill liquid food quickly and without spilling it all out.

Reasonable Bag Sizes

Some models can work with only propriety bags, while others allow you to use any size and kind of bag. It would help if you did not buy a model that goes with specialty bags. In that case, your cost will be increased. If a sealer can’t sell a variety of bags, it will be a big problem for you.

Maybe you want to store a big cut of meat or fish in your freezer; what would you do then? Also, check whether the device is designed with a built-in cutter or not. With this cutter, you can slash the bag as per your requirement, and no need to look for a scissor every time. To make your life easier, many models bring an additional slot for keeping a bag roll.

Noise Level

As I told you before, chamber sealers work quietly, and you can expect a noise of up to 80 decibels with an external vacuum sealer. Advanced technology has revolutionized the designs and build of many sealers, so you can easily find some handheld or external devices with less noise production; look out for them.


Models under $100 might seem like a great choice, but you should beware that they usually have small and less powerful motors. Thereby, you can’t expect powerful suction from them. Besides, they will offer fewer control options, and sealing various products with them is nothing but a big challenge.

Models between price range $100-$250 price range often bring more control and powerful motors. They might cost a bit but well-worth those extra bucks by offering additional features and accessories.

If you are looking for something classy, get ready to spend more than $250. At this price range, a person can get various control options, a powerful motor, safety features, and an extra-long seal bar to deal with large bag sizes.

Additional Accessories

Some manufacturers of external sealers try to get customers’ attention by offering them additional accessories for free. They can provide you with a bottle stopper so that you can seal an opened wine bottle through this machine.

A tube usually comes to make the jar sealing process super convenient. If you are into marinating meat, then cutting a deal with a free marinating canister is simply like saving a lot of money.

As far chamber vacuum sealers are concerned, it doesn’t require any accessories as you can seal a standard mason jar by putting it inside the chamber.

You can buy a chamber with a removable drip tray. As sometimes liquid drips from the bag during the sealing process, it falls inside the chamber and finds its way to the tray. With this removable tray, you can handle the cleaning process easily.

Packaging Scale

An external vacuum sealer is easy to use and suitable for home use. If you plan to sell food and other items on a large scale, you should buy a commercial-grade/ chamber vacuum sealer.

However, when you want to seal a standard quantity of food items, save your money, and invest only in the external version. So, your level of packaging will help you pick the best type of sealer.


From a handheld vacuum sealer to a commercial-grade, today you have a magnitude of options to choose from. However, you need to buy one that fits well in your budget and unlocks various features such as jar sealing, liquid seating, and marination mode.

The main idea is to buy a kitchen appliance that offers the best value for money and offer a value-added experience in your life. Don’t settle for less when you can have your hands on a vacuum sealer with tons of useful features and control; pay a bit more for convenience and functionality.

Some good reasons for buying a vacuum sealer are saving food, money, and energy, but the best one is the taste of food remains intact.

FAQ’s about Vacuum Sealer

What are the Best Vacuum Sealer?

Here is a list per per our rating;

  1. GERYON Automatic Vacuum Food Sealer Machine
  2. FoodSaver Safety Certified Vacuum Sealer Machine
  3. Mueller Automatic Vacuum Air Sealing System
  4. KOIOS Compact Design Vacuum Sealer Machine
  5. SLAOUWO Compact Food Sealer Vacuum
  6. Intrigue Automatic Food Sealer for Food Savers
  7. MEGAWISE 80kPa One-Touch Vacuum Sealer
  8. Vremi Food Preservation Vacuum Sealer
  9. Joeri Automatic Food Saver Vacuum Sealer
  10. POTENT 4 modes Vacuum Sealer Machine

What are the benefits of Using a Vacuum Sealer?

The most significant benefit of using a vacuum sealer is to preserve food quality. This device suctions air out from the bag. It protects food from freezer burn and dehydration. As oxygen is removed, bacterial growth will be prevented.

The taste of this vacuum-sealed food remains fresh for an extended period. You can increase the shelf life of stored and frozen food through a vacuum sealer, which helps you save your time. People can practice portion control and do excellent sous vide cooking.

What Food Items Can Vacuum Seal?

You can vacuum seal all kinds of meat, vegetables, and fruits. Before you seal, pack Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and turnips; you better blanch them first. You can’t vacuum seal garlic, soft cheese, and mushroom.

Can I store wet items with a vacuum sealer?

You can store both wet and dry items with a vacuum sealer. However, you better check the features of a model. Some models offer both options, while others allow you to seal pack only dry food.

What Types of Bags Should I use?

The type of bag you use with a model depends totally on the brand. Some brands allow you to choose a variety of bags, while others require specialty bags. It’s suggested to check what kind of bag you can use with a model.

Will a Vacuum sealer save my freezer space?

The answer is no. It won’t save any space in your freezer as food items won’t be compressed during this process.

Can I use seal-cooked foods in bags?

Yes, you can. If you have some leftover food, preserve its taste and quality by using this kitchen tool.

Can I preserve liquid with a vacuum sealer?

You indeed can preserve a liquid through this machine. If your sealer can’t seal a jar, freeze the liquid in the pot and then put it inside a bag and seal it.

How to Know that a Vacuum has been created inside a bag?

Many machines turn off after vacuuming operation. So, when the light goes off, or the sound of vacuuming stops, it means a vacuum has been created inside the bag.

Can I seal mason jars with a vacuum sealer?

If you have bought a model that accommodates sealing a mason jar, then you sure can. Otherwise, buy an accessory like a tube through which you can seal a jar with this tool.

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