10 Best Robotic Pool Cleaner Consumer Reports & Reviews 2022

Who doesn’t love a year-round pool season? But in order to have that, your pool needs to be cleaned throughout the year as well.

What to do? You can’t end up cleaning the pool every now and then, can you?

So, what’s a better solution that’s affordable yet effective? What can make you hygienic without you lifting a finger to do it?

Get the Best Robotic Pool cleaner. That’s right, a magic spell won’t clean your pool all year, but an adequate-sized robot will clear out your pool right before your eyes.

Not only clean but these robotic cleaners save energy, keep your pool healthier, and even reach hard corners.

10 Best Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews

So, do you know which cleaner you will be buying? If not, then don’t worry because this article has got you covered for the best robotic pool cleaners.

1. Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner

Editor’s Pick
  • Built-in weekly timer
  • No setup is required
  • Two filter sizes available
  • Auto shutoff feature

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Maintaining and cleaning a pool is serious labour. Miracle robotic pool cleaners such as Dolphin Nautilus have been game-changer. This high-end pool cleaner is an ingenious automated device.

This pool cleaner needs no help from its human companion as you only need to plug it in and drop it in the water. The cleaner is a great pick for in-ground pools that are up to 50 feet long.

It also works great with a variety of pool shapes including kidney-shaped, circular, rectangular, and more.

The Nautilus has a programmable display screen with an automatic shutoff feature. It will go to sleep once its work is done, saving you energy.

The cleaner’s design is compact with a strong body attached to a 60-foot long cable. Its swivel feature allows it to move freely without tangling.

When it comes to navigational and cleaning capabilities, this robotic pool cleaner has one of the best. It has impressive wall-climbing abilities with three-point turns which allows it to reach every nook and corner.

This cleaner is an independent cleaning machine with smart features. Notable features such as CleverClean technology, two sets of large filters, and a Multi-Function Power Supply makes this cleaner worth all your money.

With its programmable scheduling, now you don’t even have to worry about your pool cleaning schedule. 


  • Swivel cable
  • Full pool coverage
  • No set up required
  • Large filters


  • Struggles with cleaning steps

2. Zodiac MX6 In-Ground Pool Cleaner

Best Value
  • Low flow design
  • Almost full coverage
  • Cyclonic suction
  • Quick-connect swivelling hoses

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The Zodiac is a powerful robotic pool cleaner with the latest cyclonic suction technology. This technology allows the MX6 to scrape off dirt due to the cyclonic suction that agitates debris.

When it comes to enhanced performance, the credit goes to its low flow design. At a lower flow rate, the cleaner saves energy and runs efficiently even if you have variable or 2-speed pumps. 

One of the better features of this pool cleaner is the easy setup. This is all thanks to the quick connect hose. The hoses section has a twist style locking mechanism which allows for easy linking and they also connect using a swivel.

Another impressive feature is the almost full coverage of your pool. The Zodiac covers your pool’s walls and floors by using the X-Drive navigation. Also, it offers better mobility and traction because it is fitted with a pair of tracks.

The Zodiac also has an adequate filtration system as it is an ideal robotic cleaner for small to medium-sized debris. Its aggressive wall climbing due to the articulating turbine blade makes sure that the robot is getting even the toughest of dirt and debris from your pool. 


  • Automatic navigation system
  • Works at lower pump RPMs
  • Cyclonic technology for powerful suction
  • Cleans floors and walls adequately


  • Does not clean steps well
  • Gets stuck in some areas

3. Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner

Best Budget
  • CleverClean technology
  • Multiple filter options
  • Dual scrubbing powerful brushes
  • Easy to use

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The highlight of this Dolphin pool cleaner is its extensive filtration and navigation system. Like the most recent Dolphin robotic cleaners, this one also features the latest CleverClean technology.

All you need to do is to plug your cleaner and put it in the pool. The advanced technology helps it to come up with an algorithm that offers maximum pool coverage.

This not only helps it cover the walls and the floor but also the waterline which many cleaners miss.

When it comes to attacking dirt and debris, this pool cleaner is ahead in line. It attacks tough debris with its powerful dual scrubbing brushes. Within three hours, it can clean from your pool floor to walls and even the waterline.

The advanced multi-media filtration system in the Dolphin Premier Robotic Cleaner allows you to have three filter options. These include a large fine filter bag, ultra-fine cartridge filter, and bottom-load fine cartridge filters.

Unlike ordinary cleaners, the Dolphin Premier has a patented anti-tangle swivel technology. This means that it can reach down to clean the tightest of corners with great precision without getting interrupted due to tangling. 

You get to enjoy the convenient cleaning of in-ground pools of up to 50 feet with smart features.


  • Continuous rubber tracks
  • Three different filtration options
  • Cleans walls, floor, and waterline
  • Best anti-tangle swivel
  • Built-in obstacle avoidance


  • Filtration bags can be hard to clean

4. Polaris F9550 Robotic Pool Cleaner

  • Lift system for easy removal
  • ActivMotion sensor navigation
  • Vortex vacuum technology
  •   Motion sensing remote

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Who has wondered we’d be cleaning our pools with smart robotic cleaners? Well, with Polaris, you’d be cleaning your pool with an inspirational aquadynamic design device.

The Polaris 9550 comes packed with intelligent features. Starting from its design, the 9550 is equipped with a four-wheel-drive system and a tangle-resistant cable.

This allows the cleaner to climb walls and clean sides while it dislodges debris aggressively with the help of its two grey scrubbers.

Coming to the smart tech, the 9550 is equipped with the ActivMotion sensor technology which helps it to determine the best cleaning path around obstacles.

When it comes to cleaning power, this cleaner is fitted with remarkable Vacuum Vortex technology. This technology helps in removing patches of dirt and break larger debris due to the vortex action.

The cleaning performance is accommodated by other helpful functions such as an easy-lift system and using the motion-sensing remote.

Even though the robot struggles with speed a bit, it is still able to reach debris in tight corners and under the stairs with the help of its rear water propulsion system. 

Hence, along with this, you get to enjoy easy filtration cleaning, a weekly programmable timer, and isolated tile line scrubbing.


  •  Superior cleaning performance and suction
  • Filter canister can be easily cleaned
  • Easy lift system
  • Waterline only cleaning cycle
  • Intelligent programming options


  • Struggles with speed control

5. Dolphin Triton Robotic Pool Cleaner

  • Energy-saving and efficient
  • Lightweight
  • Large top-loading filter basket
  • Weekly cleaning schedule

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We all know how noteworthy Dolphin pool cleaners are, but the Triton is a level ahead. The Dolphin Triton is loaded with powerful suction and impressive scrubbing power.

The key features include Triton’s PowerStream technology. This allows the cleaner to have a powerful grip on walls, especially vertical walls. The series of jets installed allows the robot to move in multiple directions with ease.

The Triton PS is all about strict cleaning and filtration. That’s why it is equipped with ultra-fine dual filters for fine and coarse debris. Moreover, the top-loaded dirt basket is easy to clean and reinstall.

Moving on to the navigational capabilities, the Triton is provided with CleverClean navigation technology. This means that the cleaner will follow the quickest and most efficient cleaning path without missing an inch.

The Triton has a very sustainable design as it does not depend on either the pool’s pump or filtration system. Even though it is an independent and energy-saving machine, it can get tangled due to the lack of anti-tangle swivel function. 

However, the robot quickly makes up for its shortcoming with its lightweight and easy-to-use design. You can easily remove it from the pool with its quick water release feature.

Furthermore, you can also set the cleaner for a weekly cleaning schedule. The robot will automatically clean the pool on its own.


  • Easy to carry and lightweight
  • PowerStream technology for extreme mobility
  • Weekly cleaning schedule
  • Ultra-fine dual filter system
  • CleverClean navigation technology


  • Does not have a cord swivel function

 6. Aquabot X4 Robotic Pool Cleaner

  • Extreme grip and mobility
  • Advanced filtration system
  • Anti-tangle swivel
  • Easy to program

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When you need a robotic pool cleaner that’s value for money then this one should be on the top of your list.

A perfect cleaner for both in-ground and above-ground pools, the Aquabot is fitted with powerful motors and industry-standard pumps. They ensure top-notch performance with a speed of 85 gallons per minute!

Apart from high-speed, the Aquabot is equipped with advanced rotating micro brushes for thorough cleaning. It sweeps away tough debris and dirt stuck to the bottom and the walls.

The Aquabot easily reaches and cleans the waterline and tough corners as it has a long 60-foot floating cable. The robot cleans without getting tangled as its cable is connected to a 360-degree rotating swivel.

Your pool gets an intense deep clean from Aquabot as its ultra-fine filtration system doesn’t let single debris slip away. With a filter size of just 2-microns and two baskets for debris collection, you can even forget about bacteria.

For easy transportation, the Aquabot also comes along with a robot caddy. All in all, you can expect the Aquabot to give your pool a thorough clean with powerful scrubbing, excellent wall traction, and fine filtration.


  •   360-degree rotating swivel
  • 4-wheel drive system
  • Ultra-fine filtration system
  • Fitted for both in-ground and above-ground pool
  • Industry-standard pump and motor


  • Not good with cleaning steps

7. Dolphin E10 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

  • Above-ground pool cleaner
  • Active brushing and smart navigation
  • Energy-saving
  • Quick water release

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If you’ve been looking for a powerful robotic pool cleaner for above-ground pools up to 30 feet, then you’ve come to the right review.

Dolphin E10 is a smart gadget that comes at an extremely affordable price compared to its peers. It is incredibly lightweight with a compact design.

This durable and robust robot cleaner is equipped with the latest CleverClean technology. It consists of a series of sensors that calculate the robot’s best path for efficient cleaning

Furthermore, this consumes less energy and time. Following the best cleaning path, the robot traps debris and dirt in its top accessible filtration system. The filter canister is easy to remove and clean.

One of the better-highlighted features of this robot is its active scrubbing. The E10 uses a single rotating brush that moves fast enough to scrape off dirt and algae from the pool floor and corners.

The E10 is extremely efficient as it does not require any additional hoses or pumps to clean your pool. It works quickly and can clean your pool in just 1.5 hours! 

You can definitely rely on its highly efficient tracks, one-button operation, and instant water release system. All these features make the E10 incredibly easy to use.


  • Top-access filtration system
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Good for above-ground pools
  • Patented swivel technology
  • Active scrubbing for efficient cleaning


  • Unable to climb stairs

8. AIPER Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

  • Fine climbing
  • Anti-rollover technology
  • Built-in large filter basket
  • Automatic cleaning feature

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The AIPER robotic pool cleaner is all about speed and deep cleaning. This powerful robot filters over 80 gallons of water per minute! Not only that but its fine filtration system is top-notch as well.

Starting off with the most notable features, we have automatic cleaning modes. The AIPER comes with three cycles which include 1, 2, and 3-hour cleaning cycles which offer different levels of cleaning.

Many advanced robotic cleaners lack good wall-climbing capabilities. However, when it comes to manoeuvrability, you can rely on this cleaner to climb walls effortlessly. Its rubbery tracks pull all that dirt and debris from the surface.

The robot’s wall climbing capabilities when combined with its PVA roller brush give you a very thorough cleaning experience. The brush helps with removing contaminants from the pool’s liners which are then pulled into the 80+ GPM vortex.

The particles picked up by the robot then go through its dual filtration system. It catches from oversized debris to ultra-fine particles. The large built-in filter baskets are accessible from the top which makes them easy to clean. 

The AIPER robotic cleaner is incredibly easy to set up and use. It also comes along with a tangle-free swivel.


  • An climb without falling over
  • PVC brushes for extra scrubbing
  • Two large filter baskets
  • Three different cleaning cycles
  • Powerful, inexpensive pool cleaners


  • No remote control

9. DOLPHIN Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner

  • Gyroscope enabled mapping
  • Good for all in-ground pools
  • Three high-performance motors
  • Dual scrubbing brushes

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The Dolphin Sigma is a highly sophisticated pool cleaner that is compatible with in-ground pools of all shapes. This cleaner is more efficient, smart, and powerful than its siblings.

Let’s first discuss its highly intelligent features which include Smart Mapping and Gyroscopic Navigation.

This technology helps in scanning the pool for better cleaning and the Sigma has the latest version. This means that it offers more precise cleaning patterns.

Another feature that helps in manoeuvring and mapping is the gyroscopic navigation system. This feature equips the cleaner with better location-awareness as well as an improved ability to tilt and turn.

The Sigma maps the pool accurately and then uses its triple motor system to thoroughly clean your pool. It uses its strong-grip independent tracks and high-performance suction system to clean your pool in no time.

Moreover, its mobility is highly impressive as it can move effortlessly over slippery surfaces and crawl and turn with great ease.

The Dolphin Sigma is a highly capable cleaner that offers dual filters with easy cleaning. Also, it has a 360-degree swivel cable, so your robot is tangle-free for cleaning.


  • Offers Bluetooth connectivity
  • Smart mapping saves time
  • Large top-load dual filtration system
  • Programmable weekly timer
  • Dual-active scrubbing brushes


  •  Trouble cleaning steps

10. Hayward SharkVac Robotic Pool Vacuum

  • Programmable cleaning cycle
  • Run’s separately from the pool’s pump
  • QuickClean patented technology
  • High-performance steering

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Suitable for in-ground pools up to 20 x 40 feet, the Hayward cleaner has powerful suction, and high-performance cleaning. It not only gives you maximum coverage area but is also extremely energy efficient.

With its patented technology, the robot covers your pool’s tightest corners, floor, walls, and even the waterline.

One of the best features this cleaner offers is that it runs separately from the pool’s filtration system and the pump. This saves both time and money by reducing filter backwash frequency.

When it comes to the filtration system, the cleaner offers specifically designed fine porosity filtration components. Since it has top-accessible filters, you can easily remove the cartridge and clean it even with a garden hose.

Even though the cleaner does not have an anti-tangle swivel function, its smart steering technology allows it to follow an efficient pattern to clean your pool within 2 hours. 

You can have a very useful robotic pool cleaner as you can enjoy fine mesh filtering, deep cleaning, and energy-saving.

The Hayward is extremely easy to use and setup as well. You don’t need to connect any extra hookups, hoses, or even pumps. You just let it scour the pool and do the magic!


  • Removable top-access filter
  • Runs separately from the pool’s pump and filtration
  • High-performance and fast steering
  • Easy to set up
  • Programmable cleaning cycle


  • Does not anti-tangle swivel

Buying the Best Robotic Pool Cleaner

You should consider the following factors and features for buying the best robotic pool cleaner. 

Size and Type of Pool

The first thing to consider before buying a robotic pool cleaner is your pool’s size and type. Why? Because you can’t bring home an in-ground pool cleaner when you have a small above ground pool.

Different robotic pool cleaners are specifically designed for different pool shapes and sizes. For instance, there are a few cleaners in the market that are designed for both in-ground and above ground pools.

However, if you put an above-ground cleaner in an in-ground pool that it won’t do you much good. For in-ground pools, powerful robotic cleaners are the best, especially those which are fitted for pools up to 50 feet or so.

Filtration System

The second most important thing to consider is the filtration system of the cleaner. This generally includes the rate with which the cleaner is filtering the water.

You must check the Gallons per hour (GPH) of the robotic cleaner. If it’s too low then the cleaner would take longer to clean your pool.

Another factor you must look out for is the type of filter in your pool cleaner. Most robotic pool cleaners have removable cartridges that trap dust and debris.

You should opt for a cleaner that offers top-accessible filters. This means that you can easily remove them, clean them, and then reattach them easily.

Climbing and Maneuverability

If your robotic cleaner is always falling over and doesn’t climb well, then it’s no use buying one. That is why you must select a pool cleaner that has good manoeuvrability.

It should easily climb walls and stairs to get the dirt and debris in difficult places out. A good robotic pool cleaner will not only clean the walls and the floors but would also clean the stairs and the waterline.

Programmable Timer

This may not seem like an important feature at first but believe me, you should not overlook it. The reason you are getting a robotic pool cleaner is to get the laborious work of cleaning the pool yourself off your hands.

If your cleaner is not fully automatic, then you won’t be freeing up your time. Therefore, you should look for a model that has an adequate programmable timer and scheduler.

Many models come with almost three programmable options. You can schedule your cleaner daily, twice, and three times per week. This also saves your time and money as a programmable timer makes the cleaner energy efficient.

Anti-tangle Feature

Most robotic pool cleaners have a power cord attached to them while they clean. This not only powers the cleaner but also makes it energy efficient.

However, without the swivel design to prevent tangling, the cleaner’s cable usually gets tangled which causes hindrance in cleaning. Therefore, before buying a robotic pool cleaner, you must make sure that it has the anti-tangle swivel feature.

Without this feature, you’ll be stuck untangling your cleaner every time you put it in the pool. Why buy an automatic cleaner when you’ll have to do the heavy lifting?


A pool day means spending time with your family and having a relaxing swim. This is only possible if you have the best robotic pool cleaner to do the laborious and time-consuming work of cleaning the pool. 

A robotic pool cleaner is your ultimate getaway from maintaining your pool if you love to take a swim every day. Therefore, you should buy a cleaner that is fully automatic, intelligent, and offers full coverage. 

FAQ’s about the Best Pool Cleaners

What is the Best Robotic Pool Cleaner?

Here is a list of the top rated robotic pool cleaners as per our rating;

  1. Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner
  2. Zodiac MX6 In-Ground Pool Cleaner
  3. Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner
  4. Polaris F9550 Robotic Pool Cleaner
  5. Dolphin Triton Robotic Pool Cleaner
  6. Aquabot X4 Robotic Pool Cleaner
  7. Dolphin E10 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner
  8. AIPER Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner
  9. DOLPHIN Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner
  10. Hayward SharkVac Robotic Pool Vacuum

Why should I use a robotic pool cleaner?

A robotic pool cleaner uses superior technology and cleaning features to clean your pool and get rid of debris of all sizes. There are many benefits related to using a robotic pool cleaner.

They not only always save time and energy but also keep your pool hygienic. They are low maintenance and operate almost automatically. They have an efficient filtration system along with the ability to operate independently of your pool’s pump and filtration.

Should I choose a robotic pool cleaner without an anti-tangle swivel function?

It is recommended that you choose a robotic pool cleaner that has a swivel function. The power cord connected to the cleaner allows it to clean the pool efficiently. However, without the swivel function, it can easily get tangled in its cord which can cause hindrance in the cleaning operation.

How should I maintain my robotic pool cleaner?

Robotic pool cleaners are mainly low maintenance that’s why they are a popular choice for cleaning pools. Even so, every now and then maintaining your pool cleaner will help it run for top-notch performance every time.

Starting with the brushes, you should clean the main brushes almost regularly so that there isn’t anything stuck to hinder their movement. After that, you should always empty out the contents of the filter bag.

What kind of filter should my robotic pool cleaner have?

Most robotic pool cleaners feature either dual or multi-media filters for collecting dirt and debris. You should choose a cleaner that offers ultra-fine filtration. The easiest ones are top-accessible large cartridges because they are easy to clean. All you have to do is to remove the filter from the top, empty the contents, wash it with a hose, and put it back in.

How efficient is the navigational technology in robotic pool cleaners?

Without a proper navigational system to guide the robotic cleaner, it will only be moving in random directions and it will take forever to clean the pool.

That is why many cleaners are equipped with the latest navigational technology which not only helps them clean in a proper pattern but also suggests the most efficient cleaning path.

They are fitted with distance and touch sensors that navigate around obstacles and walls. Even more sophisticated models are provided with intelligent cleaning modes for precise cleaner.

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