10 Best Rice Cooker Consumer Reports & Reviews 2023

Cooking rice with its perfect texture, flavor, and aroma doesn’t always need a chef; when you can complete this task with a well-built electric rice cooker.

This innovative pot lets you serve fluffy rice each time without getting it burned, wasted, over/undercooked.

You can hunt a rice cooker that can cook all rice varieties from white rice to brown rice, from sushi to jasmine rice. A multi-purpose range lets you cook two meals at the same time in one pot.

Smart cooker technologies like fuzzy logic, induction heat, microprocessing, etc., aim to cook rice at an even heat level while constantly monitoring pressure and temperature.

This monitoring tech allows you to taste restaurant-quality rice at home.

Depending on your family size, you can buy a smart rice cooker from five cups capacity to thirty cups. Whether you like to work with a slow cooker, pressure cooker, or rice cooker, today’s review of the best rice cooker includes every type.

From one-touch operation to multi-menu, advanced cookers offer you a chance to cook with a lot of conveniences. Even I added some cookers that can help you saute, steam, and make delicious porridge in only one pot.

Let’s get to know the top 10 best rice cookers that can make a big difference in your daily menu.

10 Best Rice Cooker Reviews

Here is a list of top rated rice cookers as per our ratings;

1. Zojirushi NP-HCC10XH Induction Rice Cooker

Editor’s Pick
  • Multi-menu cooking options
  • Delay timer (2 settings)
  • Triple heater for even heat
  • High-tech Induction Heating technology

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Are you taking steps toward a healthy diet and lifestyle? This rice cooker by Zojirushi is well-designed to meet your needs as through it, you can cook not only white rice but also brown rice, sushi rice, GABA rice.

The cooker is integrated with induction heat technology where the coil inside the appliance warms up its pot, spreads heat evenly, and helps you cook an exceptional rice taste. Multi-menu functions allow you to choose ingredient-specific timing and heat.

For example, when you select the GABA Brown setting, the pot’s heat will rise to about 104°F for 2 hours. Your rice not only cooks, but it retains all the healthy nutrients that you need to relieve your stress and improve kidney functions.

This induction rice cooker is featured with automatic keep warm and extended keep warm with which you can keep your rice at perfectly served temperature. No matter what product you want to cook, it’s easy to use an orange LCD control panel that allows you to choose your preferred setting and set a timer.

By default, you will get a melody signal when rice cooking begins, but you can change it to either silent or beep mode. You can remove and clean its stainless steel lid. Clear Coat on the exterior of this device, let you complete the clean-up operation with a damp towel.


  • Easy to Use the LCD control panel
  • Clear-coated stainless steel exterior
  • 1-year limited warranty on parts and labor
  • Extended and automatic keep warm


  • The cooking pan does not have handles

2. Tiger JAX Micom Rice Cooker

Best Value
  • Micom technology
  • Rice/slow cooker and steamer mechanism
  • 10 cooking settings
  • Non-stick coating

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Do you need a rice cooker plus a slow cooker? Why spend money on two different things when a Japanese company Tiger offers you both features in one kitchen appliance. Tiger JAX-T10U Micom Rice Cooker lets you not only cook rice but also steam vegetables with its Tacook Plate.

You can have 10 cooking settings in this cooker that lets you steam vegetables, cook multi-grain, turn this device into a slow cooker, and do other stuff besides fluffy rice cooking.

Non-stick inner coating and removable steam cap will make this cooker easy to clean. You can enjoy two preset cooking timers for up to 24 hours.

Once your rice is ready, the cooker will work automatically on its keep-warm setting that keeps rice warm till you serve them for up to 12 hours.

You can buy this Micom technology rice cooker in two sizes; one lets you cook 5.5 uncooked cups while others are designed for prominent families, and with it, you can have the capacity of 10 uncooked rice.

Inside the package, you will get some accessories such as Inner Pan and Tacook Plate, steam vent cap, spatula, ladle, and a measuring book.

If you like to try two recipes in the same pot, then take some recipes and instructions from the Tacook cookbook, which brands offer free inside this pack.


  • Multifunctional cooker
  • Removable steam cap
  • Made in Japan- high quality
  • Adjustable Cooking Time


  • Non-retractable power cord

3. Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker

Best Budget
  • Advanced Neuro-Fuzzy logic technology
  • Wall mountable
  • Retractable cord
  • Multi-menu settings

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This rice cooker is a gift of modern technology to those avid rice fans who want to cook all varieties of rice just right.

Thanks to the Neuro-Fuzzy technology of this rice cooker, you won’t have to do much as this cooker will decide what level of heat is required for a specific period. You don’t have to guess anymore as this technology will set a timer and heat as per rice.

Its multi-menu settings allow you to cook white rice (hard/soft), sweet rice, porridge, brown rice, semi-brown, and brown rice. Cooking all kinds of rice is a feature that sets it apart from other types of cookers.

Once your rice is ready, an automatic keep-warm option keeps your rice at a suitable serving temperature; you can extend this time by using an LCD timer and clock. There is also a reheat cycle for rice that you cooked before.

This fuzzy-logic tech rice cooker comes with a spherical inner pan whose design brings even heat to rice and cooks it at a uniform rate. It might seem a bit more expensive than other cookers, but this extra price is worth it because you never end up with burned or overcooked rice with this device.

Inside this pack, you will find a rice spoon holder, recipes, nonstick scooper, and two measuring cups. The capacity of this cooker is 5 cups (uncooked).


  • Spherical inner cooking pan for even heating
  • Convenient detachable inner lid for easy cleaning
  • Easy removal with Stay-cool side handles


  • Take more time than a regular cooker

4. Breville BPR700BSS Fast Slow Pro Slow Cooker

  • Multi-cooker Slow Fast Pro
  • 3 Way Safety System
  • Precise Pressure 12-pressure settings
  • Pressure cook or slow cook

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This Breville multi-cooker offers the best value for money because you can cook food both at slow and high pressure. It brings 11 pressure cooking settings so you can cook chicken, steam vegetables, and have your perfectly flavored brown or white rice. A custom pressure setting option is also available so that you can set it for your favorite recipe.

The cooker display is quite intuitive; it will change the light to tell you whether the cooker is releasing, cooking, or pressuring. After cooking, the keep warm option automatically turns on to make your food entirely ready to serve.

You can check the pressure indicator, timer, steam release indicator, and temperature on this display. Eight pressure levels are ranging from 1.5 psi to 12 psi.

Its inner nonstick bowl is removable and has PTFE and PFOA-free ceramic coating, so you can use it without raising any health concerns. With a capacity of 6 quarts, this cooker is suitable for a medium family.

This pro cooker’s cord is detachable so that you can store it with cooker accessories like a stainless rack, stainless-steel steamer basket, and a recipe book.

The concept of working with pressure cooking is disturbing for many people; thereby, Breville adds value to this cooker by offering three safety features like a safety locking lid, hands-free auto steam release, and safety valve.

Cleaning this brushed stainless steel cooker won’t be a challenge as you can remove its lid and give it a quick wash in the dishwasher.

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  • User-Friendly LCD screen
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher Safe Removable Lid
  • Automatic settings


  • You can’t remove the ring easily for cleaning

5. Instant Pot Duo Electric Pressure Cooker

  • Combine Seven Appliance in One Pot
  • Advanced microprocessor technology
  • Built-in Safety Features
  • 14-one-touch Cooking functions

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When you live in a small apartment or dorm, you can’t have too many appliances due to a small area. However, you can’t give up on your favorite meal.

Therefore, it’s suggested to replace one pot that can replace seven pot in your kitchen. Sounds promising! Isn’t it? Yes, I’m talking about 7-in-1 Instant Pot.

It is a smart electric pressure cooker that will work as a slow cooker, rice cooker, pressure cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, warmer, and saute. You can cook healthy food at a faster rate with this pot.

Save your time and energy and buy this cooker that lets you enjoy 14 built-in meal plans for sauteing, soup, steam, rice, multigrain, slow cook, yogurt, poultry, bean, meat, and pasteurized.

Press one button and let this smart cooker decide what level of heat and pressure is good enough to quickly cook your favorite dish. And best of all, it completes its operation quietly. No one will know in your neighborhood that you are using a pressure cooker.

Its stainless steel inner pot is super durable and easy to clean. The exterior brushed finish is fingerprint-resistant. A lid holder makes pot handling convenient.

The advanced embedded microprocessor technology continuously monitors pressure and temperature to adjust time and heat accordingly.

You can download a free Instant Pot application on your device to access countless delicious recipes that you can make in this pot.

This Smart cooker is integrated with ten plus safety features such as a safety lock, overheat protection, etc., to deliver you a safe cooking experience. It comes with a 6 quarts capacity, ideal for six people.


  • Cook fast without compromising taste
  • Finger-print resistant exterior finish
  • Easy to Clean the inner pot
  • Detachable cord
  • Free Recipe app


  • The position of the steam release valve is not correct

6. Aroma Housewares Commercial Rice Cooker

  • 60 Cup Capacity
  • Stainless Steel Lid
  • One-Touch Operation
  • Durable

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Do you need a rice cooker for a big family? Accessorize your kitchen with Aroma Housewares. It brings 30 cups uncooked capacity, which means getting 60 cups of cooked rice is nothing but a breeze with it. Most advanced rice cookers are meant for small families and couples, but this is a remarkable exception.

One-touch technology allows you to add all the ingredients and tap it on, and you will get fluffy rice all the time. The big plus of this rice cooker is that it delivers a restaurant-style rice taste.

This model is a part of a commercial rice cooker line. Therefore you can expect exceptional quality and taste- the one you used to get in hotels.

An aroma rice cooker is integrated with automatic sensors that monitor temperature and heat; once the rice is cooked, the machine automatically switches to warm mode. You can serve fresh and fluffy rice all day long.

People who want to master the cooking art should invest money in this one-touch operation rice cooker as they won’t have to experience rice burning, overcooking, or wastage problems. Its nonstick removable pot is easier to clean. You will also get a plastic stapula to serve the rice.

This rice cooker is designed with a stainless-steel lid and aluminum body that you can clean effortlessly after the cooking process completes. This heavy-duty model is super durable.


  • One-touch technology
  • Suitable for Big Families and Commercial use
  • Ease of Use
  • Two Rice Measuring Cups and Rice Paddle included


  • Doesn’t Switch to Warm mode Easily

7. Toshiba TRCS01 Cooker

  • 3D-cooking technology
  • The smart six-step cooking process
  • 7- pre-programmed setting
  • Time-saving option-quick rice

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Toshiba is a well-known brand that launched its first electric cooker in 1955; since that time, it has refined its cookers’ technology to make the user’s experience better and more delightful.

This Japanese-style rice cooker of Toshiba is integrated with 3D cooking technology where the steam-valve and inner nonstick pot preserve heat inside the pan to keep rice fluffy every time you serve them. The intelligent six-step cooking process is designed to make your life easier.

There are seven pre-programmed settings so that you can quickly cook mixed rice, white rice, porridge, short/long-grained rice, and brown rice. This pot is suitable for a big family as it can cook 12 cups of rice.

In case you want to make rice quickly, a quick rice feature will let you cook rice in half an hour and save your time. Once cooking is done, the automatic keep warm feature turns on and keeps your rice at its ideal warm temperature for up to 24 hours.

In case you are a working woman, make the most of the two programmable delay time features. Pour all ingredients into the cooker, set the timer, and your rice will be ready when you get back home after work. You can remove large steam vents to prevent messy overflow.


  • 24 Hours Auto Keep Warm
  • 2 Delay Timer Settings
  • 6 Cups Uncooked
  • Easy Mobility
  • Detachable Inner Lid and Vent


  • Not suitable for cooking brown rice fast

8. COMFEE Asian Style Rice Cooker

  • Multi-Menu Cooker
  • 24-hour delay timer
  • 10-cup capacity
  • Safety features

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Making a perfect rice cooker all the time is made possible with this multifunctional rice cooker that follows a six-step intelligent rice cooking process. You can’t just make perfectly flavored rice but delicious pasta, saute, steamed veggies, soup, stew, porridge, and much more.

The steam valve and inner pot preserve the steam to simmer your cooked rice, so you don’t get dry rice when auto warm heat turns on.

You have 17 digital settings to choose from its LED Smart Digital Panel, which is easy to use and read. You can save your cooking time with its 24-hour delay timer. You don’t need to reheat the cooked rice for serving as it will automatically switch to keep warm for up to 12 hours.

It’s a non-stick inner pot made from BPA-free food-grade material, so use it freely without worrying about health issues. This multifunctional cooker operates under normal pressure and is considered a safer alternative to traditional pressure cookers.

Its cool-touch handle keeps your hand safe from burns. Inside the pack, you can have a steamer, rice cooker, measuring cup, and rice paddle.


  • User-Friendly LED Control Panel
  • Easy to clean
  • Cool-touch handle
  • 17 pre-programming cooking settings


  • Auto Warm function doesn’t work well

9. Zojirushi NHS-06 3-Cup Rice Cooker

  • Suitable for a small family
  • Single switch control
  • See-through glass lid
  • Durable inner cooking pan

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Do you want to make restaurant-style steamed rice at home? It’s possible with this compact NHS-06 rice cooker designed with only a three-cup capacity. A small family can make the most of this cooker. You can cook white and brown rice with it.

Make sure you follow water instructions written on your specific rice label to get the best results. Start its one-touch operation once you mix water with rice or butter and then cover the cooker. It takes thirty to forty minutes for white rice.

Once the rice is cooked, you can transport it easily with its stay-cool handle. It’s automatically switched to keep warm mode. Its inner non-stick pot makes cleaning a breeze.


  • Easy to Clean
  • Stay cool knob and handle
  • Stainless steel steaming tray and automatic keep warm


  • Not suitable for prominent families

10. Aroma Housewares Digital Rice Cooker

  • 2-8 cup capacity
  • 4-preset digital functions
  • Multifunctional

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Are you in the mood to invest money in a versatile rice cooker? Think of buying Aroma Digital rice grain cookers. You can make the most of this rice cooker by using it to create perfect fluffy rice and yummy steamed vegetables.

This user-friendly cooker brings 4-preset digital functions to cooking your vegetables, and cooking jambalaya with ideal texture and flavor will become a thing of the past.

The built-in steam function of this cooker will preserve your meal’s nutritional value, so you taste something healthy all the time.

For families on the go, a feature like a 15-hour delay timer is a blessing. They can take two to eight cups of rice for their family members with it.

Cleaning operation will be super quick due to its upgraded bonded granite nonstick inner pot, which is more durable than other pots available in the market. Inside the pack, you will get a cooker, nonstick pot, rice measuring cup, stapula, and a steam tray.


  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Built-in steam for a nutrient-rich meal


  • Inaccurate countdown timer

What Things to Consider Before Buying a Rice Cooker?

Keep in mind the following nine points when going for rice cooker shopping.


Every rice cooker comes with its specific capacity. You can make two to thirty cups of rice. If you have a big family, then go with a big capacity one. However, when you need it only for you and your partner, you can stick with a 4-6 cup capacity.

Ease of Use

Another thing to look out for in a rice cooker is its ease of use. Try to buy a rice cooker with an intuitive digital display, so you can get an idea of what’s happening inside the cooker. If you need to cook only rice, go with a one-touch operation cooker as they are simple to use.

However, when you plan to use a multifunctional one that can let you cook saute, pasta, stew, porridge, and much more. I suggest going with only a few functions because too many functions in one pot can affect its quality in the long run.

Types of Lid

Some cookers are designed with a see-through lid, so you can look at the rice to see what’s happening, while others have stainless steel ones. If you have a smart rice cooker with a digital display, go with stainless steel as it’s easier to clean.

Automatic Shut-off Function

The purpose of using an electric rice cooker is to protect your rice from overheating and burning. So, when you are out looking for a rice cooker, choose one that shuts off automatically. Fortunately, many cookers come with a warm function. So, you don’t need to monitor your rice constantly.


Always buy a rice cooker that is backed up with a warranty or guarantee. it’s an electronic device, so you should play safe to go with one that offers a backup plan.

Design and Build

Try to buy a rice cooker with a non-stick inner pot so that you won’t waste your rice due to a sticky pot. Also, go with one that lets you choose different settings like you can choose a function of soft or firm white rice.

Another primary consideration is the material used to make the model. Stainless steel models are a big plus as they are easy to clean. But you can also go with other quality material. Good quality material makes a model durable.


These days, you can buy a rice cooker with a stay-cool handle that makes transporting rice from pot to serving dish quite simple.


If you buy a multi-functional rice cooker, look out for accessories like a steam track, steam rack, inner pot, rice paddle, soup paddle, and measuring cups.

Ease of Cleaning

After cooking is done, cleaning is always a big hassle. However, it would help if you bought a cooking pot that is easy to clean. Also, look for a detachable cord so that you can clean the cooker effortlessly.

Many cookers come with a cast-aluminum pot that is difficult to clean. You should read the best cooker reviews to find out whether an inner pot is easy to clean or not. These days, manufacturers also offer pots that are dishwasher safe.


Buying a rice cooker means adding optimal levels of comfort into your life. Once you know the exact ratio of water and rice, you don’t have to stick with your kitchen all the time as an electric cooker will do the rest of the task for you.

Once your rice is ready, it will stay at a ready-to-serve temperature as most cookers have an automatic keep-warm function. With a multifunctional cooker, the possibilities of creating a healthy menu are endless; you can make pasta, saute, steam chicken/veggies, porridge, etc., with perfect texture and flavor.

I have created a review of the ten best rice cookers that include every type from slow cooker to pressure cooker. From an essential one-touch operation to a multi-menu, you have countless options to choose from. Get one that can make your life easier and super convenient.

FAQ’s about Rice Cookers

What are the Best Rice Cooker?

Here is a list of top rated rice cookers as per our ratings;

  1. Zojirushi NP-HCC10XH Induction Rice Cooker
  2. Tiger JAX Micom Rice Cooker
  3. Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker
  4. Breville BPR700BSS Fast Slow Pro Slow Cooker
  5. Instant Pot Duo Electric Pressure Cooker
  6. Aroma Housewares Commercial Rice Cooker
  7. Toshiba TRCS01 Cooker
  8. COMFEE Asian Style Rice Cooker
  9. Zojirushi NHS-06 3-Cup Rice Cooker
  10. Aroma Housewares Digital Rice Cooker

Is a Rice Cooker Worth it?

If you want to add an ounce of comfort into your routine life, then yes, a rice cooker is a worthy kitchen appliance. You don’t need to monitor rice constantly.

The big plus is getting perfect texture and flavor. When you want restaurant-style steamed rice all the time, it’s possible through this electric machine.

Why is the Japanese Rice Cooker Expensive?

They bring top-notch technology like induction heat or fuzzy logic. Constant temperature and heat are monitored in a smart electric cooker to provide you well-cooked rice all the time.

They often have intelligent features like a 3-safety level, a reheating cycle, and higher cup capacity. All those features boost up the price tag of a Japan-made rice cooker.

Are Rice Cookers Healthy?

Yes, they are. Many rice cookers have a preserving steam mode that keeps all the healthy nutrients of brown rice within your meal. Cooking rice in an electric rice cooker is a healthy and convenient life choice.

Does brown rice cook well in a rice cooker?

There was a time when electric cookers were good enough only for white rice. These days, new technologies have integrated into a rice cooker that allows you to cook brown rice in the best manner.

Why do you need a slow cooker?

This cooker takes more time and cooks food at low heat. When you want to taste tender meat, this cooker could be an excellent choice.

Can you cook soup in an electric cooker?

A multi-functional cooker allows you to cook a nutrient-filled soup in an electric cooker. Pick a cooker that preserves steam, so all the healthy nutrients stay within your yummy soup.

What is an Instant Pot?

Traditional-made pressure cookers are regarded as dangerous as they tend to explode due to pressure. The instant pot is a gift of modern technology where temperature and pressure inside the pot are monitored at optimal safety level.

People can cook food fast in an instant pot without thinking twice about safety use. Besides, an instant pot is a versatile cooker as it’s not only pressure-cooked but also slow cook, saute, and warm.

What’s the Point of Getting a Slow cooker?

It is a pot in which food cooks slowly at low temperatures. This slow cooking brings extra flavor to a meal. People who want to taste tender meat always opt for a slow cooker as it keeps all the vital nutrients of meat inside and delivers a juicy taste- which can’t be achieved in a fast cooking process. This machine is suitable for cooking stew, casseroles, and soup.

Why Use a Pressure Cooker?

A person can cut short the cooking time of a slow cook through a pressure cooker. When you want to use less power and plan to cook quickly, this product comes in handy.

You can reduce cooking time up to 50 percent while retaining all the essential nutrients of a meal. It’s a healthy cooking method.

What is Multicooker?

It is a kitchen appliance that you can use to cook a variety of meals. A rice cooker is designed to cook only white or brown rice. However, you can cook many other dishes in a multicooker such as stew, saute, steam fish, soup, etc.

Difference between a Stove-Top and an Electric-Pressure Cooker?

Stove-top pressure cookers always cook meals at a higher pressure than modern electric cookers. However, the former option is less safe as it’s not integrated with safety features like an electric cooker. When you are working with the stove-top version, you need to add more liquid to food.

Another difference is cooking time; the stove-top pressure cooker cooks a meal faster than the electric version. Therefore, there are chances of food sticking and burning more with this cooking mode.

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