7 Best Portable Ice Maker Consumer Reports & Reviews 2023

No more nagging to people to fill your ice cubes as you can have on-demand fresh and fast ice cubes at your home with the best ice maker. A drink tastes better only when you pour it over crystal-clear ice cubes-filled glass.

The freezer isn’t always a dependable Ice source, especially when you have a party in the house and everybody is searching for a tray of ice cubes.

You will soon realize an ice maker’s real value as party guests need a chill-drink experience to keep their mood on.

People like to spend money on ice makers as it produces Ice faster. Getting a tray full of ice cubes within seven to eight minutes is not magic anymore.

Many of these machines are made super compact, so you won’t have to sacrifice much space in your kitchen.

Their portability makes them a perfect kitchen appliance that you can take with you to plan to go for a roadside adventure or camping.

Besides, RV and boat owners can have their hands on a dependable ice cubes source with this machine, no need to start an ice cube search on deserted areas.

Today, I will share details of the seven best ice makers that can produce different ice cubes’ capacities at a faster race while allowing you to choose varied sizes and shapes.

Whether you are in a mood to get snowballs or bullet ice cubes, these machines can produce what you like and when you want.

7 Best Portable Ice Maker Reviews

Here is a list of top rated portable ice makers as per our ranking;

1. GE Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

Editor’s Pick
  • 1 lb of ice capacity every hour
  • Get Ice within 20 minutes
  • Chewable, flavor-saving nugget ice
  • Compact Design

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Whether you call it nugget ice or pallet ice, now it will be available at your countertop all the time with this compact ice maker machine design. There is a side tank that stores a block of Ice efficiently. It’s automatic smart fills keep Ice ready to use.

With its three pounds of ice capacity, it’s an excellent machine to use regularly. Moving this machine all around won’t be a challenge due to its portable design.

The best part of this design is the Bluetooth connectivity. You need to download an application on your device and set a proper schedule for your ice maker.

People who like to eat chewable, soft Ice would love to have a light, airy texture that melts quickly inside your cocktails, tea, and drinks while bringing the ultimate refreshment.

Within only twenty minutes, this powerful ice maker produces one pound of Ice every hour while storing three pounds at a time.

This ice maker uses modern technology to convert water reservoirs into soft snowballs. Unlike a traditional freezer that turns water into hard ice cubes, this machine scrapes ice flakes from the chilled stainless steel cylinder and then extrudes them through a round hole. Thereby, you get soft and chewable ice nuggets.


  • Bluetooth app for ice schedule setting
  • Portable design
  • Smart Refills


  • It’s a little noisy

2. Euhomy Ice Maker Machine

Best Value
  • Quiet cooling operation
  • Auto-cleaning system
  • Water recycling system
  • 40 lbs capacity per 24-hour

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If you are looking for an ice maker that runs quietly in your kitchen and delivers you ice readily, you should have your hands on the Euhomy ice maker. It produces Ice faster than other ice makers available in the market.

Getting forty pounds of Ice in 24 hours is made possible through this hi-tech machine, which is ideal to use at home and in an office or coffee bar.

Within 12-18 minutes, you can have a batch of 24 ice cubes ready to use. The best thing is you can decide about the thickness of cubes by manipulating their settings from its easy-to-use LCD Digital display. You can set a timer with up to an 8-hour delay.

In case your water reservoir is empty, you will see a visible indicator that tells you to fill the reservoir. This indicator will also light up when your ice bucket is full, and you can store it. If you press the timer for more than five seconds, an automatic cleaning process will begin. Amazing!

This stainless steel ice maker is designed with a water recycling system, so you don’t have to worry about melted Ice in the storage.

Once you fill the reservoir, it will produce five cubes’ cycles, where each cycle contains 24 cubes. If you don’t use 120 cubes, they will be re-used through this smart technology. This ice maker neither produces heat nor any annoying sound.


  • Easy to Clean and Transport
  • No noise and heat production
  • Easy to control through Digital display
  • Removable ice basket comes with a scoop
  • No drain needed


  • The storage bin is insulated but not cool

3. NewAir Portable Ice Maker

Best Budget
  • Produces 50 lbs of Ice per day
  • Automatic shut off, overflow protection
  • Three different ice size options
  • 18-hour timer

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Do you need a compact ice maker for your apartment? Think of buying a New Air Portable Ice Maker that comes with a large ice production capacity like you can get fifty pounds of Ice within 24 hours.

Getting 12 pieces of cubes every seven-minute is possible now. This stainless-steel machine has a compact look and design, so it would take less space, ideal to use in an apartment and RV.

Smart technology has been integrated into an ice maker. It’s clear digital display is easy to use and allows you to set an 18-hour time.

You can get three varied sizes of Ice from this machine so that you can chill different drinks and tea. The digital display turns on the indicator light when the reservoir is empty or when the ice bucket is full of ice cubes.

People who can’t clean ice maker daily always look for the low-maintenance ice maker, and indeed, this machine is the right choice as it has a self-cleaning option.

Its automatic shut-off makes sure that melted ice water doesn’t cause an overflow in your device, resulting in damage.

There is a convenient side drain plug that you need to unplug to empty the wastewater.
Inside the pack, you will get a removable ice basket from which you can scoop out required ice cubes through a scoop (also included ).


  • Empty-reservoir indicator
  • Easy to use Digital Display
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Removable ice bin and scoop
  • 1-year warranty


  • Buttons on the LCD Panel might not work sometime

4. Luma Comfort Portable Clear Ice Maker

  • 28lbs capacity per day
  • Empty water reservoir indicator
  • Simple two-button function
  • BPA-certified parts

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Do you need an extremely portable ice maker for your kitchen countertop? If yes, then grab one from Luma comfort. It is one of the top-rated ice-making machines as people can produce crystal clear ice of 28 lbs daily.

Clear ice doesn’t change the taste of your drink as it creates less frizz. You can taste a difference in your drink quality by mixing clear ice cubes produced by this machine.

Besides, clear ice melts slowly and lets you enjoy your favorite drink at your pace.
Working with this stainless steel compact machine is super simple; all you have to do is get familiar with its two-button operation.

An indicator will turn on to tell you when your machine needs more water, and when you need to empty your ice bucket.

The BPA-free parts make this ice maker a healthy choice for household use. You will add cubes to your drink without worrying that some harmful chemical may become a part of it. Extra thick insulation of this portable ice maker keeps ice cubes cold for a longer time.

Water from the melted ice drain will go back into the recycling system, and water will be used in the next batch of ice making.

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  • Produce Clear ice that melts slower
  • Get a new batch of ice every 10 minutes
  • Thick Insulation Ice cubes stay cold for longer
  • Water recycling system


  • No self-cleaning mode

5. Vremi Very Nice Ice Maker for Countertop

  • 26 lbs capacity per day
  • Empty water reservoir alert
  • Water recycling system
  • Automatic shut-off

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Making fast ice cubes was never so easy until Vermi Chill out its ice maker, and now you can produce a whop of 26 pounds of ice every day. People don’t like to buy small ice makers due to their annoying compressor noise.

However, Vermi knows how much a quiet cooling operation is meant to every person. Therefore they designed this compact unit with a noiseless mechanism. No one will notice that you have an ice-cube maker in your space.

You will get crystal-clear cylindrical-shaped ice cubes from this ice maker, which you can fill readily in your water bottle and have chilled water on the road. This new shape looks amazing and melts slower.

A 2.2 water reservoir is present below the ice basket, so if you forget to use some ice cubes, worry not because this reservoir turns melted ice water back into cubes for the next batch. This energy-efficient unit will not add any burden to your electricity bill.

As far as smart features are concerned, it will send you an alert if a water reservoir is empty or ready cubes need your attention. To prevent machine damage, it will turn off automatically when the basket is full.


  • Efficient cylindrical shape cubes
  • Easy to use
  • Energy-efficient- requires 120 watts
  • Warning lights


  • The internal basket doesn’t hold that much ice

6. Frigidaire Compact Ice Maker

  • Beautiful look and finish
  • Quiet cooling compressor
  • Two ice sizes
  • large bucket capacity

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Do you need an energy-efficient ice maker? Think of spending money on Frigidaire Compact Ice Maker. This machine doesn’t let any chemicals go into your ice cubes, so getting healthy ice cubes for your daily drink is quite possible now.

Make it a part of any small space like an RV, boat, dorm room, an apartment, and stop worrying about space compromise. You don’t have to install it, plug it in, and start getting tray-filled nine ice cubes every seven-minute.

Frigidaire has added a premium look to its ice-making machine with its sleek stainless steel design.

This silver machine boosts aesthetic appeal to your kitchen, where your guests will quickly get impressed by its large-see-through windows, which let you see when ice is ready. You can get 26 lbs of ice cubes a full day.

There are two different ice sizes to choose from; go with the one you like to dip into your drink. Quiet operation is guaranteed with its advanced cooling compressor. The ice bucket has a sufficient 1.2kg capacity.


  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Large see-through window
  • Design with the drain plug


  • Doesn’t Have any Insulation

7. Igloo Automatic Portable Ice Maker Machine

  • 3 Quarts tank capacity
  • Let you choose ice size
  • Control panel with indicator lights
  • Full Ice-bucket alert

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People who want to buy a quick ice maker should opt for Igloo because this brand has brought a premium-quality ice-making machine. Now you can have a tray filled with nine ice cubes within seven minutes.

Fill its water reservoir and get 26 pounds of ice the whole day, where water tank capacity is almost 3 quarts. You will get a cylinder able to shape efficient ice cubes that don’t melt quickly.

The digital display is easy to use; it will alert you about filling the water tank and dealing with ready ice cubes.

Besides, it will give you the freedom to choose the perfect size of your ice cubes. There is a transparent lid on the top of this machine, and through this lid, you can view ice cube capacity and ice-making operation.


  • Easy to use the ice maker
  • Produce a good capacity of ice
  • Transparent lid
  • Removable ice bucket and scoop


  • Doesn’t keep ice frozen for longer

Types of Ice Maker

Here are four different types of ice makers available in the market. Some are good for indoor-only, while others can be used indoors and outdoors.

  1. Undercounter ice maker: You can install these ice makers under the counter, and they blend beautifully with the existing kitchen theme and design. This machine offers extensive storage and production capacity. It is also named a built-in ice maker.
  2. Commercial Ice Machines: People who like restaurant-quality ice at home often invest money in commercial ice machines. However, they are large and take more kitchen space. You can have a large storage capacity from these machines. Besides, they offer a variety of ice shapes and sizes.
  3. Outdoor Ice Makers: This ice maker is suitable for an outdoor space. It is designed with a greater insulation capacity, and thus the machine can tolerate high temperatures. So, the ice stays frozen despite higher environmental temperatures.
  4. Portable Ice Maker: People use a portable ice maker for everyday use in their kitchen. It takes less space and produces good quality ice in a variety of shapes and sizes.

How to make the most of Portable Ice Maker?

Once you buy this machine, follow three tips to prolong its life.

Tip No.1 Fill it with filtered water

Don’t use tap water to cause mineral build-up inside your machine, which will become difficult to clean. Tap water has some minerals due to which ice comes out soft and clouded.

On the flip side, you will get clean, clear, and healthy ice cubes when you will use filtered water. Besides, it will keep your ice maker cleaner.

Tip No.2 Do Regular Cleaning

It would be best if you cleaned your ice maker regularly. If you don’t clean this machine, then water minerals will start building up and affect the device’s inner mechanism. Ice quality will be adversely affected when you don’t clean this machine once a week.

Keep it at Cool Place

Ice makers have an insulator, but to make the most of this machine, don’t keep it in a hot area, whose temperature should be between 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you put this machine in a heated area, it will consume more energy. Save your electricity bill for keeping the device in a cool place. Another benefit of this precaution is increasing the lifetime of your machine.

How to Choose The Best Portable Ice Maker? Check 9 Factors

Here are some points to keep in mind whether you are buying a portable ice maker for home or business use.

Ice Production

These days, ice makers are available in a variety of sizes. A compact-small size ice maker won’t produce ice as per the need of a big family. So, spend money on an ice maker that can help you fill your family or space’s needs.

On average, an ice maker can make 20 lbs to 35lbs. Some advanced technology ice makers often produce more. Also, buy a machine with a big storage bin size, so you have enough ice waiting to be used.

Production speed

Thanks to modern technology, you don’t have to wait much to get your desired shape ice cubes. Some machines can turn water into ice in less than 10 minutes.

The best portable ice maker is one that takes less time and fills up a full tray of 12 ice cubes so that you can serve a couple of drinks efficiently. The size of your ice maker also affects machine efficiency.

A compact model produces ice faster and colder. As it offers a small room for air to circulate, it keeps ice frozen longer than big ice makers.

Ice Shape and Size

These days, you can find ice makers that let you produce ice in various sizes and shapes. Go with one machine that offers a wide variety. Kids like to play with different shapes of ice as they think it’s fun. Adults need different ice shapes for other drinks.

Crescent ice cubes are useful to chill cocktail drinks as they melt at a slow pace. If you like to eat ice, nugget ice is softer and chewable. Large ice cubes melt at a lower rate, and therefore they are often used in restaurants.

Look and Design

When it comes to choosing an ice maker, you need to explore various designs such as white, black, stainless steel. You can have a bold touch to your kitchen with a black and red theme ice maker.

However, when you have stainless steel appliances in your kitchen, you should go with stainless steel as it blends beautifully with the rest of the appliance look. Besides, stainless steel makers are easier to clean.

Underside drain plug

When choosing an ice maker, ensure that it is designed with an underside drain plug. This feature will allow for easy and quick water draining.
You need to empty water with a drain plug for constant functioning and excellent performance of an ice maker.

Mesh filter

A classic ice maker doesn’t bring a mesh filter, and thereby natural minerals of water start building up inside the device. This production will affect ice production.

The quality of ice decreases over time. It’s better to spend money on an advanced ice maker that brings a mesh filter because it won’t cause water contamination inside the device, and thereby, ice quality won’t affect it.

In case you don’t have a mesh filter, you better use filtered water for your machine, so you always get crystal clear ice cubes.

When you have a mesh filter inside an ice maker, it will have a strong ability to prevent dust and other particles. Thereby, ice makers won’t get contaminated.

You can have ice cubes in their original taste, look, and aroma. For getting the best performance from an ice maker, you need to replace the mesh filter once a year.

Timer function

An advanced-level ice maker is integrated with a timer function. You can turn on and off the machine as per your desirable schedule.

It’s a useful function for tech-savvy people. A timer function lets you unit unattended and starts ice production at

Self-cleaning function

In many premium models of ice makers, you can find a self-cleaning function. If a machine doesn’t have this feature, you will have to clean the machine regularly, and maintenance becomes a burden. However, cleaning becomes more manageable with a self-cleaning function.

Insulation and Storage

You should know that an ice maker doesn’t work exactly like a traditional freezer. They have insulation levels but not precisely like a freezer.

Try to buy a machine that has built-in storage and recycling ice water processes. If you don’t use ice, it will melt over time, and water will be wasted without storage.

Pick an ice maker with an ice storage bin capacity because it lets you have the right amount of ice for keeping your drinks as cool as you want.


When it comes to making ice for parties and hot summer days, you can entirely rely on the best portable ice maker because it’s easy to use and transport. It’s designed to deliver a tray filled with ice cubes in less than ten minutes.

Ideal for use in compact spaces like apartments, RVs, dorm rooms, boats, a small kitchen. You can have your hand on contemporary designs that blend beautifully with your space theme and outlook.

You can save your freezer space for other food while getting an ice maker—best of all, no need to deal with any installation. Get the device, plug it in an outlet, and start enjoying a chilling life experience.

FAQ’s about Portable Ice Makers

What is the Best Portable Ice Maker?

Here is a list of top rated portable ice makers as per our ranking;

GE Countertop Nugget Ice Maker
Euhomy Ice Maker Machine
NewAir Portable Ice Maker
Luma Comfort Portable Clear Ice Maker
Vremi Very Nice Ice Maker for Countertop
Frigidaire Compact Ice Maker
Igloo Automatic Portable Ice Maker Machine

What size ice machine should I buy?

It all depends on your family’s needs. When you have a big family where kids keep opening a fridge whenever they want to chill their drinks, you should look for a big size machine.

An under-counter ice maker can produce more than an over-counter ice maker. So, go with one that can meet the family’s ice requirement every day.

How long should an ice maker last?

Typically, an ice maker lasts four to five years on average. You need to well-maintain an ice maker to increase its life. If you don’t clean it daily, it may last shorter. Some machines work well only within warranty time.

Why Do People invest money in an Icemaker?

A portable ice maker is a compact machine that doesn’t take much space in the kitchen but lets you enjoy ice as and when you need it.

If you host regular parties at your home, you can quickly handle guests’ rising ice requirements with this machine that can produce up to 35 pounds of ice every day.
• This machine is designed specifically for commercial use. Bar and coffee shops require ice regularly to meet their growing customer demand. A commercial ice maker can produce up to 300 pounds of ice every day. However, people have started ice makers for homes, RVs, and Motorhomes. When they need a constant supply of crystal clear ice, they rely more on an ice maker and less on a mini-fridge.
• A portable ice maker allows you to enjoy pure ice without sacrificing too much kitchen space, especially if you live in an RV or motorhome that doesn’t have room for a full-size refrigerator.
• Many people buy an ice maker for the office, where they can have a short supply of ice for juices and drinks they serve to their clients and friends.
• An RV and boat owner can’t find a dependable source of ice. Therefore he spends money on an ice maker so he can have a constant supply of ice on the go.
• If a person can have water and an electricity source during camping, then a portable ice maker can make a massive difference in this adventure.

How Does a Portable Ice Maker Work?

This mechanism of the machine is pretty simple. You fill fresh, clean, and filtered water in the reservoir. Plug the device and turn it on. This machine starts transforming ice into water.

It brings cool trays where it freezes water into different sizes and shapes of ice like bullets, nuggets, squares, crescent, etc. Ice fills up a storage bin that can be transferred to a freezer’s ice reservoir for later use.

How Long Does an Ice Maker take to make ice?

The amount of time depends on the machine you pick, its condition, and water quality. Usually, you can have a single batch of ice trays in 7-15 minutes.
You can store 2 pounds of ice from an ice maker while it has a production capacity of up to 35lbs every day.

Should I keep my ice Maker On all the time?

You turn on your fridge all the time, and you can do the same with an ice maker. However, you should know that ice makers’ insulation and the freezing process is not precisely like a freezer.

Once ice moves to the storage bin, it will start melting. Some machines have a recycling process where melt ice water is reused to create ice cubes in the next batch of ice so that water doesn’t get wasted.

However, when this recycling process is not a part of the machine, keeping an ice maker on time doesn’t make any sense. Please turn it on when you need ice, and turn it off later when you think there won’t be any such requirement.

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