7 Best Pool Heater Reviews Consumer Reports 2023

After the love of fast food, Americans are crazily in love with backyard pools.

Everyone wants their swimming season to extend indefinitely as it is a great way to have fun and bond with friends and family.

Nobody wants to wait for an entire season to take a dip in the pool. Why wait when you can get a quality pool heater for making the fun go on almost all year round.

There are many ways to heat a pool, but you should know which product is suitable for your pool. When buying the best pool heater, you should be careful about your pool capacity, type, and size.

Pool heaters are a great commodity when you don’t want to compromise on your pool parties and get-togethers. Therefore, you can choose from various heaters ranging from gas pool heaters to electric pool heaters.

10 Best Pool Heater Reviews

If you want an opinion before buying one, then check out the following the best pool heater reviews consumer reports with their complete guide.

1. Hayward W3HP21404T Pool Heat Pump

Editor’s Pick
  • 140,000 BTU heat pumps
  • Titanium made heat exchangers
  • Quiet scroll compressors
  • Corrosion-proof body panels

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Have great swimming fun even in winter now! Hayward W3HP21404T 140,000 BTU Pool Pump is a proficient, quiet and reliable source to make the pool toasty and cozy.

Hayward is a market-leading brand for its energy-efficient and convenient pool accessories. It is a dedicated brand for pool requisites, including cleaners, pool-pumps, pool-sanitizers, filters, lightening, and heaters.

A 140,000 BTU quantity of heat makes it suitable for large pools and pounds. Hayward heat pumps integrate the titanium-made heat exchangers for exceptional performance, even in extreme winter conditions.

Besides, these heat exchangers have resistance to deterioration, extraordinary energy, and well-tested pressure. The pool heater comes with a Fan Guard made up of Vinyl coatings to protect the main machinery from the exposure of dirt and other elements.

Hayward W3HP21404T infrastructure is made up of stainless steel that ensures that it is durable and resilient to corrosion pool heaters. The scroll compressor, along with the acoustic cover and profiled fan blade, performs quietly throughout the process. Fan blades play a vital role in airflow and maximum heat transfer.

Ultra Gold evaporator fins induce corrosion resistance in extreme weather conditions. Common plumbing connections sizing 2-2-1/2 fittings. The dual electronic thermostat displays the pool temperature, changeable set-points, as well as self-analytic codes makes it a remarkable pool heater.


  • Suitable for coastal environments
  • Heavy duty & compact size
  • Maximum heat transfers
  • Durable
  • Stainless steel body


  • Not suitable for small size pools

2. Hayward W3H250FDP H-Series Pool Heater

Best Value
  • 250,000 BTU Heat generates
  • Cupro Nickel made heat exchangers
  • Well-engineered hydraulic system
  • Digital LED Control Panel

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Enjoy a luxurious swimming experience season after season! Let us have a glance at another pool heater by Hayward known as the W3H250FDP H-Series Pool heater. A 250,000 BTU pool heater provides excellent heating performance over the years.

This model is equipped with cupro Nickel heat exchangers highly durable against speedy water, salt-based water, or high flow. In addition to longevity, you don’t need to worry about corrosion or rust on the fin plate.

It integrates a hydraulic polymer header to avoid damage in speedy water conditions. Moreover, this well-engineered hydraulic design saves efficient energy by reducing the circulation pump.

The best part is! A combustion system forces the air to pass through the combustion chamber at a constant rate. This will eliminate all the weather conditions outside the pool heater.

This model has a digital LED control panel to display current temperature, set-point for temperature, and diagnostics. The user interactive digital control saves money and time to get your desired pool temperature.

As per Consumer Reprots the overall installation process and the operating procedure are quick and simple. Users can increase the temperature by one degree with each press.


  • Resist high flow
  • Digital display Control
  • Easy to operate and setup
  • Resilient to corrosion
  • Durable


  • Heavy as compared to other models

3. FibroPool FH055 In Ground Pool Heater

Best Budget
  • Generate 55,000 BTU heat
  • Titanium made heat exchangers
  • Sleek design 16 X 40
  • Efficient energy 25 cents per hour

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Are you looking for a large capacity heater to prolong your swimming season? Here we have an option for you! Fibro pool is one of the recognized brands for pools, hot tubs, and supplies. Let’s explore one of its remarkable pool heaters known as FibroPool FH055 Inground Pool Heater.

FibroPool FH055 is a heavy-duty pool heater that produces 55,000 BTUs of heat for large size swimming pools. In the case of above-ground pools, it can heat a 15 x 30 oval-shape, and 22 inches rounded pools. It is well-suited for In-ground pools having a water capacity of up to 10,000 grams.

A high-pressure compressor along with titanium-made heat exchangers helps to achieve the coefficient of performance factor of 5.92. Better say, for each dollar, it will generate an output of 5.92x times heat.

Requires a 220-volt circuit on a 12-gauge to run properly. The installation process is quick and hassle-free as it takes about 20-25 minutes for fitting. The metal body coating is sturdy enough to last long and ready to face the weather elements. The additional extension cable will bring ideal accessibility.

This pool heater produces fewer emission gases. Therefore, it has less effect on the environment as compared to other traditional pool heaters. The digital panel controls let you operate the appliance in a more precise way.


  • Weather-proof outer
  • Slim design
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to control
  • Mounting options


  • Not compatible with 110 volts

4. Raypak PR266AEN

  • 266,000 BTU Heat Unit
  • Copper made heat exchangers
  • Above 105°F temperature.
  • Capron headers

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If you seek a top-notch quality and highly durable pool heater, then Raypak PR266AEN Natural Gas 266K BTU Heater is remarkable in this regard.

The entire infrastructure is strong and sturdy enough to withstand the aggressive water flow. This model has a polyester-coated outer shell that is extremely durable compared to the other aquatic or solvent base metal-coated shells.

The best part is! Each part of this metal sheet is well tested in a 7 stage water wash system to ensure that the paint coatings have a perfect bond. Under the perfect finishing of paint, you will find an electrified metal rust-proof and hard-wearing for years.

The wind-resistant properties require no fans to resolve the drafting issues. Its exclusive low profile design lets it install naturally in the swimming pools. Enjoy the flawless heating strength of the Raypak PR266AEN pool heater under various weather conditions, including wind, debris, falling leaves, sleet, snow, and others.

The cast-iron and ceramic headers waterways ensure the ASME tough requirements to be fulfilled. The heat exchanger tubes are composed of pure copper pieces. These fine copper tubes help to maintain the water temperature through a constant heat supply.

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  • Digital control LCD
  • 2 inches PVC plumbing fitting
  • Microprocessors to operate
  • Energy efficient
  • Sturdy metal outer


  • Expensive to buy

5. SunHeater S120U Solar Pool Heater

  • Utilize solar energy
  • Manual power source
  • DIY installation
  • The 6-100F rise in temperature

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Here we come with an inexpensive and cheap alternative to heat the pool. SunHeater S120U Universal Heating system is a budget-friendly and environment-friendly heating system.

The whole working mechanism uses the pool pump and filter to thrust water from the solar collectors. It takes the heat from the sun and heats the pool water. As the sun shines on the collectors, the water gets hots before it reaches the pool.

Patent design of solar plates enables the maximum exposure of sunlight directly to the heater. No need to pay extra pennies on fuel bills or buying a pool pump. This solar system integrates well with your existing pool system.

However, to heat the pool fully, you need a sunny day of at least six hours! The more your solar collectors are facing the sun, the more it will heat the water.

Customers’ feedback ratings and reviews about the performance of this solar heating system are positive that indicates that this pool heater works efficiently on sunny days. The installation process is simple and can be done by anyone who loves to do DIY jobs. Last but not least! This pool heater has an admirable tendency to reduce carbon radiations.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Low carbon radiations
  • Save money
  • No fuel
  • Integrate into the existing pool pump


  • Not suitable for extreme winter

6. Fafco Solar Cub Above Ground Pool Heater

  • Ideal for above ground swimming pool
  • Natural sunlight power source
  • 10 to 30-degree tilting system
  • Installation kit needed.

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No doubt! Heating a large above-ground swimming pool is quite challenging. Adds weeks to your season by using a FAFCO Solar Cub Above-Ground Pool heater.

FAFCO has attained the market due to its highly-functional and convenient pool accessories. The model under-discussion is a remarkable pool heating solution presented by this brand at affordable prices.

Nothing is cozier than making yourself toasty under the warm water inside a swimming pool. FAFCO Solar Cub Above-Ground Pool heater is a two feet wide and twenty feet long solar heating panel. Therefore, it works efficiently for large above-ground pools.

The reliable materials used in its manufacturing ensure its performance and durability. Moreover, you don’t need to overthink its installation process. It is convenient to mount by using its built-in mounting settings. You can install it either on a roof, rack, or ground.

Once you are done with the installation, this incredible system will warm up the pool as the water circulates through the solar heat collectors. For better results, it is advisable to tilt the angle of the solar plates towards the south direction from 10:00 am to 4:00 PM. Heat up your above ground pools by utilizing the nature gifted resource.


  • No fuel bills
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to mount on a rack or roof
  • Environment- friendly
  • Tilting angles for adjustment towards the sun


  • Not suitable for small size pools

7. Smart Pool S601 Solar Heaters

  • Polypropylene made panels
  • 20feet long and 4feet wide panels
  • Heatshield liquid
  • Easy to install

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Smart Pool heaters are performing exceptionally over the 20 years. Put your hands on SmartPool S601 Pool Solar Heaters and forget about water heating problems.

Heating panels are exceptionally durable and made up of polypropylene. These sturdy panels tend to raise the water temperature to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

It comes with a heat shield liquid to lock the maximum heat inside the pool by lowering the water evaporation process. For this purpose, add the prescribed amount of this liquor to your pool mentioned on the bottle markings.

The best part is! It works for both in-ground and above-ground swimming pools. It is a matter of minutes to remove or apply the solar brackets on the advance reeling. The direct flow system provides each heating tube with a header hole for proper heat supply.

These 80 square feet solar panels heat up a hundred gallons of water. The panels measurements are twenty feet long and 4 feet wide, ideal to raise the water temperature. In order to install it properly, you require an installation kit that is not included in the pack.


  • Free heat from the sun
  • 80 square feet of solar panels
  • Advance reeling
  • DIY installation
  • Raise temperature up to 15 degrees


  • Need to buy installation kit separately

Pool Heater Buying Guide

Choosing the right-sized pool heater

This feature is directly related to your pool’s size, and it is the most important one to consider when buying a pool heater.

The larger the pool, the more powerful the heater should be. Therefore, it is essential to know the overall capacity by calculating BTUs.

If you take the standard calculation into account, then usually per 10,000 gallons of water, heat pumps are 50,000 BTUs. There are separate calculations for gas, electric, and solar pool heaters.

For instance, if you have solar heaters, you can determine how many solar panels you need using the square footage of your pool.

Considering your climate

The weather conditions and climate of where you live play an important role in determining which pool heater is best for you.

For instance, you should use solar heaters if you live somewhere with lots of direct sunlight, such as in the southern states. You will save on gas and electricity bills if you have loads of sunlight throughout the year.

Similarly, you should go for gas pool heaters if you live in the northern states where the temperatures are extreme. Solar pool heaters in areas with prolonged winters would not be a good idea.

All in all, choosing the type of pool heater based on your climate is rather convenient if not necessary.

Considering the heating time

It may not seem as if it’s important to consider the healing time of a pool heater, but it is, in fact, an important feature to consider. Why? Because knowing your preferred heating time will help you determine your heater options.

For example, you want your pool temperature to be maintained quickly, but you went on and bought a solar heater. You did not consider the fact that solar heaters take days to maintain the pool temperature.

An electric heater, on the other hand, can heat the same pool within hours. Therefore, if you don’t need to use your pool regularly, then a solar heater would be great.

However, if you are running commercial pools or spa pools or even swim regularly, then electric and gas-powered heaters would do the trick.

How environmental-friendly your heater is

The increasing threat of climate change and global warming has led to many people becoming pro-eco-friendly. They prefer products that pose the least to no threat to the environment.

Therefore, when choosing the best pool heater, you should consider how eco-friendly the product is. For instance, solar and electric pool heaters are more eco-friendly than gas heaters.

Even though solar pool heaters entail virtually no emissions, they are the most obvious choice. However, you have to deal with their limitations. On the other hand, electric heaters are quick with low emissions, but their overhead cost is hefty.

Gas pool heaters have the highest greenhouse emission out of all the types of pool heaters. But they are the most economical option, and manufacturers are also working towards decreasing carbon footprint and emission.

In a nutshell, you should weigh those factors that are a priority for you and the best-suited option for your pool.


Pool heaters allow you to have an all-year pool season. Therefore, you need to make sure you are buying the right pool heater that will last longer and provide efficient heating.

If you haven’t decided on buying a pool heater, then detailed product reviews of some of the best pool heaters in the market will help you make the decision.

Always consider your climate, your pool capacity, pool size, eco-friendliness, budget, and energy efficiency before buying a pool heater.

So, get your hands on your favorite pool heater to enjoy pool entertainment without worrying about the season.


Are all types of pool heaters eco-friendly?

To be precise, no. Each type of pool heater is a different level of environmental friendliness. Many solar and electric pool heaters have the least to no emission.

On the other hand, gas pool heaters contribute greatly to greenhouse emissions. For your pool heater to be eco-friendly, it should have a light carbon footprint, low NOx emissions, and energy efficiency.

What size pool heater should I buy?

There are separate calculations for solar, gas, and electric heaters, but the obvious equation is that the bigger the pool, the more powerful the pool heater.

Considering standards, you can consider something with 80,000 BTUs if you have a 14×28 feet or less rectangular pool. You will definitely need to go over 100,000 BTUs if you have over 18×36 feet.

Can I install the pool heater myself?

Installing a pool heater is no rocket science. Almost all pool heaters come along with an instruction manual; therefore, they are quite easy to install. Most people install the heater using instructions and then call an electrician to run the wire.

Do pool heaters have huge overhead costs?

It depends on which type of pool heater you are buying. An average monthly cost between $50-$150 of heating a pool with a heat pump is the lowest of nearly all pool heating options.

Whereas you can easily go up to $300 with a gas or an electric pool heater. To decrease pool heater overhead cost, you need to look for an energy-efficient product.

What should I do if my pool heater is running, but the temperature is not rising?

There can be a few things you can check for if your heater is running but isn’t heating.

To operate most efficiently, pool heat pumps require warm air. Therefore, you should check the air temperature because heat pumps run longer to compensate in cooler temperatures.

Next, check if the pool pump is sending enough water to the heater. There should be a steady supply of water for proper heat transfer and production.

Finally, check if there is optimal airflow by clearing any debris from the vent. Good airflow is important for the heating process of an air-source heat pump.

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