8 Best Paper Shredder Consumer Reports & Reviews 2023

Identity protection has become very important in this era. Paper shredders destroy confidential printed data completely. Demand for paper shredders is getting higher every day.

Basically, a paper shredder is a mechanical device that destroys paper in multiple styles. These machines come in various ranges. Paper shredders are used in offices and by intelligence agencies. They are majorly used to destroy papers, sensitive documents, and confidential reports.

The market is flooded with paper shredders. There are many factors that affect the credibility of these machines. They should have thermally protected motors that help them to work continuously without getting heated. Some low power shredders cannot destroy paper pins with them causing a lot of trouble to the workers.

Noise-free and speed shows how good the product really is. Some machines have a large bin saving a lot of time for the firms.

These are some basic features that every paper shredder should have. Before buying it’s really good to do a little research. Thankfully, we have found the best paper shredder for you. These products will fit according to your needs.

8 Best Paper Shredder Reviews

Here is a list of the top 8 paper shredders that will work just fine for you.

1. Fellows 99Ci Paper Shredder

Editor’s Pick
  • Security level 4
  • Pull out bin
  • 100% Jam proof
  • Safe sense technology
  • For 1-3 users

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Fellowes 99Ci Paper Shredder is greatly in use by local offices. It’s one of the best paper shredders to destroy private documents, credit cards, junk mails CDs and DVDs. It doesn’t get stuck during the process.

It runs smoothly during shredding and doesn’t get a jam-like other typical products. It shreds 18 papers in a cross-cut style.

It provides level 4 security during shredding. It can run constantly for 30 to 40 mins without jamming.
After that, it takes a few minutes to cool down. It works faster than any other typical micro-shredders. The shredded paper goes in a 9-gallon bin.

Its bucket easily pulls out when full, saving a lot of energy. Fellowes 99Ci Paper Shredder automatically stops when someone touches the paper opening. This safe sense technology made this product very user friendly.

Its bin contains a glass mirror which shows what kind of papers are in the bucket. In offices don’t place this machine near heat sources. If the product stops working don’t assemble it. Contact the manufactures to prevent any hazard.

To learn how to use this product go see their specification sheet. The user manual also comes with this product. Fellows also provide a machine warranty with it. You can trust this product now without any second thoughts.


  • Child safe
  • 9-Gallon pulls out bin
  • LED bin available
  • Throat width 230


  • Plastic board bucket

2. Fellowes LX21M paper shredder

Best Value
  • Runtime indicators
  • IntelliBar technology
  • Accident-free
  • Efficiency meter
  • Quiet operation

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Fellowes LX21M paper shredder is made with highly responsive intelliBar technology. This micro-cut shredder is very easy to use. This model comes only in white colour. It has wheels which make it very easy to move. It is very light in weight and can be lifted very easily. Only one person at a time can work on this small station.

It shreds 16 papers at a time without making any noise disturbances. Remotely used in offices, Fellowes paper shredder comes with safety technology. It stops automatically when placed by hand near the entry point. In this way, you can make it accident-free in nature.

Micro-cut shreds are relatively 3x smaller than other paper shredders. Fellowes LX21M paper shredder counts the number of sheets inserted.

It also indicates the storage during shredding. 100% jam-proof and works 20 minutes continuously without any jamming. After that, it takes some time to cool down. It easily shreds pins and cards without any extra hassle. This product is very satisfying and has 5 stars reviews on Amazon.


  • Have wheels
  • Shreds 16 sheets
  • Maximum productivity
  • P-4 security


  • Running time should be improved

3. Aurora AU1210MA Paper Shredder

Best Budget
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Micro shreds
  • Anti-jamming technology
  • Shred size 5/32 x 15/32
  • LED indicator

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This aesthetic power shredder by Aurora needs no introduction. We are reviewing this product for its additional mind-blowing features. Aurora AU1210MA Paper Shredder can shred more than 12 papers at a time.

It shreds paper in micro-particles making them security proof. It not only destroys paper but also works perfectly for CDs, credit cards and DVDs.

Mostly paper shredders are very noisy. Unlike other machines, it works without producing any noise. It easily works for more than 60 minutes continuously. It didn’t overheat even after an hour. Its long-lasting efficiency is loved by users.

If a paper gets jammed its auto-reverse technology moves the paperback and forth to unlock it. Aurora AU1210MA Paper Shredder can store up to 5 gallons of shreds in its pullout bin.

The entry slot is 8.7 inches wide and can easily accept several pages at a time. This paper shredder has great reviews. Unlike typical paper shredders, it is noted to be functioning for more than 3 years without any problem.

We highly recommend you to use aurora much quitter heavy duty paper shredder. It will perform flawlessly and give you no second thoughts.


  • Long run time
  • 12 sheet capacity
  • Auto reverse
  • Advance features


  • Small bucket

4. Amazon 24-Sheet Paper Shredder

  • Cross-cut shreds
  • Thermal protection
  • 4-mode switch
  • Troubleshooting guide
  • Quality tested

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This simple looking machine works amazingly for heavy-duty purposes. It cuts paper in confetti-like shreds measuring 4 by 38 mm. Making it perfect for level 4 security.

Amazon 24-Sheet Paper Shredder can easily shred up to 24 pieces of paper at a time. There is no need to remove pins, staples etc. during usage. While using pass paper smoothly through the entry slots.

This machine is very user-friendly in nature and comes with auto-jam reverse technology. Its 4 power switch mode (auto, off, reverse, forward) works amazingly without any extra hassle.

This paper shredder can run 40-50 minutes continuously without any break. In case if you didn’t stop it off its advanced technology shuts the power. After it’s completely cooled it will restart.

When Amazon 24-Sheet Paper Shredder detects something in its scanner then it starts shredding. When the shredding is completed it automatically stops. Its reverse function protects the blade from shredding and can easily retrieve documents while process.

As part of company policy before sending any paper shredder, they check the product first. You will find shredded paper in a 7-gallon bin when you receive it. You can see the manual as well as the user guide on the website also.


  • User friendly
  • Casters included
  • Reverse function
  • Advanced technology


  • Overheat

5. Amazon Basics Paper Shredder

  • Jam remover
  • CD destroyer
  • 3.2-gallon wastebasket
  • Coated rod tips
  • Auto-start

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Amazon Basic introduced this affordable product that provides dual services. It has different slots for each material. Unlike other normal shredders cards, pins and sheets didn’t go in the same entry. Besides its paper shredder, its CD destroyer works perfectly. It shreds the sheet in strips forms providing a P-2 security level.

AmazonBasics Paper Shredder is mostly used in houses to destroy papers or files. AmazonBasics Paper Shredder comes in various colours. Each feature is completely labelled on the front panel. It is coated with rod tips to ensure the smooth entrance of paper during usage.

Its user-friendly design comes with 3 mode control switches. It works continuously for 2 minutes and shreds 8 pieces of paper easily without any disturbance. Its enhanced features automatically shut down the machine when heated.

It takes 15 minutes to cool down and starts automatically after that. Made of 10% recycled content, its 3.2-Gallon bin is very easy to clean. This product is highly recommended for light, fast and basic shredding.


  • Reverse function
  • Strip-cut
  • Easy to empty bin
  • Made of 10% recycled content


  • P-2 security level

6. WOLVERINE SD9113 Paper Shredder

  • ETL verified
  • 6 Gallon bin
  • Alloy cutter
  • High speed
  • Overheating protection technology
  • 120V,60Hz

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WOLVERINE SD9113 Paper Shredder is one of the most advanced products of this year. This product is certified by ETL. This product gives you a one-year limited warranty. It terminates sheets in cross-cut shreds. This product easily shreds 18 sheets at a time without jamming.

High-speed shredding can make 6.6 ft scraps in a minute. This high-performance product can shred continuously for 60 minutes without making too much noise.

WOLVERINE SD9113 Paper Shredder is majorly using in houses, SOHO, small business and offices superalloy blades enable you to cut credit cards, CDs and DVDs without sticking. The bin can easily store 8 gallons of shreds.

The window of the bin is transparent so you can see what is being shredded. As a longer purpose machine, it automatically turns off when heated too much.

This happens due to its overheating protection technology. If you want to learn more about this product kindly see the instructional video for better usage.


  • 6.6 feet per minute
  • Transparent bin
  • < 58 dB
  • Jam reverse system


  • Poor design

7. Aurora AU1230XA Paper Shredder

  • Anti-jamming
  • Auto reverse
  • Advance features
  • Overheat indicator
  • Safety structured

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People with usual tasks normally prefer this product. Aurora AU1230XA Paper Shredder easily shreds 12 sheets at a time. It can run for 5 minutes straight. Its anti-jamming feature is also very advanced and fully functional.

It terminates sheets totally destroying confidential records. The brand made this product to save your time and give you the best results you want.

In case the machine gets overheated, LED indicators will start blinking. Aurora AU1230XA Paper Shredder is very human friendly. It automatically stops working when the hand is very near to the entry point. Unlike other products, its bin open with a lift-off handle.

You can easily recycle your bin and place the lid without any hassle. It is a very affordable product and is ideal for home use. They also provide commercial level paper shredders. You can go and check their website for more products.


  • Easy emptying
  • Lift-off waste bucket
  • Quiet cutting
  • Unique design


  • Low run time

8. Bonsaii C234-B Paper shredder

  • 8 sheet capacity
  • P-4 security level
  • Transparent window
  • Portable handle
  • ETL certification

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Bonsaii C234-B Paper shredder is a massive sized machine manufactured by BONSAII. This paper shredder works simply. It is perfect for both house and office use. C234-b can easily shred 20 sheets at a time without jamming. Its cross shredding totally terminates the sheet.

It runs smoothly for 4 hours. It can easily store up to 3.5-gallon waste. The bin has a handle and easily lifted during recycling.

Bonsaii majority of products are verified by ETL. C234-B contains a large transparent window. You can easily see if the sheets are shredded properly. P-4 security level ensures the credibility of the product.

In a safe mood, it will stop working automatically when you lift the handle off. Normally the machine only works when the shredder detects something in the entry passage.

This paper shredder by bonsaii is in great demand. You can visit the tutorial guide for this product on their website. We highly recommend you to consider this product while buying.


  • 3.5 Gallons
  • Crosscut shredding
  • Convenient handle
  • 120V AC 3A


  • No cooling fans

A general buying guide is also written at the end regarding these products. After reviewing each product if still, you are not sure what to buy, then don’t forget to read the given buying guide.

Buying Guide for Paper Shredders

Whether you are buying a paper shredder for your office or for your home; it is always to be remembered not all paper shredders are equal. Before buying the best paper shredder that fulfils your needs. It’s really important to consider a few tips.

Continuous working

Always buy a paper shredder that works non-stop. Mostly paper shredders keep stucking even if you are shredding sheets. This mostly happens because they have poor cutting technology.

Sometimes they stop due to overheating. This happens in every product but they all have their specific running time. Before buying, run the product first to see its continuity rate.

Security level

One of the most basic tips is to consider its security level. If you want to buy a paper shredder for your home P-3 level is more than sufficient.

However, offices always buy a P-4 security level product. Higher levels completely terminate the sheets, CDs DVDs or credit cards etc. Always test the security level before buying to ensure if shreds reassemble or not.

Waste bucket

Waste buckets or bins are 80% of the paper shredder. It’s really important to consider the storage. Always prefer to buy a bucket with easy housework because when the bin reaches its storage limit, old designs can cost you a lot of time.

Always prefer the paper shredder with an easy portable bin. Some advanced designed products come with transparent windows showing what is being shredded.

Safety features

Always make sure how many safety features a product is providing. Most products only work as shredder. Sometimes that can cause you a lot of trouble.

Look for features like auto restart, heat protection. Advanced products have an auto-shutdown feature that works when the user touches the entry points.

All the paper shredders we recommended have a high continuity rate. Advanced safety features are equipped with them. To ensure your requirements always consider this buyer guide first.


In this modern era paper shredder is not just a tool. It’s a weapon that protects your identity from robbery. The demand for paper shredders is getting higher in the market every day.

There are many brands but it’s really important to consider which brand is the best. Before buying, do brief research. When you are mentally satisfied then go shopping.

Most people go for those shredders which provide multiple features. In this article, we have concluded some of the most advanced paper shredders of this recent that might give you unexpected results.


These commonly asked questions and their responses are meant to further help customers understand the best paper shredder.

What are the Best Paper Shredder?

Here is a list of the top 8 paper shredders that will work just fine for you;

  1. Fellows 99Ci Paper Shredder
  2. Amazon 24-Sheet Paper Shredder
  3. Aurora AU1210MA Paper Shredder
  4. Fellowes LX21M paper shredder
  5. Amazon Basics Paper Shredder
  6. WOLVERINE SD9113 Paper Shredder
  7. Aurora AU1230XA Paper Shredder
  8. Bonsaii C234-B Paper shredder

How to choose a paper shredder?

First of all, it entirely depends upon your investment. Find a suitable product that fulfils all your needs then buys one according to that.

What makes a good paper shredder?

There are many factors that vary for a good paper shredder. Always consider capacity, bin volume, security features and gears. If you are satisfied with these factors then go for the product without any hesitation.

Do they shred Cards or DVDs?

Yes, mostly advanced paper shredders like C234-B easily terminate such material. They are specially developed to deal with such problems; however cheap paper shredders are stuck during the process.

What is meant by run-time in shredders?

Run time refers to how long the product continuously works before turning off to cool down. Some higher paper shredders can easily run up to 1 hour while working only for few minutes.

Are paper shredders worth their cost?

Yes, despite the fact they are a bit expensive they are totally worth it. Paper shredders save your identity from theft, saving you thousands of dollars.

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