8 Best Luggage Set Consumer Reports & Reviews 2023

When you decide to go on an adventure or a trip with your family, you need to buy a luggage set because one suitcase is not just enough. Always buy a luggage set that is durable, practical, easy to handle, and complies with the strict airline rules.

The market is huge because they come in different styles, designs, colors, and sizes. A lot of brands provide high-quality, durable, and yet affordable luggage sets. Selecting a suitable luggage set can be tricky, but our expert guide comes in handy in this process.

Thorough research has been done by our team on different brands and compiled a list of best luggage sets. Have a look at them!

8 Best Luggage Set Reviews

Here is a list of the top rated luggage set as per our reviews;

1. Samsonite Winfield 2 Luggage Set

Editor’s Pick
  • 4 spinner wheels
  • Side-mounted TSA locks
  • Handsome slider
  • Unified brushed pattern design
  • Self-retracting

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The Samsonite is a well-known brand for luggage sets and the Samsonite Winfield 2 luggage set is one of their best products. It is durable, user-friendly, and easy to use. It will allow you to feel confident and secure during your travel with its TSA-approved lock.

This luggage set has been made with durability in mind and being hard-sided, it protects your belongings inside. The design is stylish yet reserved. It will fit with any personality and style. This set comes in three sizes: 20, 24, 28 inches.

The Samsonite Winfield 2 luggage set comes with 10 years warranty that ensures its durability. This is an affordable product for those who are looking for a great, reliable luggage set.


  • 10 years warranty
  • Lightweight, hard-sided
  • High quality and durable
  • Relatively affordable


  • No outside pockets
  • Not expandable

2. Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage Set

Best Value
  • Multi-directional spinner wheels
  • Lightweight suitcase
  • Easy-grip handle
  • Innovative design
  • Sturdy hardcover

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Kenneth Cole’s “Reaction Out of Bounds” is a super light luggage set with sturdy hardcover. The design is stylish and there are 14 different colors available with this luggage set. It offers smooth and effortless movement with its four 360 spinner wheels.

The best thing about this luggage set is that it never gets dirty. The maintenance is easy; you can clean it with the help of few tissue papers. This luggage set is a low-priced yet high-quality set. Also, they offer a discount for this set on Amazon.

If you have to go on a long journey, then you will be happy to know that this luggage set has enough storage space for your belongings. The wheels provide a smooth walk over any surface.


  • Low maintenance
  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight
  • Large storage space


  • Not expandable

3. Rockland Melbourne Luggage Set

Best Budget
  • Hard-side suitcases
  • 3 piece set
  • 360 spinner wheels
  • Interior mesh zip
  • Ergonomic handle

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The Rockland luggage set is suitable for both longer trips and short trips. The design is modern and there are lots of color choices available. You can choose your favorite color from the collection. They are hard-sided suitcases but still very lightweight.

We love this set and recommend this to people who are looking for high-quality luggage set on a small budget. These suitcases have large storage space and they are not too heavy, which is a plus point. The interior mesh pocket of the suitcase allows you to keep small things organized.

The spinner wheels have no problems, and they run really smoothly in all directions. These suitcases have super handy side handles as well to help when lifting them above seats.


  • Multidirectional spinner wheels
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Interior mesh pocket
  • Multiple colors


  • Smells bad inside

4. Ben Sherman Norwich Collection Luggage Set

  • 8-wheel spinner
  • 360-degree navigation
  • Tear-resistant interior
  • Exterior made of PET
  • 2-inch expansion

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Ben Sherman’s Norwich Collection is made of super-durable and lightweight PET material. You can travel smart and light with this unit. Its 28-inch large suitcase has enough space to fill more stuff and its weight is just 11.5 pounds.

The set is available with just 2 pieces: 20, 24-inch, and 20, 28-inch. These suitcases are available in five attractive colors. The 8 spinner wheels are built for 360-degree movement and they provide easy and effortless navigation on almost any type of terrain.

The unit is constructed with strong PET material, which is practically unbreakable. Also, the interior is tear-resistant that ensures the highest level of durability of the unit.


  • Effortless handling
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Organized compartments
  • 10 years warranty


  • Only two pieces in a set

5. Wrangler Smart Luggage Set

  • USB port
  • Small spinner wheels
  • Internal pocket
  • Expandable
  • Top and side handles

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The Wrangler smart luggage set has a dedicated spot for your coffee. The unit is ideal for coffee lovers, and we recommend this set for those who want to stay hydrated during their travel.

This three-piece luggage set includes a 20” carry-on, a 24” medium-size suitcase, and a large 28” suitcase. All of them have built-in USB, cup holder, and mobile phone holder. The unit has an internal zippered pocket, adjustable straps, and zippered divider.

The push-button handles may feel wobbly, and not all the users like this type of handle. This is a weak point we have found in this luggage set. Overall, it is a smart and reliable option for your next travel.


  • 3 piece smart luggage set
  • Expands for extra packing capacity
  • 3-in-1 coffee cup holder
  • USB Port and phone holder


  • Handles may feel wobbly

6. S. Traveler New Yorker Luggage Set

  • 2 in-line skate wheels
  • Durable dobby fabrication
  • Expandable
  • Multiple front zippered pockets
  • Tear-resistant

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The U.S. New Yorker luggage set is a budget-friendly set that does its job fairly. It is a four-piece set that comes with 5 years limited warranty. The bags are designed according to the needs of working people and the travelers who need to carry their laptops or tablets with them.

The bags have enough space to carry your belongings and all travel essentials for a longer trip. The bags have a large zip pocket on the front to keep your travel documents. The large suitcase has two easy-to-use external pockets.

This four-piece luggage set comes with all the necessary features that a modern traveler needs. The set has been designed to be affordable, lightweight, and reliable. You can go with this set if you have to travel with your work essentials like a laptop, documents, and files.


  • Expandable
  • Durable and lightweight
  • 4-piece set
  • Internal mesh pocket


  • Standard looking suitcase

7. Traveler’s Choice Tasmania Luggage Set

  • 100% pure polycarbonate
  • TSA approved locks
  • Interior lid with “u” zip mesh cover
  • Expansion for more packing capacity
  • Hard, durable shell

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The Traveler’s Choice is a well-known brand that provides the best quality travel merchandise. The Tasmania luggage set is one of the best-rated products amongst all Traveler’s Choice luggage sets. The suitcases are made of 100% pure polycarbonate material.

This three-piece luggage set is ideal for any outing or even for a long tour. All three of the suitcases come with noiseless wheels, top and side handle with the self-locking feature. They have a zippered mesh inner pocket for keeping small things during travel.

The suitcases also have built-in TSA-approved locks for better security. The hard construction of the suitcases absorbs the impact when under pressure and avoids the destruction of suitcases.


  • Sturdy and flexible
  • Polycarbonate hard shell
  • Noiseless spinner wheels
  • TSA approved locks for security


  • The wheels are weak

8. American Tourister Fieldbrook Luggage Set

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • In-line skate wheels
  • Multiple pockets
  • Push-button locking handle
  • 10 years warranty

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This four-piece luggage set is a good option for those who do not travel frequently. The set is of average quality but can be considered as it is a low-budget luggage set. It’s lightweight and has multiple pockets that are easily accessible during travel.

This set is made of 600D polyester material that is the most utilized material in luggage manufacturing. Your belongings will be protected within these bags because polyester is a durable and heavy-duty fabric.

The bags are equipped with the standard in-line skate wheels, which is not impressive as compared to multi-directional 360-degree wheels. But still, this set is a good option for many travelers.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Multiple interior and exterior pockets
  • Effortless mobility


  • Poor zipper pocket design
  • Not recommend for frequent travelers

Best Luggage Set Buying Guide

There are countless brands that are making different varieties of luggage sets. A lot of color and style choices make the task difficult, but here are some factors to consider while making your purchase.

Size and capacity

Usually, luggage sets come in a set of three different sizes of suitcases: Carry-on case, medium-size suitcase, and large suitcase. There are some sets that have only two pieces and some have more than three pieces.

The carry-on cases are suitable for a few days trip and have enough space to carry all the necessary items you need. They usually come in 19 to 22 inches. A medium-sized suitcase is needed if you are traveling for a weeklong trip.

The size of medium-size suitcase measures between 23 and 26 inches. And finally, large suitcases are required when you are traveling with your partner. They come in sizes of 27 to 30 inches.

Soft-side vs Hard-side

The soft-sided suitcases are incredibly lightweight as compared to the hard-sided suitcase. They are more flexible in nature and you can squeeze more in to fit your content. But with these advantages, there are few drawbacks of soft-side suitcases. They are prone to tear in transit and offer less protection for fragile items.

On the other hand, hard-sided suitcases are more durable, strong, and will protect your items from knocks and rain. They are an excellent choice when you have to carry electrical products. The only downside of the hard-sided suitcase is that it can have scratches and cracks during transit.


You should choose a suitcase that is as lightweight as possible because it will allow you to fill more without having to worry about access baggage fees at the airport.

Hard-side suitcases are heavier than soft-side, but all good-quality suitcases are lightweight and they do not compromise on quality. There is a general rule, the medium-size suitcase should not weigh more than 12 pounds, and a large suitcase should weigh no more than 13 pounds.


There are two main types of wheels for suitcases: in-line skate wheels and 360 spinner wheels. The less expensive suitcases come with the inline skate wheels located at the bottom of the case. They are practical and efficient enough to cope well with uneven and bumpy surfaces.

The 360 spinner wheels are available with advance and expensive suitcases. They are smooth, silent, and easy to work with, and they work effortlessly within crowded places.


The suitable luggage set can become your best-loved companion during travel. Many stylish and fashionable luggage sets are available that are reliable, and at the same time, offer you much larger storage space. The luggage sets are suitable for longer stays and for family vacations.

You can choose to use a single carry-on suitcase or the entire collection of 2-4 pieces. Choose the best suitable luggage set from our list and enjoy your travel around the globe.


What are the Best Luggage Set?

Here is a list of the top rated luggage set as per our reviews;

  1. Samsonite Winfield 2 Luggage Set
  2. Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage Set
  3. Rockland Melbourne Luggage Set
  4. Ben Sherman Norwich Collection Luggage Set
  5. Wrangler Smart Luggage Set
  6. S. Traveler New Yorker Luggage Set
  7. Traveler’s Choice Tasmania Luggage Set
  8. American Tourister Fieldbrook Luggage Set

Which luggage set is better, soft-sided or hard-sided?

The hard-sided luggage set is stronger and reliable than the soft-sided set. But the soft-sided set is lightweight and flexible. Both models have advantages and drawbacks. It’s up to your personal preferences and needs which one you choose.

What should I look for before buying a luggage set?

There are few factors you should consider before buying a luggage set. These include the size of the suitcase, weight, material, wheels, locks, and zips.

What are the top 5 brands for luggage sets?

Our most favorite luggage set brands are:

  • Samsonite
  • Rockland
  • AmazonBasics
  • Wrangler
  • Kenneth Cole

Are ABS suitcases any good?

ABS suitcases are popular hard-side suitcases. They are cheap and lightweight but not durable as polycarbonate suitcases. You can go with ABS suitcases if you are not a regular traveler and do not want to spend more money on luggage sets.

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