7 Best Home Safes Consumer Reports & Reviews 2023

A home safe provides you with a splendid chance to keep your cash, important documents, jewelry, and other valuables in your house safely. The best home safe keeps your birth certificates, passports, marriage licenses, and deeds in a locker. While lower-end machines provide you safety against theft and higher-end machines offer you protection against fire. Best home safes provide you the ability to achieve your goal.

When you are going to purchase a home safe, never choose a cheap and low-quality model. The best home safes must be your priority. Depending on your needs, you should choose the right product for you. We have written this detailed article to let you know about your best home safes.

7 Best Home Safes Reviews

Here is a list off the best home safe as per our rating;

1. TIGER KING Security Home Safe

Editor’s Pick
  • Digital Lock With Manual Override
  • Dual Alarm System
  • Interior locking box
  • Sturdy construction

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Security Nerd considers this home safe as best for apartment dwellers, it has a compact size. They made it of highly durable, thick steel material for long-lasting and reliable protection. It comprises an emergency key that provides double security.

In addition, it comprises a secondary lock; if someone gets your password, he cannot steal anything because of this secondary lock. In case; if someone enters the password wrong three times, the alarm system will get on. Enter the right password to stop it.


  • Portable
  • Fireproof
  • Safe security


  • Unaffordable
  • Size

2. JUGREAT Safe Box

Best Value
  • Two live-door bolts
  • A pry-resistant steel door
  • Concealed pry-resistant hinges
  • Personalized Keypad Access

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You will feel impressed after purchasing this safe because of its multiple features. This safe has humanized lighting design, if you open the safe box in dark; you can see all the items clearly through the lighting system. When you open the box, it brightens up, and the brightness reaches up for 30 seconds, then dims and goes out after few seconds.

You can open this box in two ways; one of them is overridden key + turning knob and the second one is a personal code/master code turning knob. You can choose any of them as per your requirements. You can fix this home safely in your home or office wall with no limitation.


  • Privacy lock
  • Safe and hidden
  • High capacity
  • Affordable


  • Not Waterproof

3. SamYerSafe Safe Box

Best Budget
  • A hidden tamper-proof hinge
  • A tamper-resistant steel door
  • Two thickened movable door bolts
  • Distinct LED Sensor Light

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Users like this product because of its array of features. Interestingly, the safe is made of high-quality steel, it never gets destroyed. At just under 50 pounds, it is not so massive that you get confused about where to put it. You can open this security safe via two methods.

One of them is manual control key + knob and the other one is personal password/master password + knob. When one method fails, you can choose the other one easily. There is a soft carpet inside it that protects your jewelry and other delicate items. If you left the safe open for one minute, it will let you know by beeping. You can install it on the wall easily.


  • Additional safety features
  • Backup key
  • Affordable
  • Two opening methods


  • Not fireproof

4. Honeywell Safes & Door Locks

  • 2 Motorized Lock Bolts
  • Carpeted Floor Protects Your Valuable
  • Programmable Digital Lock with LED Display
  • Flat Bottom Doorway

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This is one of the best home-safe options in the market. This safe provides you with the security of your small items, like passports, jewelry items. We consider them the best ones because they comprise mounting hardware. You can bolt them to the inside of the cabinet, shelf, or desk.

It provides additional security via 2 motorized steel locking bolts. It also comprises a concealed hinges and a recessed door that prevents anyone from opening the safe secretly. In short, this security safe provides us a safe way to secure all the documents.

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  • Steel security safe
  • High-quality product
  • Electronic key


  • Price is out of the budget
  • Not fire resistant

5. SdStone Safe Box

  • External Power Supply
  • Wall Floor Mounting
  • Numeric keyboard
  • LED Display Screen

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This home safe is one of the best options for you. It consists of a light sensor. Whenever; you open the box, this sensor lights up immediately. Thus, the internal items will be visible to you. In addition, there is a LED display that gives you a clear sign of your products.

It has also two unlock systems, one is the manual key + knob, and the other one is the master password + knob. You can choose any of them as per your requirements.

They made it of high-quality steel that provides durability and long-lasting strength. It also provides you a splendid chance to save your items as they equip them with a soft carpet.


  • Affordable
  • Safe and concealed design
  • Durable design


  • Not waterproof or fire-resistant

6. KAPUCI Deluxe Safe Box

  • High-strength material
  • Dual warning System
  • Internal Configuration
  • Easy match

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If you are interested in a model that is a double-layered design, this is a solid option for you. They make this safe box of high-quality steel that strengthens its quality. You can use it for a long time due to its durability. Interestingly, it consists of a master password; you don’t need to carry the keys along with you everywhere.

The build-in light allows you to find the items accurately. When you enter the password incorrectly three times; you cannot operate it when it is locked.


  • High-quality storage
  • Affordable
  • Solid door


  • Portability
  • Not Waterproof or fire-resistant

7. Electronic Deluxe Digital Safe Box

  • Dual security steel door
  • Stain-resistant powder coat finish
  • Magnetic lock for auto-locking
  • Battery operated digital panel

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If you want to have a home safe that is simple to install in the wall or cabinet, this is an ideal option for you. They equipped it with an easy keyboard that allows you to lock and unlock the box at a quick pace.

It comprises two emergency keys that provide easy and faster access. You can put your valuable stuff in it so no one snoops around. Place all the valuable items in it like guns and bullets.


  • Durable
  • Strong and secure
  • Affordable
  • Smart Capacity


  • Not waterproof or fire-resistant

Top of the Choice

The laptop which I have used and experienced is Sdstone Safe Box. It has made me feel inspired by its exciting features. Moreover, it has proved to be a super beneficial device for me because of the sensor light. It is reliable and worth buying. It has all those features a great home safe should have.

It impressed me with this home safe after two weeks of purchasing it. It can store all the valuable items in it. The LED display is remarkable and incredible. It has been super smooth and fast. Keyboard has not sucked me.

It has a soft carpet inside that enables to keep the delicate items safely. It has minor features which make it work amazingly.

Buying Guide For Best Home Safes

To decide which one of these is best for you; consider some valuable things to have the best home safe. A cheap and low-quality home safe doesn’t work for a long time. Always purchase a high-quality and best home safe that enables you to achieve your goal.

Size and Weight

Home safes come in different sizes and weights. They range from small to large size and free-standing units. If you want to buy an ideal home safely, look for a home safe that provides you enough space to store all your items.

Before buying, make a list of items that you want to store in a safe, measure the dimensions to determine the appropriate size. Then go for the best home safe that meets all your demands.

Lock Types

Every home safe requires a key, a combination, an electronic keypad code to unlock it. If you buy a home safe with a classic key, it doesn’t need a power source. You have to insert the key and enter your password to unlock it. Some home safes have an electronic keypad, enter the access code and turn the combination dial.

The best one is biometric locks, these locks have some additional features. It has an advanced fingerprint sensor that identifies your fingerprint and unlocks it if it matches a fingerprint in your library.


Waterproof safes provide you security, they save your safe from getting a leak, costly damage. Consider whether you need a home safe with a waterproof system or not. It depends on the location where you have to place it.

Water exposure is a concern for those who live in flood-prone areas. Some safes protect against minor water issues, while others get submerged in water. For protection, always purchase a safe with an ETL Waterproof Verification.


A home safe is an excellent device that provides you with a splendid chance to protect your valuable documents, jewelry. Home safe becomes a key part of your home security plan.

The best home safes prove an excellent device for security purposes. If you want to purchase a home safe for the first time, go through this detailed article to have a perfect idea.


What are the Best Home Safes?

Here is a list off the best home safe as per our reviewers in 2023;

  1. TIGER KING Security Home Safe
  2. JUGREAT Safe Box
  3. SamYerSafe Safe Box
  4. Honeywell Safes & Door Locks
  5. SdStone Safe Box
  6. KAPUCI Deluxe Safe Box
  7. Electronic Deluxe Digital Safe Box

Where I can place the safe in my home?

When you purchase a home safe, place it in that place that has no chances of theft. Make sure it provides you accessibility to grab your items whenever you want. Never place it in that place where chances of leaking or flooding are more.

What should I consider while buying a home safe?

Whenever you go to market for purchasing a home safely; look for a safe that provides you with the security of your valuable or delicate items. If you want a fireproof or waterproof Home safe, go for ETL verified home safe.

Which is the best and secure home safe?

The SentrySafe SFW123GDC is the most secure home safe you want to buy. It protects against water leakage or fire conditions. It has excellent multiple features that will excite you.

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