10 Best Handheld Massager Consumer Reports & Reviews 2023

Why do you want to break your account with regular spa sessions when you feel backaches, neck pain, or others?

Get hands-on with the best handheld massager and loosen the knots of your painful muscles within minutes.

A handheld massager works well for relieving painful muscles and helps in alleviating lower back issues. Moreover, using such massagers enables you to achieve clearer, better-looking skin.

These handheld massagers that we have listed below will surely help in effective massage for your sore, painful muscles.

10 Best Handheld Massager Reviews

Scroll further to find out about the best handheld massager by consumer reports, buying guides, faqs, and much more!

1. Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

Editor’s Pick
  • 5-speed intensity vibration
  • Quick to Recharge
  • 5 massage heads
  • Ultra-quiet Operation

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Relief the sore muscles and ache tissues by a powerful handheld massager. Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun is absolute in this regard.

A powerful motor drives this model to pass the waves of relief and relaxation throughout the body.

Boost your performance by utilizing this handheld massager to warm up yourself before the workout and relaxing your muscle after exercise.

The Life covers a lifetime warranty to claim any defect. In addition to this, this brand provides complete guidelines, live support, and free access to online videos.

The handheld massager is quiet throughout the process due to its brushless motor.

You can easily carry it to the sports club or gym, a single-handed messenger to comfortably carry out the whole operation. It can run easily up to 4 to 6 hours after one complete charge.

The highlights of this handheld massager are its 5 super-high intensity levels and 5 massage heads. Adjust the speed and the head according to your targeted body part.

Choose the intensity of powerful pressure 45 hertz, intense 40 hertz, strong 35 hertz, mild 30 hertz, and low 20 hertz.

Moreover, the Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun includes an easy- start guide to set up your device.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Rapid recovery
  • LED panel ON/OFF
  • Handy and simple use
  • Easy to implement manual


  • Handle with care

2. MIGHTY BLISS Cordless Electric Handheld Massager

Best Budget
  • 3,799 rotation per minutes
  • 6 massage heads
  • Ideal battery life
  • Compact and lightweight

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Get rid of the knotty muscles and back pain!

Heavy-duty exercise, running, and gym can bring painful knots in your back, legs, or arms. MIGHTY BLISS™ Deep Body Massager is an efficient device to make you feel relief from this pain.

This model is sturdy and powerful enough to improve blood circulation and muscle relaxation.

The powerful percussion motor generates 3700 rotations per minute to relax the painful muscles and body cramps in minutes. Thus, it will insert 37 00 pluses in each strike.

The look and feel of this model are just like holding a slim and compact brush. The handheld massager is cordless and lightweight to carry in the gym or sports club.

You can use it for home therapy as well as for professional use. It has 6 different massage heads to use throughout the body, including shoulders, neck, back, foot, and more.

As compared to other models, it provides never-ending battery life. Enjoy a quick recharge of 60 minutes and use up to 120 minutes steadily. It is equipped with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery for quick and speedy recharge

The company is confident about its manufacturing, therefore, it offers life-time free parts replacement. In addition to this, it refunds your money in case of any issue.


  • Sturdy materials
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple massage heads
  • Powerful motor
  • Speedy rotations


  • Low battery life

3. Damkee Electric Handheld Massage Gun

Best Value
  • 3300 times per minute
  • 60 dB noise only
  • 6 head replacement
  • 20 intensity levels.

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One complete charge is enough for a week’s workout. Relax your muscles, tissues, and back pain!

Damkee Professional Massage Gun is a power bank that takes 3 to 6 hours to last after one complete charge. A very few models offer such a great battery capacity.

A professional massage gun incorporates touch buttons, an LED screen, an accurate frequency display, and a comfortable anti-slip grip.

In contrast to other massagers, this model has 20 intensity levels and 6 head attachments. You can use the head attachments according to your muscle relaxation needs.

The model is equipped with Quiet glide technology to produce noise from 35 to 55dB depending on the intensity level.

The lithium-ion battery has the power of 2500mAH that works for 3 to 6 hours on being fully charged. The working time is also dependent on the speed level. Less speed, more working time, and vice versa.

Besides, it is easy to use with no special instructions. The power button of this professional portable massage gun is at the bottom. The LED screen displays the intensity level/vibration level and the battery percentage.

Moreover, the company also provides a stylish carrying suitcase and a quick charger. This massage gun is suitable for massaging muscles of the back, thighs, buttocks, and other large muscle groups.


  • Deep percussive therapy
  • Battery of 2500mAH
  • 6 replaceable heads
  • Brushless DC motor
  • 20 adjustable intensity levels


  • Cheap quality charger

4. Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

  • 3350 pulse per minute
  • Variable speed intensity
  • 9-foot cord for a power source
  • Ergonomic design for comfort

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One solution for all-over pain relief- Feel better soon!

Here, we have an electric-corded model to fulfill your massage needs. Wahl Deep Variable Intensity Massager is a handheld massager incorporating maximum functions. A perfect gadget for deep tissue massage.

This model offers variable speed intensity to choose from according to the muscle requirement. You can select from gentle (normal) to intense massage from the speed dial.

According to physical therapists, it is a perfect solution for pain reduction, fatigue joints, muscle knots, sports injury, and improve mobility.

Wahl massager comes with 4 head attachments. Flat disc head for wide coverage, acupoint head for pinpoint relief, 4-finger flex to replicate fingers, and muscle ball for body relaxation.

The design is user-friendly to ensure maximum reach from the neck to foot. It comes with an anti-slip handle that is easy to grip.

It releases therapeutic pressure points that promote blood circulation and reduces chronic pain, muscle stiffness, and fibromyalgia.

The power cord of this handheld massager is 9 feet long. It runs directly on electricity, so no batteries are required.

Although the model is corded, you will not feel any discomfort throughout the process.

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  • Comfortable in use.
  • Variable speed.
  • Up to 3350 pulses per minute.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Spiral lock attachment.


  • Cheap internal components.

5. RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Massager

  • Silicone made handle
  • 140 mins battery life
  • 5 interchangeable massage heads
  • 5 intensity levels

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Enjoy massage Anytime, Anywhere!

Don’t miss this sleek, compact, and lightweight model known as Renpho Rechargeable Deep Massager.

This model offers great ease of use due to its anti-slip silicone handle. The competitors offer plastic-made handles that are slippery.

The powerful motor produces 3600 rotations per minute. The auto-shut function enables it to stop after 20 minutes to prevent the damage from overheating.

You can use a cordless and portable design anywhere in the office, at home, or during travel. It comes with 5 removable heads. You can select according to your need and preferences.

The 5 intensity levels let you switch from level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4, and level 5. In addition to this, you can increase and decrease the power of percussion as well.

Besides all the above, it is powered by a strong 2600mAH Lithium-ion battery. This battery works for 130 to 140 minutes on being fully charged. However, avoid using it while charging.

All components are carefully assembled, so there is no danger of a short circuit. You can gift it to your friends, family, and others due to its usability and endless benefits. A great gadget to relieve all the sore muscles and tissues.

The charging dock also has space for placing the different head attachments. According to the company, always charge this massager with the company provided a charger for long term use.


  • Portable cordless design.
  • 2600mAH Li-ion battery.
  • Anti-slip silicone handle.
  • Indicator light.
  • Single-button ON/OFF.


  • Slow charging

6. Hangsun Handheld Neck Back Massager

  • 3500 pulses per minute
  • Step-less speed
  • 3 interchangeable heads
  • 98-inch power cord

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Hangsun Deep Tissue Handheld Massager perfectly combines speed and depth. It produces a soothing massage of 3500 pulses per minute.

As compared to the single head massager, this double head massager is more effective. As it easily targets sore muscles and back pain.

It is ideal for enhancing blood circulation and relaxing the different pressure points.

You can enjoy the best professional massage at home with this handheld massage gun. You can change the intensity level according to your body requirement.

This model comes with 3 interchangeable massage nodes. However, other models offer up to 6 head replacements.

The powerful motor produces 3500 pulses per minute to relax your muscles. The stepless speed lets you control the intensity of pressure more precisely.

A red light will show when the gadget is going out of battery. An ergonomic handle offers a non-slip and comfortable grip.

Moreover, the 98 inches power cord lets you use it far away from the electric outlet while sitting on the sofa or bed.

A great source of relief to muscle knots, aches, spasms, muscular tensions, and pains in the legs, back, arms, and neck area.

The company proves the 1-year warranty to claim any damage or defective part.


  • Stepless speed.
  • Dual head massager.
  • ON/OFF light indicator.
  • Multiple speeds.


  • Little bulky

7. Viral Cordless Handheld Back Massager

  • 3200 pulses per minute
  • 6 interchangeable heads
  • 6 intensity levels
  • 100 minutes of battery life

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Enjoy the deep tissue massage experience just like real!

Viral Cordless Handheld Back Massager is one of the market-leading models when it comes to handheld massagers. It integrates user convenience, flexibility, and protection.

The model comes with 6 interchangeable nodes to relieve muscle knots and tensions.

Relieve your body pain by having a full body massage, including the back, arm, muscle, neck, elbow, shoulder, leg, calf, and more. A great source to improve blood circulation.

If you have no time to go to the spa, then simply charge this rechargeable cordless model. It gives you a shiatsu-style massage in-home, office, or gym.

One complete charge takes 100 minutes to last. It has a battery display to indicate when to charge again. Avoid using it while charging it.

The model allows you to switch between 6 adjustable speed levels. Set the intensity from gentle to intense one by the simple press of a button.

Select the intensity level and place it on the muscle to melt away all the pain and tension.

The ergonomic motor produces 3200 pulses per minute to relieve the pain. It penetrates deep down the muscles and tissues.

The model is durable due to its pure copper motor and overheats protection. The gadget will automatically shut down after 15 minutes of no use.


  • Pure copper motor
  • Overheat protection
  • Versatile
  • Cordless design
  • Smart battery display


  • Moderate noise

8. MOICO Full Body Pain Relief Handheld Massager

  • 6 interchangeable heads
  • 12 modes and 10 intensity levels
  • Less than 60bd noise
  • 32,00 pulse per minute

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Save your money and time to go to a physical therapist have a similar experience with a handheld massager.

MOICO Full Body Pain Relief Handheld Massager is exclusive in terms of functions, intensity, and modes.

This model comes with 6 interchangeable massager heads to produce a relieving feel throughout the body.

The large rounded-shape massager effectively reaches the areas such as the legs, waist, back, and thigh.

A curved head is ideal for legs and arms, while the pinpoint is best for the shoulders.

It offers 10-speed levels along with 12 different modes. Adjust the motion and strength according to your requirement.

This model ensures safety use by auto-shut function. When in no use for more than 15 minutes, it turns off automatically.

The powerful motor generates 32,00 pulses per minute for deep muscle relaxation.

The lithium-ion battery charges quickly and lasts up to 120 minutes. Due to its cordless design, it can be used without any long cord. Also, the handle design is ergonomic and comfortable to use. You can easily slide it on your body because it weighs only 1.8 pounds.

It is a perfect handheld body massager to give to your friends, family, and parents. The company offers 2 months money-back guarantee and 2 years quality assurance warranty.


  • Powerful motor
  • Quiet operation
  • Ergonomic design
  • 2-year warranty
  • Ideal battery life


  • Slippery handle.

9. Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle

  • 20 adjustable speed levels
  • 6 massage heads
  • LCD touchscreen
  • Long working time

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Let’s explore an ideal massage gun for athletes to refresh the body tissue, improve blood flow and muscle repair.

Bobbito Massager has gained a great customer ratio due to its high performance and durability. The model is equipped with a top-notch quality motor and heat dissipation function.

The massager’s head incorporates the heat function to make you feel toasty and cozy at the same time. It can work for hours without any break.

This massage therapy is ideal for enhancing the muscle’s flexibility and everyday movement.

To reduce the noise, use it smoothly over your muscles. The Bobbito is quieter as compared to other models.

It is ideal for any muscle group type, as it comes with 6 diverse massager heads to fulfill your needs.

It includes a forkhead for the neck and spine, a large ball for muscles, a standard size ball for small muscles, and a flat head for any part of the body.

The user-interactive LCD touchscreen accepts the input from the user. You can adjust the speed as per your needs. It offers 20 adjustable speed levels to ensure maximum performance.

According to the customer reviews, the Bobbito cordless massager follows an ergonomic design that lets you massage the whole body easily and quietly.


  • Battery-powered massager
  • Ergonomic design
  • 6 hours per charge
  • Anti-slip grip
  • Ideal for muscle and joint


  • Moderate noise

10. Homech Handheld Massage Gun Deep Tissue Massager

  • 3200 rotations per minutes
  • 32 lb. pressure up to 12mm
  • 6 massage heads
  • 20-speed levels

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Relieve your muscle pain and recover the mobility!

Homech has attained a great market customer ratio due to its highly functional gadgets. It launches a versatile electric massager incorporating handiness and modern technology.

Homech Massage Gun Deep Tissue Massager is a lightweight and compact massager that weighs 1.5lb only. It comes with a handbag to carry easily to your home, office, or gym.

A well-engineered gadget that is equipped with 2600mAh batteries to facilitate maximum battery life.

One complete charge takes 5 hours to last at low speed while 10 hours at standby mode.

The brushless motor generates 3200 RPM to give a wave of relief. It inserts the 33lb pressure deep inside up to 12mm in the muscles.

This model comes with 6 massage heads to ensure maximum reach throughout the body. Affix and remove these heads according to the muscle group for an effective cure.

The pack includes a spherical head, bullet head, air cushioning soft head, flat head, U-shaped head, and D-shaped head.

Enjoy the drop-dead silent experience with this massager. It has a 17volts brushless motor that produces as low as 35db noise.

You can easily use it inside the office, gym, or home without disturbing others.


  • Lightweight
  • Quiet operation
  • Powerful massage
  • Suitable for different muscle ranges
  • Carry case


  • Improve handle grip

Handheld Massager Buying Guide

When planning to invest in the best handheld massagers, you need to seek the following features:

Cordless or Corded

If you don’t like the hassle of plugging in the handheld massager for charging or so on, then you should get your hands on the cordless handheld massager. Other than that, there is no such difference between cordless or corded handheld massagers in terms of performance.

Cordless massagers are highly portable, and you can use them at any place and any time of the day without worrying about the tangled power cord. Cordless massagers can be easily maneuvered all over the body.

Dual vs. single motorhead

If you want a more efficient handheld massager, choose the one with the dual motorhead as it offers a broader coverage surface. But you need to understand that the dual-head massager is heavy compared to the single motorhead.

If you love convenient head massagers, then get hands-on the single motorhead massager, which has curved wands and can be easily well-balanced within the hands.

The best part about a single head massager is that it’s lightweight and can be easily used all over the body. If you suffer from strained head or neck muscles and have weak arms, then it’s better to get your hands on a single head massager.


Some head massagers come with plastic attachments that easily slide on the motorhead, but they can be painful over the bony areas. The best head massagers are the ones that have silicone or rubber attachments. These attachments flexibly work all over the body areas.

The shape of such attachments

There are several sizes and shapes of the attachments, which are placed over the handheld massagers. Manufacturers usually consider handheld massagers as deep tissue massages or shiatsu massagers with a pointed stick or three-prong attachments.

These attachments are manufactured in such a way that they stimulate the fingers of humans. But with these attachments, it’s seen that they might hurt the neck due to their severe shape.

So it was seen that hand massagers with a simplified shape like a domed disc or flat disc are more gentle and smooth over the bony areas or the sensitive body parts.

Moreover, these attachments are more effective in relieving sore muscles and help in alleviating pain.

In addition to this, you can also get hands-on the star-shaped or triangular attachments, which come with little balls over the points helping to relieve large muscle groups like calving muscles or thighs effectively.

Adjustable speed

If you seek a versatile handheld massager, then choose the one which allows you to adjust speed. Changing speed settings enable you to personalize your message and indulge in a lifetime experience.

For a relaxing, soothing experience, choose a low speed, while for a rougher massage, choose the higher speed.


Our comprehensive buying guide with complete details of the best handheld massagers might help you choose the most suitable one according to your needs.

With several brands in the market, all manufacturers try to incorporate the best features in their innovative handheld massagers, but not all of them will meet your needs. So invest in the best handheld massager after knowing all about the products.

Have fun while indulging in the relaxing, soothing massage experience while using the handheld massager.


What are the best handheld massagers?

Here are the best handheld massager by consumer reports 2023:

  1. Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun
  2. Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle
  3. MIGHTY BLISS Cordless Electric Handheld Massager
  4. Homech Handheld Massage Gun Deep Tissue Massager
  5. Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager
  6. RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Massager
  7. Damkee Electric Handheld Massage Gun
  8. Hangsun Handheld Neck Back Massager
  9. Viral Cordless Handheld Back Massager
  10. MOICO Full Body Pain Relief Handheld Massager

How can the regular use of handheld massager help you?

Using the massager regularly can help you eliminate pain, relieve aches, muscle soreness, detoxify the mood, offer a soothing effect, relieve stress, and many more.

Can hand massager result in itching?

No itching is a common symptom with handheld massagers because of the enhanced blood circulation over the affected area. When the blood vessels dilate and result in the nervous system’s stimulation, it can result in minor, temporary itching feelings.

Can I easily massage myself using the handheld massager?

Yes! The manufacturers design these products so that you can easily use them on all parts of your body. Moreover, these handheld massagers are user-friendly and highly appropriate for self-care.

Plus, the handheld massagers can easily be used to massage the back because of the long handles of these massagers and the firm grip.

How long can you massage the body with handheld massagers?

Experts’ overall recommendation is to massage using handheld massagers for only 15-30 minutes, not more than that. It is only advised to massage for 30 seconds to only 5 minutes over one specific affected area.

However, you can continue repeating the same process over one area while switching to different parts of your body timely.

Can all message attachments work all body parts?

No, not every attachment is designed to work effectively over all parts of the body. In fact, you need to understand the fact that some attachments are uncomfortable, primarily if you use them over the sensitive or bony areas of the body.

However, it’s the best thing to invest in the best handheld massager, which comes with several attachments and offers you a lifetime of mesmerizing massage experience over all parts of the body, whether they are sensitive or plain.

Does the length of the power cord play any role while buying the handheld massager?

The power cord’s length plays an essential role while buying a handheld massager as it offers versatility. Imagine that the messenger with a shorter cord can be a hassle if you are not near the power outlet as it’s less versatile.

So you might need an extension cord and can interfere with your massage position if it has a shorter cord.

To avoid any frustration, get your hands on the handheld massager with enough cord length and be easily connected to any outlet with enough versatility.

Do I have to switch on the heat option whenever I use the handheld massager?

Heating therapy is considered one of the most suitable options for ailments, especially arthritis, sciatica, sports injury, etc.

The heat therapy in handheld massagers releases energy that penetrates deep within the tissues and works effectively with remarkable results. It all depends on you which intensity of massage you prefer.

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