7 Best Gas Logs Consumer Reports & Reviews 2023

Are you concerned about picking the inappropriate range of gas logs and then coping with the catastrophic consequences?

Gas logs are a perfect choice if you adore the concept of a blazing fireplace but do not like ash cleaning. Without all the inconvenience of conventional wood-burning fireplaces, gas logs are a useful and easy way to bring the comfort of a fireplace to your abode.

Mostly in cold evenings as well as in the darkened cloudy days, hardly anything replaces the comfort, relaxation, and feeling that a fireplace will bring to your living area.

You can always get a wider selection of gas logs that is available to complement your home’s atmosphere and theme. It is also possible to use these gas logs for interior and exterior space heating.

7 Best Gas Logs Reviews

The logs may be used in a fireplace that is either ventless or vented. Here, we have listed and reviewed some of the best gas logs with a buying guide.

1. Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs

Editor’s Pick
  • Hand-painted
  • Superior refractory ceramic
  • Efficient design
  • Vented gas log
  • Oakwood design

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The logs are made and carved with hand, the logs present a look of real firewood. To insure durability they are made with superior refractory ceramic and for extra strength, steel rods are used.

The logs are designed keeping in mind to conserve the natural environment and resources. The efficient design of these logs is to make these logs last for a longer period.

Although the burner system is not included with the kit, these logs are specially built to be used for vented gas log systems. The users can choose the burner device independently.


  • Durable material
  • Environment friendly
  • Economical
  • Elegant


  • Without burner system

2. Natural Glo Gas Fireplace Logs

Best Value
  • Set of ten gas logs
  • For most fireplaces
  • Vented gas logs
  • Extremely realistic
  • No toxic fumes

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The size of 10 gas logs is fifteen to ten inches, making your fireplace look full. Most of the fireplaces are compatible with gas logs.

Vented gas fireplace, outdoor gas fireplace, indoor fireplace, direct vent, zero clearance, natural gas, gel standard fireplace, fake fireplaces, electric fireplace inserts, and fireplace are included in the range.

These gas logs are fully environmentally friendly and do not produce any fumes that are toxic or harmful.

The logs present a realistic look when burning. They are replicated in such a way that the atmosphere of a true wood fire can be felt. In a fireplace, these gas logs can be arranged according to your needs and aesthetics.


    • Life-sized
    • Ceramic
    • Reasonable length
    • Safe for environment


  • The material should be improved

3. Duluth Forge Dual Fuel Gas Log

Best Budget
  • 33, 000 BTU Unit
  • Heats up to 1, 300 sq. ft. Area
  • Manual on/off control
  • Oxygen depletion sensor (ODS)
  • The superior ceramic fiber material

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Liquid propane gas that generates a blue flame is used in the Duluth gas logs. The unit, which can heat up to an area of 1300 sq. ft., is 33,000 BTU.

It has a manual on/off control that enables the user to customize the heat settings. This feature is to guarantee greater heat flow to warm up the atmosphere and give you a cozy feeling.

The gas logs are elegantly made of ceramic fibers of superior quality. Eight of these gas logs are hand-painted to produce a realistic look.
Since these gas logs are vent-free and 99.9 percent effective, any additional duct or chimney is not needed. The combustion is secure and does not create poisonous gases that make this unit environmentally friendly.

The system is stable and effective. It is fitted with a Battery Aided Piezo ignition and oxygen depletion sensor, which turns off the heater if carbon monoxide or oxygen deficiency is detected.

You can control these gas logs with the help of a remote controller. This remote control is to set the desired heat.


  • Thermostat Remote Control
  • No electricity required
  • Automatically shuts off
  • Dual fuel technology


  • Odor when burns

4. Barton Ceramic Wood Gas Fireplace Log

  • Ceramic Fibers
  • Imitation of Wood Birch
  • Up 1,832 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 10 Realistic Logs
  • Vent-free

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In all, the gas log collection contains ten logs with the shortest length of ten inches, and fifteen inches is the longest.

The longer logs fulfill the base’s function and then the shorter ones can be put over the longer ones. It gives the space or dining area a sophisticated appearance.
This fireplace decoration set is perfect for almost all the fireplaces including ethanol, gel, vent-free, and many more.

These gas logs are the replication of Wood Brown/Wood Birch that is vent-free. They do not produce any toxic fumes in the atmosphere that makes them perfect for the environment.

The logs are made of extremely durable ceramic material that does not damage the surface of the fireplace.

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  • Extremely Durable
  • Ideal for indoor/outdoor
  • Compatible with any fireplace
  • Elegant


  • Poor heat resistance

5. Stanbroil Ceramic Wood Ventless Gas Log

  • 7 logs & 3 pine corns
  • Burn clean
  • No ash or residue
  • Small size
  • Ceramic material

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Sure Heat Gas Logs are built to provide your home with an incredibly natural and practical fire that brings beauty.
These gas logs are very simple, durable, and very easy to manage. They do not create ash or other residues. This will spare you from all the hassle of traditional wood burning.

These gas logs are powered by natural gas and used under ventilated conditions. They create very realistic flame patterns while burning. To control the fire, the system is fitted with a manual valve.

The logs are crafted by hand and manufactured of durable ceramic material. Three different foundations can be used, such as fireplace grates, Vermiculite Granules, and Rock Wool Glowing Embers.

They are suitable for all kinds of fireplaces for indoor or outdoor use. With no toxic chemicals, they are safe to burn and are extremely economical.


  • For small fireplaces
  • No toxic fumes
  • Affordable
  • Safe and secure


  • Size should be bigger

6. GASPRO Fireplace Ventless Gas Log

  • Super Realistic
  • Universal
  • Safe & Lightweight
  • 10 PCS
  • Carefully sculpted

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These gas logs are to give a modern and trendy look to your fireplace. The gas logs are ten to fifteen inches in size that do not leave any room left in your fireplace. They are suitable for both fireplace and fire pits.

Gas logs glow deep red to create heat to make your room warm and relaxed. The flame has a very good and seamless dispersion.

These gas logs are suitable for nearly all types of fireplaces or fire pits, such as electricity, gas, propane, ventilated, or vent free.

Since they are lightweight, you can stack them very quickly. They are exceptionally safe for both the atmosphere and for the members of the household. No toxic fumes, dust, ruins, or leftovers.

These logs can perfectly blend with lava rocks, glowing embers, fire glass, and rockwood.


  • Disperses flame nicely
  • Non-toxic
  • Different sized logs
  • Glow deep re


  • Built quality

7. Skyflame Gas Fireplace Logs

  • Practical & Decorative
  • In cute size
  • Safe & Pollution-Free
  • Perfect Supplement For Fireplace Accessories Set
  • Widely Applicable

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These small-sized four logs are made of ceramic that imitates the natural branch of a tree.  They are perfect to fill up the fireplace so that it does not look empty. The natural beauty of these small logs is unbelievable.

These logs are lightweight, fill the hearth, and for a steady fire, they glow red hot. Much like actual wood-burning, the twig collection presents a natural look.

The climate was taken into account in making these logs. None of the dangerous gases, no ash or residues, are made. The logs cool down easily when turned off. It is an incredibly stable option.

They can be used to complement the natural gas logs you already have. They are suitable for either indoor or outdoor fireplaces.


  • Real imitation
  • Cools down quickly
  • Perfect for indoor/outdoor use
  • Supplement for existing fireplace


  • Too small in size

Buying Guide for Best Gas Logs

When selecting a package of gas logs for your fireplace, some aspects require special consideration. We clarify some of the basics in this buying guide to make the purchase convenient and quick.

Gas Type

Two different kinds of gas, natural or liquid propane gas, run on the gas logs. Typically, gas lines are already built in your houses. And if you are confused and want to know more, here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of both gases.

Natural Gas

In almost every house, natural gas is installed nowadays, particularly in cities. Natural gas logs are relatively cheaper than logs with liquid propane gas. Natural gas is much lighter than propane and rises more easily into the air.

The other side of the picture is that if you opt for natural gas logs, the natural gas might not be available in your area or you have to install pipes to attach with the gas logs.

Liquid Propane

Liquid propane is most readily available in rural areas where it has been used for heating purposes for a century.

This gas has the benefit of having more carbon dioxide than natural gas. It produces three times more heat than natural gas.

If we talk about the downside, it is a bit expensive alternative and requires an extra storage container to be installed.

Venting options


Before buying, you should know the venting options of your home. There are two options available in the market vented and vent-free/ventless gas logs.   If you want to install a gas log set in your existing wood fireplace with a chimney then the best option is a vented gas log.

The advantages of a vented gas log set are that they have a complete natural flame look. Using a vented gas log has no BTU limit and they have a higher flame.

Ventless/ vent-free

The ventless gas logs are efficient; provide smokeless, and clean-burning. What is left after combustion is water vapors and a minimal amount of toxic gases.

Vent-free gas logs consume less gas due to which they are an economical option. They are fitted with Oxygen Depletion Sensor as well.

Igniting Options

The gas logs come with different igniting options. Some you can ignite with matchsticks and others have a remote control to light the gas logs. Some models have options to control the fire using a thermostat.

Size of Gas logs

The size of the gas logs entirely depends on the size of the fireplace in your home. The size also depends on the fuel type as well. The best option is to prevent the blockage and overheating of the gas valve.


When you are using gas logs for warming your house, the fireplace would have a more modern and sophisticated appearance. They are noted for being budget-friendly, clean-burning, energy-efficient, and secure.

It is an acceptable option that was created for timber-burning fireplaces. Based on our honest reviews of the best gas logs in the market you can choose a perfect match for your fireplace.

FAQ’s about the Best Gas Logs

These commonly asked questions and their responses are meant to further help consumers understand the gas logs further.

What are the Best Gas Logs?

Here, we have list some of the best gas logs in 2021;

  1. Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs
  2. Natural Glo Gas Fireplace Logs
  3. Duluth Forge Dual Fuel Gas Log
  4. Barton Ceramic Wood Gas Fireplace Log
  5. Stanbroil Ceramic Wood Ventless Gas Log
  6. GASPRO Fireplace Ventless Gas Log
  7. Skyflame Gas Fireplace Logs

How to choose gas logs?

Choosing gas logs entirely depends on the measurement of the fireplace that you have. Take the exact measurements of the fireplace and buy one according to that.

How do arrange the gas logs?

Gas logs come in different sizes. First, place the big ones at the bottom to make a foundation. Place the smaller ones on top. Leave at least two inches between logs so that there is no blockage of gas.

Are gas logs worth buying?

Yes, gas logs are the best alternative to a wood-burning fireplace. It is safe for the environment as well as for the kids or any pets at home. They add to the elegance of the home as well.

Do gas logs need to be replaced?

The gas logs these days are made of robust and extremely heat-resistant materials.  Due to this, they last for many years. It also depends on the usage for how many hours they have been used.

Some of the gas logs may last for about two to three years.

Can a person himself install the gas log?

No, the gas logs cannot be mounted personally. You should have an installation permit before installation and a post-installation check from a town or city inspector.

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