10 Best Foot Massager Consumer Reports & Reviews 2023

Give your Tired Feet a quick break with a spa-grade massage at home. Simply grab on an advanced foot massager. No matter if you are dealing with life anxiety or work stress, this tool is strong enough to shake your feet quickly for calming down all stiff muscles from sole to calf.

From getting muscle pain relief to enjoying quality sleep, you can avail of significant health benefits from this gift of modern technology.

Whether you are in the mood for a deep rolling sole massage and need a full feet Shiatsu massage, you can have your hands on a wide variety of electric foot massagers.

Some are integrated with Reflexology technology, while others bring deep kneading massage with controlled heat. You can carry a device around easily; portability is a must-have feature.

Don’t suffer alone with tired feet and stiff muscles when you can enjoy the utmost relaxation quickly and efficiently via the best foot massager.

10 Best Foot Massager Reviews

Let’s dive into the top-rated ones as per our ratings;

1. Cloud Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine

Editor’s Pick
  • Complete Massage of Foot, Ankle/Calves
  • Heat Functions to Relieve tension
  • 5 Therapy Modes
  • 3 Intensity Levels

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Do you need home base foot therapy? Fasciitis, Diabetics, Neuropathy is one of the top-rated foot massagers available in the market. It offers a complete massage to the ankle, calves, and feet then it’s the device you are looking for.

After long hours of work, you can have a deep-kneading Shiatsu massage when you feel pain in your feet muscles. This therapy is known to improve blood circulation and stimulate muscle recovery.

Its adjustable base allows you to set base as per your needs. There are three intensity levels, from gentle to vigorous, so that you can pick an intensity as per your requirement.

It’s better for thorough relaxation and reducing inflammation to have a pure foot massage with level 2 intensity. People looking for pain relief from Diabetic soothe their muscles and aches through its efficient calf massager.

There is a rolling massage to relax the nerves, while compression therapy is designed to offer a pressure-based massage. From sway function to heat therapy, you can find multiple foot massage options to choose from.


  • Quiet Mode
  • Rolling Massage
  • Compression Therapy
  • Adjustable bar


  • Sometimes, its heat level increases

2. Human Touch Reflex Swing Pro Leg Massager

Best Vale
  • Onboard console
  • Swing full-motion arm
  • CirQlation Technology
  • Underfoot Reflexology

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After a long day of standing, you need to rely on a foot massager that can balance your body’s natural equilibrium and offers ultimate relaxation. In that scenario, Human Touch Reflex Swing Pro is a massager that helps you achieve this goal.

This product’s intense reflexology massage can provide instant pain relief from stress, Plantar Fasciitis, Fibromyalgia, sore feet, ankles, and calves.

The ergonomic design of the foot massager offers a good fit. Through its full-motion swing arm, you can adjust the arm from the lower side of the ankle to the calves’ upper portion.

Getting a massage at an exact pain location is made possible through its adjustable arm. There are five comfortable positions for targeting pain areas of specific body parts.

This foot massager is featured with advanced CirQlation motion; this new technology can improve blood circulation through deep penetrating massage of vibrating rollers. Blood pumps from foot to core and brings improvement in general health conditions.

Cleaning this massager is super easy as it is designed with removable, comfortable sleeves that you can wash quickly and use again. The easy-to-carry handles let you transport it around easily. There is an onboard console through which you can choose a preferred setting.


  • Easy to Maintain
  • Soothing Reflexology Massage
  • Easy to Carry handles
  • Removable Sleeves
  • Warm Air Technology


  • There is no remote control

3. Miko Foot Massager Shiatsu Machine

Best Budget
  • Deep-kneading massage
  • Shiatsu Rolling Massage
  • Removable Footpads
  • Strong Targeted Heat
  • Fully Customizable Settings

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If you need a spa-grade foot massager at home, you should select one device from Miku. This 360-degree massager brings a 360-degree rotating arm, so you can adjust the position to target a specific pain area of your body.

Whether you feel pain in your calf or ankle, intense targeted heat therapy relaxes sore muscles and tendons. Activa vibration is a must-have treatment for clogged areas to circulate in these areas and improve overall health.

This electric foot massager is designed with five adjustable pressure settings alongside four air pressure pads. People who need compression massage for poor circulation, muscle tension, or fasciitis can have it.

You can set Shiatsu rolling massage with pressure level one at first, and once you get used to it, you would be able to set it at pressure level three.

Keeping it in your living room will enhance the space’s aesthetic value due to its leather accent and ergonomic design. Its nylon footpads are removable for an easy wash.

There are three preset massage modes; you can customize your invigorating home massage by changing settings through its wireless magnetic remote.

The best thing about this massager is its pressure-point accuracy; if you want to hit a specific pressure point, then its 40-deep kneading nodes are there to help you.


  • Pressure-Point Accuracy
  • 3- Adjustable Air Pressure
  • Active Vibration
  • 360ยบ Rotating Arm
  • Warranty


  • Not a good massager for Neurotherapy

4. REVITIVE Advanced Foot Massager

  • Excellent Circulation Booster
  • Up to 99 Intensity Level
  • Electromagnetic Stimulation technology
  • Relief muscle pain

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People who experience occasional leg and foot pain can find relief through Revitive foot massager. This electric device stimulates your body muscles through an efficient massage and circulates oxygenated rich blood into the user’s affected area.

Its innovative Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation EMS technology comes with up to 99 intensity levels so that you can set a level of stimulation as per your pain intensity.

This electrical foot massager has got FDA certification for its advanced circulation-boosting process. All medium to extreme leg and foot pains are caused by poor circulation to the lower extremities.

However, this foot massager’s advanced EMS technology moves deoxygenated blood out of the problem area while pumping in oxygenated blood, thereby improving pain symptoms.

You can buy this massager when you experience low blood circulation, frequent leg and foot cramps, muscle weakness, painful legs/feet, and Swelling in feet or legs.

Inside the box, you will get one remote control, one advanced circulation booster, and one power cable. To get the optimal benefit from this device, you need to use it for at least 6-8 weeks for almost half an hour to one hour every day. It’s good to start from a lower intensity level like 20-30 and start increasing the level once you get used to this booster.

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  • Relaxes foot/leg cramps
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Easy to Use Remote Control


  • Unfriendly Customer-Service

5. Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager

  • Deep Kneading heated massage
  • Independent foot chambers
  • Japanese Shiatsu Massage Technology
  • Overheating temperature Control

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Nothing can make your foot muscle as relaxed as a deep kneading massager; thanks to Miku, you can have your hands on the best one. When you feel too tired to walk around and handle your routine tasks, this foot massager comes to revive your muscle power and energy.

It brings three different massaging techniques in one. Shiatsu massage will calm down your muscle while heat function eases the soreness.

Its kneading roller will improve blood circulation. And the benefit of all these therapies comes in the form of alleviating discomfort.

This Shiatsu foot massager is ideal for dealing with different health issues such as muscle tensions, Neurotherapy, plantar fasciitis, and diabetes.

You can have a customized foot massage while watching TV or movies. All you need to do is grab its wireless remote control and choose one setting out of five air pressure settings. One spare remote comes inside the box and proves useful when you misplace the first one.

This foot massager is based on Japanese Shiatsu massage technology. The body’s specific pressure points are targeted with rolling nodes to improve blood circulation and offer stress relief.

This massage improves the natural healing process of the body. Heat penetrates inside sore muscles and melts away all the tightness and soreness.


  • 5 Pressure Settings
  • 15-minute auto shut-off timer
  • Washable foot liners
  • Easy to use
  • 2 Wireless Remotes


  • Doesn’t Offer Massage for Ankle and Heels

6. Best Choice Products Foot Massager

  • Compact designs
  • User-Friendly LCD screen
  • Multiple Massage Technique
  • Complete foot Shiatsu Massage

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People who need comfortable foot therapy at home can opt for this affordable foot massager. Some massage machines only target foot areas and don’t offer pain relief in the calf and ankles.

However, it’s not the case with this massager. You can have a powerful shiatsu massage in every specific pain area from it.

You don’t have to do much when it comes to pressure or intensity settings, turn on auto mode, and enjoy a relaxing massage in your target area of feet. A variety of massaging techniques are integrated into the device to offer you optimal benefits.

You can notice an improvement in your blood circulation as this massager brings efficient kneading, rolling, and pulsing techniques altogether. People who need strong massages can opt for it.

You can set a preferred setting through a remote control where an LCD screen displays to let you view whatever you are doing. From automatic to manual, you have adjustable setting modes to choose from.


  • Auto mode
  • Easy to Store
  • Portable
  • Easy to Clean


  • Does Not offer full control over settings

7. TERELAX Foot Massager Machine

  • Advanced 3D massager with heat
  • 360-degree adjustable bar
  • Anti-slip rubber cover
  • Onboard Control Setting

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People who like to get a 3D massage while watching a movie or reading a novel should think of buying one from Terelax. This electrical foot massager has adopted innovative massage technology where reflexology massage through rolling sticks and rotation balls is provided.

If you encounter sleep deprivation or poor blood circulation, it’s a kind of massage that would improve blood circulation and improve your quality of it.

Deep targeted heat Shiatsu massage will relax tired and stiff muscles through smooth heat components and deep kneading/squeezing.

This foot massage is upgraded with a 360-degree adjustable bar, making this device a multipurpose pain reliever. Whether you need a thorough massage in your feet, calves, arms, or heels, you can switch it on and get rid of muscle soreness right away.

Although it doesn’t bring any remote control, it’s easy to use the onboard console to handle settings as per your need. By default, it’s programmed to shut off after 15 minutes of target heat massage, but you can prolong timing up to 30 minutes.

There are three massage and speed modes available to choose from. Get this device and relieve fatigue and muscle pain.


  • Multi-purpose
  • 3 Modes and Speed
  • Open design fit the majority of people
  • 1-year warranty
  • The auto timer on/off


  • No remote control included

8. Koolerthings Heated Foot Massager Machine

  • Multipurpose Massage Machine
  • Quality Construction
  • Humanized handle design
  • LCD Touch Display

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One common problem you face with most foot massagers is their noise. You can’t enjoy its massage operation peacefully due to annoying vibration and rolling ball sound.

If that’s what you are wondering about, then no worries because Koolerthings Heated foot massager produces less noise. It means you can enjoy a peaceful massage; you often fall asleep during its full Shiatsu massage.

This electrical massager is designed with an LCD touch screen so that you can choose from three different levels of heat, vibration, and modes; get a massage as per your desire. You can have a variety of massages from just one massager.

Multiple scroll wheel modes offer gentle Plantar scraping, while the Instep kneading technique is suitable for having a full foot massage. You can ease your calf muscle and soreness through 3D Calf kneading and Scraping massage technologies.

Its excellent heat therapy will improve blood circulation, calm down your tired muscles, and rejuvenate the whole body. Your feet won’t get as it has a secure non-slip base. Removable covers make this device easy to clean and maintain.


  • Three modes and heat settings
  • active vibrations
  • Durable
  • Removable covers, easy to wash


  • The heat level is not that strong

9. RENPHO Foot Massager

  • Safe foot massager
  • Memory feature
  • Three unique tapping motions
  • 3 Kneading modes

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Changing settings again and again on a foot massager might seem like a big challenge. The best solution is to invest money in an electric foot massager that has its own memory function.

Yes, I’m talking about RENPHO Foot Massager. It keeps your last setting stored in the memory, and you don’t need to reset it.

It brings deep heat Shiatsu massage with a unique tapping motion, so your pressure points get an efficient massage. When you have tensions and knots in your feet’ muscles, nothing can remove it quickly than heat therapy.

The deep kneading massage comprises tapping, kneading, compressor, rolling, scraping, and heating.
People who go with targeted heat treatment remain worried about safety, but not anymore, as this electric foot massager has a 15-minute auto turn-off feature.

There is a visual light indicator that tells you what mode is working right now. You can choose from 3 knead intensity, pressure level, and tapping modes


  • Independently selectable heat function
  • Visual Light Indicator
  • User-Friendly foot massager
  • Two Independent Chambers with bags


  • No remote control included

10. Human Touch Reflex5s Foot Massager

  • Patented CirQlation technology
  • Reflexology therapy
  • Adjustable Tilt
  • Improve blood circulation

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Do you need the most efficient stress relief? This innovative foot massager from Human Touch helps you unwind yourself quickly after a long day of work. You will get reflexology therapy, where blood is forced back to the heart to improve circulation level.

This electric foot massager is featured with patented CirQlation figure-eight technology. The purpose of this technology is to move blood away from calves and feet toward the core and let fresh oxygenated nutrients enter those areas.

Rejuvenating your tired muscle instantly is made possible through upward rolling of calving massage.
People who raise concerns will feel good about this massager that brings removable sleeves for easy cleaning.

Its underfoot rollers will offer the best massage to your sole and heel, while adjustable tilt and intensity let you set the perfect angle.


  • Easy to Set up
  • Washable sleeves inserts
  • Easy carry handles
  • Portable
  • Underfoot rollers for sole/heel massage


  • Take more space than required

Foot Massager Buying Guide

5 Types of Foot Massager

When you go shopping for a foot massage machine, you come across a variety of massagers. Before you select what works for you, it’s essential to know all about the type. Here are some common types of foot massagers.

  • Shiatsu Foot Massager: In this technique, pressure is applied to various foot areas to boost relaxation. It will improve blood circulation. It’s one of the most prevalent foot massager types available in the market.
  • Oscillating Foot Massager: As soon as you keep your foot on the massager, it will offer oscillation massage. They are integrated with oscillation technology to provide a relaxing massage by pressing the pressure points on your feet. There is a hard footpad that works by creating an electrostatic field in the soft foot tissue. Blood circulation increases and feet get relaxed.
  • Air Pressure Foot Massage: When you buy a closed foot mass design, it often accompanies air pressure. Side and arches muscles of your feet get a thorough massage via this massaging tool. There are airbags on the massager wall. These bags inflate and deflate to offer you a soothing massage experience.
  • Kneading Foot Massager: It’s a direct message technique where the head of the massage spins clockwise and anticlockwise to knead the feet’ sole. Some heads bring nodes for extra massage.
  • Heated Foot Massager: Many foot massagers bring heat technology. You can control not only the speed of massaging but also its temperature. People who like warm sensation always opt for it. People who have lost sensation shouldn’t buy this type of massager, though.

Six Main Benefits of Using a Foot Massager

If you wonder why people invest money in massaging tools, it’s time to know about all those reasons that convince them to buy one.

Muscle Pain Relief

Many people handle jobs where they have to stand on their feet all day long. Security officer, shopkeeper, salesmen, etc., are a few names.

In that case, feeling pain in your feet muscle is a common phenomenon. Getting back home and using this massager daily help a person keep performing well on his job without facing downtime.

Foot massagers apply strategic pain on tight muscles, ligaments, and tendons. It helps them loosen up, and thus, one can get rid of pain quickly after a massage.

Reduce Anxiety Level

Many people deal with anxiety and stress in their routine. The purpose of foo massager is to relax their muscles. Besides, this massage releases endorphins- which help them calm down and have a better mood.

Offer a Headache Solution

People who experience migraines and constant headaches can have the right solution in the form of a foot massager. When they apply pressure on their feet’ specific pressure points, it will have a significant effect on their nervous system. A good massage will stimulate their nerves and regulate normal muscle functioning.

Lower Back Pain Relief

People who experience lower back pain know that the primary cause of this problem is the wrong posture. Through an efficient foot massager, blood circulation level boosts up, and the heart pumps blood throughout the body. This circulation brings relief for all kinds of aches, including lower back ones.

Improve Quality of Sleep

Many people complain about disturbing sleep cycles. Thanks to a foot massager, one can enhance his quality of sleep. A good foot massage increases serotonin levels in the body.

This chemical is converted into melatonin-a sleep hormone. So, when you want a good night’s sleep peacefully, investing in a foot massager is the ultimate right choice.

Improve Blood Circulation

After a hectic workday, a person feels so tired and needs relaxation. Therefore, one needs to get a foot massage to improve blood circulation throughout the body. A comfortable massage will ease your muscle and fuel up your body energy to a great extent.

Who Should Use a Foot Massager?

Anyone seeking good foot therapy to ease muscle pain and tightness can seek refuge with a foot massager. Typically, people invest in foot massager when they need to relax their muscles after a day of hard work, running, jogging, trekking.

Athletes and bodybuilders always have a foot machine in their gyms.
Besides, this machine is an ideal device for people with:

  • Muscle and back pain
  • Arthritis and Diabetes ailments
  • Severe headache and migraines
  • Varicose veins
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Sleep disorders

Senior citizens need the best foot massager to relieve their aches, soreness, and numbness in the feet.

Look into 11 Factors Before Buying a Foot Massager

You can find various massagers in the market before you lock the deal to look into the following factors.
Durability and Build

You need a massager that has a muscular build and construction. You are investing to use a product for a long time. If it looks great but made with cheap material, your investment will go down the drain sooner than expected.

Do you want that?

I know the answer is no, so look for a product that offers a relaxing massage at least for three to five years. Check what materials have been used to create a product. It’s better to best foot massager reviews to find out whether a product will let you reap benefits for a long time or not.


Before you buy any product, check whether you get a warranty or not. If you purchase from a well-known brand, a warranty will always come alongside it. You should know that a foot massager is an electric machine, and anything can go wrong with a product that gets power from electricity or battery.

What if you use it on the wrong voltage and one spark makes you lose it all. These things happen. Therefore, you can stay on the safe side by looking into its warranty option. Go with one with at least a 1-year part warranty.

Weight and Size

Another essential thing to look into is the weight of the massager. You need a lightweight and portable massager. A big heavy-duty machine is not a suitable choice. Get a device that you can carry around comfortably.

A big size device will take much space while a compact one doesn’t need a big storage room. Buy a compact, a lightweight device so that you can have a soothing massage on the move.

Besides, find a massager whose size fits perfectly with your feet. Some people experience heel soreness and need the best solution. They should buy a massager that comes with nodes as this specific kind, let nodes interact directly with heels, and allow you to feel relaxed.

Cushion Surface

Some massagers are designed with foam surfaces that are soft to touch. The purpose of this cushion is to offer a comfortable massaging experience.

If you need a comfort element, look into this feature. It might cost you some extra bucks, but you will get a better massage experience.


Some cheap foot massagers might help you save some bucks, but they usually cause slipping and sliding during the massage. Therefore, it’s vital to spend money on a massager that offers stability.

Frequent slipping and sliding from the massage base will cause more harm than good. Get a massager that perfectly fits your feet and adjust height level as per your need. One size fits all kinds of massager often lacks a stability factor.

Heat Function

Many advanced foot massagers are designed with manual or auto heat functions. A manual option allows you to get a massage with and without heat. On the flip side, an auto massager offers a bearable temperature alongside massage to boost foot therapy’s effectiveness.

You need this therapy to have pain relief and also to soothe your sore feet. The purpose of adding heat in massage is to improve the normal functioning of ligaments, bones, and tendons. People can treat numbness and tingling issues with a heated foot massager, only when they use it regularly.

Ease of Use

The problem with advanced massagers is that they bring lots of features, and that’s why older people find them difficult to use. Pressing different buttons and adjusting all levels is nothing but a big challenge for them.

If you are a tech-savvy person, multiple function adjustment through remote control is a simple task; you would like that device. However, a foot massager should be easy to use; one doesn’t need to check the manual repeatedly to get familiar with its functions.


Many foot massagers are used in Spa, and you can’t move them around as they need permanent wire attachment. On the flip side, some foot massager runs on battery power, and moving them around is not a big deal. One needs to invest in a portable foot massager to use it on the move and anywhere one wants.

Know the Purpose

It would help if you kept in mind the primary purpose of using a foot massager. Some messages are designed to offer ultimate foot therapy, while others are proved useful in blood circulation tasks. Athletes need a professional foot massager that can relax their tired feet after an exhausting day.

When you do a regular workout, your feet need a good massage for muscle relaxation. Know the primary purpose, and then select a massage that best serves the purpose.


If you plan to use a massager casually, only when you need a good massage weekly or monthly, then it’s better to buy a foot massager for under $60.

However, when you are serious about massaging and looking for a treatment of muscle pain, headache, migraine, etc., you should look for a massager with advanced technology. You can’t compromise on the quality of massager, as you need daily foot therapy to get healthier and better.

Remember, you will get what you pay for. A $50-foot massager can’t bring as unique features as a $200 one. So, invest in something useful.


A foot massager is undoubtedly the best thing for people looking for quick stress relief and who want to rejuvenate their bodies after a full day of standing work.

People with low blood circulation and sleep deprivation issues can seek instant pain relief from an electric massager- the one that combines heat technology with shiatsu massage.

Advanced foot massager levels are suitable for those who deal with chronic leg pain, Neurotherapy, low back pain, and diabetes. Spending money on a foot massager helps you reap health benefits, no matter if you use this tool occasionally or regularly.

FAQ’s about Foot Massagers

What are the Best Foot Massagers?

Here is a list of the top-rated ones as per our ratings in 2023;

  1. Cloud Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine
  2. Human Touch Reflex Swing Pro Leg Massager
  3. Miko Foot Massager Shiatsu Machine
  4. REVITIVE Advanced Foot Massager
  5. Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager
  6. Best Choice Products Foot Massager
  7. TERELAX Foot Massager Machine
  8. Koolerthings Heated Foot Massager Machine
  9. RENPHO Foot Massager
  10. Human Touch Reflex5s Foot Massager

Do foot massagers really work?

Yes, they do. According to many scientific studies, a foot massager can improve blood circulation, offer pain relief, and reduce swelling.

Besides, it can ease your stress and energize your body. Doing a foot massage is exactly like making a healthy life choice, aka exercise or eating right.

Which foot massagers are suitable for people with diabetes?

It would help if you got an electric massager with oscillating footpads as it stimulates blood flow and enhances blood circulation throughout the body.

It would help if you talked to your health professional before buying a massager as not every oscillating foot massager is suitable for a diabetic patient.

Are foot massagers appropriate to use if I suffer from back pain?

In case you have lower back pain due to tension and tightness in your body, you can get relief through an efficient foot massager.

You can ease your sore feet through this massager, and this ease is vital to feeling relaxation in your lower back. Besides, blood circulates through feet massage and relaxes your back muscles.

How long can you use a foot massager?

You need to use a massager only for 30 minutes. It’s better to read manuals to find out how long you can use one. Don’t overuse the device as it may cause muscle bruising.

What Are the Benefits of a Shiatsu Foot Massage?

You can relax your foot muscles and find relief from stiffness and tension through the shiatsu massage technique. This therapy is known to restore strength and improve your feet’ flexibility by improving blood flow and circulation.

When should you massage your feet every night?

One can use this massager before bedtime to improve blood circulation and increase sleep quality. Whenever you want to feel relaxed, you can turn on this foot massager to ease your muscle pain.

How Often Should You Use A Foot Massager?

You can use a foot massager three times a day at one-hour intervals. In case you are treating an ailment, it’s better to use a foot massager daily. Otherwise, you can seek weekly foot therapy.

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