6 Best Fire Escape Ladders Consumer Reports & Reviews 2023

In the situation of a fire don’t panic try to reach any window for a safe escape. We usually are trying to take some precautionary measures to get safe from dangerous situations, but sometimes all safety actions failed, and we need to use a shortcut to save a life.

Today we are going to tell you about the best fire escape ladder and how it will save you from a dangerous situation.

If you install this tool, you will have a harmless and quick option to keep your life safe.
Keep in your mind lifesaving tools always helps to save life even from the 2nd floor, or above we have researched and decided on some useful products and models of the ladder.

6 Best Fire Escape Ladder Reviews

Let’s have a look through the best and most effective fire escape ladders that are easily available in the market. Buy one to add your sweet home’s safety tool.

1. Kiddle Three-Story Fire Escape Ladder

Editor’s Pick
  • Easy and quick assembling
  • Durable enough to support more than 1000lbs
  • Rungs are zinc-plated that prevents slipping

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The Kiddle Fire Escape ladder can rescue your life from fire because of sturdy construction and secure footing. It is easy to use and you don’t face any difficulty during the escape.


  • Provide safe escape in the event of a fire
  • No need for extra tools for easy assembling
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Durable to hold a lot of weight


  • No adjustable hooks

2. First Alert Portable Fire Escape Ladder

Best Value
  • Sturdy nylon and steel build
  • Anti-slip rungs
  • The design meets ASTM standards

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This ladder is durable enough without a doubt to help you run away from the flames along with your family. The design reduces any possibility of slipping because of its solid slip-resistant rungs. Unusually you’ll get too quickly and steadily escape from the fire.


  • A reliable and quick escape
  • Supports more than 375 pounds
  • Maintain the balance of feet during the escape
  • Can be attached easily to a variety of window lengths


  • It is hard to deploy

3. Hausse Retractable Fire Escape Ladder

Best Budget
  • For easy storing, it has retractable hooks
  • Suitable for second-story houses as it has a 13-inch length
  • For a safe escape, it has slip-resistant rungs

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It is diploid easily and you are able to escape the fire in a short time period. It is very durable and strong and can easily withstand a lot of weight. It also offers a steady and stable foothold, and you can climb down through it easily without falling.


  • Without the need for extra tools, it can easily be diploid
  • It has hooks for secured attaching to any window
  • It has a canvas bag for safe storage
  • Firm to retain the weight of 3 people at a time


  • Edges of the aluminum spacers are very sharp

4. HYNAWIN Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

  • It is made with lightweight and sturdy aluminum material
  • It has a steel hook for safe attachment
  • It can maintain the weight of 3 people at a time

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The ladder comes up with a length of 50-foot which is an idea; for 5-6 story homes. It gives a reliable and quick escape route as it has all the security measures against fire breakouts. The ladder is portable, durable, and lightweight.

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  • Spacious design
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Durable
  • Securely attach to windows


  • No safety harness

5. ISOP Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

  • Strong enough to tolerate more than 2500 pounds
  • Easy to store and carry
  • 19.45 pounds

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This rope ladder is the best way to get rid of fire breakout quickly. It is astonishingly sturdy to fully rely on it.• With its heavy-duty carabiners it fits with a wide range of window frames.


  • Prevents falling and slipping for a safe climb
  • No assembly needed and offers an easy and fast deployment
  • Due to sturdy construction, it allows reusability
  • Lightweight and compact design, highly portable


  • It has carabiners rather than hooks

6. X-IT Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

  • Sturdier as compared to other ladders
  • Designed for easy and quick deployment
  • It is small and can easily fit in a shoebox

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This fire escape ladder will give an easy and swift escape from the breakout of fire. It is highly reliable with a durable build and small design and convenient and safe to use. From climbing down and deploying this use it is always secure.


  • Tangle-free design
  • Weight is less but durable
  • Easy deploying within seconds
  • Securely and easily attach to any window


  • Expensive

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Fire Escape Ladder

After safe construction and precautionary measures, there is a possibility your family faces an emergency at home. So try to arrange some lifesavers here we mention some important findings that people consider before purchasing the best fire escape ladder.

Overall Durability

It also depends on many factors including materials used to build the components and the design. Like some ladders are formed for one-time use and are not sturdy as compared to the ones built for unlimited use. Before purchasing you want to decide what you want.

The best ladders can be used again and again as they last long. Make sure to look at the material as well. It is also important for using the item for loading more than one person at a time.


Height is varied with every ladder. It is also important to select the right-sized ladder. Make sure to check the height of the window from the ground.

Buy a ladder that goes down the ground from the window sills. It is recommended to go for a 12-15 feet ladder for 2 story homes.


It is also a point that determines the easy handling of a ladder. If the ladder is heavy you will not easily deploy it in the hour of need. So, go for a ladder that can be easily picked up and comfortable to carry.

Few ladders are lightweight, weighing not more than 6 pounds, whereas others are quite a heavy weighing as far as 28 pounds.

Attachment Style- Carabiner or Hook

Carabiners and V- Hooks are the common means of connecting fire escape ladders. Between them, the V- Hooks appeal more and are reliable because of their secure gripping and fast deployment.

As compared to V- Hooks, carabiners are more difficult. The deployment is longer and causes twisting of ropes, this can prevent you from quick escaping and can be troublesome.

Ease of Use

To escape from the fire, you’ve to be quick. Naturally, you won’t waste much time on deploying and using the ladder in the fire breakout.

Make sure to buy a ladder designed to offer faster deployment and ease to use. It should be ready to use and assembled completely. The hooks must also be easy to work with.

Storage facilities

The ladder should have an easy storage facility and it must not be spacious. The top-grade ladders must be completely folded so you can place them under the bed. Some of the ladders are equipped with canvas bags to store easily.

Why do you need a fire escape ladder?

People living in high-rise apartments want an escape route during the fire breakout. According to the National Fire Prevention Agency, fire departments react to about 14,500 increase in building fires per year.

A ladder is a best and most emergency device to escape in the fire breakout from a 2nd and 3rd story building.


In our point of view, the best fire escape ladder is the great value of money and an incredible tool in the hour of emergency. It is the main element in the home fire safety plan.

This article highlighted the best fire escape ladders with different points to be kept in mind while purchasing the best ladders.


What are the Best Fire Escape Ladder?

Here is a list of the top rated Fire Escape Ladder as per our reviewers in 2023;

  1. Kiddle Three-Story Fire Escape Ladder
  2. First Alert Portable Fire Escape Ladder
  3. Hausse Retractable Fire Escape Ladder
  4. HYNAWIN Emergency Fire Escape Ladder
  5. ISOP Emergency Fire Escape Ladder
  6. X-IT Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

Who invented the fire escape ladder?

The inventor and abolitionist, Joseph Richard Winters invented the first wagon-mounted escape ladder on May 7, 1878.

Where do you store a fire ladder?

It must be stored in the place where the ladder can be quickly accessed, under the bed, near the window, or in the front portion of a cupboard. Make sure there should be no blockage.

How much weight can a fire escape ladder hold?

The ladder holds more than 375 pounds weight at a time.

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