10 Best Electric Blanket Consumer Reports & Reviews 2023

If you are searching for the best electric blanket according to consumer reports in 2023 then this post is for you.

Electric blankets not only serve as a means to make you fall asleep at night, But they are cozy and can help you with a soothing feel.

The electric blankets come with different heating systems, which means you can adjust accordingly.

A top-notch electric blanket can make you snuggle happily around your partner and keep you warm throughout the freezing temperatures.

In this post, I am going to review the best electric blankets as per consumer reports. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Electric Blankets Consumer Reports

I have compiled a list of the 7 best electric blankets based on consumer reports 2023.

1. Cozee Battery Powered Heated Blanket

Editor’s Pick
  • Battery-operated heated blanket
  • 3 modes for temperature setting
  • A portable throw blanket
  • Weather-resistant exterior

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If you are strictly hunting for a high-quality heated blanket that perfectly snuggles you, then the Cozee heated blanket is exactly what you are after. It features a premium-grade battery pack that can sustain for almost 5 hours.

The battery comes with 2 USB ports that allow you to charge any mobile device without leaving your cozy and warm zone.

Enjoying your favorite outdoor sports during the chilly and frosty weather is no more a dream.

Since the Cozee heated blanket comes with a weather-resistant exterior that allows you to enjoy the warmth during rains, snow, and stormy winds.

To this, it gives you three temperature settings: low, medium, and high. You can find out which temperature suits your needs and adjust the setting to that particular setting.

To avoid a hazardous situation, the temperature adjusts automatically from high to medium. Hence, it is convenient to use.

The space-grade insulation wires run through the whole blanket. This way heat is distributed evenly through the entire blanket and provides you enough warmth.

This electric blanket has a 60†by 60†size that makes it an ideal throw blanket. People with medical conditions can remain warm when snuggled up in this comfy throw.

Washing the Cozee electric blanket is quite hassle-free. It bears an amazing technology that makes it convenient for machine wash.

As soon as you find your Cozee blanket dirty, all you need is to remove its battery pack and wash it into your washing machine. Thumbs up! it gets neat and clean in just one wash.


  • Machine washable
  • Very fluffy
  • Gives continuous heat for 5 hours
  • Portable design
  • Cordless electric blanket


  • Just provides 3 heat settings

2. Sunbeam Luxurious Velvet Plush Heated Blanket

Best Value
  • 20 heat settings
  • king size heated blanket
  • Auto-off option
  • Preheat setting

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Sunbeam has won a prestigious place in the market for introducing heated mattress covers and blankets.

This featured electric blanket from Sunbeam is an ultimate bed luxury you would not leave untouched.

This is one of the fluffiest and super-soft blankets by far and provides you a night of peaceful sleep in the frosty winters.

If you love to keep your bed comfy and warm before slipping in between the sheets, then you can use its preheat feature to enjoy the warmth as soon as you go to your bed.

Along with this, it features an auto-off function that shuts off the blanket after 10 hours of being on. So you can enjoy an uninterrupted sleep without getting worried about overheating.

It features 100 by 90 inches size that makes it a perfect deal for a king-size bed. Available with two controllers, you can choose a particular heat setting on either side of the blanket.

This will ensure that you and your partner can choose what is exactly most comfy for each of you.

The Sunbeam heated blanket is available in just one color i.e. Champaign Blonde a color that is ideal for any.

Backed up by a 5 years warranty, the blanket is safe for washing and drying. But since the blanket is king-size, it may take some extra effort to wash this product.

All in all, this sunbeam heated blanket is the most luxurious electric blanket that is worth the money you pay.


  • Ultra-soft velvet plush fabric
  • Dual controllers
  • Quickly heats up
  • Machine washable and dryer-safe


  • Slippery

3. SoftHeat by Perfect Fit Fleece Electric Heated Blanket

Best Budget
  • King-size electric blanket
  • Microfleece material
  • Backlit display
  • Patented safe and warm technology

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This micro-fleece electric blanket can deliver the exact amount of warmth you are aspiring for in chilly weather.

It combines ultra-thin flat wires with a thick yet very soft material to provide you an unmatchable comfort.

You can use its 10 personalized heat settings to find the temperature of your choice.

To maintain the safety of the user, it automatically shuts off as soon as it gets overheated.

So, when safety remains the main concern of an electric blanket buyer, then this SoftHeat Fit Fleece is your go-to choice.

Another feature that sets this blanket apart from its competitors is its flexibility. The wires inside are aligned 3 inches apart to distribute heat evenly.

The wires are too thin and very hard to feel, plus they contribute to making the product a bit too weighty.

This SoftHeat blanket bears a backlit display with an auto-dimming feature. So you can use it conveniently during night time without turning on the lights.

You can also use its preheat function to warm up your bed before you get into it. To provide safety to the user, the blanket is capable of shutting off automatically after 10 hours of being on.

The standard built-in over-temperature protection of this blanket will ensure your safety and will let you enjoy a deep and restful sleep night after night.


  • Simple, easy to read controls
  • Low voltage technology makes it safe to use
  • No dead spots


  • May catch up fire if not used cautiously

4. Beautyrest Plush Secure Electric Throw Blanket  

  • 3 modes for heat setting
  • 2 hrs auto shut off
  • Ogee printed plush fabric
  • An oversized 60†by 70†throw

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If you are looking for an electric blanket that will provide you premium functionality and a lovely appearance, then this Plush Secure Electric Blanket stands second to none.

It has a single controller that instantly heats up you as soon as you press the button to start.

Since it is made up of 100% polyester, it remains super-silky on your skin. Hence it is a perfect combo of warmth and comfort, you would certainly want to amiss.

As far as the appearance of this blanket is concerned, it stands unique. You can get this electric blanket in your favorite color since it is available in 9 different colors.

Another impeccable feature of this electric throw is its larger size. Where standard throws have by size, this electric blanket gives you more comfort.

Enjoy your favorite movie or TV program while sitting or lying in your bed because of the big size of this throw. It will perfectly keep you warm by covering you from head to toe.

The state of the art secure comfort heated technology makes it a wonderful throw you would love to wrap yourself in.

This technology works to provide you with a consistent flow of warmth by adjusting the temperature of your throw.

Moreover, BeautyRest has provided this throw a 5-year limited warranty in case of any damage to the product.

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  • Easy care
  • Comfy
  • Single controller
  • Available in 9 different shades


  • Limited heat settings

5. Best Choice Products Electric Heated Blanket

  • 3 heat settings
  • 7-foot long extension cord
  • Auto-off after every two hours
  • Two layers of fabric
  • Weighs just 3.3 lbs.

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This is another electric blanket that is worth considering to buy when you are looking for a high-quality electric blanket.

It features two layers of fabric, on one side you have an ultra-soft sherpa and on the other side, it has a durable polyester to wrap you in perfect warmth.

To make this blanket more customizable, you can adjust the temperature to meet your specific heating needs.

The available temperature levels include high, medium, and low settings.

The remote control also enables you to use its 2 hours automatic shutoff option, hence the blanket is highly convenient to use.

The blanket offers you an equal amount of heat distributed to all parts of the blanket. Heat can sustain for longer and will let you enjoy the warmth without being stressed over.

Although like all our featured electric blankets, this blanket is also washable.

But it is highly recommended to not overuse this feature. Since the insulated wires may damage due to machine-wash.

Hence to prevent damage, it is better not to wash this blanket more than 5 times. this does not imply that you can not wash this blanket, you can certainly go for washing it in case it gets dirty. But bear in mind not to overdo it.

Luckily, the manufacturer has embellished this blanket with a 7-foot long removable power cord.

What a fair deal! This feature will bring in the best out of this product since you can keep your blanket away from the plug-in outlet.

Overall, the blanket is super- comfy and convenient to use, and buying it would give you complete satisfaction.


  • Versatile and flexible electric blanket
  • Easy to use interface
  • Silky and smooth skin-friendly blanket


  • Doesn’t have a preheat option

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6. Sunbeam Queen Size Cozy Feet Heated Blanket  


  • 15 heat settings for feet
  • 10 heat settings for body
  • Auto-off
  • 100% polyester

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Featuring very durable construction, the Sunbeam Cozy feet heated blanket is another marvel product introduced by the company. As the name itself is speaking, this plush blanket will keep your feet warm and toasty.

It features two separated heat zones that work independently to keep your feet 30% warmer than the rest of the body.

You can likewise choose your favorite temperature from 15 different heat settings to adjust the warmth you want for your feet.

Again, the controller gives you rich flexibility by providing you 10 different heat settings for the rest of your body. You can adjust the heat level that suits your needs.

When most of the electric blankets are a bit too rough in material, this heated blanket sets an extraordinary example with its plush velvet fabric. You can enjoy the silky and soft texture of the blanket next to your skin.

This blanket comes with an easy-care feature as it is machine washable. Simply disconnect the controller from the fleece and put the blanket into your machine. Super easy to wash.

In addition to this, like all other Sunbeam electric blankets, this unit is also quite safe to use. It automatically turns off after 10 hours of consistent use.

The super-thin electric wires, easy-to-read controls, and long cord are some other outstanding features you would certainly fall in love with.


  • Comfortable
  • Dual controls
  • A soft and thick blanket  


  • An expensive unit
  • May have a dead zone in the center

7. Homech Electric Throws Heated Blankets

  • Extra-large full size heated blanket
  • 10 heat levels for heat setting
  • ETL certified
  • Overheating protection
  • 1-12 auto-off timer

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If you are looking to upgrade your standard electric blanket with a more premium quality electric blanket, then this Homech blanket is for you.

It features a double-layer flannel to provide you some extra comfort and warmth when the temperature outside is chilling your nerves.

It never fails to provide you a reader-friendly interface on its controller. You can adjust the heat level to the temperature of your preference.

Usually, most electric blankets fail to provide warmth evenly and thoroughly, but this blanket is a lifesaver.

It is capable of distributing heat evenly to help you enjoy the coziness to the optimum level.

It is one of the fast-heating blankets so far as it takes just 5 minutes to warm up this blanket.

The blanket is safe to use since it features an overheating protection system.

After three hours of being on, the timer automatically shuts off hence the highly safe blanket.

The blanket is easy to maintain since it is machine washable and dryer- friendly.

Just remove the cord and dump it into your washing machine. Easy-peasy to wash and reuse.

For bed-ridden and elderly people, this blanket is a fair deal to buy. Since it is a highly comfortable, extra-large, and overheating protective blanket.


  • Machine washable
  • Fast heating blanket
  • Comfortable blanket since it ha double-layer flannel
  • Adjustable heat levels


  • Limited timer options

8. MaxKare ELT Certificate Fast Electric Heating Blanket

  • ETL certified
  • 4 hours of auto-off
  • 3 heating levels
  • LCD

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Like our earlier-mentioned product, this blanket is also another fast-heating electric blanket available in the market.

It provides you a full-body coverage to keep you warm and toasty in frosty winters. Like all other standard throw blankets that come in by, this blanket can meet the needs of various users.

With a snap button, the blanket starts working and cuddles you instantly. Within a frame of a few minutes, the blanket warms you up.

The blanket is super easy to use because of its three heat levels. You can adjust the heat from 95-113 degrees F to enjoy maximum comfort.

Besides, the blanket is highly luxurious as it features a silky flannel at one side and a sherpa shu velvety side on the other side.

Both sides work precisely and spread heat equally to keep you warm. With this, the blanket can preserve heat to give you a seamless warm experience.

After the continuous use of 3 hours, the blanket automatically suits off. Hence the product is safe to use. Added to this, an overheat protection design will give it more safety.

All in all, this is versatile and easy to clean and maintain this electric blanket, the buyer would love to have.


  • Long power cable
  • Safe to use
  • Extra comfy
  • Easy to care since machine washable


  • Not ideal for a huge person because of its standard throw size

9. Polar Fleece Full Body Electric Heated Blanket

  • 62 by 84 inches larger throw
  • 4 levels for heat setting
  • Polar fleece material
  • Hand and machine washable

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Being a safe and warm electric blanket, Polar Fleece heated blanket is an oversize heated blanket that will wrap up you from your head to toe.

The blanket has an ultra-soft polar fleece build-up to create optimal warmth, no matter how much the temperature is low outside.

The blanket is not only stretchable but is breathable too. The heat reaches every corner of the blanket and gives you the ultimate pleasure of warmth for long hours. Besides, the blanket is capable of preserving heat even after you turn it off.

This blanket with its grey color goes perfectly well with your home decor. The neat reinforcement stitches at the corners of the blanket will make it extremely durable.

Besides, the blanket is highly customizable. You can adjust the heat level to high, medium, low, and warm whatever you like.

When you are in search of a highly snuggling electric blanket, then buy this blanket and thirst your craving for a premium quality full body electric heated blanket.

Now enjoying your favorite movies is not mere wishful thinking, since you can warm yourself up with this ultra-warm throw blanket.

With auto-off timing, you can not only ensure your safety but it will also contribute to saving energy. Overall, this blanket is super easy to maintain since it is machine washable and dryable.


  • Super warm blanket
  • Built-in auto-off 10 hours timer
  • A soft and comfortable blanket
  • Larger than standard throw blankets


  • Limited 4 level heat setting

10. Sable Full Body Fast Heating Blankets

  • 10 levels for heat settings
  • 1-2 hrs auto-off timer
  • Oversized blanket
  • ETL certified
  • Available in red color

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This blanket has a fast-heating feature that quickly heated up this blanket in just 5 minutes. The blanket has a sturdy construction since it bears 100% polyester that lasts for a long.

Safety is the main concern of electric blanket users, but thanks to the maker of this blanket who has provided it ETL certification. Apart from this, the timer automatically shuts off after 1-2 hours of being used.

The blanket is highly customizable since you can adjust it to your desired heating level by experimenting with 10 adjustable temperature settings. The given range of temperature lies from 68-112 degrees F.

The blanket features double-layer deluxe flannel, hence making heating wires more noticeable.

But it never compromises on providing you the maximum comfort. The heat penetrates evenly throughout the blanket and gives you the exact amount of heat you are running after in cold temperatures.

This electric blanket is worth-considering because of many other remarkable features.

It is super easy to clean and is backed up by a lifetime warranty. All of these essential features make this blanket a lifetime investment.

Giving this blanket as a Christmas gift to your loved ones is a great idea indeed! Its burgundy color will just freshen up the haze of winters.


  • Versatile blanket since it has 10 customized heating settings
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Hand-held controller


  • Somehow a thinner blanket

Electric Blanket Buying Guide

With the massive range of electric blankets on the market, it would be best to consider your needs, purpose, and why you are planning to invest in the best electric blanket.

There are several reasons for buying electric blankets ranging from saving on electric bills, easing cold on winter nights, calming down the period of pain, and much more.

When planning to buy an electric blanket, you need to consider factors like features, size, brand, cost, and quality of the electric blanket.

Heat setting

Electric blankets usually come with a heat setting, which means a range of temperature options you can choose from. With a few models of electric blankets in the market, you can select pre-program settings.

It allows you to warm the blanket automatically before you go to bed and will enable you to automatically shut off once your body temperature is normal and you are about to sweat.


Electric blankets are usually made from polyester, which is a type of fabric that resists fire. It is thick and makes you feel comfortable.

It is the best material that comfortably insulates the wires and coils within the blankets without touching them over your skin.

The controls and plugs of such electric blankets are made of plastic with control features displayed on LCD for simple adjustments and readings in the middle of the night.


Electric blankets are available in several different sizing options, which usually match your mattress sizes, twin, full, queen, or king.

If you opt for queen-size electric blankets, they are larger and have dual control settings, which allows you to adjust the blanket’s temperature easily.

This size also works well if you sleep with your partner and share your blanket.


Whenever you purchase the electric blankets, it specifies the care instructions for the buyers.

For cleaning the electric blanket, you need to remove the controls and plugs. It’s machine washable for the rest of the fabric and quickly tumbled dried over a low heat setting.

While cleaning the electric blanket, spread it out evenly. Avoid bunching it up, which can result in wire damage or hot spots.

Moreover, when you do not use the blanket, unplug it and fold it neatly to maintain your blanket in pristine condition.

Besides that, if you seek any brown spots within your blanket, get it replaced or stop utilizing it as it means your blanket is overheated and results in burnt areas.


Most of the electric blankets you purchase come with a warranty, which means your purchase is protected.

If your blanket is either torn, does not insulate well, or burns within a limited time, you can get it exchanged or get a refund, which means you are investing in the right product.

Low-Voltage Options

The electric blankets are usually available in two different varieties, which include low voltage or regular.

Both these designs are safe and up to mark, but low-voltage blankets are ideal if you consider the safest option.

They offer less raise on electricity bills, but they might take longer to reach the warming temperature.


Overall, our top picks can serve well as the best electric blanket. Enjoy a luxurious, cozy night sleeping in a warm bed.

Indulge in a spa-like feel with the best thermoregulated electric blanket and save money on bills as you don’t need to spend more now on heaters and expensive heating accessories.

Pay close attention to quality, warranty, and comfort while buying the ideal electric blanket.


What’s the mode of action of electric blankets?

For a perfect night’s sleep, you want your body temperature to be average so that you can sleep well.

If you reside in a colder area or face any troubles due to cold, you need to get your hands on an electric blanket.

Such blankets make use of electricity that flows towards the heat-insulated wiring embedded within the fabric layers.

This wire heats up and makes the surrounding fabric warm, too, keeping your body heated and comfortable to sleep.

Are electric blankets the source of raised electric bills?

No, that’s, fortunately, the best part about these blankets. You can significantly save more on your bill with such blankets.

There is no such need to switch on the heaters, which take more bill as you have a personal heating device wrapped around your body.

Moreover, most of these blankets are made up of plush microfleece and other thick materials that offer stunning heat, making you feel warm.

Are electric blankets comfortable?

The wires in such blankets are thin and flexible, allowing your blankets to stay soft and make you feel comfortable.

You can easily use these blankets and indulge in a comfortable sleeping experience, whether you plugin or not.

The wires are thin that they prevent any burn damage and deliver maximum comfort and perfect heat range.

Can electric blankets interrupt your sleep pattern?

Proper thermoregulation is one of the most important sources of good sleep. An excellent electric blanket can easily regulate body temperature and make us feel fresh in the morning.

A consistent body temperature that, too, with a tremendous electric blanket allows your brain to help you indulge in restful sleep.

What are the different benefits of electric blankets apart from a sound sleep?

You can use an electric blanket similar to a heating pad to soothe the menstrual cycle’s pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, back pain, and others. It helps you feel comfortable and eases the pain making you feel relaxed and helps you fall asleep.

Who should invest in an electric blanket?

People who are unable to fall asleep on cold, windy nights. If you shiver and continuously wake up in the middle of the night due to cold, then definitely it’s best to invest in an electric blanket.

The right heating temperature allows you to fall asleep and stay comfortable throughout the night easily. Get this product now if you struggle hard with thermoregulation.

For people who suffer from conditions like fibromyalgia, arthritis, and a painful menstrual period, it’s definitely worth the buy for relieving chronic, painful conditions.

Are the electric blankets safe to use?

In general conditions, YES! Most buyers wonder whether they can leave an electric blanket throughout the night, and some wonder if there is any auto shut down option.

Make sure to follow all instructions to ensure safety. Check the electric blanket manual and see how many volts it can easily handle.

You can also utilize power adapters for your outlets having higher voltage to prevent any overheating or damage to the blanket.

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