10 Best Dog Food Consumer Reports & Reviews 2023

Seeking the best dog food is a daunting task. As soon as you enter the store or shopping dog food online, you wonder which one will serve as the most suitable option.

There is a massive range of dog food options from natural, organic, raw, grain-free, canned, and much more.

When you see a little pup holding an empty bowl wondering about which food you are about to place, you must get your hands on the best dog food for your pet with healthy ingredients.

That said, several experts on our team sorted out the top-notch products for you so that you can shop the best dog food now and that too at a special price without breaking your bank.

Dogs are the loyal best friends of humans as they offer unconditional love and support to their owners.

10 Best Dog Food Reviews

Be thankful to them while providing the utmost care and treating them with the captivating dog food as a perfect treat. Let’s dive in to find out more about the best dog food!

1. Purina Pro Plan Adult Dry Dog Food Chicken & Rice

Editor’s Pick
  • Dry dog food formula
  • Hard kibble with a shredded blend
  • Live probiotics for improved digestion
  • A balanced protein to fat ratio
  • Antioxidants rich formula
  • No artificial colors and preservatives

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To make your young growing dog stands unique among the rest of its clan, try out this Purina dry dog food recipe.

It combines an optimal blend of nutrients to keep your dog in the best state of health without making him obese.

This dry dog formula comes up with all the essential nutrients that an adult dog must retain active.

By feeding your dog with an exact quantity of pro-plan chicken and rice formula, you will notice a remarkable change in the lifestyle of your feline friend.

This dry dog formula is the outcome of expert vets’ tireless efforts since it provides you the perfect protein to fat ratio your dog needs.

Every ingredient has the purpose of making this formula more digestible and more palatable for pups.

Be it a growing pup or an adult one, and the formula is safe to feed. Its microorganisms agents will maintain a healthy bowel movement.

The probiotics in this formula will activate an enzyme that will improve digestion.

The formula has brought in the best and safest results when feed to reproducing females during gestation and lactation. Just follow the feed amount as mentioned on the packaging.

A pup with bright skin and coat will turn all heads on the streets turn around your fellow-creature. The Purina chicken and rice formula have omega 6 fatty acids and Vitamin a to nourish its skin and coat.

On the whole, the Purina dry dog food is a complete nutritious formula that will make your dog thrive all day long.


  • Promotes healthy weight
  • Gives a shinier coat and skin
  • Includes real meat


  • An expensive choice as compared to other regular dog foods

2. Blue Buffalo Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

Best Value
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Deboned chicken as the first ingredient
  • Comes in 30 lbs. bag
  • Packed with essential vitamins and minerals

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The Blue Buffalo dry dog food is a reliable product and is popular among pet dog parents.

This life protection formula with life source bits contains a healthy protein to fat ratio to keep your dog active and stout.

Like all other dog food recipes that feature real meat as the primary ingredient, this formula also has real deboned chicken.

This makes this dry food one of the best in the line since it will promote healthy muscle building in your little pup. Besides, this recipe’s real meat ingredient will satiate your dog’s craving for meat to its fullest.

This recipe becomes more enjoyable with a balanced amount of whole grains, veggies, and fruit.

With every single mouthful of this formula, your feline friend will get all essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.

The fish oil in the recipe offers you a handsome amount of omega3 and 6 fatty acids. Hence the formula is great to promote healthy skin and coat.

If your best friend is a picky eater, then this Blue Buffalo Chicken and Brown Recipe will bring all the goodness to him. Even in dogs with a sensitive stomach, this recipe shows amazing results.

In short, this blue dog food formula completely aligns with the daily dietary requirements of your dog.


  • Good for your dog’s skin and coat
  • Healthy and strong muscle buildup
  • Improves immune system
  • Best for adult dogs


  • Some dogs may have bloody loose stools while fed on this formula

3. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult

Best Budget
  • Chicken flavor recipe
  • NO chicken by-product meal
  • Clinically proven formula
  • Natural ingredients

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Hill’s Science is the famous dog food brand that has won holistic veterinarians’ trust for a reason.

This particular dry dog food formula combines health with flavor and offers high-quality ingredients to your pup.

Since it is the right of your adult dog to look smarter and healthier in every sense of the word. Thanks to this uniquely formulated recipe that serves best both ways.

This formula contains Vitamin E and omega 6 fatty acids to nourish the skin of your pup.

Within days of feeding, your dog’s coat will start getting shinier. So no more to envy other dogs of the same breed if you introduce this formula dog feed in his mealtime.

The prebiotic fiber nourishes the gut bacteria and keeps bowel movement in a good state, hence best for sensitive stomachs.

Another great thing about this dog food is it supports your pup’s heart health. The unique blend of antioxidants and other essential nutrients makes the immune system work better and fuels up sufficient energy your dog needs to thrive.

With no traces of added colors, preservatives, and NO chicken by-product, the Hill’s dry dog food provides proper nutrition to your pup.

Feed your dog this formula, just by taking a proper account of your pup’s activity, weight, and age to initiate the optimal results.


  • Best for dogs with a sensitive stomach
  • Not a mere filler but is a proper meal
  • Helps cure allergy symptoms
  • Improves activity
  • Affordable


  • In some cases, it may not show better results on skin and coat

4. Purina Pro Plan High Protein Dog Food

  • Real salmon is the first ingredient.
  • 30% protein and 20% fat
  • EPA and glucosamine
  • High-calorie formula

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It is your dog’s right to have the best nutrients to maintain a healthy body and active lifestyle.

If you are the parent of a highly active dog, then the Purina Pro Plan High protein dog food is your go-to option.

Its high-quality protein is derived from 100% real salmon to provide a complete fresh meat taste to your pup.

Combining 30% proteins and 20% fat, this dog food has become the favorite one with hunting and sporting dogs and other canine athletes.

The blend of both these nutrients will complement your dog’s metabolic needs and build up healthy muscles without making him overweight.

Amino acids, EPA, and glucosamine will enhance your dog’s overall performance without letting him feel lethargic. This formula with essential nutrients is a real life-saver to keep your pup’s joints healthy and intact.

The fortified probiotic of this dry food formula will put your pup’s digestive tract on the right path and makes the immune system better.

Your pup’s happiness is a world to you, and the Purina Pro Plan High Protein gives your dog that ultimate happiness. It offers a delicious and savory taste wrapped in 100% complete nutrition.

With all these, the formula is for dogs at all life stages; be it a puppy or reproducing females, this Pro Plan high protein formula delivers the optimal nutrition.

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  • Nourishes lean muscles
  • improves digestion
  • Best food for sporting dogs
  • The protein-packed formula requires limited servings


  • Contains a lesser amount of fiber

5. Rachael Ray Nutrish Super Premium Dry Dog Food

  • US farm-raised chicken is the first ingredient
  • Wholesome whole grains formula
  • Excellent source of essential vitamins
  • No preservatives & artificial colors

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This formula is for pet parents who want only the best things for their four-legged family members.

If you are hunting one of the best dry dog food recipes, this is a worth-considering original dry kibble.

The famous Rachael Ray has combined a perfect blend of essential nutrients and vitamins to make your dog’s mealtime fun.

If your dog is a picky eater and does not like to eat average chicken dog food, then try this. The real farm-raised chicken of this recipe makes this food a classy dog food of all the time.

Plus, it will deliver the optimal amount of protein your dog needs. So, the formula is a great combo of flavor and health.

With added vitamins and minerals, this formula also contains wholesome vegetables. Improved digestion and maintaining lean muscles, this dry food recipe is the ultimate way to show your concern for your pup.

To make it the best and highly recommended dog food, Rachael has formulated this recipe in a way that has no preservatives, soy, or artificial colors.

The whole recipe uniquely combines the best of everything to promote the well-being of your pet.


  • A low-cost formula
  • Fiber-dense formula
  • Nourishes healthy skin and coat


  • It is not ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

6. Natural Balance Grain Free Dog Food

  • Grain-free dry dog formula
  • No filler or preservatives added.
  • I.D. limited ingredient diets formula
  • Duck provides a single animal protein source

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For dog owners looking for a grain-free dry dog food formula, the Natural Balance is a trustworthy choice.

It contains premium quality nutrients and provides your pup with a notable amount of high-quality protein.

The limited formula is for those dogs who are exposed to more ingredients. Without cutting down your pet’s daily nutritional dietary requirements, this dog food may keep your dog full and active relentlessly.

The farm-raised duck delivers an adequate amount of protein, and the potatoes are the main source of carbohydrates in this recipe.

With above-average carbs and above-average protein, and below-average fat, this dry kibble formula remains different from other typical dry kibbles available at dog food stores.

With this limited ingredient recipe, you can make your doggie dudes mealtime fun and savory. What’s more, this dog food will help nourish your pup’s skin and coat since it is highly dense with fatty acids.

The product contains natural ingredients with no fillers or poultry by-product meal, hence best for allergy-prone dogs too.


  • Formulated with the worlds finest ingredients
  • Highly recommended for allergy-prone dogs
  • All-in-one formula that provides nutrition, quality, and taste
  • Budget-friendly dog food


  • The packaging is not resealable, hence it may get moist once open up.

7. IAMS Proactive Health Minichunks Dry Dog Food

  • Smaller kibble size
  • Veterinarians recommended dog food
  • Chicken as the first ingredient
  • 100% real wholesome ingredients
  • No fillers, artificial colors

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For your dog’s good health, activity, pleasure, and longevity, you need to select a dog food that serves the best.

The Iams mini chunks are one such most sought-after dog food your pup would chew irresistibly.

It uses chicken as the first ingredient to provide the high-quality protein that your dog needs. To make this formula more protein-dense, chicken by-product meal is another important ingredient of the composition.

By-product meals offer 300% more protein than fresh meat. So your canine will simply fall in love with the taste and texture of this food.

This formula offers an ample amount of fiber and prebiotics to keep digestion on a good track. Added to this, the flaxseed in this formula provides the fatty acids required to maintain shinier skin and a glossy coat.

All in all, the formula is tailored in a way to provide the essential nutrients to your dog.

But since every dog is individual in its way and his daily dietary needs also differ from other dogs, you need to feed him the right amount of diet.


  • Provides balanced nutrition
  • A tastier dog food formula
  • Natural fiber for improved digestion
  • Keeps dogs active
  • Enhances mobility


  • An expensive dog food option

8. Taste of the Wild High Prairie Dog Food

  • Grain-free recipe
  • Real meat as the first ingredient
  • Proprietary prebiotics
  • No artificial colors and preservatives
  • No cereal grains

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This formula is for those pet parents who want a grain-free and protein-packed recipe for their picky-eater dogs.

Unlike conventional dog food recipes that contain fish, beef, or duck meat as the primary source of protein, this formula uses pasture-based bison and venison in its composition. Both ingredients are further roasted to enhance the overall flavor of this food.

This unique formula is engineered in a way to provide complete nutrition to your adult dog.

By feeding an ample amount of this dog food, you can promote a healthy and lean muscle buildup in your dog.

Offering 32% protein to your dog, the formula will keep your pup more energetic. With added vegetables and fruits, this formula introduces a balanced amount of live prebiotics and natural fiber to make digestion better.

With every single serving of this formula, you are making your best friend more vigorous and younger.

To boost immunity, prebiotics is included after cooking the food; hence, the formula is more nutrient-dense.

Overall, for excellent thriving and better taste sensation, introduce this dog food formula in your best friend’s diet and improve his health and activity to the maximum level.


  • A more palatable dog food
  • Improves gut health
  • Supports the immune system
  • Improves metabolism and hormone function


  • A bit exorbitant
  • The formula contains more salt

9. Purina Pro Plan Sports High Protein Dry Dog Food

  • 30/20 chicken and rice formula
  • Comes in 37.5 lbs bag
  • Amino acids nourish muscles
  • The most advanced nutrient-dense formula

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When it comes to getting the best dog food for your dog’s health, the Purina Pro Plan dog food recipes turn out to be a great escape.

Its high-quality protein-enrich formula allows your doggie to get an ideal body weight without being obese.

Even if your four-legged friend is not food motivated and throws a tantrum during mealtimes, this Purina dog food will save you from a lot of hassle.

It uses chicken as the first ingredient, so your pup will simply crave its lovely taste once introduced.

This formula contains amino acids and a balanced 30/20 protein to fat ratio to maintain and nourish muscles. Further, it keeps your metabolism right on its path.

The formula provides all essential nutrients that your pup requires to remain active and healthy.

Without putting weight on your dog and making him slow down, the Pro Plan Sport formula will make him more energetic and enthusiastic.

Aside from this, the natural fiber will keep digestion in the best condition.

Since it is a protein-rich, quality formula available at a very good price, you can feed your pups, sporting adults, and other energetic smaller breeds.

The fatty acids of this formula work to make your growing dog’s skin and coat healthier and shinier.


  • Good for dogs at all life stages
  • Probiotics keep digestion healthy
  • Good joint health for increased mobility
  • Bright skin and coat


  • Some dogs may show signs of allergy due to grains included in this recipe

10. Wellness Core Natural Dry Dog Food

  • Grain-free formula
  • Turkey as the first ingredient
  • No filler and meat by-products
  • Taurine for a healthy heart
  • 44% high-quality protein ingredients

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By narrowing down your quest for the best dog food, we have reviewed the Wellness Core Natural dry Dog food as the last but not the least item on our list.

This grain-free formula is loaded with wholesome nutrition required for your pup’s metabolic functions. This formula contains a concentrated amount of protein that is derived from fresh meat ingredients.

To provide your dog with complete and balanced nutrition, the Wellness Core has 44% protein from a real meat source.

With no poultry by-product meal, this formula is super-safe to feed on dogs of all stages of life.

A leaner body mass and perfect muscle tone are the ultimate goals you would love to have in your pup. Fortunately, this dog food is an on-the-go choice for achieving these milestones.

Flaxseed and salmon oil are the two main source that provides fatty acids omega 3 and 6. Both of them contribute to making skin brighter and coat healthier.

Only a few dog foods have the capability of promoting a healthy heart life. To your goodness, this formula packs probiotics and antioxidants that work effectively to keep your pup’s heart in the best state of life.

The manufacturer has put his heart into developing this formula since it offers globally-sourced ingredients.

Delicious and nutritious are the two attributes that qualify this dog food in the true meaning of the words.


  • Promotes healthy heart
  • Delivers optimal nutrition
  • Makes skin and coat healthy
  • Improves the overall health


  • In some stances, dogs may suffer from diarrhea and vomiting when feeding on this formula

Dog Food Buying Guide

Now, we talk about the buying guide and how we need to figure out the best dog food.

Check out the ingredients.

We need to go through the entire ingredient list if we want our pet’s best dog food option. This helps determine the type of dog food formula like vegetable-based having items like rice and corn or is it meat-based having fish, lamb, or chicken.

We understand that every dog is different from others, but generally, all dogs perform well on a meat-based, high protein diet.

Meat type

You need to consider looking out for brands that name out the meat type used in their product, like lamb, chicken, or beef. Moreover, you can not eat the meat type, meat by-products, poultry meal, or bone meal mentioned on the product.

The ingredients on the food labels highlight which product you prefer avoiding. It’s best advised to avoid buying dog foods, including dyes, added sugars, high sal, solvents, preservatives like ethoxyquin, propylene glycol, BHT, BHA, and others.

Dog food types

Food types to consider for your dog include options like wet and dry dog food, refrigerated food, fresh-subscription options, and more.

Organic dog food is natural and free from synthetic hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, and toxic pesticides.

Dry food is beneficial for dogs as it enhances the dog’s gums and teeth with increased chewing friction. On the other hand, wet dog food consumes more water and is messy.

Plus, the best dry dog foods are affordable in comparison to wet dog food. However, it’s also seen that the dry food mostly consists of legumes, grains, or potatoes lacking meat so that you can top the dry food with meat or canned food.

Company details

Dogs are not that picky when we talk about their eating habits. But to fulfill your dog’s voracious appetite, it’s essential to get hands-on an attractive dog food option. Other than the ingredients, consider seeking out which company is making your dog’s food.

Are they super careful about your pet’s safety and health? The food labels should mostly include the phrase balanced and complete, which means that they meet the needs of a particular pet’s life stage.

Moreover, it’s also advised to the pet owners that not all top-notch quality brands and higher prices are trustworthy, so it’s best to read out the labels and take notes from the veterinarian about your dog’s nutrition.


So, what are you waiting for? Purchase the best dog food now and allow your best friend to stay in shape with proper digestion and food absorption.

This also helps your dog to produce a firmer, smaller poop without being irritable. Shop the best dog food now as we took help from the experts to figure out the attractive options for our buyers.

Buy now and allow your pet to tantalize the taste buds with the best dog food now!


What are the best dog foods, according to consumer reports?

Here are the best dog food by consumer reports 2023:

  1. Purina Pro Plan Adult Dry Dog Food Chicken & Rice
  2. Blue Buffalo Natural Adult Dry Dog Food
  3. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult
  4. Purina Pro Plan High Protein Dog Food
  5. Rachael Ray Nutrish Super Premium Dry Dog Food
  6. Natural Balance Grain Free Dog Food
  7. Iams Proactive Health Minichunks Dry Dog Food
  8. Taste of the Wild High Prairie Dog Food
  9. Purina Pro Plan Sport High Protein Dry Dog Food
  10. Wellness Core Natural Dry Dog Food

Which food type is best for my dog?

Before you consider the best dog food, you must consider the breed, age, body composition, activity level, gender, and temperament. Generally, it’s best to consider a healthy diet rich in quality ingredients for the dog.

Include the right balance of nutrients, including fats, proteins, oils, vitamins, minerals, carbs, and water. Food types for dogs include dry food, canned wet food, semi-moist dog food, home-cooked, raw diet, veterinary diet, etc.

If you want to opt for the most economical dog food, get your hands on the kibble or dry food type.

Is there a need to avoid economical dog food brands?

With most of the consumer products, you definitely achieve what you are paying for. Economical dog foods are endorsed by brands that utilize the cheapest ingredients in the pack with low energy values in low-grade proteins and high filler components.

It’s because of this reason that most dog food passes out without being absorbed or digested. So better avoid economical brands.

Are there any benefits of purchasing premium dog food brands?

Premium dog food brands ensure high quality, top-notch ingredients in the pack with the highest biological values. This indicates better digestion and absorption of nutrients within the dog’s body, ensuring long-lasting health with less wastage.

Is dry dog food better in comparison to wet dog food?

Dry dog food is, first of all, economical. It poses several benefits, which include easy serving and storage without any mess.

Moreover, it’s odorless and leads to less spoilage when left in a dog’s bowl. Dry dog foods also result in lesser tartar formation. On the other hand, wet dog food is beneficial for dogs if you plan on increasing their water intake.

However, they are messy and are more expensive. Always ask a veterinarian for further help.

Is it possible to mix dry dog food with the canned food?

No, it’s not recommended to mix dry and wet dog food, especially in conditions if you are offering a special diet to your dog. Consult the veterinarian for the best diet options.

Can I feed semi-moist foods to my dog?

Semi-moist foods offer convenience, but they are rich in added sugars, and they are not nutritional for the dogs.

Moreover, they also result in dental diseases leading to additional expense. Besides that, semi-moist foods are also rich in preservatives and artificial colors.

Which food type is best for a senior dog?

If you own a senior dog, it’s best recommended to offer a well-balanced diet that is low in calories and has adequate amounts of fats, proteins, and fiber.

You can also feed regular food to the older dogs in certain conditions but in a low quantity. Specially formulated products for senior dogs are lesser in calories, plus they offer fullness.

If a dog suffers from kidney functions, then get hands-on on a low protein diet. Add fiber to the senior dog’s diet as they usually suffer from constipation. You can also add wheat bran to the average dog food to enhance the amount of fiber.

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