10 Best Adjustable Beds Consumer Reports 2023

After a full day of work, every one of us deserves a peaceful sleep. It’s good to invest in an adjustable bed that improves your sleep quality while saying goodbye to life stress.

With its efficient massage functionality, a person can overcome his sleeping problems and put his mind at rest in no time.

This innovative bed is known to reduce body pressure at a zero gravity position as you feel like sleeping in space with a soothing sense of weightlessness.

People choose Head to raise the level to: improve their sleep quality; surf the internet on their laptop; enjoy comfortable reading, and binge-watch their favorite movies on Netflix. They switch to their foot raised from the remote control to alleviate their back pain and improve blood circulation.

A wide assortment of designs and styles are there. A split bed is meant to comfort couples who like to sleep in their favorite positions.

A Twin adjustable bed confines well in tight spaces. Those who are looking for a master bedroom usually settle for a Queen and King. From getting Bluetooth connectivity to zero gravity positions, tons of features offer a value-added experience.

Different backup plans have become the top-selling points from limited to a lifetime warranty, but you won’t give your heart to any brand unless you know for sure what factors to look into before shopping for an adjustable bed.

10 Best Adjustable Beds Reviews

Start reading and explore the top 10 best adjustable bed reviews, followed by a detailed buying guide.

1. LUCID L300 Ergonomic Upholstered Adjustable Bed

Editor’s Pick
  • Folding Hinge for Low shipping cost
  • 10-inches foam-latex mattress
  • 0-60 head incline
  • 0-45 foot incline

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Do you need a life-changing experience with your upcoming bed shopping? Think of buying an adjustable bed meant to add an extra ounce of comfort through its dynamic design.

This bed is especially suitable for pregnant women who can change their sleep position to feel comfortable at night and deal with difficult pregnancy phases.

This adjustable bed is designed with a folding hinge that would slash shipping costs the right way. Unpack the base and do the assembly in minutes- no need to call an expert.

You can enjoy an independent head incline from zero to sixty degrees while putting your legs at rest with its foot incline mechanism, which lets you raise the leg from zero to 45 degrees. No need to get out of bed for charging as dual USB charging stations are integrated on either side of the base.

Users will get a perfect blend of sink and spring with a mattress getting real latex on the top of the memory foam layer. This 10-inch mattress is designed with top-quality 5.5 inches steel coil and two-cover finishes for an elegant look and comfortable movements.


  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Quick assembly
  • 10-year warranty
  • Dual USB charging ports


  • Twelve inches legs are too high to get into bed for most people

2. Sven Son Split King Memory Foam Adjustable Bed

Best Value
  • Independent Heavy-Duty Motors
  • Separate Head and Foot Control
  • Massage with 3 Intensity levels
  • Anti-Snore and Zero Gravity Presets

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When you and your partner like to sleep in different positions but can’t sleep on a separate bed, then a split adjustable bed from Sven and Son comes to rescue you.

This bed is split in half and allows partners to set their preferred sleeping position. One partner can turn on its anti-snore mode while the other can feel in the air through its zero gravity position.

Its wireless back-lit remote control has a one-touch flat button to adjust quickly. Separate head and foot control are there to adjust head/footrest position as per personal preferences. Its memory-preset function is handy for lazy people.

The emergency power-down feature is a real deal. With its interactive massage function, you can choose from three different intensity levels: wave, full-body vibration, and pulse.

Once you unpack the box, assembly won’t take more than 30 minutes. Its under-bed light illuminates the space quickly. You can also enjoy its white-collar delivery service, just in case you don’t want to lift this bed all alone.

The manufacturer offers a 5 Year Non-Prorated Warranty On an Adjustable Base while you will also get a free 5-year extended warranty. You can enjoy articulating the Head from 0 to 75° and foot movement from 0 to 45°.


  • Under Bed Lighting
  • Emergency Power Down Feature
  • Memory Presets Adjustable Bed
  • Bionic Cool Gel Infused Memory Foam


  • The headboard is not included

3. Ananda Pearl and Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Best Budget
  • Wireless Backlit Remote
  • Dual Massage Motors with three intensity levels
  • 30 Degree Head Tilt Feature
  • Toolless assembly

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Do you need a sound sleep with a relaxing massage? Make up your mind about this Ananda Pearl and Cool foam mattress. This mattress is neither too plush nor too firm and infused with Annada Pearl and Cool Gel to offer utmost support and a cloud-like sleeping experience.

This split bed gets power from two independent heavy motors while its head and foot elevation functions run independently. Sleep on this bed that can offer you a soothing massage at three intensity levels.

You can charge your laptop and smartphone right from your bed as it contains a Dual USA charger on both sides, a total of four ports are there to accommodate your technology needs.

With its wireless remote control, you can adjust the frame and tap on varied functions such as anti-snore, one-touch flat, zero gravity, and custom memory presets.

The Proprietary Air Channel Base and Articulating Groves regulate this mattress’s temperature and prevent sweating at night.

You can adjust leg height as per your preference; three options are- 6″, 9″, and 12″. Get its control through an application or Alexa voice command. Removable covers are easy to wash. Memory foam comes with a 10-year limited warranty.


  • Independent Head Up and Foot Up
  • Whisper-quiet motors
  • Heavy Steel Construction
  • Adjustable Leg Heights


  • It Doesn’t come with a bed frame

4. Classic Brands Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base

  • Zero gravity position
  • Compatible with all mattresses
  • Separate head and foot massage
  • Wireless Remote Control

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Do you need a programmable bed base? Get one from Classic brand as it offers you a magnitude of health and lifestyle benefits. This adjustable bed allows you to program any position as per your preference where head elevation can reach up to 65 degrees, and setting foot elevation to 50 degrees won’t be a big task.

This adjustable bed base is whisper quiet and brings wireless remote control to tap on its zero gravity positions and other programs. With its 3-speed separate head and foot massage features, you can unwind yourself and put your body at rest in minutes.

Two 1.5A USB ports make the device charging quick and straightforward. You can adjust the leg either at 5 or 7 inches, combine them to set at 12 inches height. Its mattress retention rail would keep the mattress at its place during position adjustment.

This ergonomically designed bed base works great with all forms of a mattress, such as a coil spring, hybrid, gel foam, or memory foam.

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  • Easy to assemble
  • Multiple Programmable positions
  • USB ports
  • Adjustable leg heights


  • Low-quality bed legs

5. iDealBed 4i Anti-Snore, Memory Presets Adjustable Bed

  • 2 x 9 Volt Batteries
  • Ergonomically designed
  • German power motor
  • Timer can set for massage

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If you need an adjustable bed that can set to any position you like, it’s time to check one from iDeal Bed 4i as it allows you to adjust head up to 75 degrees while changing foot position up to 48 degrees.

Its ergonomically designed wireless remote control comes with 18 buttons where four presets are Anti-snore, Zero-Gravity, one-touch flat, and lounge.

Whether you desire to watch TV or planning to ease back pain, setting the right position with this remote control is a no-brainer. Even there are two programmable position-memory buttons there to make this bed easy to use.

This innovative iDealbed is designed with ultra-quiet Okin German Power Motors.

Its zero-clearance design makes it a good fit with the existing bed frame. For soothing muscles and body, you can turn on its massage function with three intensity levels and four models. You can set a timer of 10 to a 30-minute massage.

Legs are adjustable into multiple heights, from 9 inches to 15 inches. Emergency battery backup gets power from 2 x 9 Volt Batteries. Furniture-grade charcoal upholstery blends beautifully with your room theme. Its high-density mattress with padding offers optimal back support.


  • Under-Bed Night Light
  • 2 Step Assembly Design
  • Ultra Sturdy Steel Frame Design
  • Zero Clearance Design


  • USB ports are difficult to access

6. Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Base Frame with Massage

  • Two back-lit wireless remote
  • Under-bed light
  • Dual massage motors three levels
  • Durable steel frame construction

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Nothing can offer you a more blissful sleep experience than this adjustable bed from Blissful night’s brand. This split bed design brings comfort for couples.

With its dual massage motors, one can enjoy a soothing massage with three intensity levels. You can save your favorite position in its memory. Two back-list wireless remote controls allow you to program this bed as per your desire as and when you need it.

When it comes to assembly, you don’t need any tools. However, you might require a helping hand to lift this bed. Okin motors are robust and have adjusting mechanisms, but you never get annoyed as the motor runs quietly in the background.

With its total 1500 Weight limit, this bed is suitable for heavyweight people as well. Although the bed is split, both cases can be synced to make one big adjustable bed frame. Its 4-part patented adjustable legs are compatible with bed frames; you can set leg height at 6″ – 9″ or 12”.


  • Dual USB ports
  • No-Tool Assembly
  • Adjustable leg height
  • Anti-snore and zero gravity
  • Custom memory presets


  • Massage stops after 10-min

7. Kyvno Gel-Cooling Memory Foam Mattress Adjustable Bed

  • Emergency power Down
  • Foldable Hinge System
  • Whisper Quiet Motor/lift
  • Wireless Remote Control

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People don’t like the noise that a cheap adjustable bed makes during lifting, so they should consider getting one advanced bed from Kovno. This adjustable bed is designed with a powerful but quiet motor.

The gel-cooling memory foam is medium-firm that offers good support and promotes air circulation during the night to avoid body heat up on the form. The foam is CertiPUR-US Certified, so it regulates body temperature and offers even bodyweight distributions.

Inside the pack, you will get two adjustable bases with a foldable hinge system, so moving them around would be super easy. Besides, you will find two wireless remote controls and mattresses.

With its wireless control, tap on the on-touch flat button to have a balanced position while clicking on the TV/PC preset to enjoy a good position for watching TV or using a PC. Other pre-programmed functions are Anti-Snore and Zero Gravity.


  • 12 Inch Gel-Cooling Memory Foam Mattress
  • Sleep Trial/Free Return
  • Removable/Washable cover
  • 10-year warranty for the entire set


  • Mattress is hard

8. Lucid L600 Adjustable Bed Base Frame Bluetooth Compatible

  • Independent head/foot incline
  • Partner Control
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Dual-Massage Motors

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People who want a smart and adjustable bed should buy one from Lucid designed with Bluetooth capability. You can download the Lucid application for easy control of the bed from your smart devices. Dual-Massage motors offer a relaxing massage experience while you can enjoy independent head and foot incline.

With its dual-charging stations, couples can charge their own devices from the side they are sleeping. Once you move this base outside the box, it takes less than 5 minutes to assemble it. There is safety under-bed lighting.

For massaging function, the base gets power from a premium motor that runs quietly. This base is compatible well with an 8-14” lucid mattress and perfectly fits most bed frames.

Bluetooth compatibility with the Lucid Base App makes controlling and customizing your adjustable base simple; wireless remote with flashlight also included.

When it comes to preset modes, tap on: read to get a comfortable reading position; anti-snore will promote better breathing; lounge mode alleviates back stress and pain; zero gravity offers a sense of weightlessness and quality sleep.


  • Preset modes
  • Quiet Motor
  • Dual-USB Charging Station
  • Full Factory Warranty
  • 5-min Assembly


  • Bed frame not included; buy the mattress separately

9. LINENSPA Motorized Head and Foot Incline Bed

  • 5-year Limited Warranty
  • Independent head/foot incline
  • Ultra-quiet motor
  • Sturdy metal construction

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Do you need an ultimate solution to snoring? Go and grab an adjustable bed that allows you to tap on anti-snore mode and offers a peaceful sleep experience to you and your partner.

You can adjust head position up to 58 degrees, while leg positions can be moved up to 48 degrees. Head and foot incline positions are independent.

The bed base fits easily in a standard bed frame, so assembly and setting won’t be challenging. Once you unpack, move base on the frame, plug it in and start to enjoy your favorite TV show, and work comfortably on your laptop. So, the whole assembly is easy-peasy, no need to use any tool.

People who want to invest money in a durable base should go with an adjustable bed as it is made of sturdy steel material that will last longer than you expect. The quality of this base is far better than other bases available in the market. If you need restful sleep, go and get it.


  • 5-min Assembly
  • Durable
  • Easy to Use
  • Quality Construction


  • There are no USB ports

10. Reverie DynastyMattress 8Q-Series Adjustable Bed Base

  • 2-Preset modes
  • Bluetooth Smart Mobile Module a
  • Memory function
  • 10-Intensity Levels of Massage

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Your search for an advanced adjustable bed will end at this bed from 8 Series of Reverie Dynasty. This charcoal gray upholstery bed can move to virtually any position you like it to be.

A wireless remote control unlocks two preset modes: anti-snore mode will raise the head level to open the airway for improved breathing experience; zero gravity mode would reduce pressure on limbs and lower lumbar.

There is a remote stand with USB ports that offers an accessible charging station. You can turn it on and off under the bed light as you want. Even you can use its memory function to keep your favorite position store for next use.

Bluetooth options allow you to control the base through your smartphone app. The best thing about this adjustable bed is its massage function that unlocks ten different intensity levels; you decide to get only back or leg massage while full body massage options are super relaxing.

Comfortable head tilt support is designed to add more comfort to the life of users. Split design allows couples to set their favorite position. The The4-corner retainer bars keep the mattress at its right position and are designed for built-in lumbar support.


  • Wake-up Alarm app
  • 25-year limited warranty
  • Free Extended 10 Year In-home Warranty Parts and Labor
  • USB ports
  • Retainer bars for mattress


  • You can’t use both remotes at the same time

Best Adjustable Bed Buying Guide

Have you planned to buy an adjustable bed? As the market is saturated with various beds, it isn’t easy to figure out which one is the right choice. Let me give you a helping hand in this regard, simply explore my best adjustable bed buying guide.


The first thing to decide is bed size as tons of options are there. A split bed is good for a bed that wants an independent mattress.

Size selection also depends on your available space. A single user can get a twin XL bed, but a twin fits perfectly into a small space. Know who will use this bed and go with King or queen sizes as per your room’s measurement and a spare area.


Many manufacturers try to add a bit of comfort into your life by offering you a complete package consisting of an adjustable bed frame and mattress. Others only provide frames with separate mattresses. A package option brings peace of mind and helps you save some bucks.

If you buy separate items, ensure that a mattress you buy is compatible with a frame. A mattress having coil innerspring doesn’t work with adjustable frames, so skip them from your list right away.

Natural Latex and Memory foam mattresses are two good options to choose from. Go with one that is designed to work well with an adjustable frame. If you get a standard mattress, it may damage with time during the frame adjustment process.


The weight of the adjustable bed is more than a conventional bed due to its heavy adjustable frame. They are never portable, as the weight range is from 450 to 850 pounds.

That means its transfer from one room to another would require a workforce, and you can’t handle its shifting all alone. Thereby, it’s good to check weight and buy one to quickly move as per your home requirement.

Sleeping Preferences

Some adjustable beds are suitable for couples, while others are designed for a single user. Split beds are undoubtedly the best design for couples who can sleep in independent positions.

Both back and stomach sleepers can easily sleep on such a bed without disturbing each other. On this bed, both partners can try varied positions to go with one that would work. The separate remote control offers better control.


If you are a non-tech person, you won’t like to follow several steps to put together an adjustable bed. So, you need to check whether the assembly is convenient or not.

Some adjustable beds require professional help, so they cost more. Make sure you check the assembly function before getting yourself in a deal.


An adjustable bed is a significant investment as you spend more than $1000 on it. You won’t like to let this money go down the drain. It would be best to read complete reviews of a bed to find out about its features, assembly, ease of use, etc.

The most important thing to note is customer service. Check how the manufacturer responds to mechanical problems in the product.

You need to pick a brand that offers good customer service and won’t keep you hanging amid issues. Investigate the company’s reputation, read between the lines in the customer reviews and feedback; it’s how you can decide whether to buy from that company or not.


Investment in an adjustable bed should be well-worth. Check what is included in the warranty and what parts are covered.

Some brands are transparent in their warranty terms; they explain clearly about the complete coverage. If nothing is mentioned, you better read the terms or contact customer service to determine what parts are covered under warranty.

Although the warranty seems like not a big deal, as if you spend money and the motor of the bed stops working, you have to pay a lot for its repair.

Some manufacturers cover the shipping cost while others don’t. It’s better to stay informed by reading warranty terms so that you can make the right decision.

If you are getting a good deal where the warranty doesn’t cover Controllers, mechanisms, motors, power surges, or electrical components, it’s better to sign up for an extended warranty.

For example, if you have a limited parts warranty, you should cover the motor and mechanism via an extended warranty of two to ten years.

Design and Styles

A variety of designs are there to satisfy your style preferences. People didn’t like to buy them for a home in the past, precisely like hospital beds.

At present, you can have your hand on beds with stylish design and attractive look. You can find both conventional and modern designs.

The best thing about modern design is that it blends beautifully with chic home interiors. Besides, you can quickly make it a part of the bedroom theme by getting a stylish headboard that works with your style.

Adjustment Options

Some manufacturers offer limited sleeping positions to customers, while others offer a wide variety. It would help if you had a position change option to have some health advantage.

Head Raised positions: Customers can easily explore beds with head raised positions where they can lift headrest between 58 to 70 degrees. People with heartburn or acid-reflux issues can sleep well by lifting the head of their adjustable beds.

Other benefits of this position are that it improves the quality of sleep and digestion, makes reading and working comfortable, reduces snoring, relief from heart congestion, inflammation, and migraines. You can also minimize airway restriction through this sleeping position.

Feet Raised Positions: Many adjustable beds allow you to raise feet to an angle of your preference. Most brands will enable you to raise feet between 42 to 48 degrees.

Sleeping with feet raised is a good sleep position as it brings many benefits such as promotes blood circulation, back pain relief, and reduces leg and foot pain.

Zero Gravity Positions: Normally, you need to pay a bit of extra money for getting an adjustable bed with a zero-gravity position. You can enjoy a weightless sensation through this position.

People like to sleep in zero gravity positions to reduce body pressure and to improve sleep quality. Besides, they would feel comfortable in this position that promotes blood circulation to offer pain relief.

Other Features

Adjustable beds offer a comfortable sleeping experience. Today, you can buy these beds with innovative designs and features. As you pay a hefty amount of money for it, why not demand some extra features.

Getting beds with bells and whistles is a common scenario. Go for something extraordinary like a whisper-quiet lift system, wake-up alarm, zero-gravity, Bluetooth connectivity.


Gone are the days when adjustable beds were only meant to comfort patients or seniors. Today, you can have your hand on an adjustable bed designed to soothe your muscles and relieve common health issues through the elevation of the foot or headrest.

Everyone who is out in the market for a comfortable bed can make up his mind readily about an adjustable bed. They are featured with attractive designs and styles to blend beautifully with the home interior. With its multiple sleeping positions, a user can pick a sleep position as per his health requirement.

Split-style Modern beds are meant to serve couples with different sleeping preferences. Bring an extra ounce of convenience in your life by spending money on a bed that wipes stress away from your life and makes your bedroom an ultimate “Rest in peace” place.


What are the Best Adjustable Beds?

Here is a list of the top rated adjustable beds as per our ratings in 2023;

  1. LUCID L300 Ergonomic Upholstered Adjustable Bed
  2. Sven Son Split King Memory Foam Adjustable Bed
  3. Ananda Pearl and Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress
  4. Classic Brands Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base
  5. iDealBed 4i Anti-Snore, Memory Presets Adjustable Bed
  6. Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Base Frame with Massage
  7. Kyvno Gel-Cooling Memory Foam Mattress Adjustable Bed
  8. Lucid L600 Adjustable Bed Base Frame Bluetooth Compatible
  9. LINENSPA Motorized Head and Foot Incline Bed
  10. Reverie DynastyMattress 8Q-Series Adjustable Bed Base

What is a wall-hugger adjustable bed?

Usually, when you raised a conventional bed, it moves away from the wall, and it becomes hard for you to access your side table. This problem finds its solution in a modern wall hugger or wall-snugger bed design.

Even when you raise the headrest of a bed, it won’t pull away from the wall, and thereby accessing the side table won’t be a challenge.

Are Adjustable beds worth it?

If you wonder why to invest extra bucks in an adjustable bed while you have a traditional mattress, then here are some reasons that make this investment worth it.

This bed lets you deal with sleep problem like sleep apnea offers the best solution of snoring and acid reflux brings a comfortable sleeping position for improving your quality of sleep contains countless bells and whistles for upgrading night’s rest provide relief from back pain, leg, and feet pain, or inflammation.

What is the cost of an adjustable bed base?

As you can move an adjustable bed to different positions, you need to pay more than one thousand bucks for this specialized back.

Although you can get some inexpensive bases, they break quickly. If you need a durable base, you usually have to pay a hefty price for its base.

Can you use a standard mattress on an adjustable bed?

No, you can’t use a standard mattress on an adjustable bed. A mattress needs to flex and bed alongside moving parts of its frame and base.

Typically, latex and memory foam mattresses work well with an adjustable bed frame. Don’t invest money on an inner coil spring mattress as it won’t flex and adapt as per your adjustable bed.

What should be the thickness of an adjustable bed?

It would help if you paired up an adjustable bed only with thin mattresses. You need to pick a 10-12 inches thick bed, don’t go with a 14-inches thick mattress as it won’t bend and flex easily with an adjustable frame.

Is it Good to sleep in a zero-gravity position?

Zero gravity is undoubtedly the most comfortable sleeping position. It saves the body from the pressure of its weight. Thereby the spine’s vertebrae won’t compress.

There is no pressure on your hips and raised knees to skip pressure from your lower back. People with back pain issues can relieve their pain from this specific position.

Are adjustable beds only Design for Seniors?

It’s a misconception that these beds are only meant for seniors, while the reality is that anyone who is out in the market for a comfortable lifestyle can go with this bed.

If you encounter poor quality sleep and go through a phase of back pain, edema, or arthritis, you can improve your blood circulation by sleeping on this bed.

Is it good to sleep with feet elevated?

Yes, it is good to sleep with feet elevated. In this position, your feet and legs get relaxed. A person feels energized because this position pumps venous blood back into the heart and other vital organs. Improving blood circulation calms his body and makes his sleeping time quite enjoyable.

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