Best Beautyrest Mattress Consumer Reports & Reviews 2022

If you are searching for the best beautyrest mattress according to consumer reports in 2022 then this post is for you.

Simmons Beautyrest is one of the most popular brands in the bedding world.

The brand has become a household name due to its luxurious range of high-class mattresses for every type of sleeper.

It has been there in the bedding world since 1870, and since then they have produced more than 50 different types of mattresses.

What is the most prominent and the aspect that differentiates this brand from others is the huge range of variety.

If you are some unique type of sleeper and have almost checked all other brands and their similar mattress types.

I am sure if you give this brand a shot, you will find one that fits your personal sleeping preference.

Although it has only two major categories when it comes to types of mattress; Beautyrest Black and Hybrid.

But, under these two categories, there is a huge range of different models with different features, firmness, and design.

So, for those looking for a thick profile luxurious mattress of their own unique sleeping preference, Simmons Beautyrest is there to help with its huge range of collections.

In this guide, we tested many beautyrest models and going to review the top best beautyrest mattress as per consumer reports. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Best overall: Beautyrest Hybrid BRX1000-C

Beautyrest Hybrid BRX1000-C is our best overall product due to its unique construction with Contourfit designed top cover that provides consistent support throughout.

Not only that, multiple gel memory foam layers optimized the temperature, besides providing the right support for bulky body sleepers.

BRX1000 individually pocketed coils make it the go-to option for couples, edge support too should be taken into consideration.

Best Beautyrest Mattress Reviews

Here are the top 3 best beautyrest mattress based on consumer reports 2022.

1. Beautyrest Hybrid BRX1000-C Plush Innerspring Mattress

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Features at a glance
  • Contour fit design
  • 1000 individually wrapped pocketed coils
  • Gel memory foam infused
  • Superior support

Your hunt for buying a Hybrid yet comfortable mattress ends with the Beautyrest Hybrid BRX1000 mattress.

This is the flagship product designed by Beautyrest and has earned a great reputation due to its impeccable smooth and consistent performance.

The feature that stands BRX1000 from the rest is its Contourfit design. This design makes the mattress render consistent performance throughout the mattress.

Unlike other mattresses with flip and flap performance when the sleeper rolls, you will feel the same level of comfort to enjoy a sleep in heavenly peace.

During our testing, we found that under its stretchy comfortable cover there is a gel memory foam layer. This layer got a supreme gel treatment, to make the mattress cooler when you lie on the bed.

Not only cooler but the gel infusion makes the mattress last longer than regular Polyurethane foam.

This foam adapts your sleeping position, your body curves, and relieves pressure points.

Below the gel-infused memory foam, Beautyrest integrates another air-cool gel memory foam.

This foam works in combination with the top gel memory foam and makes it comfortable without trapping heat.

BRX1000 mattress suits you well if you are a couple. The underneath individually wrapped pocketed coils not only isolate the motion but makes it superior breathable, and cooler.

The heat trapped in the top layer takes its way out through the pocketed coils.

It seems like Beautyrest knows how to make a product that suits well with various body types.

These individual 1000 pocketed coils make the mattress comfortable all the way through it.

For heavier people, the pocketed coils don’t work well and they can feel the rigidness of the coils, but not in the case of this mattress.

In our testing, we found that despite it having coils underneath, it does not produce any squeaking noise.

Yes, the individually pocketed coil springs do not move noise, or motion, and absorb around 95 percent of the motion there without shifting to the other coil.

So, as per consumer rating, and our testing too, this mattress checks most of the boxes right.

It is good and comfortable for all body types, it goes well with the couples with no motion transfer.

And above all, it molds your body position and smooth your curves with its unique construction.

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  • Suits all body type sleepers
  • No heat trapping due to gel infusion
  • 1000 pocketed coils enhance breathability
  • Outstanding motion transfer
  • Contourfit design streamlined comfort


  • Non-Professional customer care service

2. Beautyrest Silver BRS900 13-inch Plush Euro Top Mattress

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Features at a glance
  • Softest BRS900 mattress
  • Dual cool technology integrated
  • 900-pocketed coils individually wrapped
  • Silver integration

If you sleep on your sides and looking for a plush feel memory foam mattress that takes care of your good night’s sleep, Beautyrest Silver BRS900 Plush Euro-top mattress is the answer.

Keep in mind that BRS900 comes in more than 9 forms with a different feel, construction, and firmness level.

This particular one, Euro Top Plush feel mattress is what we recommend for side sleepers, with the requirement of a plush feel mattress.

The feature which sets Silver BRS900 apart from the others is its dual cool technology plush cover. It is a quilted cover that shares silver woven into the yarns directly.

You get two benefits of this silver, first is silver is antimicrobial. That means, it prevents germs and allergens from breathing. So, you would not be dealing with any kind of mold or mildew growth.

Second, silver is a good conductor. It pulls heat produced by the body and disperses it through the mattress so that you enjoy a cooling sleeping experience.

About the comfort level it renders, it got a wrapping of different memory foams.

Under this quilted Euro top cover there comes a polyurethane memory foam. It has become a standard in bedding material these days.

There comes a band of gel memory foam following the polyurethane foam. This is the third layer of foam in our testing, this is where the weight of the sleepers lies.

So, you get more than regular support, you would not feel stuck in the pool of sand.

To make this mattress as quiet as Beautyrest other mattresses are, there comes Beautyrest Proprietary designed BR Series 900 individually pocketed coils.

These individually wrapped coils, if you put pressure on one coil, it endures the pressure without shifting to the other coils.

As per consumer reports, these coils not only absorb almost all of the motion but provide contouring to the curves and pressure relieving.

A standout option for couples who get in or out of the bed at different times, without waking up their partners, they can easily sneak out of the bedroom.

And don’t forget the edge support provided by this mattress. On the edge, the mattress got high-density foam, to help you sleep better if you love to cuddle one of your legs on the edge along with one, a typical position for side sleepers.


  • Dual cool technology plush top cover
  • Silver weaved directly into the yarn
  • Improved breathability, optimized for good airflow
  • Superior edge support prevents falling if slept on the edges
  • BR 900 individually pocketed coils isolate motion


3. Beautyrest Black C-Class Plush Queen Mattress

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • Blend of Polyester and Rayon fabric
  • BlackICE 4.0 technology
  • Surface gel memory foam sewn into quilt
  • Individually pocketed coils

If you like a medium-firm bed, and looking into buying a luxurious mattress designed by our favorite Beautyrest, I suggest the Beautyrest C-Class Plush queen mattress.

The top cover is made of polyester and rayon blend. It is a nice breathable cover with a soft touch, easily molds with your body position, and relieves pressure points.

The top cover has two layers of Polyfoam in it so that you could sink a little bit before you get the support.

The top cover is integrated with BlackICE 4.0 technology. This technology dissipates heat and produces a cooling experience of up to 18% more cooling power for sleeping compare to other mattresses we reviewed.

Under the quilted top cover, in our testing when we slit the mattress open we found air feel memory foam.

It is an open-cell structure of memory foam, designed to optimize heat, and improve cooling performance.

There is a surface gel memory foam layer sewn into the quilt to make it soft and quickly adapt to your pressure points.

There are two more layers underneath this surface gel memory foam, Beautyrest gel foam, and Cashmere silk comfort layer, to make it all cooling for your sleeping.

This group of memory foam layers on top of each other makes it supremely comforting. Due to these memory foam layers, even the heaviest guy feel supported, and their pressure point relieved.

According to consumption reports too, taller and heavier sleepers too do not feel stuck in the sand of the pool.

It provides the right support due to lots of memory foam pilled onto each other and helps them get up without putting in lots of energy.

Under These all-foam and latex layers, there come T3 pocketed coils layers. When we tested these coils and tried to put pressure on the coils, they provided a smooth bounce, good for couples.

Compare to the traditional innerspring mattress aligned together, the individual pocketed coils are impressive and make the mattress super not only in temperature optimization but for motion transfer as well.

When we slit it open to get access to interior construction, we were pretty impressed with the edge support.

These edge support surrounds the mattress on all sides, and provide balanced support for those who like to sleep on the edges.

From its unique construction, and multiple topped layers onto each other, you can understand this mattress is not the regular mattress.

Even if you compare it to the other Beautyrest products, it stands out and proves its worth.

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  • Multiple gel memory foam layers profiles
  • T3 pocketed coils provide support, bounce, and motion isolation
  • Dual-layer top cover with BlackICE 4.0 integration
  • Condensed foam on the edges to provide superior edge support


  • For side sleepers, it is firmer than recommended

Consumer Reports Beautyrest Mattress Buying Guide

Beautyrest comes with lots of mattress options. It becomes hard to choose which one to go with because most of them are hardly different.

In my view, the best way to buy a Beautyrest mattress is to decide first the type of mattress that meets your sleeping requirements exactly.

If you decide this, half the battle is already won. The next would be other features which are easier to decide.


Well, mainly Beautyrest mattresses can be divided into two primary categories; Black and Hybrid.

But, people take Silver as a primary category, so let’s take it as a primary category too.

1. Beautyrest Black

If you live in a hot climate, or night sweats wake you up in the middle of the night.

Probably you should invest in a mattress that without scarifying the comfort helps regulate the temperature.

Beautyrest Black is specifically designed for smooth sleeping for those suffering from night sweats.

2. Beautyrest Hybrid

Hybrid mattresses are those who like a little firmer mattress and want some good support for their back.

In Hybrid mattresses, Beautyrest offers two distinct lines BRX1000 and BRX3000 mattresses.

Both got pocketed coils at the base, with many other variations like a cool-to-touch surface and many others.

3. Beautyrest Silver

Beautyrest silver line is for those looking for comfortable and qualitative mattresses without spending much. This mattress too got premium features like pocketed coils and cooling properties.

4. Firmness Level

The firmness level is one of the most important. You can find different firmness levels in different categories of Beautyrest mattresses.

It is you who has to decide which mattress firmness is good for you, or comfortable.

Price range

Beautyrest is one of the leading names in the bedding world with a huge range of very expensive as well as affordable mattresses on its chest.

So, it is you who decides the money are willing to splash on a new mattress before you shop.

Don’t go with an expensive Beautyrest mattress just because of its few extra features that you occasionally get benefit off, if you are on a budget.

Sleeping Position

Sleeping position in my view is the core important aspect. It is your sleeping position that helps you decide the right type and features of a mattress.

Whatever sleeping position you sleep on, for buying a mattress, always keep in mind that your spinal alignment should be accurate.

For an instant, if you are a back sleeper, you would like a medium firmer mattress that provides your back and support without sinking your lower part.

For side sleepers, their pressure points are the shoulders and lower back. They want a softer mattress so that they get the right comfort.

Stomach sleepers, they relatively want firmer than back sleepers because of their awkward sleeping position.

With a softer mattress, their lower part can sink into the mattress, making their head stay in an awkward position, and their spine inaccurately aligned.

Wrap Up

The model options Beautyrest provides are overwhelming. The bedding brand has a huge array of different products with different features, price ranges, sizes, and shapes.

The only disadvantage of the Beautyrest Mattress I could find is, that most variations are not available on Amazon.


How long does a Beautyrest Black mattress last?

Beautyrest mattresses come with a 10-years warranty. This warranty starts from the day of original purchase.

This limited warranty covers defects, faults in material, or bends in the mattress.

This limited warranty does not cover the normal change in the softness over time, burn, cuts, tears, or a mattress without an adequate foundation.

The warranty also voids if you used a platform with spaces between the slates greater than 2-inches. The brand recommends using a plywood or hardwood support with the entire surface of the mattress.

Are Beautyrest mattresses good for back pain?

It is the type of mattress you got, and the properties that make it good for back pain.

If you sleep on your back and got a plush mattress with the highest softness level, surely it would not fix or reduce your back pain issue but elevate it.

So, pick the right type of mattress as per your sleeping position and comfort level.

Also, check a mattress’ properties for back support. If it has back support, go with it, as Beautyrest got a huge range of different mattresses also for back pain.

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