7 Best Asphalt Driveway Sealers Consumer Reports & Reviews 2023

If you are searching for the best asphalt driveway sealers according to consumer reports in 2023 then this post is for you.

Your asphalt driveway looks so ruined that you are concerned about fixing it.

You spend lots of money on installing an asphalt driveway, and it in real added an aesthetic appeal to your outdoor bay.

But now, cracks, potholes, and oil stains are spoiling the entire looking and making it hard for your vehicles to enjoy a smooth ride.

The asphalt driveway looks smooth, sleek, and impressive. But time due to heavy rains, UV rays, cracks, and oil stains these driveways can look unattractive. To fix those potholes, and cracks experts use sealers.

Yes, just like any other type of driveway for asphalt driveways you can buy and not only fix those cracks and potholes but adds a safety layer to not make those holes appear in the first place.

With multiple brands and grades available, asphalt driveways sealer buying can be overwhelming.

The ideal way can be to filter out those different sealers and brand is to take a deep breath, read through hundreds of web pages, and educate yourself about various types of driveway sealers.

But we don’t have much time and expertise in filtering out the best of the best. So, to help you get the right product, we did that research, tested the top products, and going to list them down to help you pick the right.

In this post, we are going to review the best asphalt driveway sealers as per consumer reports. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Overall: Flex Liquid Rubber Asphalt Driveway Sealer

Flex Seal Liquid Rubber is the best overall due to its superior performance. It is easier to apply to fix the patches and cracks, fast dries, prevents water-leaking into the material, and above all withstands extreme weather and UV rays.

7 Best Asphalt Driveway Sealers Consumer Reports

I have compiled a list of the 7 best asphalt driveway sealers based on consumer reports 2023.

1. Flex Liquid Rubber Sealer

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Features at a glance
  • Easily seeps into potholes and racks
  • Blocks air, moisture, and water
  • Dries within a few hours
  • UV resistant

If you had once a beautiful Asphalt driveway and now are worried about the look due to the cracks and patches throughout, a Flex seal liquid rubber sealer is the right option to get hands-on.

One of the best and most highlighted aspects of having this liquid rubber sealer is its ease of use. The sealer does not require professional expertise onboard. You just take a brush out, dip it in the cane, and fix the patches, cracks, or holes.

The stand-apart feature of this sealer is, that not only does it fills the cracks but prevents water leakage.

You know that potholes on the driveways are mostly formed due to the water seeping into their foundation and when vehicle put pressure on them, the top of the layer start breaking leading into potholes.

This sealer closes the doors to all water leaking into the foundation and puts an end to the cracks or potholes.

One more thing, it dries fast, you would not have to wait for hours or days to get it dried and use the driveway.

Just apply it and within a few hours, it gets itself balanced on the driveway and dried without any big issue or trouble.

The sealer prevents your smooth sleek asphalt driveway from UV rays. No water leaking means no mildew and no moisture to provide a foundation or the grass to grow in the cracks.

It is not just the driveways this rubber liquid can be used to prevent leaking. It can be used to fix stubborn roof leaks that cause water leakage or defective roofing.


  • Fills the cracks and potholes
  • Drives quickly
  • Easier to apply take a brush and dip and spread it over the cracked areas
  • Can be used for defective or cracked roofin


  • Expensive

2. E-Z Stir Driveway Asphalt Filler/Sealer

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Features at a glance
  • Covers 300-500 square feet
  • Can be used as a filler
  • Easy to stir and fill
  • Quickly dries in 4-hours

If you talk about sealers I see most of them can’t be used without having professional expertise onboard. What if I recommend you a sealer that is easier to apply like paint?

E-Z stir driveway asphalt filler or sealer is the option that helps you easily stir the sealer with a stick and apply it using a brush or a roller to fill the cracks, potholes, and oil stains on your asphalt driveway.

Keep In mind it is for the asphalt driveway, don’t use it on a concrete driveway to fix their stains and other issues.

Easily apply a filler and sealer coat for the blacktop pavements and transition your old cracked-looking driveways into fresh-looking newly constructed driveways.

As per the manufactures recommendations, one bucket of five gallons can cover up to 500 square feet area.

But in my experience, it covers more than that, I was able to cover around 700 square feet area, maybe my driveway was not that destructed with the cracks and potholes.

To fix the driveway untreated for a long period of time, I recommend you use multiple coating. First, fill the cracks and potholes with the sealers, and leave it for around two days.

After that, give it one more coating and let it get dried, you will see how uniform, or smooth the surface you will enjoy.


  • Easily covers up to 700 square feet area in one bucket
  • Dries within a few hours around 4-hours
  • Use as a filter to treat the bigger cracks
  • Easier preparation, just stir it with a stick


  • For a long time untreated driveway it requires multiple coating

3. L R Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant

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Features at a glance
  • Liquid rubber waterproof coating
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Multiple uses
  • Safe For humans and pets

If you live in a hot climate, and UV rays are taking a toll on your driveway, and you have tested multiple driveway sealers, I highly recommend you buy LR Liquid Rubber waterproof sealant.

This sealant provides protection against all kinds of elements and acts as a shield between your driveway and weather elements.

The standout aspect of this sealer is that it forms a membrane over the surface. You are not required to be professional to apply this sealant, slick it over your driveway and it will cure into a waterproof layer to prevent cracks, potholes, and other potential damages caused by moisture, UV rays, rains, snow, and many others.

As per many consumers and even our testing too, we found that it acts as bulletproof, covering every pothole, crack, stain, and other damage and turns your old cracked ugly looking driveway into a newly constructed once again.

The stand-apart aspect of this sealer is that it adapts to the temperature and season change. Yes, the shield can have different bulletproofing in hot summers than on cold days or in snow.

Plus it contains no harmful odor and is safe for humans as well as pets and you can use it indoors as well as outdoors.

Its multiple application makes it one of the finest grabs too. It is a nature-friendly solvent that allows endless possibilities of usage.

You can use it for watertight sealing, treating cracked roofs, gutters, metal, wood, concrete, and many more others in the row.


  • Can be used for multiple application
  • Highly flexible once cured
  • Easier to apply using paint or sprayer
  • No harmful odor, safe for pets and family


  • Takes all the time for drying

4. Driveway Sealer 5GL

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Features at a glance
  • Oil-based solvent
  • Can be used for parking lots and driveways
  • Protects against liquids and UV rays
  • Easy to stir and apply

If you want your driveway to stand out in the crow, and to make your neighbors ask you what product you used over the driveway, I highly recommend Driveway Sealer 5GL.

It is a sealer, don’t use it as a filler, if you got cracks on your asphalt driveway or potholes, use asphalt to fill them up, and then use this sealer to seal airtight.

I am also amazed at its performance not only for driveways, but footpaths, and parking lots too. I recommend you to use it after 2-3 years, to treat your driveway and prevent it from wearing, cracking, or potholes.

Before using it for sealing your driveway, I recommend stirring it in a mixer or taking a stick. Again, don’t use it for filling the cracks, it can only be used to fix shallow cracks.

Use squeezed asphalt for filling up the cracks or patches on the asphalt driveways and then use the sealer.

Once the driveway is cured, it protects against car chemicals, oil stains, UV rays, ice, water, gas, and many other elements that damage the surface.

One bucket of 5 gallons can easily cover 500 square feet area, but in my experience to get the best of the best results and aesthetic appeal, you might have to double coat the driveway.

But once you get it cured, rest assured for at least 3-years, you will enjoy riding your vehicles on a smooth sleek, and even asphalt driveway or pathway. The application is very easy, once can do it for yourself.

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  • Withstands harsh weather and element
  • Provides protection for at least 3-years
  • Provides polished smooth and sleek appearance
  • Protects against UV rays and battery acid


  • Oil-based takes longer to get dried

5. SX5000 WB DOT Approved Water Based Silane

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Features at a glance
  • Reduce water absorption by 95%
  • Does not alter the look or color of the substrate
  • No leaving the surface film
  • Can be applied on pathways, roofs, and driveways

If you live in a flood-prone area, with lots of rains every year, it is hard for any sealer to stay intact for a long unless the one is designed for the region or areas.

The stand-apart aspect of this sealer is that it penetrates deep into the substrate and chemically reacts to the material to form a barrier in the pores to prevent it from water absorption.

With this solvent applied to your driveway, no floor or rain can seep deeper into the driveway and make it bulletproof against water or moisture.

One more thing, the material that makes a thick surface on the driveway is often prone to leave a surface film.

That film can make your driveway flimsy, but not in the case of this sealer, it is designed for asphalt driveways and make you outdoors look elevated and aesthetically appealing.

The only thing you need to do is to clean the surface or cracks before you apply the sealer. Don’t apply the sealer on a surface that is still wet, you can use a roller, as well as a sprayer or a brush to apply the coating.

The sealer can easily be applied by DIYer. You are not required to hire a professional, don’t walk on the surface after applying it for at least 24 hours, although it gets dried within 4-6 hours, in case it is not raining.


  • Makes a thick surface on the driveway
  • It penetrates deeper into the surface of the driveway and makes a barrier
  • Don’t leave the surface flimsy
  • Provides superior protection in challenging climate


  • Takes longer to get dried

6. Driveway Elastomeric Emulsion Crack Filler

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Features at a glance
  • Water based solvent
  • Fix even thick cracks
  • Easy to pour jug design with a spout
  • Flexibility

If the cracks are spread throughout your blacktop driveway and you are worried about getting them fixed before the winter comes, I recommend you of buying Elastomeric Emulsion crack filler.

This crack filler gets easily spread into and along the cracks, easily fills them, and makes your driveway look fresh all over again.

I personally tested this crack filler, and some consumers mentioned how amazingly this fills the crack. The only thing you have to do is clean the crack before using it to get the increased adhesive properties of the filler.

The standout aspect of this filler is, and I was curious too, how on God’s green earth something can fix a thick crack or pothole that easily.

It is actually an elastomer-modified asphalt base emulsion with rubber polymer mixed into it to make this compound withstands the extreme temperature range, plus fills the crack easily.

Not only in winters but in hot summers too, this driveway sealer gets things as smooth and sleek as you would like them to be.

It also resists water and forms a thick layer or film on the top of the asphalt driveway to make it water-resistant.

When I got my driveway fixed, the crack filled and potholes cares, I can easily say no problem or issue is bigger than the solution, it is just the right product you need to find.

I am particularly impressed with the way the brand packaged its product, it comes packed in a jug with a spout.

The spout design is remarkable, you have no need to get another pot to pour the sealer into, and use a brush to apply this material.

Using the spout can directly pour the material around and into the crack and fix it easily.

The only issue I faced is a cracked jug, which was easily replaced with a newer one by the Amazon team.

There were some other customers too with the same complaints, I think it is the jug design that makes it hard to package.


  • Easily fix and cure even thick cracks
  • Forms a thick film or layer
  • Prevent water from seeping into the cracks
  • UV Resistant and withstand extreme temperature ranges


  • Cracked jug issue

7. Red Devil 0637 Acrylic Asphalt Crack Filler Sealant

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Features at a glance
  • Easily fixes the asphalt surfaces
  • Forms a watertight seal
  • Waterproofing
  • Easily adheres damp surface

If you had a premium asphalt installed a few years back and you don’t want to ruin its aesthetics by applying a cheap filler sealant, then I strongly advise you to use Red Devil Acrylic asphalt crack filler.

It provides a durable and flexible coating to the cracks and joints easily on asphalt or blacktop driveways.

As per experts’ recommendation and manufacturers recommend this, clean the crack before applying this sealant, it will not only increase the adhesion but helps you enjoy long-time results.

It is not just a driveway sealant, you can use it for other premium locations too like parking lots, cracked root tops, and many others in the row.

This asphalt sealer is odorless and colorless. Yes, again as I mentioned it would not ruin the look as well as the aesthetical beauty of your parking lot or driveway.

Although the brand recommends it to use in indoors, in my experience and testing it is as effective outdoors too.

One more worth mentioning the aspect of this asphalt driveway sealant is its easier application. It easily fixes the parking lots and driveway with just one go. Easily apply it directly or use a paintbrush or sprayer to fix the damages.

It is a water-resistant sealant which means it protects the cracks from water seeping into it. So, after application, you will enjoy clarity and maintenance.


  • Water-resistant
  • Odor-less and colorless formula
  • Does not ruin the aesthetic appeal or look of the driveway
  • Protects against extreme weather conditions


  • Pricey

Asphalt Driveway Sealer Buying Guide

The variety and an overwhelming number of products are really confusing. It is not just you, use too are overwhelmed and it took long hours for us to test and sift through countless products before settling with the mentioned ones.

So, do you want to know how we filtered out the products and narrowed them down to the mentioned ones?

This guide is going to tell you about the journey.

Attractive Surface Finish

An asphalt driveway is all about beauty and look. If the sealant or sealer you are applying ruins the entire look and aesthetic appeal of the driveway there is no benefit to using that at all. So, the sealant should elevate the look and finish of your driveway.

In most cases, the driveway sealers can have special effects or finishes like sheen, satin-smooth appearance, or varying gloss levels.

Some sealers even provide color to your driveway if you want, so have these things in mind, and use a sealer accordingly to your taste to spice up the look even more.

Easier application

I see most of the crack fixing or potholes fixing is done by the owners themselves. They don’t like getting their hands on something that can’t be dealt with by DIYers.

So, the product you are buying should be easily handled, it must not be frustrating to use a product.

I prefer a product that could easily be used following more than one application like a paintbrush, sprayer, and roller.

It depends on you here, if you like using a sprayer to fix the damage, go for a product that could be used using a sprayer.


Like me, probably you too didn’t think of flexibility as a major consideration for an asphalt driveway.

So, don’t overlook the flexibility, it is essential.

A flexible sealant can easily withstand extreme temperature ranges, UV rays, warm weather expansions, and freezing construction, and bears the weight of vehicles and many more others in the row.


Do you want to know the major reasons for cracks on your asphalt driveway?

Water seeps into the material, and forms a foundation underneath. That water with pressure applied due to vehicle weight, UV rays, and extreme weather turns into potholes and cracks.

So, if you can’t fix the water seeping into the material, I don’t think you would ever be able to achieve the goals.

So, look for a sealer that provides waterproofing. Look, water repellent and waterproofing are two different terms, you should make sure to prevent cracks and potholes by not letting the water peep into the material.


The use of the product makes or breaks the importance. Let me clarify, maybe the product you are buying is marvelous but for what use?

Maybe to fix the potholes and cracks, maybe you don’t require a filler at that instant and shallow cracks are needed to be cured.

On the flip side, maybe you need a filler-cum-sealer, a product that could fill the potholes or cracks along with sealing them. Look for your needs, and depending on your needs and requirements go with a product.

Wrap Up

The journey of finding the best asphalt driveway made us pick the above-mentioned products.

The criterion we used to filter out the products and to narrow down to the hand-picked ones has also been narrated. I am pretty sure this journey will make you pick the right asphalt driveway sealer.

In case you don’t like any of the products we added, consult the buying guide section. And weigh down the products available in your vicinity on the yardsticks of the properties or characteristics we mentioned here.


What are the risks of not sealing an asphalt driveway?

If you don’t like sealing maybe you have to replace the asphalt driveway sooner or later. Because regular use of the asphalt driveway, and not taking good care of it is going to lead to overall replacing.

The cracks and potholes would be all over the surface, and within a few years the driveway will be hard to use for driving, or the aesthetic appeal would all be gone.

So, always take good care of your driveway, it not only enhances the lifespan but adds quality to your riding.

How often should the asphalt driveway be sealed?

If you want to take good care of your expensive and beautiful look asphalt driveway, experts recommend curing it within 2-3 years.

It will not only eliminate all the cracks, oil stains, and potholes but protect it against the weather elements particularly UV rays, and the hot climate.

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