Best 9 Volt Batteries Consumer Reports & Reviews 2023

I thought it would be a no-brainer to pick a 9-Volt battery, as our smoke detector battery was dead and I hit the market to find a pack of a 9-volt battery.

But, when a salesman asked me which brand 9-Volt batter do you want? I had no clue.

He further asked, do you want a rechargeable 9-volt battery or a disposable battery? Me, with the same confused face.

And the next question made me fly off and do some research.

Let me rephrase the question again, maybe you too are like me, and just want to buy any 9-volt battery with zero research.

“Do you want an alkaline battery or a Lithium-Ion battery?”

We all use 9-volt batteries in our homes. They are mostly used in small electronics devices along with Smoke detectors, transition radios, carbon mono oxide detectors, and many more.

So, it is always a better idea to have a pack of batteries ready before they run off power and you forget even to replace the batteries.

The research I am putting on is based on my testing and experience. I narrowed down around 2 dozen best 9-volt batteries and picked the mentioned ones.

These 9 Volt batteries are what I found most useful, for me. I am sure this guide will be a great help for you too.

Overall Best: Energizer 9V Battery

Energizer 9V battery is our best overall for multiple reasons. It offers compatibility to a wide range of electronics devices, and performs smoothly in cold conditions, with -30-degree C minimum temperature performance due to zin magnesium diode chemistry.

Best 9 Volt Batteries Consumer Reports

I have compiled a list of the 7 best 9-volt batteries based on consumer reports 2023.

1. Energizer Industrial 9 Volt Alkaline Batteries

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Features at a glance
  • Designed for high-drain device
  • Industrial 9 volt batteries
  • -30- to 50-Degree C temperature range
  • No side effect

If you are looking for rechargeable 9 Volt alkaline batteries that last for longer and are compatible with your high-drain devices like smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, digital clocks, and other devices, Energizer-designed Industrial 9 Volt batteries are the right option

These are fresh and highly dependable 9 Volt batteries that are designed for commercial and high industrial use.

The last three times longer make a good bet for the high-drain devices compared to single-use batteries.

The standout aspect of these batteries is their alkaline cells and zinc manganese dioxide chemistry.

We tested these batteries in the highest temperature range, and they perform smoothly with no side effects. Their performance in cold conditions up to -30-degree C is as good as in normal conditions.

I don’t think so there is any comparison not only the overall single charging runtime but the performance in harsh conditions.

Their shelf life is longer than any of the batteries we added because of their impressive packing. They come wrapped in a useable plastic storage container that not only preserves the power but prevents it from the elements.

So, if you have multiple high-drain devices installed in your home, and looking for a perfect pack of batteries that allow you the longest runtime in single charging, don’t overlook Energizer-designed alkaline rechargeable batteries.


  • Good for high-drain devices
  • Longest runtime in rechargeable batteries
  • Withstand harsh weather conditions and extreme temperature range
  • 7-Years life expectancy


  • Many buyers complained about receiving damaged and expired date items

2. Duracell Procell 9 Volt Batteries

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Features at a glance
  • Alkaline disposable battery
  • Charged more than 9.5 volts
  • One of the most rigorous constructed
  • Fits most of the Duracell Procell batteries

If you are looking into buying 9-Volt batteries to be used at a commercial and industrial scale, Duracell Procell-designed 9-Volt batteries are the right option.

Duracell Procell as a brand has earned a huge reputation for making quality products at reasonable price ranges.

Duracell Procell 9 Volt batteries are mostly used and taken for the fire department, sound technicians, police, broadcasters, and many more in the row.

These are single-use or disposable batteries, so it is always recommended to buy more than required, and get the batteries ready, so that whenever your device or monitoring system runs out of power, you could install a pack right away.

As per the Duracell Procell, these 9 Volt pack is typically charged at 9.5 volts or higher than other Duracell Procell batteries. And these 9Volt batteries can fit any device with Duracell Coppertop batteries.

What I found the most spectacular feature compare to any brand in these Duracell Procell batteries is that they are specially designed under rigorous conditions.

These industrial pack of batteries withstand the highest temperature range and renders the most dependable performance.

As our testing, and consumer guide reports also suggest, these batteries last longer 10-times than regular batteries, and got around 7 years of shelf-life.

Alkaline batteries anyway, come with around 5 years of shelf-life but Duracell made it possible with its pack of 9 Volt batteries to be used for the longest time.

Duracell backs its 9-Volt batteries with quality assurance. Its testing and analysis of the battery are determined by the multiple factors that any user may face on a commercial and industrial scale.


  • One of the durable alkaline disposable battery pack
  • Seven years shelf life
  • Good for smoke detectors, flashlights, calculators
  • Fit most of the Duracell Procell batteries


  • As per the consumer, guide reports do not last long

3. EBL 9V Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries

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Features at a glance
  • 1200 times recharge
  • Improved low self-discharge
  • Maintains up to 75% capacity after 3 years
  • Comes with 2 USB connection

Lithium-Ion batteries are always the perfect solution for the devices where the power or charge needs to hold for a long period these are the cheaper, safe, and ideal solution for the devices that require battery power to be held for a longer period

EBL 9V lithium-Ion rechargeable battery is the best 9-V battery. The battery can hold the charge for over one year and maintains up to 75 percent of the capacity for 3-years of consistent usage.

It’s the performance over the years that makes it an ideal option for medical devices, alarms, security devices, and many others in the row.

The battery comes pre-charged, you do not need to charge it before using it. As per the brand’s claims, the batteries can be recharged over 1200- times if properly maintained, and take care from over-charging.

The factor that stands this battery apart from the rest is its new gel-type electrolyte technology. This technology makes the battery have more energy density and provides 20% more power than other lithium-ion batteries with only 550mAh.

As per our testing, and consumer guide reports back our testing too, it holds the charging for a longer period, as long as three times as long as other lithium-ion or NiMH batteries.

As I mentioned, for over three years, they can be charged fully with no memory loss or effect. It is after three years, they charge up to 75%, which is way more than other batteries we mentioned.

Most important all, if you are not happy with your purchases for no reason, you have a 30-days money-back guarantee. You can send this pack back, and get your money fully refunded in just one call.


  • Improved low-self-discharge
  • Use a new gel-type electrolyte that has 20 percent more energy density
  • Holds the charge for one year
  • 30-Days money-back guarantee


  • In some cases, the Micro USB Port does not work

4. Amazon Basics 8 Pack 9 Volt All-Purpose Alkaline Batteries

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Features at a glance
  • 5-Years shelf life
  • Easy to open box storage
  • One-time use battery
  • All-purpose

Do you have multiple devices that use 9V batteries at home? It is good to have alkaline one-time-use batteries, easy to replace anytime and get things rolled on spot. Go with Amazon Basics 9-Volt All-purpose alkaline batteries that are designed by Amazon Basics.

Amazon basics have been known for producing quality affordable products without cutting the quality.

The batteries listed at amazon are carefully tested to ensure to make sure that the consumer gets uncompromised results.

This 9 Volt alkaline one-time battery has a longer 5-year shelf life. That means if you buy it in sales, and stock it up, you can use it for over 5-years of a long time.

Yes, without leaking, without draining any power, you can get the same level of performance even after years of purchases.

These alkaline one-time use 9 Volt batteries can be used for a wide range of devices including smoke detectors, emergency devices, radios, walkie-talkies, and many more others in the row.

Well if you compare other alkaline batteries, including the one we reviewed above, Duracell designed and Energizer designed, you see Amazon basics leading from the front. As per the test results, Amazon Basics batteries did well in low-drain devices and the

Duracell or Energizers batteries did well in high-drain devices.

But if you compare overall, like price point, packaging, and shipment, I still think Amazon basics designed alkaline 9V batteries fare very well. They come shipped in a box to ensure easy open access when you need it.


  • Longest 5-Years shelf life
  • Can be used with a wide variety of devices
  • Impressive packaging in a box
  • Affordably priced


  • Not good for high-drain devices

5. Duracell CopperTop 9V Alkaline Batteries

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Features at a glance
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • 7-Years performance
  • Good for small everyday devices
  • Mercury-free batteries

Duracell is one of the huge names in the battery manufacturing world. If you have to list the top three brands of batteries, Duracell can easily top the list.

Its procell batteries are leading the industrial and commercial niche in 9V batteries, and this Coppertop version is an everyday use battery. You can call this Duracell Procell’s everyday use version.

These everyday use 9V batteries are the right option for small home devices including small radios, toys, remotes, smoke alarms, flashlights, and many more others in the row.

These are mercury-free batteries and go longer for small everyday uses devices, you would not have to change the batteries like every other day.

These come from Duracell, and I don’t think there should be any question regarding the quality or the construction f these batteries. From the rating, and consumer feedback you can get an idea of overall lifespan, as well as quality performance.

As per the Duracell Coppertop batteries can easily last for around 7 years, and comes in a free reusable plastic storage container.

In my view, if you have to buy batteries for your low-drain everyday use devices, just rely on Duracell designed; cheaper, affordable, and reliable option.


  • Cheaper option
  • Reliable for 7 years of performance
  • Comes in a reusable plastic bag
  • Mercury-free batteries


  • Can’t be used with high-drain devices

6. VONIKO 9V Batteries

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 7-years shelf life
  • Environmental friendly
  • Robust constructed
  • Resist leaking

If you are on a budget and can’t afford to buy expensive priced branded batteries, go with VONIKO-designed 9-V batteries.

These are the affordable and budget-ranged options for those homes full of home devices that run on batteries, and can’t afford to have tons of batteries stocked at home.

Despite its cheaper affordable price range, the option impressed me with its performance. From the construction point of view, I am amazed how a new brand could come up with such rigorous construction at such an affordable price range. It’s the construction of the batteries that make them leak and corrosion-free.

These are environmentally friendly batteries. It does not matter with these batteries whether you live in a cold region or hot region, these batteries perform everywhere just for the purpose they are designed for.

In our tests, we checked these batteries for our most of the high-drain devices, including digital cameras, wireless keyboards, and shavers, it did well and knocked us off its performance.

The most important aspect is if you can buy a good stock from sales, go get it. Because these batteries can be used for almost 7 years. Stock them up, and even after 7 years due to the leak-free construction, they can be used without any issue or trouble.

The leak-proof construction did not come to own its own, the brand has done a great job. The brand combines a double layer of the internal structure housed with stainless steel cover to make the batteries leak-proof to be used for 7 years.


  • Can be used for 7 years
  • Good for low-drain devices
  • Sturdy, robust, rigorous construction
  • Environmental friendly batteries


  • Die quickly in high-drain devices

7. Tenergy 9V Lithium Batteries

Price at Amazon!

Features at a glance
  • 2-percent self-discharge
  • 10-years shelf life
  • -40 to 40 degree F temperature range
  • UL certified standards

If you are looking into buying a 9 Volt battery that lasts longer and comes with low self-discharge, look no further and buy Tenergy-designed 9V lithium-ion batteries. The batteries come with a low self-discharge, with only 2% of self-discharged when stored properly.

With around 10 years of shelf-life, you can rely on this battery for the longest time. Like, if you got the stock and are worried that you would not be able to use it, or maybe the batteries can drain themselves with time. You can use them for 10 years if stored properly.

I am amazed that the batteries perform equally in hot as well as in cold weather. In all harsh weather conditions, the batteries can perform smoothly, without any big issue or trouble.

It produces reliable power and makes you enjoy superior smooth performance for a long time.

With a temperature range of -40 to 40-degree F, you can use it without any issue or trouble. It is among very few 9V batteries that are meat and trusted by UL Standards.

I am in love with the design and construction of these batteries. With a slimmer design and rounded corners, these batteries can easily fit in tight spaces. You would not feel like the batteries are about to fall off your electronic device.


  • Rounded corners with a slimmer shape
  • Low-self discharge
  • Great to be used indoors as well as outdoors
  • Trusted and certified by UL standards


  • Too large for a tight fit

Consumer Reports 9 Volt Battery Buying Guide

The battery is an individual that plays an important part in the overall cost of home devices. To get the most out of that battery, you should pick the one that suits your devices and your overall needs.

But, what factors should you pay special attention to?

Like, for a novice or who hardly pays attention when buying batteries, what should be the factor you should ensure your batteries come integrated with?

This tiny section is going to help you.

Lithium or Alkaline

Lithium batteries come with high capacity, higher initial voltage, and longer shelf-life. They got more power of storing energy than alkaline batteries. They are mostly used in high-drain devices, where you don’t have to worry about the battery draining quickly.

On the other hand, alkaline batteries are used for low-drain devices like LED Headlamps, Toys, Clocks, LED Flashlights, radios, and many more. They can be used in high-drain applications like video cameras, incandescent bulbs, and others.

But for the type of devices like fire alarms, smoke alarms, and others Lithium batteries are considered the best because of their slow self-discharge. For that, they are considered ideal items for devices that are not used as frequently.

But, Lithium batteries are more expensive than alkaline batteries.

For average household items which are used every day on regular basis, we prefer using alkaline batteries.

Dischargeable or disposable

Disposable batteries aka single-use batteries are designed to be used until they are left with no power. Depending on their size, shape, and type, a single-use battery can last for around 7-15 years on the shelf.

On the other hand, rechargeable batteries can be recharged for repeated use. They are more expensive than single-use batteries and can cost around $15-$40 for a pack. If you want to buy rechargeable batteries for regular use devices like digital radios, DSLR cameras, and many others, it is the best idea to buy a rechargeable battery.

Your need for the device

Now, you have seen how rechargeable and disposable batteries differ in size and performance. Now it comes down to your device, and the type of battery you need to power your device. If you have a low-drain device, any battery can do that. If you need to power a high-drain device, this is where you need to think twice before giving it a shot.

Generally, lithium batteries compared to alkaline batteries are considered as I mentioned above too for high-drain devices. If you buy a rechargeable lithium battery for your device, look for high capacity. Because higher capacity will have more power or battery stored, that will last longer on a single charge.


Shelf life means how long the batteries can hold the power. Like, alkaline batteries can hold the power for around 5-7 years, and lithium batteries for 10-15 years on the shelf.

Rechargeable batteries lose their power faster than disposable ones. But the newer low self-discharge rechargeable batteries like lithium-ion batteries hold the power for longer compared to traditional rechargeable batteries.

Battery Life

Battery life means for how long in one charge or one life the battery can juice up your device. For rechargeable batteries, you need to consider how long the battery last on one charge, and single-use, for how long the battery can run.

Number of Batteries

That’s one of the most important questions because I always recommend having stock ready for most important devices like smoke alarms.

Do a quick survey around your home, check how many gadgets you have for 9v batteries, and purchase as per your needs.

Purchase more than what you need, so that you always have a few spare on your hand.

Wrap Up

With lots of brands and models available right now for 9V batteries, we have gathered the top best 9V batteries here. In the list, we added alkaline as well as lithium-ion batteries, rechargeable as well as one-time-use batteries.

These 9 Volt batteries can be used for multiple applications and electronic devices. Now, it is you who suits your expectations, and your budget range.

We can hope that this guide will help you pick the right option. And if you are buying it for the first time, the buying guide section is surely going to help you a lot.


How Long Does a 9V Battery Last?

There is more than one thing that takes part in the overall life span of a 9V battery. Like, its type, the alkaline battery shelf life is around 5-10 years, and lithium battery shelf life is a bit longer around 10-15 years.

It also depends on the quality of the battery, and the load you are putting it under.

What Is The 9V Battery Used For?

9V batteries can be used for a wide range of applications. Like, a 9V battery is used in smoke alarm devices, radios, walkie-talkies, fire alarms, portable electronics, and much other use.

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